Tuesday, September 30, 2008

day 5~ Ikemen Boogie ! ~_~

(day 10: Viva -bond, day 9: alice's 1st time -fiona sit, day 8: comet -younha, day 7: happiness -arashi, day 6: In da club -beyonce)

it's hard to be happy when each day, there's more bad news about the global financial crisis & how much farther stocks have plummeted...despite what's going on, i think the bail-out WILL happen...God help us all, in these tough times!
DEMO (but)!!! remember to keep gambaring (trying yr best) & keep looking forward to toma's birthday!! onegaishimas! ~_~
Listening to Ikemen Boogie always cheers me up & energizes me!! i hope it has the same effect on YOU! =) something else to look forward to: THE HANA KIMI SP!!!! BABY!!!

.........here R some inspiring quotes 4 everyone here~

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips it's turn. -Hal Borland (1900-1978), author

Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is. -Mary Anne Radmacher, author

Think for yourself and question authority. -Timothy Leary

The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully have been kindness, beauty, and truth.
-Albert Einstein

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. -Louis L'Amour (1908–1988) author

When nothing is sure, everything is possible. -margaret drabble

A day without laughter is a day wasted. -Charlie Chaplin
[ALSO, OF COURSE, REMEMBER: LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE!! and i get a daily dose of medicine from conan's Late Night show each day! lol. watching tv comedies is great, too!]

Although I believe that fate exists, I also believe that your own efforts can change fate. I want to live on believing this. -Toma Ikuta

& here's a cool autumn quote:
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. -Albert Camus

Monday, September 29, 2008

day 6~ beyonce's In da club

(day 10: Viva -bond, day 9: alice's 1st time -fiona sit, day 8: comet -younha, day 7: happiness -arashi)

Toma-chan, "come give me a hug, sexy little thug"!
haha~ 1 of my fav beyonce songs.
and remember how nakatsu said that mizuki likes beyonce? lol.
guess what, it's raining right now in tokyo again, in the early early dark morning.
and today there's actually some thunderstorms/scattered showers here, too! cool!!
but at least the weather in tokyo is pretty cool & pleasant these days.
i hope on toma's birthday, the weather can be sunny and cool, with a refreshing wind!
that would be perfect. ~_~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

day 7: arashi's happiness / the letters might not be there yet / kate's dream / toma's name in chinese

smilietoma-ism #54:
did u get my letters yet??

(day 10: Viva -bond, day 9: alice's 1st time -fiona sit, day 8: comet -younha)

kate des!

today's song is arashi's happiness! =D sugeh~
u must check out the translated 2 eng. lyrics at the song's page, linked right under the imeem player here! also, the MV is really great, too! find it at youtube!

these days, i'm still thinking about my letters to toma. "did he get it? did he read it?? did it get wet cuz of the rain??? did it get rejected???? does it still smell nice? will he think i'm cute?? will he understand what i wrote? will he visit my blogs? will he see the birthday poll results graphic?? will he email me? will he send me back an autographed picture?" like that! hahaha~
but i'm mostly optimistic that at least the blue one has safely arrived at JE headquarters. cuz the address is in japanese. it's now been 10 days since i sent the letters. i really think they should have all arrived in around 5 days, cuz that's how long it took for my friend in hong kong to get a small package i sent her just 1 week before sept. 18, and hk and japan are quite close. even if they take 2 weeks 2 arrive, then they will be in japan by october 2, and even if it takes 5 extra days for them to convert the eng. address to the japanese address and deliver them (the red & white envelopes have the address in english), then they will still be there on time for toma's birthday, on oct. 7!! ~_~ but then, i don't know when they will give him his fanmail...probably once a week or something...hmm...please don't let it be at the end of each month!

also, here R some more pics relating to the stuff i've sent to toma. all the clovers R so nice & green when u just sealed them up, but then later the colors fade! if only i had thought of laminating them! =/

[eiffel tower pic credit: franz88, http://flickr.com/photos/franz88/761420786/]

well, i must have toma on my mind more than usual these days, cuz i met him in my dream the other night! lol. unfortunately i can't remember much about it, but i think we were talking/arguing in front of the eiffel tower in paris, and it was during the daytime. i think we were lost. haha! cuz i watched a travel show about paris that night!
keido (but)!! whenever i have dreams about him, it's nothing romantic, it's always just us talking as friends. ah, i'm hopeless, even in my dreams, we R not a couple! xD

also, i suddenly was curious, what would toma's name be if i translated it to chinese (cantonese)? i can tell that 3 of the 4 are written in chinese characters. so it's...what's it called...right, kanji. this is the result. and this is the result (according to babelfish and http://www.kawa.net/works/cantonese/canton.cgi/canton.cgi), what it means and sounds like.

life field fighting really
生(saang/sang) 田(tin) 斗(dau) 真(jan) [in cantonese]

生(sheng) 田(tian) 斗(dou) 真(zhen) [in mandarin]

pretty cool, huh? =P

ma, it would be like toma's name means "really fighting"!! and u know he's always fighting!!! ~_~ actually, i think this "fighting" means literally hitting someone else, real fighting. but anyways, if u just take the meaning that u want from it, it could be something like "really fighting [in this] field [of] life". (field as in sports field, maybe)
sugoi! ^__^
keep fighting, toma-kun!! i will keep fighting, too!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

day 8~ Younha's Houki Boshi

(day 10: Viva -bond, day 9: alice's 1st time -fiona sit)

it's so catchy, hyper, sweet,
& the lyrics create beautiful images of starry nights & comets~

check out the translated 2 eng. lyrics here!

