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TOMA'S IN FINAL FANTASY XIV!!!! ★__★ the CM, i mean. xD

aww....sorry everyone.
not enough time to complete this post today.
there's too many FF news and other stuff i found's just a little bit....

this is the character from the game that toma is cosplaying. wahhh....toma's totally cuter than him! i dunno his name. only that he's a Hyur. (LOL! that sounds like...xD hahahaha!) why didn't they let toma have a cool thingy on his back for the arrows too?? i love archers. something just really cool about it.....

and this is the world he lives in.......

no matter how cool toma looks, when it comes interview time, toma reverts to his cute, boyish, polite side. heehee....~__~ gah....i love cute n boyish toma the most!!♥♥


news + 7 minute clip from the game!! wowwww. *O*
it looks awesome and the guy that toma was in the CM is kakkoii....

*__* i love this comment by someone there:

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:55 am
TOMA & FF! Never thought it would happen. I seriously imploded when I saw the commercial yesterday. He didn't get to debut with a band, which I dislike Johnny for, but man is on fire with his acting/CM career. \o/
(comment @

(all the pics in this post's credits: mizza,,, v6daisuki,, xq, king-kun,,

(stylish! ~__~)

(kyaaaaaa!!!♥ thanks to tomadaisuki 4 posting it up!)

the rest of this post

(credit: mizza)

TL-CHAN!!!!!! ♥_♥

daiski dayo!!♡♡♡
okie, on with my post!


hanamizuki is gonna be released in hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!
in japanese with eng. subtitles!! go here for more info:

why not california?!!!
and hawaii is near california!! well...kinda. but i can't fly there just to watch this movie....huhuhu. so close, yet so farrrr. *criesssss*

okie....nevermind about that for now...*sigh*

let's continue the post!!

(thanks to misa for telling me about toma's FF CM when it first came out!!♥ and for sharing links and pics with me when i didn't know what was going on yet!)

At yesterday’s promotional event for the new Final Fantasy game it was announced Toma Ikuta (25) would be starring in the game’s commercial, reports Mainichi Shinbum Digital.

With more than 970 million copies sold worldwide, the TV ad for the latest Final Fantasy series installment, Final Fantasy 14, depicts Ikuta in an armour costume as he goes off on an adventure with his avatar friends.

The star revealed he had been a fan of the series for years.

“I’ve been playing Final Fantasy since I was at primary school.

“I was really excited to be inside the Final Fantasy world. There was so much attention to detail on my armour it got me hyped up and it was a lot of fun,” he said.

Ikuta also revealed he got hooked on online gaming while playing Final Fantasy 11.

“I used to sacrifice my sleeping time and just kept playing it,” he said.

While trying out Final Fantasy 14 at yesterday’s event, Ikuta had plenty to say about it.

“First of all, the graphics are amazing! Getting a team together online, and going out and fighting monsters together is a big part of Final Fantasy 14. I hope everyone gets fired up with their friends,” he said.

Ikuta’s TV commercial has both 15 and 30 second versions, and will go on air in Japan from September 22. Final Fantasy XIV for Windows will go on sale from September 30 while the PS3 version is scheduled to be released in March 2011.

(wow!! and me and mizza were just recently talking about how we wish toma could be in more cool CMs, especially NON-food CMs. xD)

i'm just soooooo happy for toma!!!!!!! ^o^
this is seriously awesome. it's toma's first time being involved in something so incredibly popular all over the world. even though this CM is only for japan, but it's so amazing that he gets to promote this super popular game!!!! i just love the idea of more and more ppl seeing toma (and been blown away by his hotness!!) and maybe becoming his fan cuz of this CM!!! probably TONS of FF fans all over the world have seen this CM by now!!!!!! wahhhh.....SUGOI!! ^___^ i've never played any of these games, but it seems cool. i love the music from these games though. and i've watched some FF fanmade MVs and the movies...hehe. ehhhhh....recently, it's like every other week, there's some AWESOME toma news. i'm looking forward to the next big announcement!! lol. (COME ON, TOMA PHOTOBOOK!!!!! XDDDDD)

toma looks sooooooooooo HOT in his costume....with his toned arms, the tight-fitting top, the boots, the armor and holding the big sword and everything!!♥♥♥ getting ready to fight! omggg.....first thing that came to my mind was "a knight in shining armor"!!! and the fake scars they gave him!! wow. it just makes him look even hotter??!!! fufufu. (but he's getting so skinny!! =T) i LOVE LOVE his cool, braided on 1 side hair. kyaaaaaa!! ♥__♥ they should have done a mini photoshoot for him that day, in that costume!!! toma did say something like they took lots of pictures....hmm....i'd love to see all the official pics from that day!! (i guess u can see some at the unleashthegeek post that i linked to below!)

