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about the ningen shikkaku LJ stuff from march/april...

it's been announced (a while back, sorry. haha. but i did post about it at the cbox right that day...), the official ningen dvd will be released aug. 4, 2010! ~_~

here's some info about the ningen DVD! u can already pre-order it, though it won't be released until august 4 (the bday of some1 close to me!! haha.). u can see all 3 versions HERE at yesasia. and of course u can buy it from CDJapan, too. just the regular version is already US$44.99!! the blu-ray is US$82.49 and the premium edition version is US$67.49!!! i knew it was gonna be expensive, but good grief!!! INSANITY. but it doesn't matter for me, cuz it's region 2 only! =,(

(well, there are programs u can use to convert it into region all, which is why i bought the hana kimi dvd box sets a few yrs ago, but i really don't wanna go through the trouble of converting this (but if u're interested, u can search in my old posts about the hana kimi dvd i bought in early 2008, i listed links and info about how to do it).

and it's too expensive anyhow...i'm happy enough with the few official ningen keepsakes i have....the ningen photobook, the ningen book w/toma on the cover, and the flyer. ~_~] IF U ARE GONNA BUY IT THOUGH, U SHOULD DEFINITELY GET THE PREMIUM VERSION. cuz the "Bonus disc features making-of, press conference footage, trailers, and more. Also includes a original booklet (subject to change).

(finally caught up and posting this up. lol.
sorry, so late. cuz of my 3rd fanfic, i got really behind...)
[translated Ikuta Toma's Non No March 2010 A-Z interview Parts 1 & 2. i love this interview!!♥ he talks about so many different topics. ^^ i love learning more about him. toma likes to cry?? eh!! and he talks about love♥, wedding, his "secret"...]
[EH!! some1 else saw toma at a ningen stage greeting!!! "I met Ikuta Toma on February 28th, 2010 at the cinema in the town I'm studying in and wrote a report about it =)"]
[video] Nissin U.F.O cm's :)
[video + scan] minna no eiga - hanamizuki (the 2nd hanamizuki trailer)
[Clips] 100330 Mezanews &100330 Mezamashi (hanamizuki crankup)
[Tunnels no Minna-san no Okage Deshita] 2010.02.25 - Toma vs. Jude Law (wow, someone subbed it!! i skimmed thru it online, the unsubbed version. looks kinda boring though, so i'm not gonna get this. haha...tell me if anything interesting happened, though!)
[TOMA ANAN Photoshoot Preview] (i know every toma fan in the world has seen his pics by now, but it's fun to read everyone's hyper/dirty comments. lol. i didn't really read the comments here till now... xD TOMA, TAKE IT OFF!!! LOL. then again, there must be some ppl thinking, NO, LEAVE IT ON!! haha. they are definitely in the minority. good grief, the *lick monitor* comment!! LOLLLLLLLL.)
[Ningen Shikkaku DVD!] (this is when i first found out about the ningen dvd info being announced. thanks, careline!)
[AnAn icons and graphics. omg....HOT!! i'm using some. haha.]

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toma's AnAn interview translation: 'wanting to claim his everything..." **edited**

after around 2 weeks.

finally, the whole interview has been translated.

thanks so much, areea_chan and enshinge!!

i read areea_chan's translation, but i was confused about a lot of parts. i usually wouldn't mind if the translation is a little off, but this time, the interview topic is SEX! i want to know exactly what toma said and not have any misunderstandings. so, u can guess who is the someone that enshinge mentioned (albeit with love~ ^^) at the start of her post. ah, i love en-chan!! and her translations are the best.

so, go ahead, u can read their translations at the links below. please do comment and thank them for their efforts. ~_~



and now i'm gonna just mostly repeat what i said when i commented at their posts, about what i think about this interview....

i love this interview. i knew he was this mature, sweet, and sensitive....i haven't felt his everything (good lord, i SO want to, though!! xD), but i already feel like i never want anyone else to have him.

so much hype about it (at least f/us fans and our imaginations going wild about what he could have said!!). but i'm relieved the interview is not as hot as the pics it went with. haha.

omg....!! the start of the interview..."wanting to claim his everything". i reread this part a couple times before continuing. goodness.... (>////<) i'm gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight.

"A strong body with toned skin and bulging muscles. Wearing wild expressions; you can almost hear his rough breathing."
-omg........i have pictured him like this in my fantasies... (>////<)

it's really nice how he differentiates between acting and being photographed. i'm surprised he didn't get all tense for this photo shoot though. i guess he just zoned out or something...

it was really funny how he said he had no "armor" to protect himself!! haha. nothing to defend himself with...poor toma... but it's good to know he wasn't nervous or uncomfortable during the shoot kinda shows...his face does look quite relaxed and natural. ~_~

"tried too hard to look cool"
-haha. but he's gotten beyond that now. toma's all grown up. ~_~ toma is sexier now that he's more mature and he's more muscular and toned. but he's always been sexy, really! xD he's just showing this side of him more now...(and i remember u saying something like "he's more comfortable being sexy now" salome. i totally agree!! i think ever since ningen...cuz of his must have influenced or made him realize...nanka...)

‘when shall I go for the next step!?’
-haha. or "when do i set the trap"?! of course he thinks the guy should lead. haha. except when the guy is no good at reading a girl's signals, like u, toma! xD but it's really cute how he's no good at timing.

toma is really a shy guy! he's fine around guys, but when girls are present, he'll become nervous. he's said before, sometimes he feels like he prefers to be around guys (sometimes he's like 'who needs girls~') so much cuz he can just relax around them. but with girls, it's hard for him. he may try to act cool and stuff in front of girls, but he's really very shy. and he's very sensitive, self-conscious and serious, too. it's so toma-like to worry about when to hold her hand or something... haha. totally. but for that special girl...he doesn't need to worry about his timing or do anything special, just be himself and that's enough to make her happy. kitto!