Friday, September 26, 2008

letter & postcard 4 Toma / Maou ep.s 4-9 what i think, what i noticed...

smilie toma-ism #53:
Only you
Can make all this world seem right.
[ lyrics f/ Elvis Presley's Only You]


it's me.

check out the updated toma bday poll results at dear toma...!
again, i used some new hearts 2 fill in the gaps, so that's why some of the sections don't look like they changed much. wow. almost toma's birthday and luckily i still have enough room for around 1 week+ of new votes. it's almost over! it's looking pretty good, right? each heart stands for a little love from 1 of toma's fans from all over the Earth. ~_~

oh, this is what my postcard & letter looks like, that i sent in 4 the project scrapbook! i got the idea of using watercolor paint to make a pretty & colorful background for my letter, and the result is pretty good ne! and i really soaked the whole piece of paper, so in the end, the result is that the page has a slightly soft texture, slightly see through, slightly wavy! cool. ~_~ though i know scattie will laminate all the entries anyway, but that's ok. the messages on the letter and postcard are the almost the same as the one on the letters i sent toma, just that half the message is on the letter, the other half is on the postcard. i'm really happy with the picture i made for the postcard! found most of the pics quite quickly at flickr. ah~ i love flickr!! =) just needed to arrange them and fix the color a little & add "california" in my fav Demand font. wing goddess and scattie said my entries R pretty, and i was really happy to hear that. ~_~ i did spend quite some time on them, but mostly on what to write to him! lol.

well, let's jump back into Maou world for today,
cuz it's friday, though the drama has ended...

i have only almost finished watching ep.9. i stopped when i found out that stormy team's ep. 10 would be released later than usual. well, now ep. 10 has been released, so i should start watching again...but then i think maybe i should wait till the last ep. is released too?? sa! @__@ like last time, i'll also just write a bunch of comments...things i noticed/like/hate/think, etc. THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS, BUT I'LL TELL U WHEN THEY START.

i have finished resizing/organizing the screencaps for ep.s 5 and 6! douzo! =)
(if u R looking for screencaps from the start of the drama, those are in my 1st gallery, linked on the right.)

oh, i heard from a fan at the toma LJ that u can already pre-order the Maou DVD set now!! so fast! but it's not released until Jan. 9, 2009!! exactly 1 month be4 my birthday. haha~ though i believe most of us won't be buying it cuz it's very expensive & there R no eng. subtitles, but here R the links to go buy it, anyway:

episodes 4 - 9 ~ comments:

---- i think my fav episode so far is episode 5, because so many important things happened!! it was really great! after that, i really really wanted to know what happens next! things start to get really exciting!!
ah, Maou is really a great drama after all!! well, i still wish the supporting characters were more special...they are all quite boring and one-dimensional...but actually, after a while, each character has their great moments, that makes them more memorable. =) i'm looking forward to finishing this drama, but i'll be sad when it's over!!


[all screencaps CREDIT: TBS, STORMY TEAM. there were better ones, but i don't want to give too much away. it's better if u can watch certain scenes without seeing any screencaps of it before. this way, it really has a better, more surprising/refreshing/intense feeling to it when u see it for the first time!! =) ]

--- while i was watching these episodes, there were mostly grey cloudy skies & cool/cold/windy weather. the perfect weather 4 watching maou ne! haha~ if only it would rain!

--- i was so happy when i saw toma got to change his outfit!! not only does he look very cool in the tanktops + white shirt, but it must be more cool (literally) to wear this thin shirt instead of that big jacket! it's the funniest thing though, i have 2 fav tanktops, grey & black, and they look almost exactly like the ones that toma wears in this drama!! lol. so you KNOW i'm wearing them a lot more these days!! xD

[^_^ i'm imagining that toma's reading my letter now! haha~]

---i hate that stupid/annoying little girl, sora!! arrgh! she made me so mad, and she's not even that cute!! and she's a liar, too!!

--- I REALLY LOVE THE ART DIRECTION, is that what it's called? THE MANY INTERESTING, DIFFERENT ANGLES THAT THEY FILM FROM~ it's really cool. it makes the drama more interesting to watch, and i'm a kinda art-sy person, so i really notice things like this. i never get to see anything like that in the hk dramas i watch, it's like there's only a couple basic shots that they always use. and i love all the close-ups of toma!! don't they all film in HD now? yet toma still always looks so awesome, even in really close-up shots in the BRIGHT sunlight!! ahhhh~ he really is so good-looking naaaaaa. *__*

--- Maou's got great sad/dramatic bgm!! =] at first i didn't notice, but as there were more and more intense/sad scenes, i started to really like the background music and how it really complements

the scenes!

--- that creepy reporter guy really freaks me out each time he smiles!! actually, naoto's troublemaker friend, souda, too. he's got a really weird look when he smiles! but he's still kinda cute, i guess. haha. better looking than the geeky friend, kasai.

--- those COOL photos of toma taken by stalker naruse!! we get to see them in normal color and not in RED on his wall. =) it's kinda scary, but the person with the hk yahoo blog that i once linked to, s/he was using those RED stalker photo screencaps as the background of the blog a while back!! dunno if it's still there now, though.

--- I DIDN'T EXPECT TOMA TO BE TEARING UP SO MUCH IN THIS DRAMA!! HE IS COMPLETELY BRILLIANT IN THE ALMOST-CRYING SCENES!! his eyes just well up with tears & shine, and he looks so sad... bravo, toma! bravo. and of course he still looks so KAWAII when he almost-cries!! ~_~

--- ahhhh! toma's really cute when he's shy/nervous when talking 2 a girl!! there was a scene...it made me think of nakatsu & takemoto. hehe.