actually, i just realized that this Hyur warrior guy looks kinda like keunu reeves!!! right?? heehee. oh, info about this game here:

a little bit more news here.
kyaaaaa!! *O*

besides downloading the video clips at the LJ links i posted below, u can watch the CM and making of video at H's youtube page, and of course, at the Square Enix page. but i dunno the link to it. xD (oh, wait, this is it, but i still dunno how to navigate it 2 find the trailer. haha.

-heroic, getting-ready-to-fight toma is cool, but i like pretty/cute/boyish toma more. hehe....the behind the scenes video where we see toma in fanboy mode, in awe of the costumes, the sword....and so happy he can help promote this super popular game....awwww.....~____~ ka~waii!!

-LOVE LOVE LOVE toma's cool hair and cool outfit for the promotional event. and LOVEEEE the cool blue FF garden or something in the background!!!! his hair is kinda like how it was for the ningen press conference and kinda like in some of his past butai's....2 gentlemen of verona, endless shock, or azumi. OMG.....i just love it when toma pins up his hair in a girly/cool way. ^////^ (btw, i wrote about/posted pics of a bunch of toma's different hairstyles last year!! check it out:'s some of my favorite comments about this CM!! ^___^

------(@the toma LJ)

2010-09-21 04:50 pm (local) (link) Track This
you don't know how happy this made me when I found out about him in the CM for FF14. 2 things i love come together , it was beautiful

zero - September 15, 2010 at 8:19 am | #16
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OHMYGOD. TOMA. He is getting hotter everytime I see him. He fits in Final Fantasy. I hope they make a live action movie with him. XD

-----omi_monstar - September 14, 2010 at 8:24 pm | #10
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*melts* this looks great! he’s lucky that he gets to fully immerse himself into a FF world! i’ve always wanted to do that. le sigh. ♥

Arashi_Kat-tun - September 14, 2010 at 8:13 pm | #9
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YES!!!!! that’s a good boy….now you will make me interested in final fantasy…

-------mimato - September 14, 2010 at 4:33 pm | #7
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AWESOME just like when Gackt cosplayed as Genesis from FF7 =D

-----Sakura-chan - September 14, 2010 at 4:28 pm | #6
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Definately feeling like the pre-order for this game should include "One Ikuta Toma". 'Caaaause I would totally buy it then.

on 14 September 2010 - 09:49 PM, said:

that jp guy is HOT.


Posted 14 September 2010 - 10:03 PM
archain07, on 14 September 2010 - 09:58 PM, said:
I opening this imagining reading people talk about having proper hydration and foodstuffs for the upcoming marathon.. Just me? /life)


But that video was pretty epic.

(omggggggggggg!!!! *diessssssssss*)

ABOUT THIS CM.... ~___~

Toma's room
9/15 vol. 393

Hi everybody.
It's my pleasure to be in Final Fantasy 14's CM.

Oh my god! FF is men's romance! Romance flight!!
Speaking of which, I'm under a lot of pressure, I don't know what I'm talking about.
Carving a very fine spot.
I wanted to say this, but i said the word 'Fine' for 10 times. (laughs)
I guess I'm too nervous.
Really! No matter how you look at, It's very very beautiful!
I was wearing an armor during the shoot, the quality is really good, we kept taking pictures of it.
Really, I'm glad. I've been a fan of FF since primary, it's really awesome.

You can see the CM and Making on Square Enix's homepage,
Please check it out.

It's very cool.

Even if you haven't played it online before, you will be obsessed with it after playing it with friends.
I spent the whole night playing the previous FF!

Please support.

