Friday, November 2, 2007


based on all the comments that i've seen online, more ppl like the japan version than the taiwan version. and i definitely agree with them!!! i'm so biased cuz i'm a toma fan, but still, even IF toma was not nakatsu, i would still like the japan version more, (though, of course, not nearly as much as i like it now!!!).

anyway, i've watched most of episode 1 and some other parts of other episodes of the taiwan version cuz i was curious how different it was from the japan version. and that's what my opinion is based on, so it might not be too credible, but anyhow, it's just my opinion (no offense to any taiwan hana kimi fans)!

i thought it'd be fun 2 make a top 10 list, which i'll post here first, be4 my long-winded comments about the taiwan/japan series below!


10. i like the poster & themesong more!
(the taiwan posters R ....SO....shameless/weird, but also look so simple/unimaginative, also so immature!! the Hanazakari no Kimitachi e poster, on the other hand, looks very cool, stylish, and subtle!! also, it's cool how they made them look like characters from a manga!! the poster of each series really reflects the maturity level of each series! haha.... i mean the taiwan series...just seems so immature/silly. i know the japan version also is very silly and immature, but it's got lots of serious/touching moments in it, too! i've heard ppl say that the japan version is more serious, also.)

9. it seems more accurate in terms of how it resembles the plot and spirit of the manga more.

8. it has more unique/likeable/funnier/cuter supporting characters! most of the guys are soooo
good-looking. they could all be models! haha. truly an IKEMAN (HOTTIE) high school!

7. it's FUNNIER, yet also has its serious/inspirational/touching/unforgettable moments.

6. the story's pace, soundtrack, location, uniforms, directing, dialogue, ACTING, etc. is better!
(and it deservedly won ***BEST DRAMA***!! HURRAY!!!! ~_~)

5. i like the actors that play the roles of the 3 main characters more. especially prefer maki over ella. maki is prettier and the better actress (and she's only 19!!). also like shun more than wu chun (in terms of acting). of course, i LOVE toma!!! though jiro makes a pretty funny/cool Nakatsu, too!

4. TOMA plays the role of Nakatsu.
the main reason i watched it was 2 watch TOMA!!!! =P

3. all the scenes with TOMA R AWESOME!
especially parts where he's talking 2 himself!!! =P


1. TOMA's performance as Nakatsu is


(and he deservedly won ***BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR*** for his role!!!!! ^_^v )

ok, a bunch of random thoughts about the 2 series....
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (japan hana kimi):

-i was hooked from episode 1!!!
the ratings for the series, unlike the taiwan series (such high ratings, SUPER-POPULAR IN TAIWAN, HK!), was just average until the end of the series, when i think it got pretty high, but still not #1?? arrgh, i lost the link 2 that news at asianfanatics!
but i think it started out the first episode with #1 in ratings??
i wish it was more popular. it's weird, cuz it won best drama, yet the ratings were just average!!

-it was only 13 episodes long (if u count the 2-hr finale as 2 episodes), but i thought it was really nicely paced (mostly very exciting and addictive from start till end!!), and the ending was ok, it wrapped up things well. =) the taiwan version is 2 hours longer...but since the pace of the show is so fast, i have a feeling there is a lot of unnecessary drama/characters added 2 it that the japan version does not have.

-it's really cool how the main 3 characters are younger than the taiwan version, yet they R all better actors, IMO! toma's 23, maki's only 19, shun's 26. the other cast, ella and jiro are both 26, i think, with chun being 27!! i thought all the supporting characters and the main 3 characters of the japan hana kimi all looked like high school students more than the cast of the taiwan version. especially ella!! she's still young, but looks a lot older than the other students!!

Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (taiwan hana kimi):

-jiro (screencaps on the left) is pretty cool, cute, likeable, and funny as nakatsu, but too weird/crazy sometimes!!!

-the plot is SO diff f/ the manga, everything happens faster and focused on main characters more (there's more drama, it's more of a love story....totally focused on the love triangle, more than the japan hana kimi, where u see more side-stories and learn more about the supporting characters---which i liked it that way better!!)

-from the start, she CAME cuz she wants 2 make him like her!!! it seems like a pretty stupid/shallow/immature reason 2 come just 4 that, while the japan hana kimi, mizuki came cuz she wants 2 help him jump/happy again!!!

