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TOMA'S NEW PICS (cute/hot!!!)..... ~_~ + because i really want to tell you about it already!!

sorry, just a very quick post.
will post more soon...

wasn't gonna post today cuz no time,
but then i saw THESE PICS!!! CUUUUUUTE!!!

changed the pics that links to dearToma and back to here. YEYYYYY.
iyaaaaa, toma's such a cutie ne. *_____* funny that i usually go "ahhh!!" over cute pics of toma rather than sexy pics. i guess i have a weakness for toma cuteness more than toma hotness. lol.

(non-no march2010. THANKS TO STRAWBERRY_GEMM!! credit: petitee @tomalicious forum)

ahh!! lucky sanseido doesn't sell this, or i'd definitely buy it!! lol. LOVE LOVE relaxed/at home and SILLY/CUTE TOMA!!! and again, I LOVE PICS OF TOMA LYING DOWN/ON A BED....

and i might as well also show u the preview pics of shirtless toma...kyaa!! ^^ so beautiful....though something unnatural about his revealing pic, but still so....!!! wow. he looks so nice and strong and all...kakkoii.

(credit: strawberry_gemm at in the jyosei jishin no.2436 march 2010. i saw this magazine at sanseido today!!! it was all wrapped in plastic so i couldn't flip it open to look at toma. -__- but he looks gorgeous in that 1st pic that took up most of the cover. ahh... i'll post up a pic i took of it soon~~ luckily i was able to control myself and didn't buy it. xD i'm proud of u, kate-chan. lol.)

so much toma cuteness/hotness.....

with that~
good night!! ~_~
sweet dreams (of u & toma-kun i hope. lol.)

To Be Continued....

still no update. gomen! i'll just start a new post next time.
some annoying things to take care of today and tomorrow....

and... this doesn't seem like the right time or place to announce this,
but i'll just say it anyway. because i really want to tell you about it already!! really~

i've kept it a secret for so long has it been...almost 6 weeks.
i'm good at keeping secrets. ~_~ well, i've given some hints here sometimes though....

ja, i'll just tell u!!
i've been....writing a 3rd fanfic!!
for you, for me...for all of us.
hai~. (that's it?! after that suspenseful build up. (laughs))

paige is the only one who knew about it, cuz she was the last to comment at my story. heehee... thanks, paige-chan, for your supportive messages!! (we talked about me writing the 3rd fanfic a little, in the comments of my 2nd fanfic, under the first post.)

so~ it's been real~ly tough to write, and i'm still adding to it. i actually finished writing in around 11 days (started soon after i posted up the ending of the 2nd fanfic)....and luckily, i finished it right around the time that toma take over started (jan.29!!) but i still had to type it up and edit and wait till the premiere happened and then write about it. couldn't work on it much during toma take over, no time!!
(i got sick during february partly cuz i wasn't getting enough sleep, working on the story and keeping up with toma stuff!!) i'm hoping i'll be done by the end of THIS week (or at least start posting up the story little by little)...but i have no idea if i can make it or not. (which is kinda why i'm letting u all know...maybe the pressure of u all knowing will get me more motivated to finish soon!! xD) i hope so though, i don't wanna post it up too long after the ningen premiere happened.

i really really worked hard on this story...and it's quite long cuz it spans 4 days (feb.18-21)!! but it's not like u're with toma a lot, cuz he's busy still, but still....lots of *doki doki* and *blush* moments....i hope i didn't overdo it...(laughs). but really, a lot of THOUGHT and time and effort and LOVE went into this fanfic, so i hope everyone will like it. it's an unforgettable time for toma as well as you ne....

oh, if u don't know what i'm talking about. where have you been?! lol. i wrote 2 fanfics where u can pretend you and toma meet, become friends, etc. please do read it if you haven't. if you don't wanna read both, at least read the 2nd, cuz you should read it before you read the 3rd. but then, even if u haven't read parts 1 or 2, you'll still be able to enjoy reading part 3, i think. =) (but reading part 2 after part 3, it won't be as nice cuz u know what will happen...)

part 1:
part 2:

good night~

2010 march 1

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HANAMIZUKI TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥

a sweet kiss @ a lighthouse!!♥♥ kyaa!! i love lighthouses. and the HUG was so sweet!!! (credit: zoe)

toma!! been seeing him as youzou so much lately, so it's refreshing to see him as a youthful, happy guy in the present day again. ^^

HANAMIZUKI TRAILER!!!! GAH! (watch it at h@youtube's page. or DL it from zoe's blog) I WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIEEEEEE!!!
seems like a very sweet and romantic love story...
and i love how it's set in hokkaido. prettyyyyyy.

though the long distance love story and different social status couples has been done lots of times before, but it still looks like a good movie. (ah, a long distance relationship. kinda reminds me of my fanfic. lol.)

his love rival is mayama f/honey and clover!!! EHH!! sugoi!! ^^ (didn't seen much of the other girl.) though probably they won't have any scenes together. wait, so gakky already came to NYC and canada and for overseas filming?? gotta check the gakky fandom. oh. duh!! i forgot yui is filming for code blue right now. when did she/when will she go then?? they only said early 2010. ehh...

from the trailer, probably most of toma's filming is done. ^^ i wonder what is left...maybe just the ending, which takes place in the spring?