(credit: jessica)

.............. TOMA'S ROOM entries summary:
(credit: jessica, mizza)

hanamizuki promotional activities have come to an end... and so has unubore. he asks everyone to please watch the last episode. he really had so much fun filming this drama for the past 3 months! next up, Tale of Genji! he'll work really hard. toma went to a SMAP concert and takuya kimura gave him some strength (战斗的斗 ->in chinese it means Fight. 斗=Toma. thanks to jessica for the explanation. i love how toma's name means fight in chinese. hehe.) by patting him on the back. xD cuz of this, he'll have energy to fight for the future. he'll work really hard.

"Good bye, Unubore Deka." they danced together in the end. they all got an Unubore t-shirt with nagase-kun's conceited face on it. =P but toma was the only one to wear it to the party after filming finished. maybe cuz they already wore it be4 that, so it was dirty. (lol!!! this kinda thing always happens to toma!! xD) he met many wonderful people in unubore, so he won't lose to them, he has to work really hard. on sept.20, filming started for the Genji movie. (wow!!! i'm so excited/worried about this movie...!!) he will work hard. (he used the wrong character when writing something in this message on purpose, cuz gohei in Hanamizuki often wrote the wrong words. awwww!!! kawaii!! and i miss seeing gohei already...=T)

.............Genji news:
Higashiyama Will Have Supporting Role In Toma Ikuta Movie

..................hanamizuki news:
(in case u didn't see me post this at my cbox....)

(o___0 FORGOT TO INCLUDE THESE TOMA'S PICS in my previous post. gomen ne!)

--hanamizuki is in it's 5th week and the past weekend, it ranked #7. the weekend be4, it was in 4th place. and before that, 2nd, and of course, #1 for 2 weeks in a row be4 that.
(source: CINEMANAVI)

hana is moving to tumblr. i'll still go there sometimes to check for new hanamiz pics n stuff. =)

...............UNUBORE news:

TFS released episode 7 recently! ^___^
the last episode, "red comet" already aired. =[ aww....but at least i still have ep.s 7-10 to watch. the last episode got 8.7, so the average ratings was 8.05%. i guess that's pretty good, ne....

the unubore deka fast!! u can already pre-order it online. thanks to misa for the news! =) it's sooooo expensive, but i guess it's cool that there's a bluray version too. u can buy it at yesasia or cdjapan...

[u can DL the unubore deka OST here! thanks to mizza!♥]

[*spoiler* u can see a gif of a special dance from the last ep. of unubore here! xD]

...................ningen stuff (thanks mizza!♥):

...............seaside motel DVD (& other of his movies' OSTs):
thanks to careline for posting about the seaside motel DVD at the toma LJ! it will be released nov. 26, and there will be english subtitles!! first press version comes with some kinda card. YEY!!! though i can't buy it cuz it's so expensive and not region-all, but it's good to know...when some1 posts the movie online, i can watch it right away and not have to wait for subs!!! ~___~ (though i guess fansubs are usually better than the official subs, but oh well. =P)

btw, u can buy the unubore deka official soundtrack here. i really like the music used in this drama, actually!! hehe. especially love the opening theme music. and of course, mika's song. also, u can buy the hanamiz and seaside motel soundtracks here. I WANT THE HANAMIZ OST!!! T__T toma LJ stuff:

(seeing him in this CM made me think of 3 of my fav toma + a sword moments. i think that's a pic of him and a black sword's blade?? and the sword-fighting part in cat in the red boots was so cool!! and of course he looks so sexy in that pic...promoting for azumi, i think, which also had sword-fighting!)
[Hanamizuki Promos & News Sept. 10, 2010] (about the "giving thanks" tour)
[COMPILATION OF VARIOUS HANAMIZUKI NEWS.avi (5 vids in 1) ~ PART I, thanks mizza!♥]
[Winkup October 2010]
(about how the UNUBORE 5 spend time together. haha...xD)
[video: HQ cm & making of Toma's FF XIV :)]
[DOWNLOAD TOMA's FINAL FANTASY XIV CM.avi 15s+30s+60s, thanks mizza!♥]
[TOMA's FFXIV ICONS, thanks mizza!♥]
Toma in TOKIO's PV icons (yey!! gabenut's icons are always the best!!! =D that's 1 of them on the left!)
[Toma and skincare regimen] (LOL....@DEEP ZOMBIES ATTACK BOX (toma)!! love the gifs!! xD)
[more toma icons made f/recent toma pics. ~__~ thanks mizza!♥]
[10 Toma icons] (old toma pics. but i love the toma + that sword and the toma + the cake ones!! xD)
[Toma Motivational Poster] =P haha.....

