Monday, March 30, 2009

i'm sorry toma!...VOICE & other DVD box sets...the Majo Saiban themesong, poster!

♥ toma-ism #98:

"it's exhausting being this fabulous." ;)
(text credit: a fan's avatar of Victoria Beckham!)

it's me.

nanka-- i've started posting on mondays often.

i think there was a mistake...
yesterday's # of visitors was 170?! it must be 2 days combined and not one. but recently i've been getting #'s in the 100s. (maybe cuz spring break going on in the usa now?) THANK YOU FOR COMING, EVERYONE!! *__* the most i've ever had at TL is 183, and DT is actually 45!! i really forgot...that it ever got as high as 45! it would be really COOL if we can break those records this year!

...i'm sorry toma!
for thinking that you have not been updating yr blog recently. i should have known it's not like you to not say anything about your drama ending!!
i just found out today, toma has been updating his blog all along! just that there was a delay in the translating/posting them up at the tomalicious forum ne. well~ u should go read his entries. =) he talked about the end of Voice & the start of Majo Saiban filming. and f/his messages, i figured...he probably only got a few days off between finishing Voice filming and starting rehearsal for majo saiban!! aiya... =( the last days of filming for Voice were really exhausting too, toma said.

EHH? so fast?
u can already pre-order the Voice dvd box set now! but it's not released till july 1. "Special Features: deleted scenes, making-of footahge, press conference footage, birthday footage, table-round talk, trailers."

birthday footage.
haha. they had a lot of bdays during filming... u can see some pics of the bday person & bday cakes @the official website. daiki's, aki's, hanei's, etc.

go 2 these places to pre-order:
i checked out the Hachikuro dvd box set again too, and it's got a lot of extras and the first press version comes with stickers and a photo booklet too. *__* if only some1 who bought it could show us some pics of these things or some short video clips f/the dvd extras...but so few ppl watched, even fewer would buy it. =[ I'M CURIOUS ABOUT THIS PART THOUGH: "DVD original final episode (featuring a fifth character!)" what does that mean??

"Special Features: DVD original discussion footage, making-of, creditless outro theme, short drama "Mayama no Megane" episode 11 and DVD original final episode (featuring a fifth character!), fashion and art guide, and more (subject to change)
First Press: (Sold Out) original omamori sticker, booklet"

(omamori are good luck charms: and "Mayama no Megane" means "mayama's glasses"...hmm...i remember toma saying something about all of them taking turns wearing his glasses. i guess it was a short skit that they did.)

and check out the things that come with Maou's dvd box set. the box is really all red on the front like that? wow. i like how cool the back cover looks!! w/the butterfly too! now i know about 3 out of 4 hrs of the extras are things fans have already seen (the tv specials), but that's alright, it's good 2 see those again... and the behind the scenes video footage is really really cool/funny/touching!! i wish i could have a Maou tarot card and booklet!!!!! (or just see some pics of them even!)

if only these dvd box sets weren't so expensive!!
i'd definitely buy them all! ^_^
they've got a lot of sentimental value...
ah, speaking of Maou, these naoto, naruse toys/figures here are CUTE!!! maybe u can buy them at the official maou website?? (i'm surprised so many of the pics i posted at TL showed up in google image search! i was searching for maou dvd box pics and a bunch of images linked f/TL showed up! wow, never thought my TL blog would get this popular! good job, me! V^_^)

it's been decided that Masaharu Fukuyama will sing majo saiban's themesong. it'll be a rock song! thanks to meoinkie for the news! read the short news about it here.

[thanks, strawberry_gemm! credit: ikuta84]

oh, just saw the poster right now!

pretty cool...

but it looks more like a horror movie poster than a jury drama. haha. then again, they've really gotta keep with the theme, since they're calling it the WITCH trial...still, i would have liked a more subtle/unique poster ne.

but i'm relieved that toma's pic is not photoshopped in some weird way. then again, i haven't seen the poster online...but hopefully they keep it exactly like this. -_- seriously though. toma's messy hair in this poster makes it looks like his hair is dirty or something. but nice bangs!

last but not least!
^o^ WELCOME! to some more fans that joined the toma fans map!! welcome, fall_out_girl967 [USA] and gaby_sky27 [Mexico]!

Friday, March 27, 2009

i call this~ Toma in Plaid.