Monday, February 22, 2010

kate's ningen shikkaku Premiere Night + opening day report + toma's msgs (+more screencaps)


kate desu.

1st off, 5TH place at the box office!!
(the news is posted below)

awww. i thought ningen would get a higher ranking...but 5th is ok. avatar and oceans are HUGELY POPULAR. such tough competition. but i had such HIGH expectations for his movie, especially cuz toma was EVERYWHERE recently, even on books...i was thinking #1 for sure!! lol. i didn't know other BIG movies are out. but still, CONGRATULATIONS TO TOMA AND EVERYONE F/THE NINGEN TEAM!! the movie did pretty well, considering...and it's toma's 1st movie after all.

so~ ningen shikkaku is now playing in theaters all over japan!! YEY.
~_^ (COME ON, MORE TOMA FANS GO WATCH AND THEN GO WATCH IT AGAIN! XD) and in toma's latest msg, he said opening day went fine, he's happy and thanks everyone. "this day was one that for me, will be a memory for a lifetime. i hope that it is the same (for) everyone.... please treat the movie Ningen Shikkaku well." (credit: inseiko, tomalicious forum)

toma-kun. ah.... what can i say....i'm so happy for his success. i'm just so happy~ he deserves all this and much more. he's worked so hard. he's still~ working so hard. and yappari, he looked PERFECT at the premiere. perfect hair, perfect suit. CUTEEEEE. i love how it's a formal, black suit, yet toma still has to do something to make it special---a bright red what-do-you-call-it (not a belt...what is that thing called? anyway...) at his waist. ^^

and of course, you've heard....he cried!! hai~ that's so toma-like, though ne. but i thought maybe he'd tear up a little, but no, toma really cried! his eyes were red and everything. awwwwwww. =,) just wanted to hug him when i saw the video. (u can DL it at the toma lj or watch online at h's youtube page. if u don't know where, go to my youtube page ( and it's the last person on my subscriptions list.)

janinamedina had a short description of what happened:
**Toma-kun cries!!! He was so overwhelmed by the support and response to the film. Awww *pats him* people made compliments and Toma was getting all weepy, "I'm happy ... Thanks" Toma said, wiping his eyes with a handkerchief and all the fans who were there shouted, "good luck".

the video was edited, so not sure how long toma cried, but later, i guess he had to get out a handkerchief to wipe his tears away and fans cheered for him. wish they had shown that part too!!

[my screencaps. but some very clear screencaps strawberry_gemm posted:]

TOMAAAAA. you are loved~ SO loved~!
(makes me think of when toma cried at the johnnys concerts when he was little... toma, you haven't changed at all. ~_~)

AND TOMA SAW HER AND SMILED AT HER & HER FRIEND AND MENTIONED THEM!!!!!!!!!! LOOKED AT HER SEVERAL TIMES!!!! *dies* (lucky she and her friend were the only not japanese ppl there and they sat in the front row!!)

her report about the whole thing here:

ahhhh. love this part the most. i felt almost the same way the 1st time i went to hacken's concert. (my 1st thought was: HE EXISTS IN REAL LIFE. he's REAL! right in front of my eyes!): "it felt SO strange seeing him there. So familiar and yet so strange. But his presence was so calming. My nervousness was like blown away the moment he entered the cinema."

i won't talk about how i feel about it here, cuz u can read it all at my long comment there (kate_firefly). xD really, i just think it's so amazing, what happened. i'm really so happy (and jealous too. xD) for her!!!!!!!! oh, there's a little SPOILER at the end of her post. [ba-ka...i was so excited about her meeting toma, i wrote the wrong date. it was may 7, 2005. aug. 2003 was the 1st concert of his i went to. sorry to the kate f/2005 that i forgot right then!!]

[some pics from the premiere night + opening day screening. credit:]


Japanese Box Office Rankings (Feb 21 and 21)
[Weekend of February 20 ~ February 21]

01) Avatar
02) Oceans
03) Ototo: Younger Brother
04) It's Complicated
05) The Fallen Angel (No Longer Human)
06) Koshonin: The Movie
07) Invictus
08) Golden Slumber
09) Coraline
10) Samurai Sentai Shikenger vs Engine Go-Onger: Ginmaku Bang!


(some screencaps f/tv shows. hanamura is mine. the rest are zoe's. oh, funny 1 is zomboid's. xD)

(sumimasen~ toma's messages summaries COMING SOON!
tomorrow, i think.)

oh, someone at LJ said the movie is only being released in 160 theaters now, so of course it's hard to compete w/other movies that are in 300+ that explains the 5th place rank!! WOW, NOW I'M HAPPY AGAIN, THAT MEANS THEY DID PRETTY WELL AFTER ALL!! :D

the ningen soundtrack...
mm...a little disappointing, but i guess it'll be different when i actually watch the movie and connect certain music to certain scenes. but i really like the main theme a lot. and the ave maria. of course, a lot of the music sounds quite dark...but it's funny/weird, how a lot of it makes me think of snoopy & the peanuts gang!!! xD cuz those cartoons, they use a lot of jazz music and all...ahahahahahaha. (u can get it from the toma LJ.) i wanted to listen to the soundtrack to get a feel for the movie, but i ended up mostly thinking of charlie brown, linus, snoopy, lucy, etc. lol.

this will be the last time i try to summarize ALL of toma's posts. it's really too much....i'll just stick to summarizing only the MOST MOST IMPORTANT ONES once in a while. if you want to read his posts, remember, u can register at Tomalicious Forum and get over 50 posts or something. then u can read his messages in the Translations section. =) but i hope everyone has enjoyed reading my summaries thus far!