--- another UNREQUITED LOVE?! but thank goodness, this time it's quite subtle. i can't stand it when he's got that hurt look on his face!! ='( it reminds me of nakatsu all over again. shiori's always DISAPPOINTED 2 SEE HIM!! well, partly cuz he's always asking 4 help on the murder cases, but u know it's also cuz she would rather see naruse. aiya, all the girls he likes in dramas don't like him back!! isn't it ironic? in real life, there must thousands of girls that love him!! hahaha. to make up for this, they should have toma star in a drama where ALL the girls like him!! i mean, seriously like like him, not like in hana kimi, where u just see a bunch of fangirls and then there's komari, too.

--- drunk toma! i have never seen him act drunk before. yappari, he's good at it! =D very natural and realistic! not exagerrated or anything.

--- there was a scene where something important was happening regarding naruse & shiori's relationship... but i was distracted cuz ohno had on-- what?? it seemed like the same shiny lip gloss that she had on!! what the??? that was weird!! ummm. IMO, it's not a good look 4 a guy.

---- naruse's sister, was she blind AND had some other serious disease?? i don't remember them saying so. WHY IS IT NECESSARY THAT SHE STAY IN A HOSPITAL FOR HER WHOLE LIFE? i mean, blind people can take care of themselves and live quite normal lives too, right? it's not like blind ppl R completely helpless and hopeless! ummm... i don't get it!! but she is a pretty & talented actress. =)

_____________________ *WARNING* SPOILERS BELOW!!! _______________________________________________________________________

---- the scene that naoto was saying he just wants his father to believe him!! HE FINALLY REALLY STANDS UP TO HIM AND REFUSES TO DO WHAT HE SAYS. SO TOUCHING!! A REALLY FRAGILE YET POWERFUL MOMENT FOR NAOTO! i love love love that scene. probably will be 1 of my fav scenes from the whole drama. toma did such an awesome job in that scene! u can see his feelings just pour out!!

---- naruse & his sister's crying scene!! so touching!! both of them were so...!! i teared up a little. but i want to point out again, blind ppl r not hopeless!! she must have some other disease that makes her have to stay in the hospital and maybe it means she will not live that long?? so she was depressed.

--- I KNEW HE HAD A BACK-UP PLAN!! clever IKEHATA!! but why not send the CD directly to the naoto or the police?! aiya!! well, of course, there's gonna be a problem so naruse can get away again. then again...i suppose he wanted to really hurt naruse by having his "sister" turn him into the police?

--- the accident that day, when naoto became a "killer"!! it's almost exactly what happened with the first murder case in episode 1 that naoto had to re-enact!!! those brilliant, tricky, clever writers!! hahaha. wah...i did NOT see that coming. it's what really happened to him, no wonder he was so scared!! i never thought it was an accident. cuz it really looked like he stabbed him! but i was so happy to see that scene!! he wasn't really a killer! not even justified self-defense! it was all just an accident! ah, but his dad force him to lie and changed his life. =[ if he had gone to jail, he would have been a different, better person afterwards, not feeling so guilty all the time! poor guy!

--- what happened, why were the police not able to protect souda?! shoulda put him somewhere safe!! or had police officers right outside the apartment or inside with him!! damn it! though he was a jerk, i don't want to see him die!!

--- i was so happy/excited when he finally knew naruse is a bad guy!! YESSS!! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG??? and then they had that face-off! at night, of course! perfect! and then naoto just punched him!! YESSSSS! so cool. he's had it coming for a looong time!!! toma is so awesome in that scene! so intense/angry/frustrated/sad!
but then the end is coming.....will they really both die??? i'm afraid so, since that's how the korean drama ended, and the title of the last episode of Maou is:
The final showdown. A bond severed by death!!

--- BAKA!!! naoto and his police officer friends!! WHY DIDN'T THEY FIGURE OUT WHO WAS THE PERSON BEHIND ALL THIS SOONER!! they are always 1 step behind, even with shiori's help...well, but she was given misleading clues. if they were investigating the death of the older brother at the same time as ikehata, why didn't they think of going to the construction site to ask around, too?! (sigh!)
i like naoto, but seriously, he is not too bright! lol. naruse is always glaring at him, following him around, and yet all naoto does is glare back/argue with him or look surprised each time he sees naruse AGAIN. geez!! i mean, doesn't he have that evil, criminal vibe?? CAN'T YOU SEE?? get him!! catch him now before he kills someone else!! in that scene where he was asking why is naruse always around and how is he connected to what happened in the past! i was like "DUH!!! IT'S HIM!! THINK!! HE'S ALWAYS AROUND!! HE HATES YOU!! HE DID IT!!"
and it's funny, cuz toma's characters can't seem to keep their promises...nakatsu said he will win but, he lost to sano. now naoto keeps saying he will catch the criminal, but then ppl keep dying!! so frustrating to see how the police can't do anything!!! well, i know naruse is supposed to be maou/the devil and really smart & cunning, but still, can't the police DO MORE to stop him?? so unfair. =(
but then again, just the fact that this series brings out a lot of strong feelings in me...u know it's a good series when it can do that, right? even if it can be frustrating and makes u want to yell at certain characters! haha.

v^_^v TOMA'S BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN! happy/birthday songs

happy friday~
i see u all refuse to comment at my post below, huh? haha.
ah, but i kinda expected that...

