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♥ ikuta toma why won't u love me ♥ / some1 HAS TO write a song 4 toma!

[SORRY 4 the weirdness of this post, cuz i started it and saved the draft since monday, so even though it's thursday, may 1 now, the date is monday, april 28. haha. don't get confused, if u were here monday, this post was not up yet!! ]

[tomapi! toma cuteness! =) he sure likes leaning on other ppl!]

have u seen this pic be4? i just saw it at this forum thread i found
the other day. it's a thread about toma but all in vietnamese! wah!! i was a little shocked, though i know he's got fans of all ages/genders/nationalities all over the world...but still, it felt a little out of place 2 me. but i browsed thru a page and translated 2 random comments 2 share with every1...since i've always been dependent on translations from others, i thought i'd try translating something toma-related 2 eng. for once! haha. i think i got it right, though my vietnamese is not as great as i want it 2 be. *click on it 2 see the bigger version*

....did u know toma was in a musical called Endless Shock in 2007 (i think)?
i heard from an AF member at the AF toma thread he was cool in there, so i checked it out at youtube. u can go here 2 see some video clips!

....did u know tomorrow's Showa Day in Japan? i only knew cuz it said so in my calendar.

....i found this by accident (seems like i find lots of stuff this way!). a very good comparison of taiwan and japan hana kimi, talking about each character and comparing the actors that play them, with pics too...really good 4 ppl who wonder how the 2 series differs! the reviewer likes toma as nakatsu more (but only by a little!)!
(FYI: OOC means out of character)

....this has been on my mind a lot lately. it's so catchy but also quite sad. about a girl liking a guy that she knows won't like her back. now i know toma says he likes girls, but since he hangs out with guy friends so much, it still makes me think of him. haha. AND the "handsome, tender, soft" part!! *__*'s ironic, how the girls that sang this song pretended 2 be gay at first 2 be more popular, but later they admitted it was only an image, they're straight. makes u think of how lots of JE guys kinda do the same thing...there's something more attractive/intriguing about not being sure if they like girls or guys or both, isn't it?? hmm... anyway, listen 2 the song now!

[Malchik Gei by t.A.T.u. means "gay boy" in russian]

......btw, i only now looked up OTP cuz i saw some toma fans using it. FYI:
One True Pairing -- usually used to denote a fanatical devotion to one pairing in a fandom, excluding all others; a fandom abbreviation referring to one's favorite fictional couple

....did u notice the new bg song for this blog?
hehe. Tongue-tied by Farrah. they shot the music video for this song in japan!

a very funny & catchy song about how some fans feel very STRONGLY 4 their idol... haha.

.............................. someone HAS 2 write a song about toma!!

i recently remembered how this singer, Bree Sharp, wrote a song about her crush on david duchovny/Mulder from the X-Files, and there's even a music video of it with a lot of celebrities in it!! haha! it's a cute/funny song and the MV is funny, too.
[Bree Sharp's David Duchovny Video]

if david gets a song, why not TOMA?!
some1 seriously needs 2 write a song about how cute/charming/attractive he is!! =D
since no1 has yet, i thought i'd change some parts of the lyrics of bree's song 2 make it about toma/nakatsu!! haha. i hope you'll like it. i had fun making up the lyrics, and i really tried 2 make it match the wordings/pace/feelings of the original song!!


[♥♥ imagine this is u and toma, so u sing this song!! ♥♥]
[Bree's original lyrics to "david duchovny" here: ]

Ikuta Toma ♥
singer: bree sharp
slightly altered lyrics: kate`*

It's Tuesday night, I am curled up in my room

The tv light fills my heart like a balloon
I hold it in as best I can, I know I'm just another fan
But I can't help feeling I could love this silly ikemen

And I can't...
wait anymore for him to discover me

I got it bad for ikuta toma
ikuta toma, why won't you love me?
Why won't you love me?

