Wednesday, August 6, 2008


double_hearts.gif toma-ism #31:
toma-kun...too cute for words.

THIS IS IT!! *__*
*claps enthusiastically like toma often does when introducing himself*
may there be many many many more to come!
let's show toma how popular he is! ^_^

i'm starting 2 months early (for good reason)!
toma deserves more than just 1 day or even a birthday week/month, right?? of course, his birthday isn't until october 7.

(( BTW, IF U WANNA PARTICIPATE IN THE TOMALICIOUS FORUM PROJECT (which will actually involve sending stuff to toma! yeah~!) pls go here. deadlines: sept.12/sept.25 ))

as i write this,
it's now 11:51pm aug. 6 in tokyo.
so there's 2 months, 9 minutes left till toma-kun's 24th birthday! ~_~
(24 is my fav number! Toma's fav # is 10.)

toma's b-day... sa.
i've been try-ing 2 think of some kinda birthday gift 4 toma.
and last year i only made a sim-ple MV (u can see it @Dear Toma...).
i wanna make some-thing more special this year~
but i also would like to make it so lots of fans can easily participate in making the gift.

suddenly, i came up with this idea, yesterday. i'm really excited about this! not sure if it's a good idea, but let's try it and see. EVERYONE, PLEASE TAKE PART IN THIS! FOR TOMA'S BIRTHDAY!

1. it's a poll, but pls think of it as choosing what things u want 2 give him 4 his b-day.
For ALL BEST WISHES, of course it covers everything that u'd wish him...good health, continued success, his dreams come true, etc. *_*
...these things are what all fans would like to give him! but since i think 90% of us won't have the chance of meeting toma and giving these to him in person, this is a good way of doing so. =) just like leaving him messages at Dear Toma..., i know there's only a very small chance of him seeing this, but please still take part in this. even if it's the smallest chance, it's still a chance! he might see it! also, at least you can be happy knowing YOU did do SOMETHING for him for his birthday ne. and like toma said be4, we can use our WILL to let him know~ we're thinking of him on his birthday and we're giving him these things on his birthday ne! haha~ =P

after a while of voting, i will make a simple graphic showing the results. =D

(something like this, but NICER!!)
and i'll keep updating the numbers on the graphic & the names on the marquee each week (guess which day? yes! fridays, Maou days, of course! hahaha~ if there's a significant increase in the #'s & names, that is), as more and more ppl vote!! xD I'LL POST THE GRAPHIC UP AT THE DEAR TOMA... BLOG!

THE OFFICIAL DEADLINE FOR VOTING WILL BE 24:00 on 10.7.08 in japan time~ at the end of toma's birthday, of course. that's 8am on 10.7.08 if u live in california. if u need to check what time and day it is in Tokyo, Japan, u can check here:

* ALSO, I WILL SEND TO THE JE ADDRESS 4 TOMA, AN EARLY BIRTHDAY CARD, PROBABLY AT THE END OF THIS MONTH (ma, factor in that it takes about 1 week or more 2 get 2 japan, and then it's gotta wait among many other fanmail, 4 JE staff 2 check it out, then toma gets it, and then it'll be a while be4 he has time to open it and read it...maybe it won't be so early by the time toma reads it after all). HEY, WOULDN'T IT BE COOL IF I'M THE FIRST FAN 2 WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY?? *__* AND IN IT, I WILL WRITE THE URL'S OF MY 2 BLOGS. HOPEFULLY THE CARD CAN SAFELY GET TO TOMA, AND HE'LL GO TO THESE BLOGS AND SEE THE BIRTHDAY GIFT FROM US FANS & ALSO THE MESSAGES WE'VE BEEN WRITING TO HIM! v^__^ i'll also write my email in it, of course, in case he wants to email me. (baka, in your dreams!!) *

[EDIT: I SENT HIM 3 LETTERS! sent on 9.18.08. u can read the details/see some pics of them here: ]

2. secondly, PLEASE comment on this post to give me your name, age (if u don't mind), country u're from (where u live NOW. but u can include the country u were born/are from, also. just write it like this, for example, if u were born in japan, but now u live in new zealand: New Zealand (Japan).

pls write it like this: Carmen, 20, Hong Kong

i'll add everyone's info to a scrolling text marquee like this one,

carmen, 20, hong kong / gigi, 10, UK / testing other languages: 生田 斗真, お誕生日おめでとうございます, 李克勤, français, สุขสันต์วันเกิด , etc., etc.,etc., etc.,etc., etc.,etc., etc.

so toma can see all the fans' names and also the age and countries of his fans. i know, i know. toma can't read much english, probably. but i think he'd at least know the major ones like USA, UK, or Japan. haha~ and so YOU CAN ALSO WRITE THIS INFO IN JAPANESE, IF YOU WISH. ACTUALLY, U CAN GO AHEAD AND WRITE IN OTHER LANGUAGES, IT'S A WAY TO SHOW TOMA THAT FANS FROM A LOT OF DIFFERENT COUNTRIES R PARTICIPATING, EVEN IF HE CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT SAYS! LOL. REALLY!