♥ toma-ism #97:
there's something about you now
i can't quite figure out
everything he does is beautiful
everything he does is right.
[slightly altered lyrics f/Lifehouse's you and me]

hi, everybody! ^o^
it's friday. sou.

remember, EARTH HOUR takes place 3.28.2009, at 8:30-9:30PM IN YOUR TIMEZONE.
eh? shidenai deska? (u dont know?) please join me and many many many ppl/cities all over the world: turn off all your lights/electronic devices for 1 hr to participate. for more info:
ja~ i'll leave it to you.

a quick majo saiban update:
this drama is NOT based on a manga! i was so excited/hyper about this being toma's 1st leading role, i totally didn't notice that in the official news, no one said it's based on a manga (only that it's to tie in w/the jury system starting in japan soon)!! turns out a Fuji TV drama based on that manga IS in the works, but it's only a one-shot (short?) drama. go HERE for the news:

if only we knew this earlier, we wouldn't have to worry about toma's drama being a really short one, right paige? haha.

umm...toma has not updated his blog 4 a long time. not even to talk about Voice coming to an end. ii date (that's fine). toma's only got a short break between Voice's end and starting to film/promote Majo Saiban, so he deserves a break f/blogging and pretty much everything else. =P deshou? (right?) sou des. but i'm sure the next time he posts, it'll be about the new drama in some way.

doushite!? =(
i don't understand why my message never shows up at the message board of the official websites of toma's dramas. maybe they only randomly post up a certain amount of the messages? or is it only 4 ppl in japan?? has any1 else tried posting messages 4 toma there? u can go to to translate the categories f/japanese to yr own language and then fill in the categories. if any1 successfully posts messages there, could u post this one for me (pls post the babelfish-translated version in japanese below, unless u can translate it yrself into japanese 4 me.)? and tell me if u did, so i can go there to see it! arigatou.

from: kate`* (ケイト`*)
subject: good luck with filming! (撮影の幸運!)
message: toma-kun, i am so happy you are getting your first leading role in this drama!! ^_^ i believe you will be brilliant as always! this drama will surely make the viewers more interested in the jury system. U HAVE MY SUPPORT + THE SUPPORT OF MANY MANY MANY FANS, DEFINITELY!!!!!!♥ gambatte kudasai.
(斗真くん, 私はある従って幸せこの戯曲に於いてのあなたの最初先導的な役割を得ている!! ^_^ 私は常にとして華麗であることを信じる! この戯曲は確かに視聴者に多くをする 陪審員制度に興味を起こさせられる。 私のサポート&を有する; 多くの多くの多くのファンのサポート、完全に!!!!!!♥ がんばってください。)

[this is just a cute pic of takemoto & hagumi that i wanted to share,
came across it while looking thru my old pics for all these plaid toma pics! ah~ so cute & sweet!!

well then~ i had this idea to gather all of toma's pics where he's wearing red plaid clothing. actually, he wore blue/grey plaid clothing a lot, but i didn't notice until now. haha. he looks so good in plaid, right? i think toma likes wearing plaid...u see him wearing it a lot, even when it's not 4 a photoshoot. in plaid clothes, he looks so boyish/relaxed or smart/stylish!! and lots of my fav toma pics, he's wearing plaid! and of course, takemoto-kun often wore plaid shirts over his t-shirt.♥ toma really is pretty in plaid neeee. and pink plaid is especially pretty on toma!!! of course, i could do the same thing with toma & ties or toma & vests (yappari~ he looks especially awesome in those!), but nanka (somehow)...i'll save that 4 some other time ne.

so! i give u:
Ikuta Toma in Plaid.

[toma's super kawaii nakai impression. *_*
i LOVE his plaid hooded jacket & vest outfit!!]

[*click on the pics 2 see them in the larger/full size!* =) i'm sorry, don't remember where i got all these pics, but i guess most of them R from LJ fans, TFS screencaps, imeem toma groups, baidu, crunchyroll toma group, flickr, or the AF toma thread. the gif, credit goes to: strawberry_gemm!]

Monday, March 23, 2009

PLEASE VOTE FOR TOMA @Nikkan!/ toma stuff u should take a look at!

♥ toma-ism #96:

the only person who fans love so much~ ♥
some of us actually have birthday parties for him on his birthday,
even though he can't be there!

it's monday. VOICE~ day.
except the last episode, ep.11 already aired in japan. =(
Voice has really ended. i wonder what the ending is gonna be like...
(no spoilers, please!!)
i gotta watch ep.s 8 and 9 SOON.
and patiently wait for ep.s 10 & 11 subs.

i'm sorry, but today is a bunch of different toma stuff thrown all together into one post. i hate to do this, but it's been a long time since i did it, so pls don't mind.