Toma's Room
Vol.330 (feb.19)

"finally. from tomorrow.

ningen shikkaku will open in theatres.

i waited dearly for this day.

ikuta toma's first movie.

i have put all of the power i have not into it.

it's a production i can feel proud of.

please look after it."

awww!! he's really so emotional & happy about it, even f/this short message u can tell...

Ningen Shikkaku Special-page seven- (feb20?)

a decorated building where youzou goes to drink.

his favorite place in the movie.


"Ikuta-Ningen Shikkaku-Toma desu.

opening in theatres today, ningen shikkaku."
did i wake you? sorry.
why don't you try going to the theatre? (laughs) go with friends.

sure everyone will feel something from this movie.
please go see the essence of japanese movies.
"i'm counting on you.

okay if i have anything else i'll mail again.
have a good day!"

Toma's Room
Vol.331 (feb.20? or maybe feb.19?
but i think it should be feb.20, since he said opening day)

"i completed the first day's greeting the audience.

everyone, really, thank you very much!

i'm happy that we were able to meet the opening without incident.

this day was one that for me, will be a memory for a lifetime.

i hope that it is the same (for) everyone....

please treat the movie ningen shikkaku well."

truly, an unforgettable day for toma-kun and his fans.....i'm glad nothing went wrong that day.

Toma's Room
Vol.332 (feb.21)

congrats to terajima shinobu-san for winning the best actress award at the berlin intl film festival!!
the last time a japanese woman won was 35 yrs ago. really wonderful!!

acted with her in ningen shikkaku, so know she is great. really glad. will do my best to catch up to you.

want to see you and congratulate you.

and ningen shikkaku.

a follow-up audience greeting!
"truly, thank you very much!

so that i can convey [what i want to say] to many more people...

shall we do one more run?"

kate: wow, congrats to her!!! toma, i hope u'll catch up to her. hehe. when i saw the words film festival, almost thought toma was going to one for ningen!! lol. EH! ANOTHER AUDIENCE GREETING? what? follow-up? eh...

[these are just summaries! but quoted parts are exactly what he said.
translation credit: inseiko, tomalicious forum]

Friday, February 19, 2010

NINGEN SHIKKAKU OPENING DAY.♥ (a few updates, toma's msg)



(1.16pm jst, feb.20 now. almost time for careline to see toma @the special 1:35pm greet-the-audience that was added recently!!)



oh, toma fans are talking about toma/ningen. tweeting? twittering? anyhow, just do it!! haha. arigatou!! of course, tiger woods is 1 of the top topics. i didn't really think we could get it into the most popular topics anyway...but if it's tiger woods vs toma. toma will lose. stupid tiger woods. so sick of him. =O

(oh!! Paramore's Brick by Boring Brick is playing on the radio!! sugoi!!! ^O^)

so, no news about how the premiere night was, but i saw this news f/a couple days back, about a promotional event for ningen here:

chotto....EHHH, just saw this @tomalicious forum chatbox!!!!!! *__*

20 Feb 10, 06:34
Dariya: Very touching- I almost cried myself!
20 Feb 10, 06:34
Dariya: On Mezamashi (a.s.on) You could see how it made him cry yesterday at the screening of NS.

...i watched some toma interviews online today. hint: check out h@youtube's subscriptions!! hopefully TFS will sub the most interesting interviews. they've already subbed zoom kansai! ^^ and the news about the 1st preview screening back in jan.27!!

(toma, so dashing!!^^ but look carefully, he's got some skull & crossbones on his bowtie!! lol. even at serious moments like this, toma still finds a way to show he's a rocker at heart. hehe. xD kakkoii!!)

Toma's Room
Vol.329 (feb18):
[credit: inseiko @tomalicous forum]

doing promotion again.

"New - Picky Eater King Decision Battle."

his opponent...
jude law.
"jude law and ikuta toma. that's too cool."

really want to win!

"tomorrow is finally the Premiere Night.
those who can come i dearly hope that u will be careful [coming].
the theatre pamphlets have been completed by the way, and they are really quite nice. it's all photos that were not used in the photobook too, so i like it a lot. look forward to it.

now then... first let's meet on Recomen"


jude law and toma on the same show!! battling it out!! thought toma was joking, but wow, HE IS THERE IN JAPAN FOR THE PREMIERE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. it's true!! SUGOI!!!! toma and a big hollywood (if it was like...johnny depp + toma, i'd die. xD i love johnnyyy.) i think he says be careful cuz it's really cold...dress warmly. ~_~ toma's always so considerate.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toma...always know that you shine brighter than anyone does.

(right now: 8 hrs, 47 minutes until feb.19.

and 1 day, 8 hrs, 47 minutes until feb.20, JST.)

toma's first movie: ningen shikkaku.
no longer human.

2010 february 19.
the premiere night.

2010 february 20.
the opening day!