ALSO, u can add emoticons or whatever else to make your name stand out, if u want. just make sure they don't include any of this -> (the thingy at the end of the arrow. what's it called...for both directions!), cuz it'll not show up correctly. AND special emoticons like this heart ♥ will not work!

(EDIT: u can also add a short message to toma after your name/age/country. keep it short, 1 or 2 sentences, though! thanks!)

YEOSH! i'll post this up now.
let's all vote a lot ne!
Toma love~!!! ♥ ♥

shikuyoro~ (yoroshiku~)


Anonymous said...

Ahh nice idea!!! I will paticipate!!

So on english:

Carina, 18, Germany

on japanese:

カリーナ, 十八 さい,ドイツ

savvy kate said...

hi hi!
awesome!! thank you!!
i see u're online now too!
[i added a counter at the bottom of the blog, u can see how many ppl R here. it's usually only me. haha~]

pls tell other toma fans u know about this, too! =D

Anonymous said...

ahh i wrote years wrong it must be:

カリーナ, 十八歳, ドイツ

Please edit it ok?

I alreadyy put your linki in my vox and lj XD

savvy kate said...

ok, i will!

thank u, careline!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

anno.. I wanna participate...

RV, 23, Philippines

(i dunno how to place it in Japanese though *sigh*)

anyways... arigato!!!

Anonymous said...

hey i want to participate too.
masita, 18, Singapore

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

It's UV at AF.
I voted too .

Paige, Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hello, nice idea ^-^ that's why I'm participating too!


(Stefanie, 20 years, Germany)

Sarah said...

Nice idea!! I got excited for some reason XD
and yay his birthday is 1 day after mine

anyway I'll participate but i have to think of what to write


Anonymous said...

Nice idea! Thanks!! XD

My message:


savvy kate said...

wow, almost double the # of votes in 1 day! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, ALL LJ PPL WHO CAME HERE TO VOTE/COMMENT!!
i'll update the bday graphic and add every1's name & stuff 2 the marquee on friday.

now i don't have to scrap the marquee idea! great! =D

oh, right, if u wanna write a short message 2 toma next 2 your name, u can go ahead (in any language is fine!), since not much ppl R commenting anywaz, we can add messages in addition 2 your names at the marquee. =)

Anonymous said...

hello! I'll participate too =) thanks!

Lanie, 24, Philippines

Anonymous said...

Joyce Neoh, 22, Malaysia
Gambate Ikuta-kun!

jeanelle said...

whuaahh!! do we need to write our "SURNAME"?? anyway ill just put it if it'll be needed.. :))


(i can't write in japanese..TT^TT anyway, this is great! ur so cool! haha yoroshiku~!^^)

Anonymous said...

whuaahh!! do we need to write our "SURNAME"?? anyway ill just put it if it'll be needed.. :))


(i can't write in japanese..TT^TT anyway, this is great! ur so cool! haha yoroshiku~!^^)

Anonymous said...

<3 It's a really cute idea!!!

Thank you!!!

So mine is:

かたりな, 22歳, ドイツ

in english:

Katharina, 22 Years, Germany

Gucia said...

Agata (Gucia), 16, Gryfino in Poland
Lots of love and hugs from fan that loves your smile and huge energy. You always make my day ^^


savvy kate said...

i forgot 2 say that last names R not necessary, but it's fine if u want 2 include it. =) thank u, thank u! i do feel cooler these days! j/k! haha!

you're very welcome, gucia, and every1 else that thanked me!! =D i'm glad i was able 2 think up this bday project, though i have no idea how i can top this next year. lol!

almost 100 ppl voted by now!!
maybe we can get 100 by this friday. xD

dzunah said...


i've always been wanting to somehow send my birthday wishes to toma so i'm glad i came by this.. this is great! thanxx for this! :)

Jona, 19, Philippines

savvy kate said...

hi, dzunah! =)
thanks 4 participating!! ~_~
& u're very welcome!!
it's my pleasure 2 set up this b-day project so many fans can send toma something, since JE (but i could see why) doesn't allow fans 2 send JE guys gifts.

will add u 2 the marquee this friday. =)

Anonymous said...

Kayroline,18, Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea, i want to participate!

Melody, 15, Singapore


Anonymous said...

Nyahaha.. I wanna participate

Goodin, 26, Phil.

Clarisse said...

Hey me too! I wanna participate!


Happy birthday! Toma chan

Thanks u kate for this very cool idea!

savvy kate said...

u're very welcome clarisse! ~_~
i'll add u to the marquee today!

d'Lyn said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y,, ikuta toma-san!! ^^
toma-san, sukii! <33

I don't see anyone from Indonesia, but I'm from Indonesia ^^
Oh I hope someday he'll have concert around asia and go to Indonesia! <33~~

Dyelinne, 18, Indonesia

savvy kate said...

thanks 4 taking part in this! u might be 1 of the last ppl i add 2 the marquee, since it's really close 2 his bday now... i'll add u & yr message today. =)

savvy kate said...

dyelinne, u're the 20th person in the marquee!! =) thanks 4 making it an even #, exactly 20 ppl!