just a quick update.
i was going to have a different birthday-related song for each of the 10 days left till our beloved toma's birthday, but i can't find enough good birthday-related songs, so i figure i'll also include HAPPY/EXCITING/HYPER songs that will get everyone in a happy mood, since toma's birthday is coming soon!! ^__^

though i had the countdown clock going since months before and each day saw how many days were left...it still seems so fast that his birthday is here in only 9 days!! wahhh~ *__* let's all happily look forward to his birthday! i hope u like the songs & they make u feel as excited as i am, that toma-kun's birthday is almost here!! sugoi!! xD and i'm really looking forward to seeing the results of the tomalicious b-day project too!! wanna see what everyone made/wrote for toma!

i'll show u my letter & postcard that i sent out 4 the tomalicious project later today. =)

[credit: yesasia.com]
oh, about today's song, for day 9.
of course, those of u that come here a lot know i'm a big fan of Fi (fiona sit). this song's title translates to "alice's first time" (of changing her view on life? of going to another world?). though her voice is a little weak, but still, this song is pretty good and gives u a hyper feeling ne! the lyrics R generally about her, being like alice (in the book Through the Looking Glass), going through the mirror to another world and how she will not be afraid or worry any longer, forget all her troubles and be happy & adventurous and live life happily...something like that. basically, it's like a metaphor to encourage u to try new things and live in the present happily, i think...
(here's the MV, but i have to WARN you, she is really hamming it up and exagerrating/acting cute a little TOO MUCH. haha. still, it's a fun/weird MV. =) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi5oTLHQCnA )

ja ne.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


toma-ism #51:

toma love is a love for all seasons!

toma-ism #52:


You're like a cool breeze

On a summer day

When you're near me

I don't know what to do
I feel like a fool
Like a school girl

True blue girl ...
I'll be the rain in your summer
The chill in your fall ...

I'll be the fire in your winter
The sun in your spring ...

I've got a love for all seasons
A love for all time ...
This love's for you.
[lyrics from Christina Aguilera's Love For All Seasons]


hi everyone-chan!


today is the 1 year anniversary!!
wow~ so many happy events recently & coming up ne! *__*

so~ i started this TOMA LOVE! blog about 1 month after becoming a toma fan.
my main goal then was just to help promote toma in this way & feel like i'm doing my part to spread the toma love. and also to help new fans find toma info, pics, etc. and find toma fansites, too. there were not a lot of sites about toma last year in english (obviously, not like now). anyway, i was not computer savvy and ambitious enough to start a fansite for toma, so i just started this blog. honestly, i had no idea how i would keep it updated on a regular basis. i was half-thinking i'd post sometimes about his news or just post links to other toma sites or youtube videos... just simple stuff like that. but as time passed and i was liking toma more and more, i started thinking up all sorts of fun, toma-related stuff to write about and sharing more and more of my thoughts and feelings about him. ~_~ (EDIT: ALSO, CUZ MORE AND MORE PPL CAME HERE...AT THE MOST, I WAS GETTING OVER 100 HITS A DAY! that also pushed me to post more, since i didn't want to disappoint all the ppl that come here!! so thanks to A LOT of ppl who came here last year la!) gradually, this blog became more and more important to me~ it's really a special place where i can go to talk about toma, share toma pics or other media (also my lovely toma graphics!)/news/random thoughts...it's my own toma world, u see~ a not so secret garden where i can go and relax, dream about toma, just let my thoughts flow, talk 2 other fans sometimes & share toma stuff...

oh, i hope u all like the new banners! i wanted to use fall pics from japan, especially hokkaido, cuz toma was born there & the scenary is amazing there. but the central park pics f/new york city R so pretty and the photographers allow u 2 alter the pics, so---no time 2 ask 4 permission like before...but next time i'll be more prepared. i'll try!
i'm really happy i've got nicer, new ones up be4 toma's b-day, in case he drops by. haha. ...it's ironic, i'm updating the banners to a fall theme, yet today it's bloody hot here. well, that's california weather 4 u. it's like summer is 30% of the year, and cool spring-like weather takes up 60%, and the rest is the most winter-like weather possible here, like below 60 degrees fahrenheit. haha~ we don't really have much of autumn... i miss the rain...we haven't had rain in a loooong time. unlike tokyo. haha. can we give them some sunshine in exchange for their rain, please?? =P

sorry~ i got off-topic. right... so! i've posted 183 posts in 1 year! is that a lot? sa. i used to post only 1 or 2 times a week sometimes...thanks for everyone that kept coming back even without much updates! this is my first post by the way: http://ikutatomalove.blogspot.com/2007/09/hi.html. and here R some screencaps to let u see how the blog used to look like...

also, the blog name used to be ikuta toma love, but i later just shortened it to Toma Love! actually, i wanted it to be TL! from the start, but i figure if i have his full name in the URL, it'd be easier 4 people to find it. also, the TOMA-ISMS. =) well, i kept having these thoughts pop into my mind sometimes-- when listening to songs or sometimes i'd hear phrases, it would remind me of toma or how pretty/great/lovely, etc. he is, or how i feel about him. so i started to have a toma-ism at the start of each post, the first one was posted here and it was, yappari:

toma-ism #1: there's no one like ikuta toma!
( http://ikutatomalove.blogspot.com/2008/05/more-random-toma-facts-start-of-toma.html )
already up to #52! haha, they R quite fun to think up/get from songs, etc., too. hopefully u all like them too!

i kept adding stuff to the right side over time...it used to be more empty & faster 2 scroll thru. sorry, but i need everything that's there now. i already got rid of the google ads a while back. no1 really clicks on them, and they just take up room & bandwidth. so i'm completely doing this for free now. haha! no1 here complain if they don't like my material or i'm not updating frequently enough, cuz THIS IS FREE. lol. u get what u pay for! xD and u paid NOTHING for this!!!