Congratulations!! really~

~_~ yokatta. ureshii~!
i don't know what else to say...
i'm really so happy and proud of toma. =,)

remember ARASHI's song, Hero?
it describes toma so well...and i always feel like this is TOMA's SONG. so happy that after everything he's been through, after so long, it's finally his time to really shine!! [if u don't know what hardships he's been thru to get here, go read the LONG toma bio i wrote HERE.]

Today, you run on the same street
looking for something within yourself.
Even in the raining morning or windy night,
you continue your dream.

There are moments you want to give up,
it's the same for everyone.
Without giving up, step by step let's go
Up! Up! Up! Up! Raise your precious heart.

Your dream is everyone else's dream.
Right now, you're on the stage where you will shine.
You're out of tears and now standing here.
Those hero's eyes give courage to the world.
You're (a) Hero!

(credit: u can watch the mv here:

i hope everything goes smoothly at the premiere and audience greetings for toma! it does feel fast, but it's been so long since we 1st knew about the movie (may 2009) till a few days from now, when everyone can actually watch it in theatres. wah...remember back then, we all thought it'd take forever until we can see the movie?? and now...!!

i'm not sure how the official movie premieres are like in japan, but i guess it'll be similar to the first preview screening on jan. 27, but MORE...grand. and i hope toma will look cool, but not do anything too weird with his hair or wear anything too...but whatever he does, he'll still look handsome and cool, i'm sure.



FOR YOU~!!! ^O^

many of us cannot be there physically with toma, but i'm sure we're all there with him, spiritually!! and i'll certainly be thinking of him a lot both days (more than usual. xD)...

can't wait to see news/videoclips/read fan reports about the premiere and about toma's movie. but i'm worried about spoilers...but then again, since it's based on the novel, we already know a lot about what will happen...

i should do something to celebrate♪ (WE ALL SHOULD~!) these 2 BIG days, but not sure what. haha...i know i'll wear RED, though!! i'm not sure if i'll post here cuz i wanna keep this post up top for a while...but then i'll definitely post if anything BIG happens...^_^ if it's something BIG and i can't really post yet, then i'll still post at the chatbox here. hehe. so do keep coming here...i'll try to keep y'all updated ne~!

("always know that you shine brighter than anyone does." this is a line f/a Paramore song. the song itself is not that good, but THIS LINE. made me think of toma right away.)

ningen photobook pics and toma's 2 new msgs.

so, my ningen shikkaku photobook came yesterday!!

finally. 2 weeks and a 3 days, was it?
just in time for the ningen premiere, too!! *_*

i really like it!!
it smells nice and fresh~.

i just wish there were MORE pics. haha. but i suppose i should remember, quality over quantity. all the pics are very very lovely. especially toma's beautiful pics... and this is another time i wish i understood japanese. they had some writing...probably poetic quotes f/the novel, throughout the book. and interviews or behind the scenes stuff at the back of the book. ^^ all of it is useless to me though. haha. but it's nice to see some random behind the scenes moments. cuz i want to see toma's smiling face~.

also wish they had some random pics, like the kinda pics toma was talking about at his blog...ah, they're not in there after all. and i thought they'd have some pics that we've seen f/magazines, some of those really pretty youzou moments...but no to that woulda been nice ne.

oh, also, my fear of spoilers! yappari. baka, why would they....

so~ i'm really glad i bought it. i've got something now to always remember toma's first movie by...(i regret not owning anything official f/Maou...maybe i should buy their soundtrack...) since i'm not sure if i can buy the movie on DVD or not...this will do.

since strawberry_gemm already posted up scans (wow! thanks to her for sharing, but i really couldn't do that...don't want to bend my precious book too much!!) can see everything in the preview pics f/be4 or strawberry-gemm's post, so i'll just post some pics where u can get an idea of the feeling of actually having the book arrive and some of my fav pics from it. ^^

also, i haven't really looked thru it carefully. saving that for friday, feb. 20 in japan. :D

the book is actually ALL BLACK on the inside. cool. on the back, in the center, is a b&w picture of a record player. hmm...what's the significance...

really like the behind the scenes pics. wish there were more! and also, there's a group pic of the whole cast and crew at the end of the book. cool!! the ningen team (did toma call them the arato team [the director] though...i think he did.)

me holding/hugging my precious book~.

********* TOMA'S ROOM msgs *********

vol.327 (feb.17?):

"i got a Tamori strap-!!!"

but it felt kinda half-way-!!

been bragging to lots of ppl.

went to see Katori Shingo's musical, "Talk Like Singing" at night.
it was moving.

afterwards, met Shingo and took a picture. with his camera. (laughs)

kyai~n guys were there too. udo-san couldn't stop singing so he became a one-man musical in the waiting room. for the first time in a long while, laughed till his sides hurt. laughed too much. remembering it will make him laugh, even.

got energy from Taarou. "from tomorrow i'll be full of energy."