'I think it’s something that’s really precious. Feeling your partners breath, smells, and warmth takes your affection to a deeper level.' -ahhhhhh. i love how he put it. so sweet and sexy at the same time...

EHH!! how did toma know i have a high-pitched girly voice and i think it's a major flaw?!! lol. but guys (like toma?) might think it's 'nice!'? ehhhhhhhh. but knowing at least toma thinks so, i'm EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! i've never in my life been proud of having a soft, weak voice, but now i actually am. really. so, thank you, toma! haha. i guess my voice is not that bad after all, if toma says so. ~_~

'I think that rather than the number of women you experience, what makes a man mature more is to deeply love one woman. At least that’s the way I want to be.'
-you're right, toma!! please don't date a lot of women!! lol. seriously though, i agree with toma. ~_~ i love how he's so serious about love. he's such a sweet guy. i hope he finds the right person for him someday....surely he'll be such a sweet sweet boyfriend!

................ april 27 EDITs:

"His breaths, warmth, smell… "
WAIT A SECOND, THEY COPIED THIS LINE FROM TOMA!!! LOL. damn that plagiarizing reporter. lol. but i guess there's not a lot of ways to describe it besides this though?? haha.

reading this interview made me love him more!!!!! completely!! it's nice how we see his sexy side in the pics, but his sweet side in the interview. ~_~

oh, and i edited my post from before...

i got a little too excited before, and i've gone back and edited my post...toma was not naked, he was just ALMOST naked. lol. i guess i meant, it like....he's NAKED underneath that sheet. but now that i've looked at the pictures more carefully (goodness, i've looked at him way too much!!), i've realized, he coulda had his underwear on the whole time, really! he just needed to pull it down extremelyyyy low. but of course, i'd like to think he was really naked under that white sheet....haha.

i was afraid of a full nude shot f/the back (like jin's). luckily there wasn't!! but these pics keep making me think...of what he might look like when he's completely naked....what's under that white sheet. omg..... sorry, i'm thinking dirty thoughts again!!! i can't help it though. that sheet was soooooooooo low on his body....goodness!!! so close!!! i'm a total perv when i think of toma these days. good grief....he's too hot....his body is so....!!! wants!!!

..............the next day? edits:

toma IS love!♥
i thought toma wouldn't say anything ero, really...but was still

afraid/anxious to read this interview cuz the topic is sex!
but i didn't expect to be so touched by what he thinks about love/sex. if

it was another guy, i'd think he's just saying that. but since it's toma, everything really feels so sincere.

toma...i'm never gonna be able to stop loving you.

(wait, these 2 parts were wrongly translated and don't really exist...
but since i've already commented about it, i'll include it here too. LOL.)

'Now, Ikuta-san is looking forward to something happening in his love life.'-ehhhhh!!!! seriously?? nooooo.... but i do hope he finds someone right for him, who can make him happy. *sigh*

the part about liking to listen to her breathing (gu?)
when she's sleeping. aww!! so sweet!!

i would think toma's soft breathing when he sleeps is really niceeeeee too. *_* haha. i've really thought about this....well, sometimes u see him sleeping in dramas, but u can't hear him breathing. darn it. hahaha.

but actually, toma's said be4, 2 things he wouldn't want to do with a girlfriend is take a bath or (literally) sleep together. he says it would be embarassing to see each other in those situations...haha. but he's done both with yamashita and other guy friends when they were little kids. haha. (like on a work trip somewhere, when they would share a hotel room) and he goes to the onsen (hot spring) with them too...i remember he went with shun while they were filming hana kimi and also often slept at shun's apartment cuz he lived close to the studio (in the same bed!! *JEALOUS*!!!!).

****AGAIN, TOMA DID NOT SAY HE WANTS TO HAVE A GIRLF (i suspect he already has one??) AND HE DID NOT SAY HE LIKES TO HEAR A GIRL BREATHE WHEN SHE'S SLEEPING. thanks for the correction, enshinge!*****

Friday, April 23, 2010

about toma's ACUO CM (turning women into anime. lol!), and some other things...

(toma cuteness!!!♥♥♥ this is from the newest issue of duet i think? forgot....this is like a preview...i will post more of my fav toma magazine pics f/this month later...something weird going on w/me today....i can't seem to calm down. even these adorable pics of him got me all hot....*blush*!! ba~ka!!! credit: zoe.)

this is really late, but here's some news about toma's (i lost's the 4th, right?) recent LOTTE CM!!!

i think lots of ppl saw the preview of the CM, but did u see the full 30 second one?? haha. it's just a little more at the start and the end...u can see it at the official lotte website, h's youtube page or at the toma LJ...

some NEWS about it:



(so cute!! love how toma's front teeth is showing cutely...♥♥)

"However, it was quite difficult to act with invisible Anime characters according to Ikuta, so he discussed every detail carefully with the director. The way he moved his line of sight and gestures is prepared with thorough consideration, showing great performance skills of Ikuta. And in the scene in which he was blamed by the boutique shop manager, he was asked to be "approached as close as possible, like leaning on your back." and the camera really moved very close to his face. After the director called "cut", Ikuta, the one just had a serious expression, smiled confidently in an excessive closeness?

This new CM of "ACUO" will be on air from April 5 in Japan."


and this is what toma said about his CM's, btw. haha.

[credit: inseiko@Tomalicious forum]

vol. 340
(sometime in march)


it's ok to talk about my new CM now.

"Nisshin Yakisoba U.F.O."!

why, i'm goint to do PR for the product i ate loads of when i was in school!

everyone, please eat lots and lots of nisshin yakisoba U.F.O.