-gotta admit, though, i think most of the time, wu chun looks more handsome than shun. but it's funny how he's so buff, but he often looks so feminine!! and i hate how they made his character so wimpy, often indecisive and too shy!! i think he was just in a couple series before this, and this might have been his first starring role, so of course his acting is not as good as shun, though!! because of this series, though, his popularity has shot up, he's so popular now!! i wish the same thing could happen 2 toma!!! he's already gotten a lot more popular, but not like wu chun, popular. haha. =/

-ella does not match with either guy! and her acting is way too exagerrated!! she is funny, but a lot of the times, it's just too much! ...she looks too manly and older than the 2 main characters! she looks like their older, tomboy sister! and her super-exagerrated facial expressions and over-acting reminds me of how a little boy would act!!! with that hair cut and acting, she reminds me a lot of this little boy (below)!!! he's jackie, a hk tv actor. haha. cute kid, but it's weird how much ella resembles him, especially when she's making funny faces or yelling/looking shocked!!! lol!


fernanda said...

omg ..

i Agree with everything you said ..
im from mexico ..
and im in LOOVEE with ikuta tomaa !!!
he is the best..

and i have the 2 series japanees AND taiwan ..
but of course japannees is the best one ..
it makes me cry ..!!
and the taiwan one .. it is just so inmature and silly .. wel i dont like it ..

=) seeyou..

post more things about ikuta tomaa !!

kareshii ikuta tomaa (L) !

... by: Fernandaa

savvy kate said...

wow, toma really does have fans from all over the world, not just japanese fans either! that's awesome! =)

THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING, Fernanda! i do really really appreciate all the comments and i hope MORE ppl will comment at this blog!!!

i'll try! do come back!
and comment again!
thank YOU! =)

Anonymous said...

In the taiwanese version, she didnt go there to make him like her. She wanted him to get back to high-jump again. You skipped so many episodes in the taiwanese version so i guess you shouldn't judge the film like that.
Again, you are baist.

Anonymous said...

I refer to the comment above.

Yes, the reason of Ella[Reixi]'s enrollment to school was incorrect but in terms of plot and pacing i complete agree. I have finished Jap version of Hana Kimi, which i started after watching 10 eps of the taiwan version. i have to say, comparing the 2, I do like the jap version better, but don't forget, these fanservice dramas are very audience targetted. Twn version is targetted to audience in taiwan n asia where it is the norm to drag, act cutesy/silly, whereas Jap version is more conservative. Being draggy and not total true to the manga is a trademark of taiwanese drama. eg, meteor garden & hana yori dango. the general story is there but the taiwanese version is only based loosely on the manga, the Jap versions of manga/anime/dramas have always been pretty true to the story & characters, eg, honey & clover, hana yori dango and in this case hana kimi. My point is, comparing the 2 is fine, just that they are different entities entirely. and yes, i agree that i like the jap version better, due to pacing...
Fan Girl from Oz

savvy kate said...

thanks 4 the comments, every1.
well, i already said my opinions R based on only watching some episodes of the taiwan hana kimi, and i also said at the start that i'm biased cuz i'm a toma fan! haha. so you'll excuse me if i was wrong about why she came 2 japan. thanks 2 the detailed discussion of why the japan hana kimi is better, (2nd)anonymous!!! i really appreciate the support. =)

Anonymous said...

i'm happy that many people likes hana kimi jap and ikuta toma! i mean he is just so freaking cute!!!! and the reason why she came to jap is more reasonable not like in tw. version

taiwan ver. sucks!

d u agree with me!

Anonymous said...

i love the TAIWANESE version because i just love WU CHUN!!.. but i also appreciate the Japanese version because of the story was touching..=)) btw.. i just want to tell you guys that the Taiwanese version is not so silly.. because the story also have the spark because of Rei xi's attitude..hope you don't judge the Taiwanese version too bad because even though i really admire WU CHUN.. i also tried to appreciate the japanese version to see if it is good and i am so proud to tell you that BOTH versions rock!!

Anonymous said...

haha i agree toma should be more well known, he is cute,funny and HOT!!!!! the only thing i dont like about the series is that it was way to short- apart from that its the best dam show ive ever watched!!!!!!
I LUV TOMA!!!!!!!
ur site is amazing

savvy kate said...

hey, i did get 1 comment, though it's here instead of the TL b-day post! haha. thank you!

yes yes, i wish hana kimi was longer too! I LOVE HANA KIMI, IT REALLY IS 1 OF THE BEST DRAMAS I HAVE EVER WATCHED, AND I LOVE IT FOR INTRODUCING ME TO TOMA & FOR MAKING TOMA POPULAR!! ~_~ looking forward to the hana kimi special!! <3

ARIGATOU ! ! ! v^_^v
i really do put a lot of time/effort into this site!! it's very nice to know there are fans out there like u who appreciate it and like this blog! i will keep gambaring~ =)

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey do you guys know when the season 2 of the japanese version comes out???

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey do you guys know when the season 2 of the japanese version comes out???

savvy kate said...

there is NO season 2 for the japan hana kimi, but the hana kimi special is airing OCT.12!! =)