Wednesday, September 3, 2008

waiting for toma's reply...

[younha's MV screencapture. =)]

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #44:
you're the one i've been looking for.
(just heard this line from a movie trailer! haha~)

hi everyone!
sorry, sorry!
(like toma would say): i'm dangerously close to not posting in time!
i really wanted to post something today, you see.
well, i made it in time! (well, started the draft before 12am!) though most of u will probably see this tomorrow.

there's been lots of thunderstorms and it's still hot lately in tokyo. =/
(check here 4 tokyo weather updates:
i hope toma's alright, filming in the rain, maybe...but i think Maou's probably very close to or even done filming by now. hmmm.... i'm thankful i don't live in a place with a sub-tropical climate! but both south japan and HK are in that area, so...i think i can get used to this kinda climate! =P

[HELP!! Box cuteness/silliness overload!! xD]

thanks to wing goddess for talking about the secret episode 12 of akihabara@deep here!!
apparently there is an episode 12 which is a secret ending only available on the DVD box set?! there's a link posted there where you can dload it. but i can't download torrents. =(
but i was able to find a direct dload link to the behind-the-scenes special (which is referred to as "episode 12" at this forum)! u can find it in the Direct Download Links at
i still haven't finished this drama!! @___@ i'll have 2 wait till after i finish maou. i really like akihabara@deep, though! it's definitely my 2nd fav toma drama!!

[just pretend i'm niki 4 this post. haha~ she's so pret-ty!]

yappari i've been working on making/writing the postcard/letter i'm gonna send off 4 the tomalicious b-day project! it's actually the perfect time to write to him, cuz i've just recently been his fan for 1 year. ^__^

[i wish there was an easier way to give toma gifts. it's a shame that even fans in tokyo don't really have any opportunities to give him gifts, except if they see him in public, probably. but if someone can really successfully give him this tomalicious gift at his Grease play, made by a lot of his international fans, i'm sure he would be very shocked/happy like in the screencap above!! heeheehee~]

[i REALLY HOPE some day toma will be able to see all the LOVE we sent him & all his messages at Dear Toma...!! toma pic credit: TFS (tomalicious fansubs)]

though i've expressed my love for toma and said he's so awesome so many times here and in other toma sites, it's the 1st time i'm attempting to actually send these messages directly to him. not only the tomalicious thing, but i'm also sending him some birthday cards (to the different addresses that fans say u can send letters to him). so i'm really excited about this!!!! xD so this made me think of fiona's song f/a couple years ago. it's really sweet and the MV is cute, but in reality it would be quite scary, right? haha~ letters everyday for 10 years??!! check out the translated lyrics at the song's imeem page:
[only 30 second preview, but the complete lyrics R posted there by meeeee! thanks to 61er 4 translating it!]

[full mv for: A reply letter from Keanu Reeves]

[Fi's still waiting 4 a reply email from her idol?? =P actually, she got to meet & interview keunu a while back in HK, but i'm not sure if she's actually his fan or not in real life. haha~]

of course, i won't be as persistent (crazy!) like that, sending him letters continually!! but actually, i think there's more chances of getting a reply (at least autograph requests) from american stars than asian stars, cuz seems like in america, they are more organized about this kinda stuff...1 official address to send fanmail, staff to sort out/check out the fanmail, u can expect a reply within a couple months, etc.
here's a great site i found that gives "tips to help you write to celebrities and get a great response"! =D

(go to for more info)

i know there's a minuscule chance of getting a reply (whether by letter or email) from toma, but i've still gotta try. actually, even if i don't get a reply, i could still be content, thinking that he has probably received my message at least! ~_~ i think raymond f/the show Everybody Loves Raymond best describes this feeling that we get when we write to stars we love/ask for their autograph. why it's so important/special to get an autograph from your idol, your hero. he talked about this in the episode "The Ball", when he was talking about how important the mickey mantle autographed baseball (his dad got for him) was to him. it was because at that moment, mickey knew that he existed...he was thinking of ray, and the "r" and "y" in "To Ray" was even the same "r" and "y" as in the "mickey mantle" that he signed... *__* they shared something in that moment...they had a connection~ in that moment.

it's that feeling!!! cuz i'm his fan, i feel as if i know him...i think about toma a lot...but of course, he doesn't know me and has never thought of me. but if~ because of this birthday card that he got~ once he sees it, he will think of me in that moment. even if it's just for 1 minute that it takes to read the message! and he could just forget about me entirely afterwords and never think of me again. but at least i can be happy knowing that there was 1 moment, for a very short time, that toma, my hero, knew my name, knew what i look like, knew who i was, and knew that i love him!! ^__^, once i send the cards (soon!), wish me luck that he'll get it!! and that he'll reply! everyone, please keep your fingers crossed! thanks. =) of course, i really really hope he'll get the tomalicious gift, too, la!


Anonymous said...

Hi kate~ I'm crossing finger for and for every toma fan as well... I just sent up my tomalilous card today, but i'll probably send some other cards to johnnys and wink up as well. And i have the same feeling as you, its enough for me if he even knows that I'm existend and that I love him~ I so hope they will be able to give him the tomalicious present~

savvy kate said...

hey careline!!

u know, scattie & the others say they only accept flat envelopes~ letters (not even bulky letters allowed!) from fans, but i think b-day cards are fine too, right? as long as the envelope remains flat...maybe i'll also send him just a letter, though??

yeah~ i hope so too! and i hope that toma tries to go thru his fanmail once in a while so it's not just piling up somewhere in his room or at JE. lol! but he must get tons of fanmail each month, right? =/ just hoping he happens to come across ours when he's going thru them sometime...

Anonymous said...

I hope that too.. well my card is normal and very flat ^^