(i'm listening to toma's 3/18 ANN right now, w/guest oguri shun. ;)
u can dload it at the toma LJ ne. no translation yet though.
toma-kun's laugh is kawaii na!!♥ )

time to show your TOMA LOVE!♥
pls vote for toma and maou at the 12th Nikkan Sport Drama Grand Prix! (voting started march 23, but don't know when the deadline is. just go vote ASAP!!! THANKS!) go here for the link & voting instructions.
thanks to rukia!! i've voted! ^_^ remember to vote for toma in both of the categories he's nominated in. i want toma to win for his role, naoto, so so badly!!!! toma definitely deserves this award! ohno's won so many times already, come on!

this is kinda confusing, but nikkan already had a pre-vote to see who will probably win? and u can see the results here. toma got 3rd place for best supporting actor (Voice). ah~ wakata. thanks to rukia 4 the explanation. the results there are f/a survey that takes place be4 the real voting starts.

this is a real result, however:
MAOU WON BEST DRAMA AND OHNO WON FOR BEST ACTOR AT THE TVnavi Magazine 2008 drama awards! ^_^
read the news here:
oh, congrats to eita, too! =)

Maou's and ohno's greatness is recognized once again!
but again, toma/naoto doesn't win. =/ i don't think toma won any award for maou at all, right? it's always ohno who wins. except at the AF golden globes. haha.

[credit: 727. actually, her friend. and the 2nd, 3rd one: Tomalicious Fansubs]

mm...speaking of Maou!

i saw this screencap at the AF thread. thanks to 727!! ah, i really LOVE it!! though the actual scene was....but seeing them smiling like this while they were filming it! really makes me feel better when i think about it. =) this is probably f/the maou dvd extras. ah, i wanna see those 4 hrs of behind-the-scenes footage BADLY, after seeing images f/it recently. [3.27.2009 edit: thanks to kawaii_girl and lanie 4 telling me where to find the extras!! check the comments for this post 4 the links!]

and the 2nd, 3rd screencaps R just of toma & ohno promoting Maou before it started last summer. I LOVE the funny/sarcastic expression on ohno's face!! xD it's from 1 of the videos TFS just posted up a few days ago. he just barely put his hands out to copy toma's pose. ^_^

also, these songs have been playing on the radio a lot lately. and they kinda remind me of Naoto's struggles and his sadness/despair. =( but they're really great songs. listen here:

(this song is good too, but more angry than sad. i love the "i've been hiding" part though...

here's some things for you to watch.

have u ever seen toma in a period drama, kinda like Atsuhime?? i haven't! but i saw some clips f/this 2005 drama he was in that was from that era. thanks to paige for the link to this MV! it's a fanmade MV with toma & mao clips. WOW. toma looks DIFFERENT in with his hair like that and his traditional, so japanese! AND HE STILL LOOKS SO CUTE!! i thought it'd be impossible w/that kinda hair, but nothing is impossible for toma (laughs).
2nd MV: it's an awesome one about honey and clover. (there are some minor spoilers.) i like the song too, Falling Slowly. if u skipped this drama, watching this MV will totally make u wanna watch it! it really captures the sad love stories, but happy friendships perfectly! thanks to areea_chan putting so much time and effort into making it! natskashii~!! (nostalgic!)


toma @facebook! i thought of joining, but facebook has been having some virus problems, so nah...but it's got a lot of great pics of toma!! and a short video clip of some H&C NGs there!! wah, i've never seen any!! and i have not seen any1 talk about H&C extras f/the dvd box set either. =[
[a lot of recent/2008 toma pics!! SOME REALLY CUTE toma/riko H&C MAGAZINE PICS in the H&C album!! also, tons of paparazzi & butai pics! SUGEH!! check it out!]

also, this toma imeem group has many many nice, recent toma pics. some cute VOICE pics i haven't seen! =) u can bookmark these links and check back once in a while for new toma pics!


[this is f/the recent gambatta awards (credit: strawberry_gemm linked to the place 2 dload, but it's locked now, so dunno who to credit...), where they showed some NGs. now that i think of it, i have never seen toma mess up/forget his lines!! except when shun was making faces at him and made him laugh in hana's always the other ppl that mess up. in this screencap, 4 some reason, his watch's alarm went off. lol. but at least toma didn't say anything wrong. i wonder what happened?? who set that alarm?!]

