Saturday, April 19, 2008

things i noticed / a lot of SCREENCAPS from the hana kimi DVDs

a lot of screencaps here!

finished watching/getting screencaps from the hana kimi DVDs 4-6 and the bonus DVDs too!
watching it on DVD is so cool, the quality is awesome! in a way, it's like seeing it all for the first time, cuz when i watched the series online, everything was much smaller/more blurry, of course! SO, I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO BUY THE HANA KIMI DVD if u can!! U really should, it's a great series, i'm watching (and translating 4 her) it over with my mom now, and so it's the 3rd time watching it (if u count me watching/fast-forwarding it on the non-subbed DVDs as the 2nd time), and it still cracks me up/is really touching!!!! i'm happy 2 share this IKEMAN PARADISE and a ton of toma cuteness/hilariousness with my mom. haha! wonder if she will also become a toma fan after watching?? hehe.
and the ending was still so sad, though i fast-forwarded thru most of the guys...but maki and lots of sad 2 see them cry! of course, saddest part is nakatsu saying goodbye. but i loved loved how it was a real close-up of him, and it's almost like he's talking directly to YOU. and throughout the series, anyway, toma was the only one that talks to the viewers sometimes!! haha... so u can feel like u have a real connection with nakatsu/toma. that's what made him even coolER!

...u miss a lot of stuff when u watch the small version or the big but blurry version of the series!! i missed a lot of off-to-the-side funny stuff the guys were doing. and there's always lots of that cuz there's a lot of guys in most scenes!! haha. for example, the scene where every1's nervously watching shun high-jumping, in the background, on the bleachers, tennoji is messing around with the guys/hitting them! hahaha. i didn't notice that the first time watching.

--- and i noticed on the letter that maki sent home, her house is in anaheim!
it's a nice area, but i don't think there R any mansions there! haha. still don't understand why at the start of the series, in the flashback, she lives in a regular neighborhood, but at the end of the series, she's living in a huge mansion!! 0_o
--- did u notice the small pics over shun's desk/on his closet door? i don't think u ever can see the pics clearly?? except 4 that 1 pic of shun and toma that mizuki's brother was holding in that one scene. if any1 knows in where/what scene & episode i can see those pics clearly, pls tell me. thanks!

............. in the BONUS DVDs, i noticed/thought: ..............

-EH??? tomaki MATCHING wristbands!!!
i noticed maki and toma were the only ones that wore nearly matching wristbands!! wah!!!!
toma put his on while walking on the set, and his is blue/red/white. maki's is green/red/white.

-really cute, the way toma tied up his hair in the back and his bangs in the front, when practicing the dancing 4 the cheerleading scene!

-seeing toma hug maki, shun, the other ikemen, just makes me wanna say "can i get a hug, too, toma??" haha. when toma hugged shun and maki ran out 2 hug them both!! ^_^ awww!!!

-that t-shirt that shun is giving to the whole cast (and staff?) is wicked cool!!! ah, i wish i had one! it seems like the back, the text is in english?? wish i knew what it said!

-i love how right after the 3 high-fived each other, toma immediately reaches out 2 maki so the 3 of them can hug again. i love seeing tomaki closeness!! =P


i've uploaded the 2 missing short scenes i talked about earlier! not so good quality, cuz i recorded it with my digicamera while playing it on the computer.
and also the tomaki talking about the DVD part (i talked about it here) , and 1 of the special angles of the cheerleading scene. it's the best angle, u can see lots of toma in it!! BUT, sorry about some background cellphone/telephone ringing that u hear in the background. haha. anyway, ENJOY, and YOU'RE WELCOME! =)
[cheerleading] (56.73 MB)
[tomaki] (46.24 MB)
[dorm 1 guys scene] (14.54 MB)
[toma scene] (40.28 MB)


Anonymous said...

these are <3333~! thanks sooo much!

may i ask, where'd you buy your dvd?

savvy kate said...

u're welcome!
i bought the part 1 box set from CD Japan, and the part 2 box set from Yesasia. =)

TarePandinha said...

I saw the pics on your photobucket album. they're really cool ^^ thanks for sharing.
does the tie come with the DVD?? if you don't mind answering to this silly question, mail the answer to leonor_pandinha at hotmail dot com