(maybe mar.31)

as the filming for hanamizuki ended, tossed into the air by everyone, i fell right on my head. this is ikuta toma.

they've announced the new CM for acuo.
i appeared with an anime character named suzumiya haruhi.

it was my first experience doing collaboration with a character, and i think the finished product will be interesting.

everyone please chew acuo, and turn your lovers, friends, and family into anime.

some more random (kinda/really)old, toma-related stuff:

toma wrote a really sweet sweet letter at the end of march to shun cuz he couldn't be there for his last All Night Nippon. ~_~ it's her newest post here:
[toma when he was a little kid....doing pullups and failing. haha!] (hmm...i don't think i'm one. check out the cool toma merchandise!! haha.)
Ranking: Best Doramas Based on Mangas (hana kimi got 5th place!!)

that's all for today.
have an awesome weekend, everyone!! ^O^

i'm really anxious about the anan interview still....
even the first time i looked at his pics in my magazine, i tried to see if i could read anything (IT WAS SO DISTRACTING, HE'S PRACTICALLY NAKED right next to the text. lol.)...well, i only recognized the "woman" word, and that was pretty much it. haha. maybe i should ask enshinge to translate's been 1 week already!!!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Enshinge and I talk about toma's AnAn interview about sex... 'he treads a very fine line'....

(this is my LJ icon now. "mm..." that's what i named this icon!!'s the sound i make when i see toma like this, and i think it's also the sound toma is making...kyaaa... credit:

still waiting for areea_chan to post up the translation of the interview....hmm...(oh, this is my LJ post asking for a translation of the interview:

so this is like a case there are others that are anxious like me to know what he said in the an an interview...these are the msgs back and forth between me and enshinge f/a couple days ago, where en explains some of the things toma talked about.

u read it here first!! ^_^

~_~ THANKS SO MUCH, ENSHINGE-CHAN!! really made me feel relieved and happy to know toma only talked about sex in general and that he really is quite serious about love (of course~)!!

(credit: XQ and hpswf1)
hi kate, i've read the article already, contrary to what people seem to think, it's not about his sex life.
it's not like he talks about the act of sex - he does say it's something that's important in a relationship, and he does say that he likes slightly hoarse voices in women, but not necessarily during sex or anything
i'm not sure if i'll translate it yet - i'll give it a few days to see if anyone does it, and then see what i'll do~
- eh!

hi enshinge,
> i see...that's what i thought, he'd talk about it in general, only....
> areea-chan said in a comment at my post she'll translate, but needs the last line for 1 page. i'll take a pic of it and upload it for her...(i bought the magazine already. lol.)
> BUT, ENSHINGE. some1 said "Toma also said that he always thinks on how to land a girl in bed from the first date..."??!! that totally sounds out of character for toma, but some1 said so. is this another incorrectly translated statement!! IT MUST, BE, RIGHT??!! or was he joking or something? EHHH!!! it can't be!!
> -kate

Re: enshinge-chan, could u translate toma&amp;#39;s AnAn article, please???
from [info]enshinge

lol we fangirls are subject to so much agony and worry and excitement all the time XD
more correctly, toma talks about how guys in general think - he says that when a guy and a girl decide to deepen a relationship, the guy is always wondering when to "go for it," ("it" = not necessarily sex, but everything and anything that might eventually lead to sex, even just holding hands, when to "take action") but at the same time, the guy is full of worries, "would it be alright to hug her?" "would she be disgusted if i kissed her?" toma says he sucks in general at reading signs from a girl, he's always struggling to get the timing right ;)

- enshinge

--- kate_firefly wrote:
> hi hi~
> haha. totally...and the more we care about him, the more worried we get in situations like THIS...
> ah...i totally understand what he's trying to say. thanks for your awesome explanation!! enshinge, would it be ok if i post this explanation of what toma was talking about at my blog? i know some1 will eventually translate the whole interview, but i'd like other ppl to know how u explained it too...
> hmmm...i guess all guys worry about things like that. toma probably really really worries about it. ~_~ it's so like him to not be able to read a girl's signs...haha... it's so cute, how he's like this....

Re: enshinge-chan, could u translate toma&amp;amp;amp;#39;s AnAn article, please???
from [info]enshinge
sure~, go ahead ;)

- enshinge

--- kate_firefly wrote:
> hi again, enshinge!
> it's me, kate. ~_~
> sorry to bother u, but areea_chan is still not done translating yet. i'm so anxious....
> could u tell there anything especially interesting that toma said in the anan interview?? anything in particular that u remember....
> does it...does it seem like toma "experienced" with sex?? ehhh... (>///<) >
> thank u!!
> -kate

Re: enshinge, is there anything especially interesting that toma said in the AnAn interview??
from [info]enshinge

Lol he treads a very fine line, it could be taken both ways - there's no specific mention of experience.
The first half is him talking about acting, but nothing new for fans, how he felt an urgency and desperation when acting, to look good at it, until a certain point when he realized that he could depend on the director and the other staff to pull the attractiveness out of him, how the photographer cuts out a piece of him through the photoshoot, the second half is as i already mentioned, i did find it interesting that he says sempai actors tell him to experience lots of love/women because it'll be good experience for him, but how he doesn't agree and thinks that deeply loving a single woman is what makes a man mature.
That's about all I can tell you, just sit tight for the actual translation now ;)

- enshinge

Re: enshinge, is there anything especially interesting that toma said in the AnAn interview??
sent to [info]enshinge

as expected. he'll be vague enough to keep us guessing. though i'm already pretty sure...*sigh* but it's so toma-like to do that. haha.

ah, how the director and others make him attractive. feeling like that when acting..."the photographer cuts out a piece of him through the photoshoot" wah...a very good way of describing it...

oh no, his sempais...i'm glad he doesn't agree....but well...i guess both sides can be right...hmm...makes me think toma is very serious about love (i knew he was!) and probably hasn't had many girlf's? yey....

thanks so much, enshinge!!

i'll sleep better tonight (now) knowing this....


