Friday, October 5, 2007

A LOT OF TOMA PICTURES! (my gallery, links 2 wallpapers, icons...)

[my toma gallery!! ((it's all in sub-folders))
it's a lot of pics/animations/icons/screencaps i found online or made/captured myself.
i've got tons of screencaps from hana kimi, and u can tell the ones i captured: there's a lot of caps on 1 .bmp, and the background is black. [like the one i posted above. also, sometimes there will be non-toma caps in there, too.] =) i'm still so behind in hana kimi, only on ep. 5 now. i will upload more screencaps to this link later, as i get more as i watch more! ]

lots of nice (mostly old) wallpapers of TOMA!

--------------- [toma icons]

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