.............random toma stuff:

LOTSSSS OF NICE TOMA PICS HERE. mostly recent, but some older ones and really old ones too. u've seen most of them already, but this is a really nice collection of toma pics! and sometimes there are some funny/naughty comments. hehe. keep clicking Next page on the bottom for more pics. whew....u can also click the ARCHIVE at the top to see a MILLION toma pics at once, but i don't think u should. lol...

---go to and search for "toma ikuta". wowwwww. lots of nice toma fanart and icons and wallpapers!!! ~__~ these are my favs:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HAPPY (early) 3rd BIRTHDAY TO TL-CHAN!!♥♥♥

i sent toma's bday card yesterday!!!
yeyyyyyyy! v(^_^)v and what it says on the card is:

-I have put all my feelings in this, (outside of the card)
-And I hope my feelings can reach you. (inside of the card)

MANY THANKS TO JESSICA FOR TRANSLATING IT FOR ME!!! ah....i really hope our LOVE can somehow reach toma ne!

(THE FIRST TIME I USED A FLICKR PIC WAS THIS ONE. A SUMMER SKY WITH A CLOUD SHAPED LIKE A HEART, NE...and i love this pic but forgot to put it in the collage above. umm....i feel kinda bad, neglecting DEAR TOMA..., but it's cuz not much fans leave messages there anymore....i don't go there much either ne. but DT's bday is march 19, 2008.)

(THESE ARE MY FAVORITE PICS THAT I'VE USED FOR MY BANNERS HERE AND AT DEAR TOMA.♥♥ WAHHHHH....nostalgic! i started using different pics for each season/theme for toma's dramas or movies since aug. 2008.)

(this is what i wrote for the 2nd bday last year:

though it's not sept. 24 yet, but i'm posting this now so that my post about toma's FF CM can be at the top of this blog longer...haha.

***oh...i usually post up a super long list of links to my BEST POSTS from last sept.24 till now....i'll do that tomorrow okie....i save the links gradually each yr, but this yr, i'm a little behind. hehe.***

HAPPY (early) 3rd BIRTHDAY TO TL-CHAN!!♥♥♥
(TL-chan is Toma Love -chan. i got the idea from misa,
cuz she calls her blog TD-chan...hehe. Tomaniac Disorder-chan. ~__~)


i checked my ranking at google and yahoo just today. 3rd page google, and 5th page at yahoo. though for a longgg while, i was on the 1st page of results for yahoo!!! ^__^ actually, mostly anything toma-related that u search 4 at google, probably my blog will show up.'s happened to me a lot when i search for toma's stuff. hahahaha!!! sugoi....v^_^v but's a little kowai somehow? lol. like...EHH...SO MANY PPL KNOW ABOUT MY BLOG??!! heehee...

this is gonna be my 462nd post.♪ i get around 100 visits daily, and the number of visitors to this blog since oct. 2007 (when i got my clustr map) has been over 94,000 people!! and they come from all over the world. just check out my clustr map, and you'll see. =) and now TL-chan has exactly 100 followers!!!!!!! i was hoping i'd get 100 by sept. 24, but i already got my 100th follower on sept. 6!!! sugoi ne!!
thanks to Dana, my 100th follower for following my blog!!

aww....I'M SO GLAD I MADE THIS BLOG. *___*
thanks to this blog, i met so many sweet and nice toma fans....~_~ THANK YOU, EVERYONE THAT HAS COME TO MY BLOG! but i want to thank the people that have commented a lot at my blog or my cbox (well, i only added my cbox in '08, i guess?) all these years!

misa, cezie, paige, mashi, jee, salome, anjerin, marie, careline (sorry if i left u out, these are all the ppl i can remember right now....)

and more recently, lou, hanamichi, pigmom, Akemi! =P


I REALLY REALLY DO LOVE SHARING TOMA'S NEWS AND PICS AND LINKS AND EVERYTHING WITH EVERYONE HERE!!♥ and it makes me so happy whenever someone says they love my blog or that they come here everyday, or that coming here always makes them happy. awwwwww.....yokatta!! ~___~ i guess i've got a sempai status now ne. my brain is full of toma info, and i'm glad i can help out new toma fans in any way. heehee. xD

this is my 1 of my most favorite comments that someone really sweet wrote for me earlier this year. ^////^