[this is f/a show f/october 2008, but i just watched it today. Koi no Karasawagi (sorry, 4got who uploaded it! somewhere at LJ). i don't understand what the point of this show is...seems like just a bunch of young women talking about love issues and the host kept yelling at them/making fun of them. toma only talked a little bit. most of the time he was just laughing. xD anyway, i liked his outfit and different necklace here. ~_~ and he was quite relaxed/natural (when the women were not flattering him. haha.).]

Friday, March 20, 2009

MAJO SAIBAN CM! / kate looks for WITCH TRIAL info...

to those of you~ reading this in Germany~

hallo, wie geht es dir?

and to all~ how's it going?

hey, it's the 1st day of spring today!!
can u feel it~ the love in the air? haha.
and just something interesting to know~ the vernal equinox occured today. it's a moment when the sun's center is vertically above the earth's equator. i'm interested in astronomy, u can tell. =)

so~ the poll was completed yesterday. thank you all for voting!
now i can better know my audience, so to speak. and the results are:

please finish this statement. i'm just curious...arigatou!
"I am..." (u can pick more than 1):

-japanese, but i don't live in japan. 1 (2%)
-not japanese and i don't live in japan. 34 (70%)
-japanese and i live in japan. (lucky~! ~_~) 2 (4%)
-not japanese and i live in japan. (also lucky!!) 1 (2%)
-not fluent in speaking japanese/trying to learn it. 30 (62%)
-able to speak japanese fluently. 2 (4%)

Total Votes: 48
(since u can pick more than one, so the %'s don't add up to 100)

wow! i thought there'd be more ppl f/the first category. but i guess they would go to japanese sites about toma and not here. or they might not be interested in japanese entertainment, even, who knows. yappari most of u are not japanese, not in japan, and don't speak japanese/trying to learn it. me too! ^_^ but there's at least a few of you that are really lucky, either u live in japan or u speak japanese fluently! sugoi!! ah~ i really envy you people!! (oh, i'm glad each category got at least one vote! cool!)

just a few days ago, the link to a super short CM of witch trial was posted at the LJ!! thanks to janinamedina and anggie for the link!!

his hair!! i was surprised (despite seeing him w/wavy hair in recent magazines)!! kept re-watching it to make sure...HIS HAIR IS WAVY!! EHHHH!! but for his FIRST LEADING ROLE, i wanted everything to be perfect, including his hairstyle!! =T yeah, it kinda looks like yamashita's hairsyle in Code Blue, but it's a better look for him than toma.

DOUSHITE?! he looks so much cuter w/straight hair!! ah...i'll just have to get used to it. maybe it's cuz his character's hair in the manga is like that? actually, i didn't like his hairstyle in Maou at first either. the first time i saw it. but of course when i actually started to watch it, i was relieved to see that toma was still soooo good-looking! haha. i hope it'll be the same for majo saiban.
(not that the only reason i watch toma's dramas is because he looks good, but u know-- i want him to look his best whenever possible (especially in his first starring role) since he's soooooo cute!! why waste his good looks, u know. =P)

BUT the CM is pretty cool! i love how toma's voice sounds in that 1 sentence he said!!

i think he said something like "on that day, is my trial"?

oh, right. almost forgot to say, toma's character will be called:
Yoshioka Tooru (よしおか とおる)
thanks to paige and hpswf1 for the info!
tooru-kun! can't wait to see you in action! ;)

since there's no new news at the LJ or at the official website, i looked for info about the manga it's based on, but no luck. except for this image. i'm guessing his character is that guy w/long hair and the backpack? his hairstyle is not like that cuz of his character in the manga. and while searching, i came across this, a toma fan talking about toma. it really made me LOL, cuz what she just came out of nowhere!! haha. come read it and see what i mean. toma's fans R hilarious. :D

well, since the manga search is a dead end, i thought of the title and dark theme of the drama. and it is reminiscent of the 17th century salem witch trials in the colonial Massachusetts, right? that was a sad/crazy time...though this case is completely different, somehow...i feel that lady on trial will be misunderstood and turn out to be innocent. hmm...we'll see.

that's all for today.
it's the weekend~ have a good one!

i'll see you the Velvet Room.