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about the hanamizuki crank and pics... (the flyer, too!) + cherry blossoms....**UPDATED**

no time today, but i'll add to this post tomorrow, some news f/the hanamizuki crankup. so late, sorry!! it was since the end of march. so most of u probably already read about it and saw the video clips.

h's youtube page, 1 of the newest video clips talked about the hanamizuki flyer! =) they were holding the 2-sided banner and describing it....and the 4 video clips f/the crankup, u can watch at her page too, or get the link to DL them at the toma LJ....uh...i'll post it up tomorrow too...(edit: ah, too lazy to find it. u can go back to around march 30 and find it at the toma LJ! haha.)

u can see a bigger version of the 2-sided flyer here:'s some screencaps from the crank up! *_*

ahhhhhh!! i love this moment...toma was lightly brushing away the snow f/her hair, i think. what a sweet scene f/the movie!!!!!!!

kate desu.
everyone-chan, genki?

today!! april 18!!!

(as in O'brien. love him!! he makes me laugh so much. haha.)

and today, last yr, was when i decided...that i want to go to tokyo in 2014....

though i forget to look at the countdown here, most of the time...but i'm always kinda aware of it in the back of my mind.....hmmm. and also, i've got the countdown on my cell phone since last yr, too. ^^

so...about hanamizuki!! i love this sweet pic f/the flyer. i they were standing at the top of the lighthouse, overlooking the sea... ~_~

oh, got this link f/zoe's blog (linked in my LINKS section on the right). it's the movie website's official blog! nothing much there now, but later, maybe...

and this is such old news by now, but it's about the crank up of hanamizuki...finally at the end of march, they finished filming all the scenes in japan. =) but gakky still needs to film in canada and the usa...dunno when she'll be done (or is she already done?)....

what's really funny is that the staff were throwing toma up in the air, and they somehow let him slip, and toma fell back in the snow, head first!! poor guy!! =[ and toma said something like...of course it's so like him to fail like that. lol. but it wasn't his fault!! they just weren't careful...and then they picked him up again to throw him up, and i think toma was like, please let me go already! awww...haha. poor toma. but they didn't drop him again, at least!
Aragaki Yui & Ikuta Toma returning a favor to local fishermen
[posted up march 29]

here's an excerpt from the news...i think it must have been really tough and tiring for kinda become a fisherman for a couple months...uwa... it's hard work!! but then it was a good life experience. (not to mention that all that hard work kinda helped him become more muscular and tan and sexy for his an an photoshoot!! xD)

Ikuta himself received a few presents as well. The local fishermen gave him a "big catch" flag and Gakky surprised him with a carved bear. Hokkaido is famous for their woodcraft. "Amazing! I only played a role, but it became a life experience seeing how much pride those fisherman have in their work," he said. Ikuta actually has some advanced fishing skills himself, so he can really relate to their work. "I've mastered the fishing of salmon, that should be worth something," he joked around.

(4.19 edit~)
oh wow, i just talked about hanamizuki and then today some news about it turned up at the LJ! ~_~ gakky's in NYC right now, filming for hanamizuki!! but seems like she'll leave for canada tomorrow...gambatte, gakky! ~_~ she looks so cute and happy in the pics in NYC. i'm glad they are saying she speaks english pretty well!! looking forward to those parts in the movie. YEY. i'll actually be able to understand what she's saying w/out subs. haha. and the teaser....the start of the 1st video clip, when toma calls out to her and jumps up and runs over to her.....ahhhhh. kakkoii!!! ~_~ and sweet....

Aragaki in New York for filming of "Hanamizuku" movie
Teaser for Hanamizuki w/ Aragaki and Ikuta

********* off-topic:
i saw this msg at the tomalicious forum. SUGOI!! MALAYSIA FANS, REMEMBER TO WATCH IT!! ^O^ funny, was i was just thinking about the SP recently....ah, i miss nakatsu!!

tomajaelover: msian fans alert!!hana kimi sp will be aired @8tv on 25 apr & 2 may..dont miss it! =)


read in the's been unseasonably cold still, in japan, but thanks to this, the cherry blossoms are lasting for a longer time!! yey.

as i expected, toma talked about the cherry blossoms in 1 entry. ~_~ he does, every year~


[credit: inseiko @tomalicious forum]

toma's room entry (april 13 or 14?):

Vol. 346


now then.
finally, it has become warmer.

however, the cherry blossoms have already started to fall.

i wanted to see them a little bit longer.

cherry blossoms are great, afterall, aren't they? they make me feel that i am japanese.

maybe i'll go for a walk while listening to music.

even though they're starting to fall!


seems like after this warm weather toma mentioned, it suddenly turned very cold and even snowed!! on april 16 and 17, i think. only knew cuz jamie and some other actor or actress blogged about's what jamie said about it:


16th-Apr-2010 01:58 pm

I even don't mind (too much) that the forecast predicted SNOW today. Snow in the second half of April. In Tokyo. This isn't northern Canada....... Considering that it was around 80 degrees (F) two days ago, I'm really confused. I join the entire population of Tokyo, wondering what is going on with the weather recently...

EHHH!! SNOW IN APRIL!!! SUGOI!!! ^^ (I LOVE COLD WEATHER.) i'm kinda obsessed with the, there, everywhere... lol, part of me thinks, crazily, that it's suddenly snowing cuz toma's anan pics (the magazine went on sale april 14) got a lot of people so hot~, so thus, the snow, to cool every1 down. LOL!!! really~ i bet this anan issue is really selling well!!! xD

[i was going to post this up on april 11 (finished my fanfic the day be4), but i got seriously distracted by toma's sexy cinema square pics. the next day, TOMA'S AN AN PICS PREVIEWS!!! and i lost my mind for days after that, and so...a week late in posting this up. gomen!] banners! and the spring breeze whispers...

i finally finished writing my 3rd fanfic!!! *cries* it's a bittersweet feeling...i really miss being with toma in that world.... but i know i can come back anytime~ maybe, i'll try writing some short one-shot fics before i write a 4th long one. ^^ ah, but it's about time i get back to the real world, catch up with what the real toma's been doing (which, is luckily, not much, except for finishing up hanamizuki filming!! haha. at least not much that we know of, for now....hmm.)

