Friday, July 11, 2008

old crunchyroll videos / where to watch MAOU

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #21:
toma-kun...he is made of awesomeness!
(Scattie's comment on the toma fan map! =P)

hey hey!

sorry, i'm not updating as frequently.
but i'll really try 2 keep the gap between each post less than a week...
not done catching up w/toma stuff...
i hope toma + every1 reading this is doing ok in the hot weather.
thank goodness it has cooled down for awhile here.
everyone, take care, be cool. =)

i found some more cool (mostly f/when he was younger) crunchyroll toma video clips:
[toma explains why he likes girls' knees!! why?? wish i understood. haha.]
[the end of the clip!!! toma in a very provocative pose with another JE guy, but it's not yamapi!]
[ toma cries at the end of a concert performance!]
[AWESOME MV, LOTS OF CUTE TOMA EATING/ toma rehearsing 4 CITRB / singing/ in diff dramas/ etc. moments!]
[cute toma... him doing the limbo... the part where he says "come here"!! lol.]
[ THANKS TO siaoliao@AF's translation:
T - Toma, I – Interviewer, Y – Yamapi

Johnny’s Junior Ikuta Toma high school graduation in September attracted widespread media attention.

T: I’ve been busy with my butai performances so I didn’t have much feelings regarding graduation until I got my graduation certificate and felt the “graduation” feeling.

I: Did you miss classes?

T: I missed more classes in my second year, but the school has been very helpful. My principal, teachers, company, and parents have helped me quite a bit. Also, I had help from many friends. On my own I would never have been able to graduate.

Other Johnny’s members Yamashita Tomohisa, Tanaka Koki, Hasegawa Jun, (and some guy I don’t recognize) congratulated him as juniors (as in, his juniors in the school).

T: This morning I got a mail from Yamashita

I: What did it say?

T: “Congratulations on your graduation!” Plus it had a heart.

I: He drew you a heart?

T: And it still said, “After this, let’s have graduation from Johnny’s Juniors as our next goal.”

Y: Don’t say anymore!

T: I saw it on the train.]


MAOU stuff! =) where to watch it...

[credit: tomalover @Flickr]

check out Maou's super co~ol opening theme and trailer here!
IMPRESSIVE!! i love how toma is literally running 4 his life! haha~ he looks so cool when he runs.

i LOVE THE THEMESONG! FOUND OUT IT'S ARASHI'S TRUTH. of course, i'm using it as the bg song here now. hahaha~
[maou opening theme, with translated 2 eng. lyrics / links to WHERE u can 2 WATCH THE DRAMA, ENG. SUBBED!]

[download & watch it w/softsubs. no hardsubs yet, STORMY Team @LJ is hardsubbing. =)
i'll wait till hardsubs R available till i watch, so the video quality + subs R of better quality.]

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