ano...my rank at the 2 main search engines is ok. on the 3rd page for yahoo
(i searched "toma ikuta"), though a while back i'd often be on the first page and page 6 of google. google is still my biggest referrer, according to blogpatrol. and so many ppl from so many countries have been here! right now, the visiter count is at 19,723. if u look at the cluster map below, u'll see visitors from every continent except antarctica!! well, no cluster map has results f/antarctica, anyhow!
[***BTW, THE CURRENT CLUSTER MAP WILL BE ARCHIVED ON OCT. 8. IT'S ARCHIVED EACH YEAR. AFTERWARDS, THE MAP WILL BE BLANK AGAIN AND SLOWLY FILL UP WITH RED DOTS. SO CHECK IT OUT NOW, BE4 IT'S GONE LATER...the current aug. 31 version is the one i printed out and sent to toma! http://www3.clustrmaps.com/counter/maps.php?url=http://ikutatomalove.blogspot.com/ ]

sa~ what R the best posts, for those of u who were not here from the beginning and missed some memorable posts by kate?? mmmmm.... i'll list the ones that keep getting a lot of traffic that blogpatrol tells me, and also pick some of my fav posts that u should check out...

FINALLY, i've said this hundreds of times be4, but i need to say it again:

ARIGATOU, everyone-chan, for coming here! ♥
and double-thanks if u like what i write & come here often! ♥
TRIPLE-thanks if u leave comments sometimes! ♥
i send you all some LOVE! everyone! ♥
you know who you are! ;)

^__^ i know most of u don't like to comment, but just for today, i hope you will. everyone reading this, please give me a shout-out by posting a comment below. doesn't matter what u say or how long the message, as long as it's something nice! even just "thank you, kate" is enough la! but if u're feeling particularly good cuz of this special day, pls also tell me how you found this blog & what country u R from, cuz i'd like to know! thanks!!


CHEERS, my fellow toma fans!
i am looking forward to many many more years of blogging about toma!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
& i will continue to try my best to keep this blog a fun/funny/awesome/cool destination for toma fans from all over the world! & i hope that some of my posts make u smile or even brightens your day a little! just like some of your comments make me smile/laugh and brightens my day! ~_~ yorushiku~ onegaishimas~!

much love,

[both are MUST READs! HAHAHA.]

[also MUST READS for new fans!!]

[this might be my fav post ever. lol.
i had a lot of fun writing and imagining me & toma as a couple!! ♥]

[also 1 of my favs! tomapi love. hehe. ah, i wish i had such a close, good friend!!]

[ah, i like this one! i talk about my JE calendar & how I'LL ALWAYS SUPPORT TOMA NO MATTER WHAT!! ~_~]


[i like this post too... the first time i really wrote a review of toma's drama. and i really tried to get ppl to give Honey and clover a 2nd chance, if they quit watching earlier. H&C is really quite draggy, but toma makes it worth watching!! i didn't really write 1 for hana kimi, but of course, u all already know i love it!!]

[many ppl looking for general info about toma, i see!]


[yappari, a lot of fans looking for toma pics]

[yappari, many ppl want to participate/learn more about the b-day project! cool.]

[ah! this is when i talked about where u can watch Maou. =) ]

[i guess lots of ppl wanna watch him in HYD2? that's cool. cuz toma is wicked cool & kakkoi when he's evil. hehe. or they were looking for info about that drama... ]

[i knew it!! haha. any post with the words "girlfriend" or "kiss" is sure to get a ton of hits. xD]

[of course! lots of hana kimi/toma fans wanna see what the dvd box set looks like and some hana kimi goodies!]

[haha. i'm thirsty now! *takes a drink of cool water* ah! that's better. =)]


[toma 101!!]

[hana kimi wins!!! (IMO.) sorry, taiwan hana kimi fans.]


[more hana kimi DVD screencaps/goodies!]


[i liked this post! ah... nakatsu!! u'll always be #1 to me!!]


[TOMArathon!!!!!!! yeah~ unfortunately, a lot of the videos i watched on youtube have probably been deleted. but i saved a lot of them to my computer. =) ]

[another important post that i enjoyed writing! about tomagoto, toma's blog or jweb. ~_~]

[awww. =) i really do mean it, toma-kun! arigatou.]


[yeah, this was a good post. =) about why fans write to their idols...]

[yappari, this is a post that took me a long while to prepare for and write!! i really poured my heart out here. heehee~ i hope it gave u a sweet feeling, too.]

[MY SONG FOR TOMA!! hahaha. everyone sing along now!]

[about the first hana kimi dvd set.]

[already 1 of my fav posts ever. just cuz toma's so cute and i enjoyed finding pouting toma pics for this post! haha.]

[my post about Cat in the red boots. =) and how toma seems too good to be true. lol.]

[this was cool, some great toma quotes!! he really is an inspiring SUNSHINE BOY!! he really is my hero!!]

[of course, this is a really memorable post 4 me, the first time sending toma fanmail! it must have reached japan by now...now for the hard part. waiting 4 a reply or some kinda sign he got it. =T ]

[i talked about toma's fav music. i like posts like this... that helps u get to know toma more. and listening 2 music he likes makes me feel closer 2 him.]

[this was interesting, if u wanna learn more about honey & clover. how the manga can be interpreted in so many different ways! love that beautiful purple cherry blossoms screencap f/the anime!]


[this post is great cuz that magazine article is so great! haha. seriously, who wouldn't want the secrets to making toma fall in love with you in 10 days!]


[interesting...and i get to talk about my fav ppl, johnny, toma, and also included some jerry seinfeld quotes!]

[cat in the red boots changed toma's life!! and some maou stuff!]