"ma, nandemonai yo.. u don't have to thank me ^^
cuz u really deserve to be appreciated & praised
4 all of ur hard works. it's kinda hard to find a
super cool Toma fangirl who did loads and loads of things
4 him like u ^^ kate-chan ga hountoni sugoi.
*hugs u back* ♥♥"

and she also said i was like a shining star of the fandom. and lots of other sweet things. ahh....when i get super nice and cute comments like this, it makes all the hard work and tons of time spent on updating this blog totally worth it!!!! arigatou neee!! *hugssss*

speaking of shining star...
I'M SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR HIM. SOOOOOO PROUD OF HIM. though he's only become the "shining prince" Genji for his new movie recently, but to me, he's always been my cute and adorable, gentle prince! this he's accomplished so much and is still so busy and getting more popular!! kyaaaa.... let's see. a list of special things toma got to do this year (i hope i didn't miss anything. this is all i can remember right now):

-sing & dance at the johnnys new yr countdown concert!
-be in that documentary show, jounetsu tairiku (not sure of the name...=P)★ *for the 1st time*
-be on some of his sempai's tv shows *for the 1st time*
-be on a bunch of magazine covers *for the 1st time*
-he had 3 movies released!★★ ningen shikkaku, seaside motel, hanamizuki. sooo much promoting and traveling all over japan to stage greetings. not sure about seaside, but ningen and hanamizuki are so popular!
-ningen, seaside, and hanamiz are all gonna be released overseas. (mostly in asia, but still!!) wow!!! toma's become an international star!!!★
-toma did some cool sporty CMs for nissin UFO yakisoba where he looks like an olympic athlete!!
-toma appears in a CM with some cute anime girls from a popular anime that i forgot the name of. xD *1st time* toma got to work with anime characters.
-toma on the cover of An An!!♥ *for the 1st time* a super sexy photoshoot!!
-toma got to be in a world war II era drama and he's a policeman. won't air until october, i think.

-seaside promoting....OMG. that hot bed scene!!!! (and i've never seen toma shirtless or doing moe things so much as this year!! 2010...the year of sexy toma. xD wow.....he's always been hot, but this year....!! he's definitely reached a new level of sexiness. OMG!!)

-summer drama: UNUBORE DEKA. the Conceited Actor, sadame. heehee....very silly and nakatsu-like, but he gets the role of the Conceited Detective too. so it's kinda a double role for toma! xD and he wears a lot of sleeveless shirts and tight pants in this drama. fufufu...
-a bio/photobook of toma is released!

-toma gets to be in TOKIO's mv for NaNaNa (unubore deka's themesong)!!!!!!!!!!★★ *_____*

-toma gets his own webpage at the johnny's site!!!★★★★


THIS YEAR HAS BEEN SO AMAZING FOR TOMA AND HIS FANS. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT ELSE TOMA GETS TO DO AS HE GETS MORE AND MORE POPULAR!!!!! i reallyyyy want him to release his first official photobook full of his new pretty pics!! or a calendar?? or a song?? =) you can count on me to update you on everything toma's doing ne!!! GAMBA DES~!♥__♥

but since i don't update my blog as often as i used to, if u need to get your toma fix....xD
besides the awesome toma sites i've listed on the right under the links section, these are some great toma groups you can go to for fun or to see new pics/news about him sometimes, ne! at least u can always see new msgs by fans about how much they love toma!! =D i hope there will be more good toma sites (in english, or else i won't understand. hehe.) in the future. sometimes....just sometimes, i think that if there's a lot of good toma sites out there...then i can slack off more and not update so much. haha....but i guess i'm still needed for now. xD but i'm so glad there are blogs like mizza's or zoe's now, that provide so much toma news and pics and videos....yey!! sugoi ne.....~___~ i'd love to see more toma blogs like these....


u know what my next post
is gonna be about!!

xD kyaaaaaaaaaa....
i'll post it up tomorrow, maybe...