[think twice girl:
about Tamori, i think he means Tamori,host of Waratte Iitomo.
Toma appeared on that show 3 days ago (Feb 15).
as far as i know, it's hard to get that cellphone strap, so it makes sense that

Toma was happy bcause he finally got that strap.]


kate: surprised he's still got time to watch a musical, with the opening day approaching so fast!! but i guess most of his tv/radio guestings are done or are in the daytime. free time at night for toma to relax. i'm glad that he laughed so much and had fun!! ^^

vol. 328 (feb.17):

[a special post, so i'm quoting the whole thing, this is what toma-kun wrote~. =)]

"hi hi.
just one work announcement.

the Premiere Night on the 19th.
the first-day greeting of the audience on the 20th.

the tickets all sold out it seems. i'm so glad!

it's! quite! a! Premium Ticket so those who can come, please look forward to it.
i will also be sure to look forward to it.

and, in addition to this, it seems they have added one more greet-the-audience to the schedule. yeah~ i'm so glad!
with the opening day so close, i have begun to get really excited.

i'm counting on all of you too!"


sold out!! :D
added 1 more greet-the-audience!!
it seems almost like a concert. lol. if only.


(wish i could be there. badly~ but then again, i wouldn't be able to understand anything w/out subtitles, anyway...)

remember how i said this movie MUST break the record, must be the most highest-grossing japan movie of all time?? haha. i'm sure it'll be a box-office success, but still...EVERYONE (that can), PLEASE GO WATCH THE MOVIE MANY TIMES!! xD arigatou~!

2 DAYS, 7 HOURS, 25 MINUTES LEFT UNTIL FEB.20 (JST): NS official release!!! (less now, by the time i post this!)

hi there!

it's me.

have you been watching the winter olympics?
i have. ^^ i think it's cool, how it's on every night, and everyone can watch it together and enjoy it together, even if we don't know much about that specific sport...watched some tonight w/kasan and tosan... it's really exciting~!! but a lot of the sports r so dangerous, of course...but i admire all of them, all the athletes, for working hard and taking such risks to be there. it's really touching when they win!! (and really, i love listening to the majestic olympics themesong.^^ and vancouver is a pretty place...)

my ningen shikkaku photobook came in the mail today!!! sugoi!! (i knew it would, today!)
i'll take some pics and share it with y'all tomorrow. i've looked thru it. it's really cool...but...hmm...that person posted up most of it (the most interesting). the person who posted up preview pics. i was hoping there'd be MORE pics, but i guess it's better to have good, big pics, instead of too much, but small.

(this is random, but i'm totally hooked on that paramore rock song, "brick by boring brick"!! just heard it a lot on the radio recently, but didn't know who sang it. just today, looked them up and watched the mv. AWESOMENESS!! i can really relate to the lyrics...of wanting to live in a dreamworld. haha..."she lives in a fairytale...somewhere too far for us to find..." hayley's so cute/cool too. love her voice!! love their style. check out the MV here. SUGOI. *_* love hayley's cute white dress in here. i want 1 like it!! heehee.

[found this by accident!! the poster at a theatre somewhere in japan?? SUGOI!! o_0 credit: areea_chan.]


(i've been counting down since last month, but things kinda got away from me, and i forgot to start counting down here around 10 days be4 opening day. oh well. haha. gomen!)

Ningen Shikkaku official release!!!


toma must be getting REALLY~ nervous........
i'm nervous and excited for him!! i'm sure we all are!!!

i should do something to celebrate...hmm...
i hope you will too!! ^_~

some1 at the toma lj was saying...days away from the ningen premiere, but how come the toma fandom is kinda quiet lately?

EXACTLY THE SAME THING I WAS THINKING!! HAHA. well, i think cuz most of us at LJ are overseas, so we're waiting for some1 to upload his new tv shows and all...


WE'RE EXHAUSTED F/TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH TOMA FOR ALMOST A MONTH NOW!!! TOMA TAKE OVER STARTED SINCE AROUND JAN.29.'s exhausting trying to not fall behind on watching/reading/listening/looking at toma stuff ne. but it's been FUN AND REALLY SUGOI....

(2 more toma take overs this year, remember.
for his 2 movies. save up yr money, girls~!! lol.)


[saw these pics @zoe's and THINK TWICE GIRL's blogs. =)]

zoe's blog has a LONG list of all of the tv/radio shows toma's on these days, but it's in japanese. HE'S EVERYWHERE THIS WEEK!! REALLY. VERY BUSY. but a lot of these shows were pre-recorded too, so that's a relief. whew~ HE'S VERY BUSY THESE LAST FEW DAYS BE4 THE OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THE MOVIE!!

and here's a list of toma's tv shows. i'm skipping any where the file is huge...too much trouble to download. i've already watched a lot of his tv appearances last/this month anyway, i think that's enough!! besides, they're not subbed. i'll stick to the ones that hisatopii uploads and the ones that TFS subs. haha...(keep checking her youtube page for new toma video clips....there have been a few more each day!! luckily, some of them are really short, or i won't be able to watch them all. AND EVEN IF U CAN'T WATCH ALL OF TOMA'S SHOWS, GO TO ZOE'S BLOG [linked to it in the LINKS section on the right of my blog!] TO SEE NICE, BIG SCREENCAPS FROM THEM! *_* also, here are strawberry_gemm's scaps of his newest tv shows:]

10 February 2010 @ 08:46 pm
New Toma Guestings

2月8日~10日 「BOOM TOWN」(J-WAVE)出演!  NEW

2月12日 「徹子の部屋」(テレビ朝日系)出演!

2月14日 「お笑 いワイドショー マルコポロリ」(関西テレビ)出演!  NEW

2月14日 「行列のできる法律相談所」(日本テレビ系)出演!