new banners! in a way, to celebrate finishing my 3rd fanfic...and this pic at the top was taken very very recently!! april 3, 2010!! ~_~

it's already hanami time in japan... such a romantic~ time ne. i think this year, the cherry blossoms have been blooming since the end of march in tokyo, f/what i saw at jamie's blog. ~_~ oh, there was a photography magazine i saw at sanseido a few weeks ago. it had a lot of prettyyyy pics of sakura. in the fog, in the twilight, at night, in the daytime....all so beautiful!! wish i could have taken some pics of it to show you.

cherry blossoms...their delicate, fragile beauty...reminds me of toma.♥ and of course, i think everyone knows, but... "the all too brief beauty of the cherry blossom is often linked with the ephemeral nature of life and love" [credit: Lee @]

some more pretty sakura pics:

also~ here R some pics of peach blossom petals, up-close that i took in feb.:

Friday, April 16, 2010

i bought the AnAn magazine! (the best $9 i ever spent in my life. ^o^) / more about toma's sexy AnAn interview.'s been fun getting all hyper about sexy toma, but really!! i'll try to calm down f/today. haha. goodbye, pervy kate....ah, she's really too much, right??!! xD (btw, have u ever noticed that A LOT of songs talk about sex in some way?! i've just noticed that these days...and it makes me think of sexy toma. good grief...)

before i forget, YESS!! REALLY HAPPY HE'S ALREADY BUSY FILMING SOMETHING NEW. toma said it himself. must be something really exciting, cuz i don't think he's ever talked about a new project be4 it's officially announced!! SUGOI!!

and just found out today. HE WAS IN KYOTO!!! FILMING!!!!! AT A TEMPLE. ONLY A FEW DAYS AFTER HANAMIZUKI CRANK UP. thanks to xdustbunnys for the info. TOMA'S WORKING SO HARD, TOO, this year!! gambatte, toma-kun!! ~_~

oh, and careline was paraphrasing toma!! haha. this is toma's actual msg from april 13 (credit: inseiko @tomalicious):


anan is on sale tomorrow.

Ikuta Toma is bare naked...I hear.

It's not a photo you see very often, so please do purchase it. about what happened when i bought the anan magazine/ordered the cinema
square magazine yesterday.... (sorry, it's AnAn or anan, but i kept writing an an before...) here's what happened:

-lucky there was no1 around when we came

-i really didn't think it'd be there. thought i would ask them to hold it for me. first thing i saw when came in was jin's poster for his concert this summer. jin's poster was all over the place! i'm not a jin fan, though.

-walked in and looked at where it should be. EH! toma's looking at me in THAT~ way! i had to turn away and take a few steps the other way!! *embarassed*

-neesan walked over and casually got 1 copy for me. she handed it to me w/toma facing me. (>////<) i quickly turned it to the other side, so that while i walked around, toma's pic is hidden, facing my legs. haha. i quickly took a pic of toma's an an on the magazine rack. and i see there are like, 7~8 copies left!! wow....i think they must have only come recently...

-looked 4 cinema square magazine. not there. yappari.
-looked 4 toma on dazai's books. EH! they have all 10 covers now!! i think. and there's the one of him in the white shirt that i wanted to buy. but then i think i should save money and i already have the ningen, i don't buy it. =/

-asked the lady, the cashier if she could order cinema square for me.
-put the anan magazine discreetly on the counter while waiting for her to check. toma's faced down. i only flipped it over once real quick to take a pic of the magazine 2 show u all how thick it is (i thought it'd be thicker! but it's not like i can read anything. lol. still, i'd like to think i'm getting more for my money. haha.). cuz no1 was around. *blush*!! i took the pic real quick and flipped it back over.

-it took a long long time for the lady to check on the find cinema square. i was getting nervous that ppl would come in and see me buying THIS. so i asked the other cashier to ring it up for me. she did, and she didn't turn it over. whew!! but as i got out money to pay her, she flipped the magazine over, to properly put it in the bag for me, i guess. -__- and there he is, and half-naked!! she didn't look surprised or show any reaction really. (both the cashiers are mom's age, probably...maybe 50-something.) and she put my pen and the magazine in the bags and handed it to me, smiling politely as usual. =) whew....i got so nervous over nothing. but really...i felt quite embarassed!! haha. and i was glad the magazine's actually a little cheaper than winkup or duet and such. the best $9 i ever spent in my life!!! ^o^

-so it was taking so looooong, i was getting frustrated. she said she only sees cinema sq. 20, not 30. but i'm sure i wrote it down correctly! i almost gave up...but then i remembered cinema square was written in eng. i told her. i thought it'd help. but the same result. only 20. and then, she started talking to me in japanese a little bit! i could only understand a few words... but i was happy she thought i was japanese, and too embarassed to say i can't speak it. ~_~ so i kept talking to her in eng. lol.

but then i looked at the screen. i see it!! 30!! in the search results. she clicked on it, but only see the 20. then i notice on the far right side of the screen, a bunch of other magazines, and the 30!! i leaned way over the counter to point it out to her. lol. "this one! this one!" and she finally saw it and laughed and clicked on it. YES! i see toma's name in japanese. it's certainly the right one!! and then she was reading out the different topics in japanese, making sure this is the one i want...haha. i just said i know it's the right one, cuz of the actor in it *points at his name*. and she looked and said..."oh, ikuta...i don't know how to read the rest". haha! she doesn't know who he is. i said: "toma". her: "toma?" me: "toma. ikuta toma." ~_~ her: "ikuta toma? oh, u know him?" lol. u could say that...and she finally asked me to fill out some stuff on the order form, and then she filled in some things and said she'll call me when it's arrived. YEYYYYY. arigatou! hounto ni!!

mizza, i just realized...i don't see the cinema square pics at the toma LJ at all, not zoe's blog either. maybe they'll show up later, but by then it'd be too late to order. thank goodness i logged into LJ that day and saw ur post. cuz of that, i got to see the pics and eventually order the magazine. really really love this photo shoot!! toma's so cute and sexy and smiling and laughing and just~ perfect....and i got to wish u a happy birthday too. perfect timing... THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, mizza-chan~! *hugs*

so...i didn't look at the magazine for a while after i got home...i actually doki doki'd a little be4 opening it!! and there he is....naked and all....*blush*!!!