(what velvet room? i'm glad u asked!
thanks to aniki 4 sending me this cool video.
i love the music and its title is so beautiful too~

"a poem of everyone's soul"
(全ての人の魂の詩, Subete-no hito-no dama-no shi)
listen to the full song here.

(AKA "a poem FOR everyone's soul", but i think the more accurate translation is "of")

i'll certainly return to the Velvet Room sometimes...
(my persona is Oberon, the King of Fairies.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

:D Happy birthday, DT...! one yr anniversary~ 3.19.09

(toma: thank you, minna~ thank you! (minna = every1))

kate des.
(gomen, this is a long post!)

so now u know.
why i made the poll's deadline today.

and tomorrow is the 1st day of spring.
spring~ when takemoto-kun fell in love.
ah~ it's a beautiful time of the year. i'm so glad i happened to start DT today, last year.

and it's a HUGE coincidence that the time i wrote in the Close to 4 hrs... story,
when u meet toma, is 3:19pm! sugoi!!! actually, i wanted the time to be 2:09pm, cuz 2.09 is my bday. haha...but somehow, after considering when the sun sets, and the walking distance, and the time i wanted to have to talk to ended up being 3:19pm. i think i still made it 19 cuz then at least it has the 9 in it. haha. so then i made the time for the text at the end to be 9:02pm. xD
(notice the time is also 3.19pm for this post!! haha.)

so~ i finally moved the cbox 2 the top, cleaned up the layout, and edited the posts at DT, so now it looks more neat and simple. =) sorry if it's too PINK (laughs). don't worry, i'll change the color theme once in a while! PLEASE GO CHECK IT OUT AND LEAVE A NEW MESSAGE FOR TOMA, MAYBE SOMETHING ABOUT HOW YOU'RE SO HAPPY HE GETS HIS FIRST LEADING ROLE IN THE UPCOMING WITCH TRIAL DRAMA! arigatou~!

i looked thru SO MANY MANY cherry blossom pics be4 i found this one!! perfect! and i only found it a few days ago! whew, just in time! the name is so pretty, too. "the moon has come". the illuminated lantern has a faint, beautiful glow like the moonlight ne! i had 2 ask permission to use it, though. the last time i did that was last summer! i usually don't use pics where u have to ask permission, but this photo was just too perfect, i had to ask!! luckily he said i can. was wondering where he took it, and it's like he could read my mind, he said "These are cherry-blossom season lanterns near Kishiwada castle." this castle is in Osaka. =) ...this is one of the rare times where i'll like the DT banner's more than the TL banner, probably!

eto...usually i update both banners at once, but this time is the exception. i really love the current rain banner at TL, so i wanna keep it a while longer ne.

actually~ i only posted at TL about DT really really late on march 19 (well, it was 1something am march 20). but my first post at DT was on march 19. already, a year has gone by!! i'm guessing there's around over 300 messages posted! at the cbox there!! and 52 long messages at the guestbook. ^_^

(if only we could actually send toma text messages!! (screencap f/Voice))

but the cbox only has in its archive the 100 most recent messages. however, i have saved ALL the messages posted there (and at the guestbook)!! and i've linked to it under my big message for toma. each time some1 posted, i'd save it. so no one's message is lost, even if you posted a long time ago. oh, except for those of you that posted in japanese or some other language that uses special characters. sorry, i didn't remember to save them in unicode till recently, so those messages-- they show up as a lot of question marks. well those of u whose messages were not saved: if u want, come post a message again. this time, it'll definitely be archived properly!

i've always had very few visitors to DT...i think the most visits i've ever got in one day is 15 or something like that. but now, DT will show up at the top of the results if you search for "write to toma ikuta" at google or yahoo! ii ne! but please still remember to link to it, that would help it go up in the rankings! and when u link to it, please use the text "ikuta toma fanmail", not just "dear toma...", cuz that's kinda vague. thank you in advance!

mm...u can always come to DT to write quick messages to toma ne. but seriously, if u really really want to send him a message, u should also try sending him a letter/card/postcard! cuz then at least you'll KNOW he got it, even if u're not sure when he'll get the chance to read it. and u never know, he might read it and even reply to you!! *__* (but don't get your hopes up too much) for me at least, i was really happy after i sended him my letters/cards last summer. even if i can never be sure if he read my letter or not, i still have hope that he has, and that at least he and i have made some kinda "connection" in this way...haih... for the addresses and tips when sending him fanmail, go here. BUT REMEMBER, TOMA KNOWS VERY LITTLE ENGLISH, SO IT'S BEST TO WRITE IN VERY SIMPLE ENGLISH or try to translate your eng. into japanese. u can use babelfish or google translate. but it's best to go to and search for ways to write certain sentences, like "i love you" or "how are you", etc.