My friends all tell me "Girl you know it's just a show,"
But deep within his eyes, i see us together--i know
Searching online for a sign, this JE boy's on my mind
I'm waiting for the day when my dream becomes reality...
In the form of...

ikuta toma pulling me closer

In the fading light of this cool summer evening
i need ikuta toma, he's smiling at me
hot-blooded athlete, so cool and funny
ikuta toma, why won't you love me
Why won't you love me, why won't you love me?

So cute and so sweet, he's stolen my heart
And I'm falling apart , from the looks I receive
from those eyes
I can't leave, well you can say i'm a mess
But he told me to try my best...


My bags are packed, I am ready for my flight

Gonna put an end to my daydream days and sleepless nights
Having another air-date, wishing he won't call too late
Just to hear the voice of this guy, his laughter, his soft words

And I would say...
ikuta toma, why won't you love me

Why won't you love me, why won't you love me?
ikuta toma, why won't you love me
Why won't you love me, why won't you love me?

Ikuta toma, I want you to love me
To kiss and to hug me, support and surprise me
ikuta toma, I know you could love me
I'm cute and I'm witty - I'm gonna kill mizuki!
ikuta toma, why won't you love me
Why won't you love me, why won't you love me?


i'll be waiting...

in Osaka...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear Toma... / NEW MEMBERS! / useful links/ TOMA'S NAME/ WANT 2 MEET HIM?

[above: my new AF signature pic!]

ok, new post!
please don't mind the randomness. =)
(sorry, kinda a boring post.
i'll try 2 make the next update more fun/funny...
i've been behind on toma stuff lately...)

updates for the Dear Toma... blog (so GO CHECK IT OUT!):

i set it up so now u can post pics by posting the image link in the link/url box!

but make sure it's not too long a link, or else it won't show up. u can leave out the http:// part. also, make sure the size of the pic is pretty small, or else it'll look weird after it's resized.

i also turned off the profanity filter so those of u posting in japanese (i.e. aishiteru) will not have the word posted like this: ai****eru. hehe. so keep posting in japanese, it'll show up correctly from now on! of course, please don't curse when posting! though i don't see why u would, when u're writing 2 Toma, right? =P

i also added some rules when posting and added a message 2 toma if he ever comes...he can use the Babelfish translator. haha.

here's a cool pic of toma and a sunset that is 2bai's avatar at the Tomalicious forum!
taken by Pi (yamashita)! =) hope 2bai doesn't mind me posting it here...


(wow, lots of toma fans in the phillipines here and also posting messages at Dear Toma...!! i hope he'll go there some day so his fans can see him!)

hypercube_238, prettywitch028 (Philippines), cecil_cute27, j.zhao_ (Canada) (really love that pic of toma u posted!! thanks!!), vixenrose_j2001 (United Arab Emirates), catsaldz_japisho090 (CUTE toma pic!), franzelle_padilla94 (Philippines), darliemacabugao, mskulet25 (Philippines), strawberry_apol (Philippines), lhyn+_toma, sha_osorio, kristel_1508 (Philippines), michelle_guiveses (Philippines), nathania_29 (Philippines)!!!!

pls go here 2 see new members' pics and messages to toma (just point 2 their pic and u should see their message pop up)

[i'm sorry if u don't show up on the map, i HATE this problem that Frappr has been having for months now. i'm hoping that whenever i finally get the code 2 my new platial version of this map from that lady i talked to at frappr, that by then those of u that don't show up will show up on the map. but then if u still don't by then, u can try 2 join again using a different email? sorry! it's random, seems like it...on which new members can show up, and which don't!]


here's some more useful links for ppl who can't read japanese:

[this is useful if u can SPEAK japanese, but cannot read it!
enter text in japanese and it will tell u what it sounds like,
the romanized version of it.
i use this, but for cantonese, and it really comes in handy!
for the very basic cantonese that i can understand. =P]

[useful eng. to japanese or japanese to eng. online dictionary!
note that for it 2 work, u have 2 write in the romanized japanese word,
such as "kawaii", not the actual japanese text in kanji, hiragana, etc..]