-the pics are all so beautiful. kirei!! toma's just too perfect.
-it's different when u are holding the magazine in yr hands...the pics are clearer and...nanka....i feel closer to i can touch him... *blush*!!
-i noticed!! he's wearing a ring on his left hand in the pic of him pulling down his underwear f/the back. i noticed cuz i wear my ring on that finger too... it's probably nothing significant, but i often notice his rings/necklaces....
-i finally realized he's wearing 2 different necklaces! baka. why didn't i notice earlier. the key necklace's chain is kinda big and not as nice. the one he's wearing in all the other pics is a nice thin, tiny necklace. there's something about tiny necklaces on toma....kirei!! and sexy....
-toma's got a lot of moles! not that there's anything wrong with that...i do too. and i think it's awesome~ that we kinda have similar moles in the same areas of our bodies. *blush*!! a dark, kinda big one on the back. and 2 smaller, close together on the chest. (ok, mine are tiny and red, closer to my neck, but still...haha.)

-the complete sex seems like half of it are statistics, polls, quizzes. it can't possibly be complete, but they did try to squeeze a lot of info in there. and lots of sexy pics... ehhh...i'm kinda curious, but i bet it's just the same stuff they've talked about in most women's magazines...

(whoa!! what's this?? toma made it onto a sex poll?? i'm guessing they asked women...who they wanna have sex with?? EHHHH??? toma's #8? wow. not bad!! haha. i'm sure toma is flattered and also kinda freaked out about this. lol...)


I LOVE ENSHINGE-CHAN!!!!! she told me toma DID NOT TALK ABOUT HIS SEX LIFE. what he said WAS he likes women w/kinda hoarse voices, but not necessarily during sex or anything. I'M SO RELIEVED!!! by doesn't matter to me whether he is a virgin or's none of my business.... i am just glad he didn't really talk about something so personal. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!! TOMA'S NOT LIKE THAT!!!!! i mean...i guess i'm curious *blush*, but...nanka...i'd rather not hear about what toma...likes in bed!!

areea_chan says she's translating it...but missing a line. i took a pic of it and uploaded that part for her. so i'm sure a translation of the whole interview is coming soon. oh, just checked, she says probably tomorrow. YES!! though now i'm kinda afraid to hear what toma has to conflicted!!! some1 said something that he said....omg!! no way!! but that must be another line translated wrong!! or maybe he was joking!!!

well...he DID talk about sex... enshinge says he said it's something that's important in a relationship. that's true, i guess...

thanks to deepmar1ne, who posted this:

Found this from music japan plus:

During the interview, he revealed his own thoughts: "When a man and a woman have a deeper relationship, I think the man should be leading." and "I'm not good at reading girl's lines. When should I step forward, when is the best timing...they are always my difficulties." he smiled. In addition, regarding to the theme, he answered frankly: "It's very important. Feel her breathing, her smell and her body temperature, and the level of "love" will be much more thickened. Your knowledge to each other's body will be deepened as time goes by."


but he's right....hmm....
really curious, what else he said....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

TOMA. TALKED. ABOUT. SEX. *speechless*!!!


kate desu.

this is the result of the # of visits i got yesterday:
Total since 8 Oct 2007: 74,052.
Previous 24hrs: 313.

313!!! that's a new record! about 3 times as usual!!
wow. this is the power of sexy toma, right?? xD

just some comments, before i get to the topic of this post, sumimasen!

i think this is my fav pic (though i really like all of them so much!!). i took this pic of toma and used it for my cellphone wallpaper last night. in the middle of the night, i woke up and i wanted to see what time it was, so i flipped open my phone and there was toma, looking~ at that way~!!!! needless to say, it took me a while to get back to sleep after that!! goodness, i got so hot, thinking about him. (>////<)

me and neesan were gushing about toma's an an pics late last night....1 of us said that that white sheet is so lucky~. no, not the one covering him...the one he's lying on in the pic where he's naked and his eyes are closed. *BLUSH*!!! can't believe we talked about that. ah, it's fun talking about sexy toma...xD

awww. toma only wrote this about an an: 'Yeah tomorrow anan... me naked... please buy. Bye' thx to careline! LOL! awww. HE MUST BE SO EMBARASSED. it's so cute and toma-like, that this is all he had to say about this. ~_~ I BOUGHT IT TOMA!! i was surprised they already had it at sanseido!! it only went on sale in japan on april 14!

oh...i was too distracted and not thinking straight before.... but forgot to say, all the pics are really beautifully taken!! toma looks perfect in all of them!! really glad that toma's pics don't look that ero and not too too revealing. ~_~ i was really dreading him being in an an cuz of this...but the results are really AWESOME and HOT and everything...^o^

and...some of you were saying how he's really a grown up now... hai! well, i already felt that he's definitely grown up and showing another side of him, when i saw that ningen kiss and the trailers and everything...toma's definitely matured a lot after being in ningen, right? i am kinda intimidated, but i like this sexy side of him.... (i'm still nervous about watching ningen cuz of those sexy scenes...!!) he's not that innocent.... though i really see toma as being boyishly cute and childish most of the time. haha. but of course, he's so hot and sexy too. even without trying. but when he tries!! watch out!! LOL.

umm...i wasn't very specific about my reaction when i first saw toma's pics....well, i'll just tell u real quick...