(toma wrote this message to yamashita from 2008, written on the filming location, the university's whiteboard. ;) credit: Tomalicious Fansubs)

even though i know there's little chance of it happening, i still sometimes get excited when i go get my mail...cuz maybe! maybe he replied to my letter. toma's reply...i'm still waiting for it. but u know what? someone using the name of ikuta toma wrote 2 messages at my chatbox @TL. though i'm sure it's not the real toma, but i just thought i'd tell u about it anyway. haha. his/her IP address started with a 219. i think that's close to the IPs of other east asian this person is from the right area of the world, at least. and it would have been almost noon in japan on january 12 (the day Voice premiered), monday. the 2nd post was just exactly that, 2 question marks. who writes "hi" like that though??

11 Jan 09, 18:43
ikuta toma: ??

11 Jan 09, 18:37
ikuta toma: hye..arigato

(think of toma saying arigatoooo to you 4 writing to him. =P Credit: audreyfrill)

anyway, i'm sorry that toma has not replied to any of our messages (yet!)...but at least he, in a way, writes to us all the time through tomagoto and his monthly journal page at Winkup! still...don't give up! keep posting messages to toma at DT/other websites and keep writing him letters. =) i certainly will!! because i'm sure even if he doesn't have time to read all his letters (piling up in his house, probably!)/online messages for him, it makes him really happy to know that so many people care about him~ support him~ LOVE him!!♥

and if toma-kun was next to me right now (if only!!), i think he would want to say this to all the fans that wrote messages to him (whether at DT or through fanmail):

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Everyone's messages are so sweet, cute, funny, nice, and thoughtful. I'm really happy to know that I have so many wonderful fans from all around the world that love and support me!! ^o^

So that I won't disappoint you, so that i can continue to make you smile,
I will keep trying my best!
Please continue to look after me~

...i really think so. =)

minna-chan (every1-chan), please keep on dreaming~
i will too.

see u tomorrow!
(i'll talk about the poll results then.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

kyaaa~!! ♥

toma-ism #94:

Ikuta Toma...
but definitely GOOD FOR YOUR EYES,
(i somehow came up with this a while back.
it's perfect 4 today's post (laughs). wait, so does #95 below!!)

toma-ism #95:
Hey hey, you you, I want to be your girlfriend ...
You're so fine I want you mine, you're so delicious.
I think about you all the time, you're so addictive.
(lyrics f/Avril's Girlfriend)

[yes he is!! credit: on the pic and kawaii-girl17,]


i wasn't gonna post anything, needed a break
since i posted so much last week.


then i

saw THESE pics.




i really got a little warmer looking at him. *blush*
does any1 else hear justin's Sexy Back song in their mind right now?? lol.
no, more like dido's Here with me~~
cuz i think toma's lying on a bed. *blush*
ahh~ the way he's lying on the bed/couch and the way he's looking at you!!
it makes me melt.

(edit: seeing toma like this also makes me think of this song,
jesse's Right where u want me. "girl, i'm gonna let u have your way with me." ...!! *faints*)

ok ok, calm down you! (talking to myself) baka!!
but my fav is the middle closeup of toma. soooooooo kawaiiiiiiiiii!

hurry hurry, go see the pics now!! many thanks to kawaii-girl17!

(oh, HAPPY St. Patrick's Day! =P
u know, my name, kate, i got it f/kate o'brien, many yrs ago.
i don't have much in common with her,
but i like her tough, straightforward personality. she's irish. well, they say
everyone can think of themselves as being irish today. haha... cheers!! smilie)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

the witch trial~ update

[sugeh!! can't wait to see the official poster with toma on it!!
but please please please, don't photoshop it badly like the Voice poster!! onegai!!]

to everyone in Malaysia~
halo! apa kabar?

and to everyone else, hi hi!

wow, cuz of toma's new drama,
i've been posting new messages continuously this week!
i don't think i've ever done that be4, except for the 10 days leading up to toma's birthday, but that doesn't really count, cuz i'd only talk about the song for that day.
anyway~ here's my 6th consecutive post this week. enjoy.