=) here's the thread at the Tomalicious forum about how 2 send toma fan mail:



if u went 2 his wikipedia page, you'll know he was almost named Tamegorou!! thank goodness his mom liked Toma better. i was wondering one day if his name has any special meaning in japanese, so i asked at the Tomalicious forum, and thanks to TripleT for replying with the following:

for Toma's Kanji meaning, I researched about it before
iku = live
ta = (rice) field
to = truth
ma = something like measurement
I'm not really sure about them because I'm distracted by a handsome Indiaman in TV who looks like Ken Hirai a bit too much.

pretty cool, huh? =P
though it's just what each character means, but it's cool that his name has "live" and "truth" in it!!


talk about it here:

so few ppl have actually met him! i guess it's hard cuz he's a JE guy. =(

some1 saw him while he was on break while filming 4 the hana kimi special and wrote about what he was like, u can read about it here:
(THANKS to teacup for translating and wing_goddess for giving me the link!!)
(SMOKING is SOOO NOT cool!! i wonder when he started...i hope he'll quit someday!!
a lot of actors smoke. =/ u don't often hear about them quitting, but hopefully he'll be different. or maybe when he gets a girlfriend, she can convince him. (sigh!) why do so many ppl i know/stars i like smoke?!?!)

[i posted this at the Tomalicious forum]:
i wish i could meet toma in person someday. =)
i had a dream that i met him at an airport and got his autograph!! haha.
it made me wonder if any1 here has met him? or got his autograph/gave him something/took a picture with him??

any1 HERE even seen him out shopping or eating or anything??

and if u have, was he friendly/quiet/trying 2 get away from u as fast as possible?

OR the next best thing, has anyone seen him perform in a stage play or singing or something??
just wonder how toma is when interacting with his fans...but i guess he doesn't get the chance 2 meet fans that much, does he? he doesn't have an official fan club, or else i'd surely join!! no official website just for him either!! =/

anyway, THANKS in advance 4 replying/sharing! ^_^

...of course, i'd love 2 meet him someday (4 SURE, ALL TOMA'S FANS WANT 2 MEET HIM IN PERSON!! ~_~) even if just for a minute, 2 be able 2 say SOMETHING 2 him, or just shake his hand...get his autograph...something like that. that would be a DREAM COME TRUE!

i was able 2 meet hacken lee (my fav asian celebrity/singer!! hacken fan 4 life!) very briefly in 2005 after his concert, and it was an unbelievably awesome, unforgettable experience. i was too happy, it was kinda a blur. i was so nervous/happy. was really really cool.... but though hacken was a little tired (it was late at night)/quiet/not in a good mood, he still stopped and talked a little and posed for group photographs with the small group of fans (i couldn't get in the pics in time!! arrgh!!) before rushing off. i was a little disappointed, but u can't blame him 4 being that way, it was late, and overall, he was already really nice, signing everything every1 handed him and answering our questions. =)

but i think every1 who's got an idol, their nightmare would be if they actually met their idol and she/he turned out to be a real jerk and is totally mean to you when u approach them. i highly believe in the phrase "the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment." i think if u do that when u meet this person, u won't be too upset if they R not as perfect as u thought. haha. that's kinda how i was with hacken, cuz i've heard from other fans that met him, sometimes he is pretty cold to fans... anywayz, remember that STARS are just PEOPLE too, they have their good days and their bad ones. or some just don't like interacting with fans or giving autographs...i think that's fine too, it's just a shame they couldn't try 2 be a little nicer to the ppl that love them (i mean YOU, jerry seinfeld! haha. but i still like u cuz u're funny.) but u know what, JOHNNY DEPP (also a smoker! geez...) is really nice 2 his fans, he's the one 2 try 2 get an autograph from if u get the chance!! just another reason 2 love this awesome, super handsome + cool guy. =P

anyway...i got way off-topic! i hope if i am able 2 meet toma one day, he could at least be as nice as hacken was to me, if not better. =) even if he isn't though, i don't think i'd be mad at him 4 long.... =T haha...

be4 i forget...

i saw toma in my dream last night.
he was a doctor! haha... such a young & handsome doctor!
but i think he was giving me some bad news about my health!

