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♥ toma shares his thoughts and feelings with fans through his blog. ~_~

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #15:
toma-kun...i'm overwhelmed by your amazing beauty!

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #16:
toma-kun..."Ah~ he's seriously cool~!"
(toma's description of a rock star whose music he loves!)

[i forgot the toma-ism last post, so there's 2 for this one! =P]

[oh, here's another nice recent magazine scan of toma from this same gallery! haha. hungry/hyper toma!]

wow...i am completely behind on keeping up to date with toma's stuff,
and i already was kinda behind before!! (sigh!) computer problems, u see...
but at least after everything that happened my computer is now faster and more efficient.
it will help me speed up the catching up process.
YES!! more power!! urgh urgh urgh !
(Home Improvement's tool man's grunts. haha...HI fans will understand. they air it so much on Nick at Nite here!!)

anyway...i wanted 2 post about toma's blog for the longest time,
eversince i finished reading all his older blog posts at Enthralling months ago,
when the weather was actually still seems so far away, now that time!! =(
but things kept getting in the way.
finally, now i can post.
it's been a long time coming!!

[original pic @]

so many celebrities these days have a blog where they share their thoughts with fans, and toma is one of these ppl. =) but what makes toma's TOMAGOTO (TOMA'S WORDS) cellphone blog special (besides it being messages he writes on his cellphone and only certain ppl that pay for the service will receive the text messages...wait, do other japanese artists have this kinda blog? i dunno...4.4.2009 edit: TURNS OUT, MOST JAPANESE CELEBRITIES HAVE THIS KINDA BLOG, CUZ EVERY1 LOVES TEXTING/SMS-ing in Japan. haha...and love their cellphones (keitai).) is that he doesn't only write about his work schedule, like most other celebrities. he often shares his feelings about a certain project he's working on, or about his co-stars, or even his lunch that day! haha. that's what makes his blogs so fun to read. sometimes, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how personal his posts can get...though i can't give u a specific example right now...but it would probably be the times he talks about his sad feelings when a drama ends or how happy he is when he's with his friends...

but a lot of times, toma's posts can be totally random and pointless, as he has said himself, sometimes! haha. but that's what's also makes it cool...sometimes he'll just be talking about the weather, but it makes u feel "he's just a regular guy, really...he talks about things that i talk about, too!" haha. sometimes he'll ramble on about something and it'll take him a while 2 get to the point, if there IS one. haha! it reminds me of ellen D's comedy, she often takes forever to get to the point, but on purpose, and in a funny way!

if u read a lot of his blog posts, u'll notice that he often talks about these things/does these things:

-asks and answers his own questions. =P
-"talks" to fans/ppl reading it (such as reminding them 2 keep warm when the weather's cold! and don't catch a cold. awww. ~_~ i know lots of other celebs that also do this, but still!! ♥♥♥!!!)
-refers 2 himself in the 3rd person
-talks about inanimate objects as if they were people. =)
-talks about what other ppl think about his blog. =)
-writes about his FEELINGS/personal stuff
-all things that come 2 his mind/talks about nothing =P

it's really amazing how toma can be cute on so many different levels!~
of course, he looks cute. but so is his personality, his voice, the way he writes!! lol.
let's just say, if kids say the darndest things, then toma says the cutest things! he says the funniest things, too!

some really cute/funny/random things he's talked about that i can remember:

-forgot his wallet
-doesn't need 2 be rich, just wants 2 make enough $$ 2 buy dvds/cds all the time! ^_^
-ikuta toma's back, Alright! xD
(remember the "backstreet's back, alright!" in a backstreet boys song?)
-his muscles r singing a song?! 0_o (he was tired from filming for the hana kimi special)
-watching the sunset ~_~
-wants 2 clean his room but keeps procrastinating
-thanking a fish-kun for his delicious sushi lunch (or was it dinner?)

i dunno exactly when he started having this jweb --tomagoto (toma's words), but maybe it was in 2005 or 2006? at least that's how far back the translations get, at Enthralling. it used to be temporary, only lasting for maybe almost a year, then it would end. but starting 2008, it's become PERMANENT!! so we can always know what's going on in his life straight from toma's words! *__*

...toma also used to have his own corner on Wink Up Magazine titled “Ikuta Toma no Ikita Kotoba” (Toma Ikuta's Words to Live By). On this corner he used to talk about “heart-felt” things, and he often writes about his mom. "On this corner he writes a one-page essay about things that interest him, as well as his daily experiences. Included in the page are pictures taken from his own camera." (this info from his current wikipedia page) Don't know when he started writing for this corner again, but now each month there's a new one.
and TFS translates them!! i didn't know about this till recently! haha. i told u i was behind on toma stuff! in these, he writes quite a lot about what's going on in his life and also shares nice pics of himself or scenary that he took himserlf. u can find them here at TFS's LJ:

u can read a lot of toma's recent/old tomagoto posts translated at Enthralling (more recent ones at the main page and the older posts @ Archive, then Tomagoto series. i've read them all! heehee.) and the 2007-most recent posts at this section of Tomalicious. (but u have to register there first and i think u have to have at least 50 posts to access this section. well, start posting a lot, but remember, don't spam!)

[4.5.2009 edit:
unfortunately, Enthralling was closed by the owner, but u can still read most of the recent/old tomagoto posts here:
[often updated with the most recent entries!!]

u need to register first at tomalicious, then u can access the Translations section. for livejournal, some posts are locked, so you should register at livejournal ( and then join this ikuta_toma group ( to make sure u can see all the posts. (registration is free at both places!)

***Tomalicious is the better place to go, cuz they've got a lot of his posts, they're nicely organized and in order, and the translations are very correct and easy to read.***
BUT at livejournal (last link above), there's MANY different translators, and they vary in the quality of translation. and there's so many new/recent/old tomagoto posts there, not in order, might be hard 4 u to look thru them all...]

of course, without toma fans that so kindly provide translations of his posts, it would be impossible 4 me and other non-japanese speaking/reading, overseas toma fans, to read toma's messages at all! A HUGE THANK YOU to all the toma fans that translate it into english and post it up for us, or else many fans and i would have no access to, nor be able 2 understand what he's saying! but since i'm not japanese/can't speak japanese, i am still often confused when i don't understand the words toma uses or don't know the ppl/bands/shows he's talking about. haha... have 2 look them up online.

oh, here's a screencap of one of toma's old blog posts that i got from Enthralling. they didn't say i can't re-post it anywhere, so i hope it's ok. just to show u, that toma often ends his posts with a Ciao and double-hearts or a heart. =) and his posts often have various emoticons in it. =)

whew! this was a lot longer than i thought it would be.
thanks 4 reading!
and remember 2 start reading toma's blog if u haven't!!
it's the best way to keep up with all the things going on in his life and know what he's been thinking about lately. ~_~

as toma would say,

Ciao. double_hearts.gif

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