here's some more links to The Witch Trial stuff!
[official website is up already! not much things there, but the picture there now sure looks cool. it reminds me of Maou a little. isn't it awesome to see only toma's name so big right at the center of the page like that?? ^_^ he's really becoming a big star now ne...]
[enshinge's translation of the first entry at the official website. more plot details and toma's thoughts about the drama. it sounds pretty exciting! of course, toma's excited and hopes the drama can affect the audience in a good way, making them more interested in this jury system...he always finds a good meaning/purpose to all his dramas ne~]


i feel a little guilty (get it? how it relates to toma's new drama?? haha.), cheering on toma's new role, when Voice has not even completed yet. gomen, ryosuke! but of course, i'll keep watching Voice and supporting ryosuke till the very end! ah~ but it's often been like this with toma. it must be hard to start to prepare yourself to become a different person, when you are still not done with your current drama yet...

but isn't it cool that toma often has alternating fun/serious roles, so he doesn't get bored playing the same kinda character all the time? rino kimi, 2 gentlemen of verona, H&C, rino kimi SP, Maou, grease, Voice, and now the witch trial. so it's happy/popular adult...happy/indecisive/unlucky student...smiley-cool student...serious/sad police student...happy/troubled student...and finally, serious/troubled part-timer. if this pattern continues, then toma's next role should be happy and carefree, right? haha...i hope so. cuz i'm excited about this new drama, but i'm gonna be nervous and worried cuz his character could be in danger. it was really hard to watch Maou cuz of this!! the whole time, someone's after him...

ja~ that's it for today.
i hope u enjoyed this majo saiban update. =)



Friday, March 13, 2009

kate's notes on episodes 5, 6, 7 of VOICE- voices of the lifeless

(sorry, posting quite late today!
and no time to edit now.
i'll be back to edit/add some screencaps tomorrow. ja ne~)

♥ toma-ism #93:
toma-kun...he's the one.

savvy kate des~

to those of u in japan and south korea,
happy white day! =)
i wonder if toma-kun is giving any girls anything today?
hopefully only polite return gifts for courtesy chocolate that he got on V Day, ne.

did u know there's also a Black Day? lol. for single people.
well~ now you know. hey, i should celebrate it this year!
you know who i'd love to celebrate it with? yappa, toma-kun! =P

ok ok, enough of this nonsense. ;)

i've finished ep.7 of voice for a while now,
waiting for episode 8 subs. meanwhile, i'll just post up my thoughts on ep.s 5, 6, 7. (not like anyone is looking forward to this!)
also, i've managed to upload my screencaps f/ep.s 4 and 5.
(not like anyone is actually waiting for them or anything)

gomen, i'm doing it again.
copying the way toma writes. haha.

anyway, it's the weekend!!
have a good one!

................Episode 5:

(you know, of course... you'll never be as cute as me! xD)

-i like this episode! they get to go to some interesting/scenic locations. and i like taking pictures too, though not random ones like ryosuke to send to ppl. haha. and toma is sooooo cute in this episode. so pouty!! ^_^ it's as if he's making up for all the sadness and frowning in the last episode by being super adorable and cheery in this one!!

(kawaii na!!)

-most of the ryosuke & daiki arguing moments are awesome!! hahaha.
MY FAVORITE TOMA MOMENT: when toma gets close to daiki and says of course there's no such saying!! xD

-who is ryosuke's ex-girlfriend?? it's not the natsumi (nurse at the hospital, right?) i'm starting to wonder, will ryosuke end up dating natsumi or actually reiko (his assistant professor)?? please not reiko!!
natsumi is cute and sweet...i'm rooting for her and ryosuke now!!

(ryosuke, why don't u like natsumi?!)

-toma was wearing a shirt w/the number 22!!! u know i love the number 22 ever since dec. 22, 2008. *_* haha!

-i really like this university's campus...the big water fountain and huges trees and paths...=)

-that little boy is cute!! and such a good actor already! ah~ i love seeing toma interact with little kids. he's always so sweet and comfortable with them!! like he is with his kouhai's (JE juniors), of course! and he has a little brother himself so...i think toma must be a really really nice and caring older brother ne! ~__~ his little brother is really lucky...

-i love the scene of them all leaving school and taking pictures in the twilight! i love that time of day ne. between day and night...