2月15日 「はなまるマーケット」(TBS系)出演!  NEW Hanamaru market

2月15日 「人生が変わる1分間の深イイ話」(日本テレビ系)出演!

2月18日 「レコメン!」(文化放送)出演!Recomen

2月19日 「VVV6」(フジテレビ系)出演! *____*

2月20日 「TOKIO ナイトクラブ」(ニッポン放送)出演!


excerpts from a professional review by a person f/the press that went to see the movie's preview screening back in nov.2009!!! yappari, they liked it. ^___^ ........kedo, i'm a little worried by that "but it's not an ero" scene, though. @___@

"- beautiful, intriguing, captivating
- Ikuta Toma, playing his first lead in a movie, performed very well
- makes me want to read the novel again"

iya~ toma would be very happy if he knew this!! ^O^

ALSO: 2 touching, emotional fan reports from when toma came to the FIRST (i didn't realize this before!!) night of yamashita's FIRST solo concert back on nov. 21, 2009!!!!!!!!! YOKUBOU NO RAINNNNN!!! TOMA & YAMASHITA'S FRIENDSHIP.....*heart*

( a yamapi fanvideo. u can listen to his song Colorful (2nd song toma & him sang together that night) here. lots of cute pics of yamashita. MAYBE IT'S CUZ ALL JE GUYS TEND TO HAVE THE SAME KINDA POSES/EXPRESSIONS 4 PICS, BUT I SOMETIMES, I THINK YAMASHITA AND TOMA LOOK A LOT ALIKE?!! ALMOST LIKE BROTHERS SOMETIMES...but then sometimes they look totally different!!)

********** toma's room message **************

NS page 6 (feb14?)

[a pic of a goldfish bowl?]
toma asks the director why he has goldfish in all his movies. he says shyly, cuz he likes them. toma says this gentle director's gentleness and warmth can be seen throughout this movie.


[toma picsss.^^ credit: strawberry_gemm, hpswf1. get the pics here:]

[more screencaps by yours truly.... ^^ more toma magazine pics! f/a news clip. toma pics in hawaii!!! from hanamura, on feb.16. and love seeing him in light colore clothes after so much red/black. *_*]

.........i found this imdb page for ningen! after seeing A KISSING SCENE @_@ f/a short ningen trailer today at youtube, i wonder what the rating for this movie will be. probably pg13.

......................... cool LJ stuff:
[gifs made f/ clips of his documentary show =)]
[toma icons -recent pics]
[LOTS of toma icons. CUTE!!]
[TRANSLATION] Wink Up March 2010
[selling johnnys guys accessories, including THAT majosai ring!! u can take a look, even if u don't buy.^^]
[DUET pics + JCountdown's (09/10) pages from Duet, WU and Potato!!]
[elitejean's toma wallpapers/other johnnys boys fanart. cool.]
[niji_fansubs subbed his documentary show!! but u know i'm loyal to TFS, so i'll wait. ~_~]
[Italian Softsubs] Maou ep01 [ I MISS NAOTO & NARUSE.......... =( ]
[old toma drama DL: Gekidan Engimono - Otoko no Yume]
[old toma drama DL: Kinou no tomo wa kyou no teki? he's got a little sister in this drama...that lucky girl that got that role!!^^]
(got both of these dramas since last yr, but still no time to watch it!! just skimmed over them.... good grief. i wanna at least watch the Kinou no tomo wa kyou no teki? SOON. and of course, finally finish aki@deep. -__- aiya...)

LINKS TO DL HIS TV SHOWS, cuz they're really BIG files.
i think most ppl are not interested in getting them. but if u are, go ahead and look for them, it's not hard to find, at the toma LJ...]

and some good news =) :
"Ikuta Toma is now on the cover of all the books that have been written by Dazai Osamu (The author who wrote Ningen Shikaku, Fallen Angel, that Toma is staring in set to be in theatres this Saturday.)

Because of this, sales of Dazai Osamu's books have all increased by 10 to 20 percent." (thanks to ichigo_kurimu)

good grief, it's late!!!!
i'm tired.
good night, everyone.
see you tomorrow!

lol. i've been listening to it over and over. and that MV is really so awesomely dreamy and dark....^^

Sunday, February 14, 2010

pics from +act, DUET, and toma's recent msg's.♥♥

(my precious +act magazine!! so shiny and pretty neeeee!!♥♥ ~_~)

careline is going to japan to watch toma's movie!!!!!
uwa!! known this 4 a while (some of u here probably know too?)....she's leaving today!!! ^O^ she might even be on the plane right now, though it's super early (5:47am in germany, feb.15 now). only know she's leaving on feb.15. i hope careline will have a safe flight and have lots of FUN in japan!! she's staying for 2 weeks!! wah...sugoi!!! even if i can go in a couple yrs, i doubt i can stay that long!! VERY VERY EXCITED FOR HER....^^ u can read her msg that she posted about leaving soon here:

eh...was gonna wait till i get the ningen photobook and post up all these pics at once, but then i guess it's better to split them up. (*fingers crossed* that the photobook arrives tomorrow....i don't think i've EVER waited this long 4 something f/yesasia! over 2 weeks!! maybe cuz it's coming directly f/their japan headqtrs and not the hk one? hmm...)