[someone saw toma while he was filming for the hana kimi SP and wrote about it!]


[about pretty boys like toma...]


[toma's cat in the red boot songs]


[ah~ my first hana kimi keepsake. =) ]


[congratulating toma's 1st award for hana kimi!]


[was happy my toma b-day MV was getting lots of views! but it was removed earlier this year. =( but u can still watch it at here! http://www.dailymotion.com/2007kate/video/x516xh_viva-toma-happy-23rd-birthday-toma_shortfilms ]


[1st time i saw toma, already thought he looked like a hk tv star. haha~ then later found out lots of toma fans think he looks like a lot of different guys!]

Monday, September 22, 2008

happy FIRST DAY of Autumn! =)

hi hi! happy First Day of Autumn~ or happy autumnal equinox! ^_^
i like fall, cuz it means cooler weather and there's just something in the air... the weather changes, the days are shorter, everything seems a little different. & i just heard a Disneyland halloween ad already. haha.

and today the weather is quite pleasant and cool.
it's also actually sunny in tokyo on sept. 22 and 23! a break f/the rain and thunderstorms, and it's sept. 22 or 23 that i think my letters will probably arrive at their 3 destinations in japan!! so it's a cool coincidence that the weather those days is not rainy! yeah~

i hope the letters R already there or will be there in the next couple days... here R some nice fall pics, and 2 cool calvin & hobbes comics that talks about why hobbes loves fall and calvin doesn't. =P (btw, i'm a HUGE fan of calvin & hobbes, and so is Fi!! we've got so much in common! heehee! ~_~)

[ah~ toma~! love his hair, expression, & outfit here.]
http://www.flickr.com/photos/irashid007/1755969843/, nozomi @LJ, Warner Music Hong Kong, f/the photo collection that came with the Johnny Jr. calendar,
i took this pic w/my digital camera, so kinda blurry. sorry!

(click on them 2 see BIG version & read! haha~ i'm am like calvin in many ways, but in this case, i definitely agree w/hobbes!)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

my pouty, pretty, precious, perfect, PRINCE tomaaaaaa!

toma-ism #50:

MY P R E C I O U Ssss!

(in creepy voice like Golum in LOTR! lol! kidding!!)

i used some new hearts to fill in the gaps of the LOTS OF LOVE & some other sections...
[EDIT: made some slight changes & added 1 more pic below!! this is kinda like saving the best for last ne! =P]

i heard on conan's late night show last week that keira knightley was voted as having the best pout for a poll (yappari, by Blistex). u can read the news about it here: http://www.livenews.com.au/Articles/2008/09/03/Keira_Knightley_tops_list_of_perfect_pouts_

keira's pretty and does look great when she pouts, but if male stars from around the world were included, toma should win!! cuz all toma fans know toma likes to pout A LOT, and he looks gooood doing it!! =P actually, i get annoyed sometimes when ppl pout to act cute, but it depends on who is doing it & if it makes them cuter or just more annoying! hahaha~

toma pouts a lot & no wonder, cuz he is HOUNTO kawaii when he pouts!! 1 of the 1st times i saw him, in that nakatsu MV, i remember the scene where he was asking why she worries about sano so much & asking if maki was gay...in that scene when he was pouting, is 1 of my fav moments f/the MV!! =D and f/ the drama, actually!! that scene!! so cute!!
also, before (even while picking out the clothes, i noticed!! though he was in the background a little!! lol~)/after the ANN magazine photoshoot!!
he is just completely
ADORABLE in those scenes, ne!!!

also, toma's pic f/the hana kimi poster. he's kinda pouting~ he looks so freakin' cool too. it's his really ultimate cute/cool look that makes him look like he's a manga character come to life!
and yes, i admit it, i often find myself pouting when taking pics now. lol~ i think all of toma's fans must have this habit, too?? xD i've seen some pics of toma fans pouting... but then, when i do it in picures, half of the time, i just look funny/weird. haha~ it's not a good look 4 everyone.

it's funny though, cuz toma has said he doesn't like his lips, cuz it makes him not look serious even when he is. haha~ i know what he means...when watching Maou, i sometimes get distracted during even the most serious/intense scenes cuz toma looks so darn cute when he talks/looks surprised/is upset, cuz of how his lips move...ummm...i think u know what i mean!! but really, he does have such nice soft lips, not too big/small, and remember that he says he never uses lip balm! EHHHH??? hounto?

ma, here's a bunch of toma pics i found of toma pouting! kyaaaa!!! kawaii naaaaa.
enjoy! ^_^ of course there's a ton more pouting toma pics/screencaps, but i've just included some of the best. ( AS ALWAYS, just click on them to see them in the original size. also, sorry if u've seen most of these pics already...but even when seeing them again, u just gotta go KYAAAA! RIGHT??)

(maybe some other time, i'll picspam about smirking toma. lol~ or really acting PRETTY toma...haha~ but i'll have trouble choosing & crediting, so many pics!! -__- )

[credits: 1st pic is scanned f/the lovely photograph collection that came w/the Johnny's Jr. 2008-2009 school calendar! MY calendar! ^_^ he's so completely, utterly CUTE. ....some credits on the pics, Tomalious Fan Subs, Tomalover@flickr, baidu toma forum, baidu search, ini's imeem page, TBS, Fuji TV, JE, found by googling or captured f/various fanmade MVs or videos]

[kakkoiiiii. AWESOMENESS. toma is da cutest!! ]

[cuuuuute. =) ]

[toma!! u're always playing for the camera, aren't u! =P YOU FLIRT!! haha~ ]

[KAWAIIIII. ^____^]

[ *nosebleed!* ]

[aw, what's wrong toma?? =T]

[such a sunshine boy!!!]