(icon credit: careline18@LJ) credits:
[summer sky, heart cloud]

A Carpet of Leaves

Blue is my color
[first rain] [Uploaded on October 9, 2008!!] [okinawa, japan]
[DSC_0061] [Uploaded on July 12, 2008 by nehavish] [london, UK]
Snowing in Ohio
[hanami lantern]
Autumn Leaves
[xmas lights in osaka]

Meiji Jingu Shrine
the view from our hotel room
[Hokudai park winter]

Saturday, September 11, 2010

HANAMIZUKI "giving thanks" tour + toma's got his own webpage!! + a ton of toma pics and stuff...^_^v

(KONBANWA....kate desu.
gomen....spent so much time gathering pics n news n stuff and resizing and everything. ran out of time. xD whew.....sorry misa, i thought i'd be able to post, but i can only post a little bit. =T)

on sept.9, toma and gakky did their "giving thanks" tour!! they each went to a city in the part of japan that they come from (in okinawa and hokkaido) to attend stage greetings for hanamiz and then met at a theatre in tokyo to do a stage greeting. was really sweet that each of them made a heart at their own stage greeting, and then made a heart together w/their hands while inside a heart frame thingy.♥♥'s a little too much hearts, but it was cute. heehee.

and i guess it meant something like though they were far apart, their hearts were together...i guess. it was sweet and meaningful...for them to be apart and then meet, since the movie was about their long distance relationship. except they were just apart earlier in the day, and then reunited later in the day, in shibuya. haha. (oh, the "giving thanks" part is returning to where they are from and thanking fans there or something....more about this later. i forgot the explanation in the news i read about it. xD sorry.)

(THANKS SO MUCH TO H-CHAN @youtube FOR ALL THESE VIDEO CLIPS, cuz i'd much rather watch it online instead of having to DL it...hehe. ^____^ but of course, thanks to mizza-chan for uploading these videos for everyone.)

-toma's hair and outfit is nice at this stage greeting (whew...IMO, it wasn't so nice the last few times. =P). white shirt again though. wow. i guess he really likes that prince charming in white look. heehee.

-it was nice, how toma looked up and waved to fans as he entered the theatre. ~__~

-it was cute how toma n gakky both stood the same way, with one arm holding the other at the elbow.♥

-some female fans gave toma some a bouquet of flowers on stage and were seriously so hyper/happy when he smiled and thanked them. xD so lucky!!!!

-a lady was saying something and toma made a shocked/cute face and was like "maji des?!" and he said "gamba des!" with that "gambatte!" hand motion. gakky did it too. i hope some1 will translate that part. it was so cute n funny.

EDIT: oh, thanks to tomatoloves 4 the explanation!! ~__~ heehee...funny n cute that toma n gakky couldn't think of anything else to say right then.

11 Sep 10, 05:28
tomatoloves: *the ppl in the audience. (quite a few ppl raised their hands when the host asked if anyone's in a ldr now, thats why.) HTHs!
11 Sep 10, 05:27
tomatoloves: the lady was asking toma to say an encouraging msg to the audience who 's in a long-distance r/s now. (:

(hanamizuki goodies at a store somewhere in japan!!!!!!
WOW. i wish i was there!! credit: kingkow

i love winkup toma!!!! cute shy poses!! pretty outfit!! i love it when toma
(or any1, but especially him. xD) wears scarves! ~__~

oh, and POTATO toma is so kawaii n kakkoii too!!

LOL, the pic of him sticking his tongue out and winking!!!, troom [not sure...ehh...i'll check n edit this later])

please enjoy.....douzo~~

(the sweetest hug ever!!! awww....i just love this pic too much!!!!♥♥ ~__~
i wanna hug someone~ like this!!

MANY THANKS TO MY DEAR MISA FOR GIVING ME A MEDAL OF AWESOMENESS!!!! I'VE NEVER GOT A BLOGGER AWARD BEFORE!! even if it's unofficial xD but it's really sweet of you and i'll keep trying my best to take care of my TL-chan (this blog) so that i'm worthy of this precious award!! heehee. gamba des~!

i~ did~ it~!

of course u all know this by now, but.........






yeyyyyyy!!! ^____^

this is it:
(the logo is the same one used for his Toma's Room (toma no heya) blog, btw. such a cute & pretty logo!! love love that heart at the end. this logo really suits toma perfectly.♥ hehe.)

and it happened on aug 30 or aug 31, when i was celebrating being toma's fan for 3 yrs!!! SUGOI NE!!!!!

i've always wished that toma could have his own website (seperate from the johnny's site), but this is sooooooooo awesome already!!!!