feb.10, went to mitsuwa. :D
the nice lady there said that MY +ACT MAGAZINE CAME THE NIGHT BEFORE (ON MY BDAY!!! AWESOMENESS!!). my heart fluttered when the lady came back with the magazine in a plastic bag...i could tell toma was on the cover....KYAA!! so handsome~! and this magazine, it's mine!! really didn't expect it to come this soon....a little over 1 week....*blush* toma so kakkoii, looking out at me f/that BIG, GLOSSY magazine. nanka~ i felt a little embarassed...but of course, it didn't matter who was on the cover for the lady working there, she just politely asked if this is the magazine i wanted and i was like..."yes..." really, i was all giddy and girly then.... ~_~ it costs twice as much as the usual magazines, but i'm so glad i got it. ALL THE PICS ARE FULL-PAGE!!! SUGEH!! did. not. expect. that!!! like a BIG photobook of toma, kinda?! ah...

and duet. of course. totally forgot about V they had a cute pink cover w/yuma and the b.i. shadow guys. sugoi!! kawaii!! and some V Day theme stuff inside too...

enjoy these pics!!
douzo!! ^^

(*click on the pics to see the FULL SIZE!*)

(sorry, a little blurry! well, sure strawberry_gemm will upload clear scans of it sometime soon~)

(sleeping toma is love~!)

(so many women....i know i shouldn't think it...but....seeing him w/the older women, it's almost like...he's one of those guys that...well...women pay to, u know...nevermind!)

(some pics from hanamizuki too!! they're a cute couple~~)

(some countdown pics f/Duet. ^^ there were some in winkup too. hope some1 will upload them...cuz i didn't buy WU this time. =T)


324 (feb.12?):

the hiroshima audience greeting, there were many students there. thanks them and says "use this opportunity to become bookworm girls~." he really wanted to the
"atomic bomb dome"

1st time he went there. everything destroyed was recorded there.

can't describe what he felt. only 65 yrs ago, this unimaginable event happened. makes him sad.

"definitely, nothing is born from war.
this history must never be repeated again."

he prayed with everyone before the memorial.

"the wonderfulness that i exist, now, the feeling of gratitude to my parents, and the value of life i felt anew."

really glad he came.
will do his best again today.


"use this opportunity to become bookworm girls~." lol. must have been mostly girls there. again, i love it when he writes to us girls, specifically!! *heart*

i want to go there some day...i'm glad toma got to go. it really does make u sad to think about what happened that day (and in nagasaki too) definitely must never be repeated....

he went to the atomic bomb dome in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. i actually talked about this place and the atomic bombings in this post last year. zehi~ please do, take a look:
remembering what happened on august 6 and 9,1945.

more info and pics:

325 (feb.12?):

finished shizuoka greet-the-audience.

done with the press screenings be4 opening day.

truly thanks everyone who came!
it was an elegant movie theatre, appropriate for watching ningen shikkaku.

first time promoting a movie, flying around, seeing ppl he doesn't usually see, it was a happy experience.
he's very grateful.

what's left is premiere night on the 19th. opening day greet-the-audience on the 20th.
tickets for it on sale from the 13th, he thinks.

"i'm waiting for you."

it's really coming soon, the premiere and official release of the movie.....wah......exciting!!

"i'm waiting for you". kyaa!!
wish i could go watch. =/

toma-kun, i'll go watch it!! (in my dreams~ xD)

326 (feb.13?):

went to sendai for the movie campaign.
1 day, so no time to rest, but he ate some cow tongue. it was really good.

went to the theatre for the 1st time in a long while to watch morita-sempai's play. "sleeping while the blood's still fresh" (?)
"after the play, we went into the night together. lightly, ne."

after left the restaurant, bumped into yoshida koutarou-san, and toma was left alone....after that, met oguri-kun...had fun together that night.

next week, will be on waratte iitomo.
and hanamaru cafe too.

watch out for it!

glad he got to go watch a play. =) and he spent time w/shun?? eh?? was this feb.12 or 13? shun should be with his gf on feb.14, V Day, not with toma!! haha. but then again, toma is his "wife" after all. lol.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

CONGRATS, TOMA-kun! 14th year with Johnnys! & some ningen things & recent shows he's been on...

(dunno what new magazine this is from.
it's zoe_alexiel current avatar @tomalicious. heehee.


i'm still sick. *sigh*
but recovering slow-ly...

tomorrow is the start of the winter olympics!! yey.
i'm not that interested in watching, but i'm kinda excited about the opening ceremony ne~.

and lunar new yr and valentine's day both on sunday!
wow. i don't like it when a bunch of holidays happen at once...
but in case i forget, i'll wish everyone an early




did everyone read my comments/summary of Toma's Room entries #311-323 in the post below??? please do read it if u haven't! =)

today (well, yesterday in JST time) was toma's 14th anniversary of joining the Johnny's Jimusho!! (also a japan holiday: National Foundation Day, so toma probably got the day off! ~_^) he was only 11 yrs old then...i talked about this more last year, so u can go read it if u want:


14 years!! sugoi...