haha...anyway, i only remembered that.

i'll update soon! pls be patient!
though i'd understand if u can't, cuz i'm a very impatient person myself. =P

much ♥,
(that's a comet after my name, in case u were wondering!
not a falling star, cuz that is breaking up!
a comet keeps flying!! i wanna be a comet, like younha! haha. )

Saturday, April 19, 2008

things i noticed / a lot of SCREENCAPS from the hana kimi DVDs

a lot of screencaps here!

finished watching/getting screencaps from the hana kimi DVDs 4-6 and the bonus DVDs too!
watching it on DVD is so cool, the quality is awesome! in a way, it's like seeing it all for the first time, cuz when i watched the series online, everything was much smaller/more blurry, of course! SO, I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO BUY THE HANA KIMI DVD if u can!! U really should, it's a great series, i'm watching (and translating 4 her) it over with my mom now, and so it's the 3rd time watching it (if u count me watching/fast-forwarding it on the non-subbed DVDs as the 2nd time), and it still cracks me up/is really touching!!!! i'm happy 2 share this IKEMAN PARADISE and a ton of toma cuteness/hilariousness with my mom. haha! wonder if she will also become a toma fan after watching?? hehe.
and the ending was still so sad, though i fast-forwarded thru most of the guys...but maki and lots of sad 2 see them cry! of course, saddest part is nakatsu saying goodbye. but i loved loved how it was a real close-up of him, and it's almost like he's talking directly to YOU. and throughout the series, anyway, toma was the only one that talks to the viewers sometimes!! haha... so u can feel like u have a real connection with nakatsu/toma. that's what made him even coolER!

...u miss a lot of stuff when u watch the small version or the big but blurry version of the series!! i missed a lot of off-to-the-side funny stuff the guys were doing. and there's always lots of that cuz there's a lot of guys in most scenes!! haha. for example, the scene where every1's nervously watching shun high-jumping, in the background, on the bleachers, tennoji is messing around with the guys/hitting them! hahaha. i didn't notice that the first time watching.

--- and i noticed on the letter that maki sent home, her house is in anaheim!
it's a nice area, but i don't think there R any mansions there! haha. still don't understand why at the start of the series, in the flashback, she lives in a regular neighborhood, but at the end of the series, she's living in a huge mansion!! 0_o
--- did u notice the small pics over shun's desk/on his closet door? i don't think u ever can see the pics clearly?? except 4 that 1 pic of shun and toma that mizuki's brother was holding in that one scene. if any1 knows in where/what scene & episode i can see those pics clearly, pls tell me. thanks!

............. in the BONUS DVDs, i noticed/thought: ..............

-EH??? tomaki MATCHING wristbands!!!
i noticed maki and toma were the only ones that wore nearly matching wristbands!! wah!!!!
toma put his on while walking on the set, and his is blue/red/white. maki's is green/red/white.

-really cute, the way toma tied up his hair in the back and his bangs in the front, when practicing the dancing 4 the cheerleading scene!

-seeing toma hug maki, shun, the other ikemen, just makes me wanna say "can i get a hug, too, toma??" haha. when toma hugged shun and maki ran out 2 hug them both!! ^_^ awww!!!

-that t-shirt that shun is giving to the whole cast (and staff?) is wicked cool!!! ah, i wish i had one! it seems like the back, the text is in english?? wish i knew what it said!

-i love how right after the 3 high-fived each other, toma immediately reaches out 2 maki so the 3 of them can hug again. i love seeing tomaki closeness!! =P


i've uploaded the 2 missing short scenes i talked about earlier! not so good quality, cuz i recorded it with my digicamera while playing it on the computer.
and also the tomaki talking about the DVD part (i talked about it here) , and 1 of the special angles of the cheerleading scene. it's the best angle, u can see lots of toma in it!! BUT, sorry about some background cellphone/telephone ringing that u hear in the background. haha. anyway, ENJOY, and YOU'RE WELCOME! =)
[cheerleading] (56.73 MB)
[tomaki] (46.24 MB)
[dorm 1 guys scene] (14.54 MB)
[toma scene] (40.28 MB)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


just wanted 2 say "hi everyone!" =P
sorry, i have nothing 2 post up yet.
i think i will tomorrow, though.
meanwhile, u can go to Dear Toma... and check out the latest messages that toma fans have posted there for toma! =) and write something 2 toma if u haven't already!! thx!