i didn't realize what a big deal it was. cuz i never did find toma in the juniors section of the website for some reason and i rarely went to the johnnys site....but only after i went to the toma LJ and read other fans comments, did i realize that in a way, toma is not a johnnys junior anymore!! uwaaaaaaaaa......

toma really deserves his own webpage and so much more things....(like his own photobook!! it makes me so mad when i read news of young girls or guys getting their first pb's, while toma still doesn't have one!!! -___- and of course, i wish he could release a single or something and debut!!)

and so many fans were happy n hyper for toma too, u can read their comments here. *__*

~__~ and this is what toma said about it:

31 August 2010
Vol. 388

Hey, did you notice?

did you wonder where my page went all of a sudden?

yes, that's right.

recently it was decided that ikuta toma would get his own page.

please look after it from now on.

i'm thinking this is a good opportunity to do lots of new things.

(credit: inseiko @Tomalicious forum)

................... HANAMIZUKI NEWS & STUFF:
(and some super cute gakky pics i saw at ah, she's such a cutie!! ~__~)

♥ hanamiz was #1 at the box office for 2 weeks straight!!!! v^___^v

but then BECK premiered.... awww....i knew BECK would knock hanamiz to 2nd place. oh well, 2 weeks at #1 is still awesome!! it's hard to compete against a movie about hiro and other ikemen in a band!! but mukai is also in BECK! lol.

news about the "giving thanks" tour they did, cuz hanamiz is so popular! in general, it's because the hanamizuki song is kinda about "returning the favor", so they returned to where they were born (to give thanks?) and then after that reunite in tokyo.

Hanamizuki & Aragaki Yui related promos (banners/flyers)
go here to see a lot of hanamiz posters n stuff displayed in japan..... ~___~ aww....i really love i wish i was in japan right now to see hanamiz toma n gakky n pink stuff everywhere!!♥

♥ gakky sang Hanamizuki for her new CD that's gonna be released on sept. 22, Niji (rainbow?)!! i definitely like hitoto yo's version more, but gakky's version sounds cute and nice too. ~___~ her voice is sweet and kawaii ne....and the way they remix the music a little, it makes the song sound happier. yeyyyy. u can watch her PV for it at the link below.

(the video linked here has been removied. i dunno if they updated with a new link, but i found this:
[Vietsub+Kara] Aragaki Yui _ Hanamizuki (Movie version)
it's nice, cuz i'm vietnamese, and i can kinda read along at the bottom, though i'm really not so good at reading it. haha. but YEY, I CAN SING ALONG WITH GAKKY CUZ THE ROMANJI AT THE TOP!! xD)

♥ Oricon said that the paperback hanamiz book was ranked number one! (the news:

..............toma/gakky PICSSS!!!!♥__♥
(as always, u can go to the toma LJ or mizza's blog now to get these pics. ~__~)

(pics credits (not in order at all!!):, mizza, troom,,,, tr studio, shatteredtenshi,, Baidu, xq, tr studio)

.......... recent messages from toma (from Toma's Room):

in an episode of unubore, toma's penpal, sanda yoshiko gueststars. =) toma went to a Hoobastank concert and it was really cool. only 2 more episodes of unubore deka. unubore and sadametchi do something...!! but he says: "I'm~not telling~you." it was super fun and really rare. (hmm???? DID THEY SING AND DANCE TOGETHER??? *__*)

AND...."impossibly, it was IKEMEN PARADISE?!"
TOMA, SHUN, AND MAKI HAPPENED TO MEET AT ARASHI'S CONCERT ON SEPT.5!! they somehow were all there on the same night, it's been a long time since the 3 of them were together. they were really hyper about it and toma felt as if they were just filming together yesterday. he wants to work with them again. and he still has to do horse riding (still preparing for Genji filming i guess) and so his butt hurts. xD

on sept.9, he wrote that he went to Kushiro for hanamizuki promoting and he really misses it. they took a walk and took pictures. "Saki and Gohei who met on the bridge, held hands and ran. Gohei who saw Saki cried and freaked out. Etc etc." (i loved that scene where they ran off together!! ~__~ so romantic.) it made him happy and he wants to come back sometime. because "I've got lots of memories there." ~___~

(credit: inseiko @the tomalicious forum & jessica @the toma LJ)

(EVERYONE WAS REALLY HYPER ABOUT THIS AT THE TOMA LJ. =D CHECK OUT THEIR COMMENTS AND TOMA'S FULL MESSAGE HERE: also, toma saying his butt hurts reminds me of his silly muscle ache song from 2008!! lol. i posted it there in the comments.)