[ahhhhh~ still 1 of my fav toma pics!! he looks just amazing here!!! though very feminine, but i don't care!! PRETTY IS PRETTY!! *__* and SEXY IS SEXY!!]

[ *nnyah!* xD ]

[ANOTHER PIC! just saw it today, thanks to meoinkie2 @AF for posting it up 4 me!! it's from Bidan Magazine. so cute!! and i love his outfit. =) i've been wanting 2 find that 2nd pic 4 such a long time, since seeing some fans use it for their avatars!! now i finally get 2 see the scan!! *__* it's from the start of 2008, but i wasn't at the toma LJ much then, so i probably missed the post about these scans.]

Friday, September 19, 2008

it's friday~ but pls come back saturday~! =)

smilie toma-ism #49:
You have the ability~
To make us~ sooooo happy/speechless/
weak at the knees/smile/laugh!

(sometimes all at once!!)
Just by being you~
you've got it~!

sorry, sorry!

it's friday, and i forgot to update the b-day poll results!!
i'll get it done and post it up later today or tomorrow...
i'll also post something new (un-related 2 the bday project) tomorrow.
also, i give up~ can't edit the post from yesterday! oh well...
it's ok the way it is now.

here's what the letter looks like in japanese. luckily, when printed, the background color somehow got a little more of a lovely lavendar shade to it!! and here's the link to the letter in romanized japanese, i think it's mostly correct... it's nice 2 "hear" what my letter says for the first time. haha~


oh, here's a great, inspiring quote i got that FBL sent me (http://www.forbetterlife.org/)
a couple days ago! just want to share it with everyone here. ^_^
remember, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! and pass it on!

“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'” —Mary Anne Radmacher; author

have a good weekend!
ja ne!


P.S. what?? only 16 days left till toma's birthday!! wow!! =)
it's really coming soon~ our toma's turning 24!!
umm... i'm 3 yrs older than him most of the year cuz i was born in february.
but after oct. 7, it'll only be a 2 year difference! hehe~
but u know, toma has said be4 that he doesn't mind dating older women. haha~

sorry, something wrong...

i can't edit my previous post!
i'll try again tomorrow, just need 2 fix some things...

good night everybody!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

the 3 envelopes have started on their journey to japan, to Toma! ^_^

toma-ism #48:

I write down my feelings for you
and turn the paper into a plane
throwing it into the strong wind
aiming farther than it possibly reach,
I didn’t see it falling down,
nothing happened, and nothing began...
I don’t know how you’ll answer
but if i dont try i'll never know.

[translated lyrics of Younha's Te wo tsunaide
(Hold my hand), from http://www.cherryblossom-garden.com/5/younha-eng2.html.
except the last line, which i remember from her MV
at youtube that had someone else's version of the translated lyrics]

sorry, only posting pics 4 now. i'll explain soon... probably in a couple hours...

thanks 4 coming & caring about this Toma Love! b-day project!!
the last step of the project has been completed!

now just have 2 wait 4 toma 2 get 1 of these envelopes....

well, i did it!
it's done.
i sent the 3 letters this morning.
it really is precious cargo to me,
and i really really hope its journey from here to japan can be a smooth and quick one!


it only took a couple minutes and under 4 dollars at the post office to send them.
but the time i spent on picking & buying the cards/ writing/ translating (the parts that Chi couldn't translate 4 me)/ printing/ re-printing cuz something was wrong/ cutting/ re-cutting cuz i can't cut straight!/ picking out the bg pic for the letters / yada yada yada! all that took me quite a while! and i had sealed everything up so perfectly...i felt nervous/a little reluctant to send them off! a little hard 2 let go! lol~ i was like, "will they really be able to make it to toma's hands?? i put so much time + effort into these!!" well, that's how i am...if i decide to do something, it MUST be done right & be almost perfect (to me)...that's why it took me so long. haha!

another problem i had with writing to toma was how to cram all my TOMA LOVE that's built up over 1 year into a short letter, into this envelope for him??? i mean...i took a long while to edit my message to him-- so that it was succinct & clear, yet still included the most important things that i want to tell him. to be honest, if it wasn't for this b-day project i started and the Tomalicious b-day project, i probably wouldn't have attempted to send toma anything at all, cuz (1) he doesn't get all his fanmail f/JE and even if he gets it, who knows if he'll have time to actually read it, (2) i don't know if he'll be able 2 understand the broken japanese that comes from babelfish's eng. to japanese translation, and (3) i don't know what i will write, there's too many things i wanna say to him! but then, since i started the b-day project, then the Tomalicious project was started, and Chi offered 2 translate our messages to japanese-- i thought i'd give it a try. =D cuz i gotta try my best to tell toma about the Toma Love! b-day project! that was the main reason at first...but then i got to thinking more about it, and like i said be4, even if there's just a tiny chance of him getting my message, i've gotta try. cuz thinking of your idol getting your message and appreciating your support and thinking of u for even a brief moment is really an incredible feeling. ~_~
and of course, if i don't try, i'll never know what could happen!!

ok, are you bored yet? any1 still reading at this point? haha.
sorry, i just wanna share my thoughts with you all.

ma, here R the details:

-i sent 3 envelopes. but they all contain the same letter. letters #2 and #3 have the same background pic. envelopes #1 (red) & #2 (blue) each have a b-day card. envelope #3 (white) only has the letter and note.