have a nice tuesday.
lol. a late night w/conan o'brien joke.
he makes me laugh so much!!
♥ YOU CONAN!! :)

much ♥,

Saturday, April 12, 2008

a few minutes missing from episode 10 of hana kimi!

i was watching the discs in the DVD set, part II, the other day, when i saw about a couple minutes of scenes i never saw before! EH???
1 of the missing parts was when right be4 nakatsu asked the school doctor what would happen if a student lies about his/her gender to enter a school. and the other part was when the guys from Dorm 1 were plotting to ruin tennoji and kana's chances of winning Best Couple, i think...

i watched hana kimi at
and some parts from crunchyroll. BOTH places, i didn't see these scenes there.

i wonder where i can find this missing scene of toma's that's english subbed??
i don't understand why it was missing from the subbed versions of hana kimi online??

above R some screencaps from that scene, and i uploaded the audio clip too:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!! >___<

i went 2 my youtube page today 2 check what the # of views of my toma MV were, and i didn't see it in the Most Viewed list!!! OH NO!!! it has been removed by youtube cuz of a copyright claim by ??? [text in japanese], which i dunno what it is, but i used babelfish 2 translate, and it translates to "Corporation art bank"??

aiyaaaa..... :(

oh well, at least it was able reach almost 60,000 views and it's been up for around 6 months. i think my MV helped direct lots of ppl 2 this was great while it lasted.

i was happy 2 read all the comments and see ppl rate it well/favorite it a lot!! =) i'll miss that, and seeing the view count keep was the most viewed video at my page!

BUT, i have re-uploaded it to my daily motion page!! =D
and i've also embedded it at my Dear Toma... blog! haha. it looks quite nice, this smaller version!
just click on the title and u'll be able 2 see the big version (USE THE MENU button on the right, bottom side 2 choose the "original" size 2 see it in the original, not distorted version).


p.s. my dailymotion avatar, i got from the teaser poster of the upcoming X-FILES 2 movie (releasing 7.25.08)!! I LOVE THE X-FILES!!!!!
-kate`* (X-PHILE 4 LIFE!!!)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

=) new Tomalicious/AF forums avatar (used H&C screencaps)

just a simple animated .gif using a bunch of CUTE
toma-messing-around-during-end-credits-of-Honey and Clover
screencaps. ~_~

u can see/dload it here:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

thanks 2 every1 that comes here a lot!! / Kiss Me (japanese version) lyrics translation

[**click on the above pic 4 the bigger version so u can see the HAPPY FACES! & it's easier said than done, drawing tiny happy faces on those dots!]

just a quick post to
that comes here a lot,
i will keep trying 2 make this place an fun/interesting place 4 toma fans from all over this planet.

look at all the dots...think of it as hearts,
representing all the TOMA LOVE all over the world! ~_~

i've drawn happy faces on the dot on the cluster map of ppl who've come here 100-999 times (me: in green). the ppl who come here less, u can get a happy face too, if u come here more! hahaha. like that's real incentive 2 come, right? =P
AND the 2 ppl that came here over 1000 times! WOW.
thank you thank you very very much for coming even more than me.
that's amazing. don't come so much, actually, i'll feel bad if i don't update often enough!! haha.

oh, i changed the bg song here. didn't know it had a japanese version! hope every1 likes it. =)
u can read the translated to english lyrics here:


=) new fan map members! RANDOM toma stuff...