(oh~ btw, paige made a very pretty hanamiz template for the toma msgs posted at the tomalicious forum!! u've gotta check it out, if u can, here:

..............24 hr terebi stuff:

this is a special LIVE show that lasts 24 hrs, i guess. i totally forgot to read the news about it, but i don't think they'd mention him anyway, cuz he was only on for a couple minutes. but it's cool, cuz toma never got to be on the show be4. toma got to put up a pic of him that shows what he's thankful 4, and he chose the pic of him and the hanamiz staff that they took during the crankup. =) (i think? i forgot where i read this.) i only remember some news saying nagase hugged this female celebrity that had a crush on him after she finished the marathon. xD
[more pics from the 24 hour TV show]

download video clips here (or watch online at h's youtube page):
[thanks, mizza!] toma LJ stuff:
[TOMA's ICONS. thanks, mizza!]
[[icons] in TOKIO's PV]

...........random toma stuff:

this is the news about the special arashi concert toma, shun, maki were at together. oh...turns out lots of celebrities were there that night. and i forgot maki acted with sho in a drama a while ago. haha....but STILL....that was still really cool that they were all there. xD
Largest water fountain sets wow 70,000 Arashi fans at National Stadium

Monday, September 6, 2010

UNUBORE 5....ep.1~5 comments & pics!!!

i'm up to episode 5 of unubore deka!!
wow. halfway thru this drama already. it's really a silly but fun drama to watch. unubore (nagase), the conceited detective, makes me laugh the most. hehe. he's so silly/hyper/childish/!!! =D

and sadame (toma) is a baka, but he's cute and at least seems like one of the least pervy guys in Unubore 5. lol. and rie (mika), unubore's ex-girlfriend is so cool and pretty, but also was/is kinda crazy/weird/mysterious. xD unubore's dad, Mama, the bartender, and some of the other supporting characters @the police station are really cool/funny, too!

and sadame gets to act as unubore in a drama based on him. lol. his outfit (really tight pants! fufufu.) and acting is really bad (but sometimes he does really good imitations of unubore!! xD). haha... but when he was super cool for the chasing the bank robbers scene. kakkoii!! (and silly too.)
he wears a lot of sleeveless shirts (his sexy toned arms!! TOMALICIOUS.) + vests and colorful 80s-style looking clothes, but my fav outfit is the super cute striped pink-ish tee + striped white/black tank over it. kyaaaaaaa!! kawaii.....~__~ i want that outfit. heehee...

.......the ultimate "awwww...." toma moment (**SPOILER**):

toma's director is gay and hitting on him!!!!!!!omggggggg. he's so cute when he's all worried/accepted his fate. he was like....i can't refuse him if he wants to take me to makes sense if he was after my body from the start....what can i do! i'm famous, but i'm not really popular!! awwwwwww!!! =( poor sadame...but he's sooooooooo cute and adorable in that scene. but it makes me wonder if toma's ever had that happen to him in real life?? i hope not!! T___T and it totally makes him like, a girl, in that scene. awww.... "i might as well start acting like a girly guy." LOL!

.........nagase's funny/cool/sexy dance from ep.2!! LOVE IT!!

..................some of my fav quotes:

sadame: all i do is stand out! i'm a flower!

unubore: this one's the stupid one. (he's talking about sadame. xD)

the professor: so what of it? close or far away, alive or dead? those are just excuses that realists make! ...never give up!! (he's encouraging unubore to pursue a girl he likes that is probably dead. lol!! saying: he's lucky, they'll be together in the next life!! xD)

..........below are my favorite pretty locations/moments from the drama. and of course, a bunch of toma cuteness/coolness/baka-ness moments. (as always, please click on the pics to see the FULL SIZE. ^__^)

(the rest of the toma screencaps are here:

(the cool bar, I AM I. ohhhhhhhhhh. now i get why unubore kept saying "i'm me" in his high school fantasy!!!!! LOL.)

(i love rie's pretty bed, w/all the hearts & lights....~__~)

(wow. i totally did not expect to spend so much time on this post. please, someone comment. hahaha...whew....i'm going to bed. good night, everyone!! ~__~)