and here's some flowers
for you. ~_~


mmm....toma's such a big star now, but it would still mean so much...if he could finally debut. i think...i hope that day is coming closer??? seeing him sing at the johnnys countdown (or anytime he sings, really) really made me wish he could debut!!! it's been 14 years!! isn't that enough??'s to hoping that today next year...or the next year...toma might not be known as a junior anymore?? *fingers crossed*

.......and here's some random ningen things...

oh, and from toma's new message, the official premiere of ningen is on feb.19, and feb.20 is more greet the audience at various theatres. ^_^
the ningen shikkaku novel (with toma on the cover?) is now ranked 4th place at Oricon!! yeyyyy. *_*
[toma at ningen preview screenings, greet the audience, probably. credit:]

(also, zoe_alexiel uploaded scans of the maou dvd's photobook at the tomalicious forum!! if u can access the gallery's in there. a lot of nice pics, but mostly nothing too special...the pics from the gallery on the DVD were better!!)

oh, this video clip was removed f/the news post i posted earlier. somehow, i found it while looking at some older toma video clips. haha. enjoy!! (QUICK, be4 it's deleted!):
[Miopan] 2010.02.02 Ikuta Toma's 3 best friends talk.]
the host, she kept giggling and gushing, making toma laugh xD and he said THAT to jun!! kyaa!! ~_~

(my screencaps of toma at some tv shows....toma...kawaii na~!♥)


just found out today f/reading jamie-san's blog that it has been snowing, STILL!! ( remember how it started snowing in tokyo on feb.1 or something and cuz it was slippery, jun got in a minor car accident (and lots of ppl slipped and fell on the slippery streets)? seems like it's been snowing on and off since then! (it's rare for tokyo to have more than a few days of light snow.)

and it is snowing RIGHT now (light snow), as i am typing!! (maybe not by the time i post this up though. edit: NO, IT'S STILL SNOWING!! WOW.) and of course, it's VERY COLD there right now. well, if u live on the east coast of the usa, it's nothing compared to the tons of snow u've been getting, but it's a big deal in tokyo when they get this much snow...

i like snow, but it's a little disrupting...hope it doesn't affect the ningen premiere or keep ppl from going to watch toma's movie cuz it's too cold/slippery out....but LUCKILY, AMAZINGLY, seems like it'll be nice and sunny right in time for the premiere (feb.19) and opening day (feb.20)!!! YEY!!!!!! sugoi ne. hounto ni. (credit:

some pretty pics & comments about it snowing in tokyo:

( more TOMA CUTENESS!! kyaa!!

TFS subbed Gout Temp Nouveau (jan.27)!!
toma's fetish: girls with short haircuts?? eh!! and he thinks saying, "oh, did u cut your hair?" makes a girl happy~. (toma, i recently cut my hair!! it's short, too!! really~! xD got it cut be4 my bday ne.) ah, that part about her saying she has a feeling he hasn't been in love in a long time, and he laughs...!! (reminds me of the oshareism 2008 interview, they asked if he was good at hiding his relationships cuz no1 ever talks about him dating any1, and he just burst out laughing and was really embarassed...he said it's not like that...but maybe he is!!) i wonder how many secret girlfriends he's had all these years and no one knew?? haha. i think some1 (was it jee?) said he has an ex-gf, but i think that's a rumor? umm...but that lady host is right, of course he has and it would be a waste if such a cute, cool, sweet guy like him does not have a girlfriend neeeee. toma needs love in his life, too~!

TFS subbed Waratte Koraete [jan. 21]. toma cuteness!! those girls that like him are so lucky to get to be on the show, get to say those things to him!! but my fav are the obachans that said: i want a son like him already! / i want to exchange my son for him! xD

toma on various tv shows. SO MANY FOOD SHOWS!!
(all my screencaps except for the one that he's clapping, think i got that from careline18.)

(just a preview: trying to reenact

incomplete list of shows he's been on:

Waratte Koraete [jan. 21]
Gout Temp Nouveau (jan.27)
miyane-ya (jan.29)
Hey Hey Hey Music Champ (feb1)
Gochi (toma's wearing white) (feb4?),
The! Sekai Gyoten News (feb3) (about allergies? blood test?),
Miopan (feb2) (toma's hair kinda wavy)

i've somehow managed to watch most of this. (many thanks to hisatopii~!!)
luckily sometimes, he only appears for around 5 minutes or less!! whew~

it's really tough keeping up with him these days, but I'LL GAMBARIMAS!!!! (especially cuz toma asked us to try our best to keep up with him. ~_~)

SOME OLD TOMA STUFF, but worth checking out!!
[toma talks about the 5 treasures in his life...his beloved doggie, jam-chan!! and "love, it's pretty far from me right now".]
[Ikuta Toma - Secret of my Heart]lots of cute toma moments f/that one 2008 tv show w/all the female comedians, where they asked toma to say "i love u" to the camera.
[Ikuta Toma - I wanna B Ur Lover] i like this song! it's kat-tun's You. lots of cute toma moments when he was younger. detective thomasu! and Cat in the red boots) and some tv shows he was on when maou was airing...
[Ikuta Toma 23rd birthday fanvideo] pics f/his days as a student, video clips of when he graduated high school! ^_^ video of clips of toma when he was younger... and lots of cute toma moments from hana kimi and lots of tv shows from around that time...ah, nostalgic!! (and that azumi KISS!!!)