1-i thought: I KNEW IT!! i knew he'd do a sexy an an photo shoot this yr!
2-clicked on the link. wow. toma's half-naked....!
3-i was feeling sad, missing being with toma in my fanfic world...i heard a sad song, i think, right then...and i started crying a little. i was sad but i was really happy for toma. he's getting so popular, he can be in AnAn!! really proud of him... but i didn't really want to see him this way...too sexy!! tried to calm down...
4-looked at the pics again.....then it sank in....HALF-NAKED TOMA!!! *blush*!!! wants!! xD

[i wrote so much, i felt like this should be a new post altogether, but ignore this if u already read this in my comment f/the post below. it's almost~ exactly the same. haha.]


oh my god.....!!!

(i couldn't stop thinking about him last night when i went to bed....goodness....he's too hot. and then in the middle of the night. and then this morning.... *blush*!!!)

NANDE!!! everyday, it's more shocking news. this time, it's that toma talked about sex during the interview. OMG...even though i thought he would, but i thought, like just in general. NOT SO SPECIFICALLY!!!

(i actually dreamt about reading a translation for the interview last night. and that toma was talking about sex. that's all i remember. of course, i was upset/shocked, too!!)


"he will be delving into discussions on his own outlook of sex." and in a comment there, ecyojn said her friend translated 1 line f/the interview, and it said that Toma likes "a woman's voice during sex".....





he's a gorgeous 25 yr old man. such a popular idol, too. i'm sure he's had many girlf's, i'm sure he's had sex... (and i kinda already had to consider this when i wrote my fanfic). but....still...i can't help feeling a little crushed, my hope that toma is still a virgin...

but...even so...i wouldn't think toma would talk about something so personal....!! EHHHH.....

(actually, it's good that i read some yaoi fanfics where toma's...doing it....be4 this an an photo shoot was i've already been thinking of him as a seductive, sensual when i read's not as big a shock to me. haha. hai....)

ehhhhh...but i've been already mentally preparing myself for this ever since yesterday, that toma would talk about sex, so...... a woman's voice during sex....omg. like...quiet and soft or gasping and breathless....?? the thought of toma...doing it...makes me hot though.... (>////<)
goodness...but whoever he's been with!!!! i hate them. HATE!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (>_<) i know it's none of my business who he's been with, but i think most of his fans would feel upset about this and....

like i said, after my fanfic, part of me feels like he's boyf, so i'm really jealous/mad right now!!!!! (>___<) BUT then again, in my fantasy world, i AM his secret girlf right now, so i guess i should not be upset, since i'm the only girl he's gonna be doing THAT~ with from now...LOL. *delusional* thinking of this cheered me up, though!! ahahahahahahahahaha!!! :D doesn't matter really, it's not like i'll ever meet long as i can be with him in my fantasies, that's all that matters. lol. now i'll just make a note of this info and work it into my next fantasy. xD *shameless*!! i'm curious about what else he said in that interview. *blush*!!! even though he's talking about sex....i have a feeling, since it's toma....he won't talk about anything too dirty. and's kinda sweet that he would say he likes how her voice sounds while they're..... (>/////<)


I DUNNO IF THE TRANSLATION IS CORRECT, SO THERE'S STILL A CHANCE.... I DUNNO...I SHOULD WAIT TILL THE OFFICIAL TRANSLATION....but really...i'm pretty sure toma's not a virgin neeeee....and that's's to be expected...*sigh*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(ALMOST) NAKED. TOMA. oh my god...!!!!!!!


before talking about sexy toma...some AWESOME NEWS!!



and did i really get 218 ppl here yesterday!! EHH!!
all cuz of sexy toma. lol. and new followers! thanks!!



AnAn #1705, preview of all pages and DL. MANY THANKS TO hpswf1!!

it says in that small pink star on the cover, "ikuta toma SUPER SEXY". lol. that's the best they could come up with?? so unoriginal!! lol. but it's simple and to the point, i guess!!! xD (i wonder what he talked about in his interview??? did he really talk about sex?!! ehhhhhhh....)

1st of all:









[this is just the preview. see all the previews and get the link to DL it all in HQ at the link above. all pics, credit belongs to XQ!]

2nd of all:
YEY!!! NO GIRL WITH HIM!! i was hoping he wouldn't be fully naked. somehow, i knew there would be a naked shot of toma f/the back. *BLUSH*!! but he isn't totally naked, cuz the sheet is covering him still. it's nicely taken...can't see too much!! and toma's always bragging about how he has a nice butt. lol. niceeeeeeeee...

is it just me, or is it SO amazing how toma can be sexy and cute at once?! i just realized, once u get past the nakedness......he....HE'S STILL SO CUTE, like in a sweet way...the expressions on his face!! amazing~ i mean....i've been thinking dirty thoughts about him, when i realize, i don't really get that really sexy/aroused feeling f/his pics (unlike THOSE pics f/2008. kyaaa!! just out of the shower toma). well, except for the cover pic and that one of him lying in bed, facing us. [omg....(>////<)] it's kinda like sho's, where he's almost naked...but mostly not in a dirty way. not that ero. ~_~ ii ne!!

3rd of all:


i'm actually pretty calm again, relatively speaking... WOW, I ACTUALLY GOT SOME SELF-CONTROL BACK TODAY!! xD yatta!! lol. maybe cuz i read some of toma's recent messages and also saw some CUTE & ADORABLE toma video clips f/his 4tops days at h's youtube page. awwwwwwwww. ka~waii!!!! i got some screencaps of cute toma hiding and cute as detective thomas, right? click *HERE* to see.

all this calmed me down....was able to get back to reality, so to speak. haha. (and also, being turned on so much really drains yr energy. xD that's why i just had to make myself stop thinking about him!! lol.)

but maybe it's like, a delayed the middle of the night, i'll think of him and lose my mind and won't be able to sleep again. lol. i hope not. i barely got any sleep yesterday. *blush*!!!

ja, i'll just talk about the pics a little bit now (already talked about the other pics, so skipping them here)....goodness....TOO HOT. damn it, toma....!!! why R u so unbelievably hot....