[btw, go here
and learn japanese, the fun way!! ^_^ i go there sometimes, but if u're serious (or kinda, like me) about learning, u should buy a japanese phrasebook like i did. remember that Lonely Planet's R the best! =)]

i'm happy ppl have started posting messages at Dear Toma... =)
come on, more ppl come and post!!

this post is gonna be random toma stuff i've been meaning 2 post...
sorry 4 the randomness, but here goes.

---> NEW MEMBERS to the toma fan map,
sorry if your pics/messages R not showing up!
i've emailed frappr Help ppl, but they can't seem 2 fix the problem.
anyway, they're changing 2 the Platial maps now, so hopefully this problem will go away by then.
so i'll just post yr message here too.



i really like him..he's a good actor...
from (4/1/2008),

rockhardtolivelifetothefullest (haha, luv your screenname!):
Hi! I'm a fan too. :) Ganbatte, Toma! :) from (3/31/2008),

i love toma-kun very much....luvlots
from (3/29/2008),

i love toma!!! i hope to know him much deeper!!
from (3/28/2008),


chauphungn : Toma!!! I love you! Ai shi te ru! Toi iu ban! Wo ai ni ! You're the best !!!YAY
from (3/13/2008),

Aria @Singapore,





-----> here's a fun thread at the Tomalicious forum that i came across a while back, but forgot 2 post the link here. u've gotta check it out!! fun discussion of how few kissing scenes with girls he has (more with guys!) and some animated gifs of toma kissing! @_@


-----> here's a really cool magazine article translation, cuz the awesome ppl at Tomalicious translated and edited the scan so that it looks like a toma article in english. wouldn't that be really cool, though, someday, 2 see toma being interviewed by some kinda english magazine, and we can actually read the article instead of the translated version?? wah.... keep getting more popular, toma, so this day can come SOON! =P



tons of cute and TOMALICIOUS pics here, including more from the shirtless toma pics i posted a little while back!!!


----> info about the high school toma and his friends went to...interesting...


a really belated CONGRATULATIONS! to toma here (though at AF, i posted a congrats message on that day, of course!) for winning BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for Honey and Clover, though i thought i read it wrong, cuz isn't he the male LEADING ACTOR for that drama? i don't get it...
anyway...he won something. it's all good. and he won by a BIG GAP, too. =D
and his acting is great in that series, of course!!

-Mar 12 2008 4 46 AM-

The winter drama season is not yet over, but Nikkan Sports has already conducted voting for its Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix, in preparation for the overall 2007 awards. A total of 3,675 ballots were cast, and in the end, "Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi" was the biggest winner.

The series was named Best Drama, beating out "Bara no nai Hanaya" by several hundred votes. The show repeated that scenario in the categories for Best Actor (Hiroshi Tamaki over Shingo Katori) and Best Supporting Actress (Haruka Ayase over Yuko Takeuchi).

Karina won Best Actress, while Toma Ikuta took Best Supporting Actor.

.Best Drama
Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi - 1097
Bara no nai Hanaya - 633
Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai - 411
Honey and Clover - 230
Daisuki!! - 189

.Best Supporting Actor
Toma Ikuta - 445
Susumu Terajima - 264
Norito Yashima - 245
Keisuke Koide - 181
Yuta Hiraoka - 153

[just posting up the toma-related award results]


-----> did u ever wonder what toma's parents look like, since he is such a super ikeman, just so cute cute cute?? me too! then check out this old video clip here:

Watch the's a guessing game on who Toma's mom is check it out!

pearleen posted a translation of toma's lovely letter 2 his mom at the end here:

did u guess correctly?
i did!! =)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

---> u must watch AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH!!!

if u don't already know, it's a documentary about global warming.
[watch the trailer here!

it won 2 ACADEMY AWARDS last year. clapping.gif


it's not boring at all, & very easy 2 understand.
what could be more important than saving our planet,
and saving ourselves in the process??

u can probably rent it at any local video rental store or u can also BUY it. it's only around
1hr and a half long.

(( i know what u're thinking: another random, not-related-to-Toma-post!!
i promise i'll update soon with toma-related stuff. =)
and u know i always keep my promises!! haha... i certainly try! =P
that's all 4 now.

good day,
kate`* ))