...................Episode 6:

-this was episode was ok...we get to see the stern/soft side of ryosuke, his grownup/big brother side! when he was talking with the girl (sorry, forgot her name) in the hallway of the hospital. seeing toma like a big brother to her, trying to cheer her really sweet!♥

-i'm getting annoyed at reiko more and more. it's like she's kinda flirting with him thru her teasing him sometimes??? arggh. i really don't like her!! i don't understand what he sees in her!!

(don't get too close to him, you!! reiko!! ...actually, now that i think of it, toma probably has his hands in his pocket a lot in this drama cuz it's cold! haha. and it makes him look cool. ^_^)

-MY FAVORITE TOMA MOMENT: when he's arguing with daiki about how they became friends/the Perfume concert. lol. what toma said, his facial expressions and gestures...that whole conversation is hilarious and cute!

-this case, the ending was surprising!! but also touching. the guest actors for every episode are all so talented, just like toma said in his blog. =] especially the girl in this story, the last scene...

(ryosuke~ don't worry, forensics is the right choice for you!)

......................Episode 7:

-this was a good episode! very sad and touching!! though i got a little teary-eyed in some of the previous episodes, the end of this episode was the only time i really cried. =(

-FAVORITE TOMA MOMENT: of course, the part where ryosuke's (with his bangs tied up~ kawaii!) annoyed that daiki keeps waking him up in the morning. lol!! i totally agree w/ryosuke and teppei this time though. waking up a couple minutes after the alarm goes off the first time is the best way to wake up. daiki's "DOUSHITE?!" and the face he made this time was hilarious!! xD

-2nd FAVORITE TOMA MOMENT: when he tells teppei again, real quick, to "just go with her!" LOL!

-it's good to see them deal with the problem of family members not wanting an autopsy sometimes...i would think in real life, that would happen a lot...or sometimes...i dunno...i an autopsy can be a big deal, not like in most police/forensics shows portray it. but then again, those ppl were mostly murdered so they'd HAVE TO get an autopsy, right? umm...anyway, i hope u know what i mean.

-i hate reiko, she keeps telling ppl to quit! (even if it's reverse psychology)
RYOSUKE, YELL AT HER, DON'T JUST STAND THERE!! aiya, i wanted him to yell at her so badly. i'm so sick of her cold, i'm-smarter-and-better-than-everyone attitude. geez!

-it's nice to see ryosuke helping out hanei, it's not just daiki that can comfort others, right? he's a good friend. =) and hanei's struggle with his fear of's good to see the other, weak/serious side of him in this way...tomohito, he's a good actor, really! he had some really dramatic/intense scenes in this episode...

-daiki and aki...though they like each other, but it's such a subtle and simple love...ii ne. =) just sometimes, the way they look at each is enough to show their feelings for each other...i really love the scene where daiki just stares at her a little and smiles. ~_~ he's got such an innocent/kind look!

_____________SPOILER (ep.7)_____________

geez...i cried at the end of ep.7...
cuz i felt so sorry 4 that lady...
she had stomach cancer and yet pretend nothing's wrong,
and made sure her husband would be ok after she was gone...and him being able 2 hear her voice f/the alarm clock after her death!! LITERALLY, DAIKI WAS ABLE TO FIND HER VOICE. AND GIVE HER HUSBAND 1 LAST MESSAGE FROM HER...IN HER OWN VOICE! awww....and the old man is so loving and sweet to her even though she's passed away...talking to her and everything. it really makes u wish u can find a person with whom u can live happily for at least 40 yrs, right?? if only that person could be toma ne~~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

toma talks about his new drama @tomagoto

[toma's message on a tomagoto subscriber's cellphone might look something like this? credit:]

eh!! toma posted a message @tomagoto again! so that i won't lose to him, i'll also post my 4th consecutive message today! haha. finally, toma talked about his new drama. he's really excited but also nervous about having his first real leading role in this drama-- about the japanese jury system that will soon take place in real life. so he asks us to please continue to look after him.♥ kito~ we will, and you'll be fine toma-kun!! ma...i'm sure this will be an unforgettable role for him, right? though the plot reminds of an american movie from many years ago...

of course, u should read the whole long message toma wrote yesterday (march 11) at the tomalicious forum, here. =) yappari~ reading his messages always makes me smile, and i love to read his thoughts about a new drama!

it's so cool that toma's posting a message
everyday these days!!
i wonder if he'll post again tomorrow??
well, even if he doesn't, u know~
i'll post a new message cuz it's "fi-day". =P
see u tomorrow!