--1st pic (toma lying down in bed, looks at us): underwear!!!!! *BLUSH*!!!!!!!!!
so dangerously close to seeing his...his...omg omg omg!!!!
(this pic actually got me hotter than the pic where toma's lying down and eyes closed pic below's the's the teasing, of this front shot....that gets me so.....!!)

and i kinda have to look away f/the pic of him looking at me. it's like he's saying "i know you want me....come and get me." too hot!! oh, i want him BAD!!! (>////<) (.......hmm. i wonder if his appendecitis scar got airbrushed out? it should be somewhere there...)

--2nd pic (toma stands, holding his shirt):

sexy!! not sure about his expression. lol...but i like it. toma's got some moles...hmm.. (1 big dark one on his back, f/the other pic. me too!! kinda...but in the center of my back, more.) his arms and chest are so toned and he looks so strong.....kyaaaaaa!!!!

--3rd pic (toma's eyes closed...lying down on the bed):


almost NAKED TOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(>//////<) he...toma really has a beautiful body... *blush*!!!!! (and his hair is so nice and perfect, too!!!) and that expression on his face....ehhhhhhh... tired? satisfied? *blush*!!!! (i'm so glad it's almost naked f/the back, not f/the front (w/something covering that~ area) like jun and yamapi.)

--4th pic (toma lying in bed, facing up):


he looks aroused and...and....

the angle....
isn't it like u can almost see yrself there with him,
looking down at him???????!!!!!!!!! omg.....!!!! *screams*

(i like how toma always shaves his armpits, or at least here, u can barely see any hair there. ~_~)

--5th pic (toma's got his shirt on):

ahhhhhhh. toma always looks so hot, especially in a simple white shirt. still so sexy!!!!! he looks buff here. *_* and that key necklace again....i love how that little necklace chain was hanging off his neck in all the pics (and we don't see the key) looks really pretty like that...

toma's expression....a little bored/mad? ehhhh...sumimasen, toma!!! *blush*!!!!


if u can, please do buy the magazine to support toma!!
(try not to think too many dirty thoughts about toma. lol.)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


(so much for not updating to keep his cinema pics up top. lol.
but i have no choice, right??)

YES!! I KNEW IT!!!!!
(i thought it was gonna happen during ningen promotion, though.)


1st of all:



here's the news and pics and already 88 comments. it's fun to see all us fangirls so hyper and excited about this. lol.

2nd of all:
I'M SO RELIEVED HE'S ALONE!! LIKE SHO WAS, AND NOT LOOK LIKE HE'S ALMOST HAVING SEX WITH SOME1. yey, good for u toma. u knew us fans would be insanely jealous if we saw pics of u doing that...and u probably didn't want to take those kinda embarassing pics, anyway. (wait, these are just preview pics, right? but pretty sure he'll be alone and not with a girl for the other pics??) ah, but these makes me a little intimidated. lol. toma's just too sexy!! and i feel a little embarassed for him, too. revealing!! and it says THE COMPLETE SEX MANUAL right next to him. (>///<) goodness!!! and that necklace w/the key....ehhhhhh.... something very sexy about that, but i'm not sure what?? i dunno...something like...toma is the key to amazing sex??! ehhhhhhh!!!!! ok, i'm definitely not thinking straight... *blush*!!!!!!!

omg!!!!! his calvin klein underwear is TOO LOW!!! the expression on his face and the position of his hand, pulling down his underwear a little.... so close, so close!!!! and of course, the other pic....pulling it down more....

(i feel so pervy right now, but it makes me think/scream "toma, take it off!!")

[credit: hpswf1. also, some video clips related to this at mizza's blog. thanks!]

3rd of all:
WHAT'S WITH ALL THESE SEXY PHOTO SHOOTS LATELY?? ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL US???!!! LOL. i have already been...thinking impure thoughts about toma recently cuz of my fanfic, reading salome's fanfic, and the cinema square sexy pics...xD this is not good...they should not encourage me!! and it's funny how i was saying i wish there were more sexy toma photo shoots just yesterday, and now, THIS. ok, i wish i could go to japan to watch hanamizuki in august!! please make this wish come true, too!! onegaishimas!!! xD

ACTUALLY.........i'm quite calm, *relatively speaking*, right now. haha. if i was feeling fine, i'd be LOSING MY MIND RIGHT NOW, AND THINKING ALL KINDS OF DIRTY, DIRTY THOUGHTS ABOUT TOMA. LOL. well....earlier today, i was all still hyper/excited about toma sexiness (be4 knowing about these pics). but then......i started thinking about my fanfic. i seem to be thinking of sexy toma a lot these days to forget about how sad i am that i have to leave my fanfic world behind. i'm feeling quite sad actually about this and some other things, so i can't seem to really enjoy these new sexy toma pics. i just feel so...BLAH~ right now. hai....but i guess soon it'll go away and i'll *FAINT* when i look at these pics again. lol. and think dirty thoughts about toma again. *delusional* xD

well, i just KNEW he would do an AN AN photoshoot this year, too, so i'm not surprised at all. YEY, I PREDICTED IT MONTHS AGO!! i knew toma is daring enough to do this kinda photo shoot, it was just a matter of time...(and ningen....there was a scene!! i don't want to give it away in case u don't know, but....that's all i'll say. lol. i just know about it cuz careline mentioned it...ehhh, pls, no1 else talk about this, in case others don't know!! xD)

always cheers me up!! ^^)

but this is very cool. toma finally gets to be in AN AN (on the cover, too)!! omedetou, toma-kun!!!! ^o^ another first~ for u this yr. i'm sure there will be many more this yr. and today, conan announced he's gonna have a new late night show on TBS. omedetou, conan!! i'm really happy for both of them.♥