letter #1 is going to Wink Up. it's also the heaviest of the 3, cuz of the card + letter,note + small pic of toma, small envelope (that i'm asking him 2 sign and send back to me). it's dark pink, but it almost looks red. haha~ i didn't do that on purpose, i actually purposely avoided a red envelope cuz of Maou and i don't want there 2 be any chance of toma or JE freaking out when they see it. haha~ it's got a kinda 3-leaf clover that i found and sealed in shipping tape. =) it's not really a clover, but it looks like one, and it's the only one that stayed greenish. the other ones turned yellow/brownish.
i dunno why, the lady at the post office only put extra tape on this envelope's address that i taped onto the envelope with doublesided tape. it was already really stuck on there! i had already done everything to avoid using tape on top, which would make the envelope look less nice, but oh well...

letter #2 is going to the main JE address, and i printed out the address in japanese, just 2 be sure. =) it's just slightly thick, cuz of the card + 2 sheets of paper. and the envelope is a little thicker than normal envelopes. =T

letter #3 is the simplest and lightest. only has those 2 sheets of paper. it's going to the JE address that says Johnny's Family Club....i thought it over many times...i should really try sending 1 to each possible address...that's why.

all the envelopes R flat though, nothing bulky or lumpy.

-all 3 have an additional note, with the newest version of the cluster map at Toma Love!.
and i've got a message in japanese telling him that he's really got fans all over the world!! =D and i've also drawn on all 3 notes, the heart-shaped leaf clover that hagumi drew for takemoto in H&C. =) pretty good, huh?? it's been so so long since i've drawn and colored anything. lol~ i also wrote a simple message in eng. explaining that i'm sending him the same letter 3 times, and sorry to bother him, but i want to be sure he gets it. i also wrote (also in eng.) at the bottom of each, "toma-san is the cutest boy on Earth!!!" xD

-oh, the perfume. i sprayed some perfume near/on all the sheets and cards and envelopes. but it's a really subtle, nice scent, white jasmine...a little after each spray, i'd have to spray again or else i could barely smell anything. i thought it might, just MAYBE increase the chances of toma opening it, if he smells something nice coming from his pile of fanmail. lol~ but i doubt my plan will really work, cuz in the end, each has a slight nice fragrance, but after a week or more, i dunno if there will be any smell left, really.

-DAMN YOU RAIN!! yes, it's raining again in japan...rain, rain, and more rain these days. at least it's not that hot now, but there's a lot of scattered thunderstorms. i'm thinking my letters will reach japan in around 5 days. it will still be raining, if the 6-10 day forecast is correct. =[ i'm afraid my envelopes will get wet. well, mostly everything was printed, even when i wrote, it was mostly with a ball point pen that won't bleed, so they should be ok...

-yes, that's a pic of the letters before they start off on their journey 2 JAPAN. TO TOMA! haha. the lady at the post office was gonna put them to the side, but i asked her to let me see them again be4 they "leave", yes, that's what i blurted out. lol~ and i took some pics of them real quick. hahaha! luckily there was only 2 other ppl there, or else i'd be too embarassed to do it.

[1 = the kinda 3-leaf clover. it looks pretty ne! this is a super close-up shot.
it's really small. 2 = the drawing i copied f/H&C. 3 = contents of envelope #1,
4 = contents of envelope #2, 5 = contents of envelope #3. ]

WELL, i'm really so happy about this!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
if everything could go smoothly, toma will receive it by his birthday!
i saw a nice jetstream in the bright blue sky today, a while after i sent the 3 letters.
...is this...a GOOD SIGN, that toma will receive my messages + LOVE?? bakaaaaaa~ xD
of course, after around 1 week, i'll start to worry about them rejecting any of the 3 letters and me getting it back in the mail!!!
but i was really careful!!
though the blue envelope is kinda, just slightly, a tiny bit "heavy", but that's only cuz the envelope itself is a little thicker than usual. =/ but it is very flat.

and he will open the envelope &
hopefully a little whif of flowery fragrance will greet him. ~_~

and he'll know,
that there is a girl in the usa,
who really really likes him!
And when she looks at the stars on these cool end-of-summer nights,
the same stars that are twinkling in the dark sky above him...
And stands in the brilliant glowing moonlight, that is pouring down from
the same moon in the night sky above him...
She will be wishing hard that soon, he will receive her messages,
and that for at least 1 moment in her life...
she and him will share a precious connection,
when he reads her letter and it makes him smile, and
think of this girl for a brief moment...
Even if he never thinks of her again
and he completely forgets about her after that.
She will be already so happy,
that they shared this precious moment,
even though they have never met. (yet! ^_~)

-----------> and this is what i said in the letter, the original, eng. version:


Hi, toma-san! my name is Kate. i'm 26 years old. i'm from the USA.
toma-san, you make this world more beautiful! you're my hero!
you truly amaze and inspire me. you are incredibly talented, cute, and cool. *heart*

you are a completely brilliant actor, especially in Maou! but i still like nakatsu the most!
thank you for all your hard work! you definitely have a bright future ahead.
please remember you have fans all around the world who will always love and support you. toma-san, i love you! *heart*
please keep trying your best! i will also try my best!

I wish you continued success, happiness, and good health!
I've been your fan for 1 year now! Toma-san, i really really like you! ~_~

toma-san, for your birthday, many of your international fans and i am giving you hugs, kisses, energy, all our best wishes, and A LOT OF LOVE! ^_^
go here and see, please: http://ikutatomafanmail.blogspot.com/
Many fans wrote messages to you there! leave a message for us if u can. Please!
Please also take a look at this site: http://ikutatomalove.blogspot.com/

(Toma-san, sorry, i cannot speak japanese. i cannot write japanese. my friend Chi and *Yahoo! Babel Fish* translated from english to japanese. i hope you will understand what i wrote!!)