Friday, July 3, 2009

happy (late) toma's-movie-crank-in day!! ^_^ some toma updates and cool J-related things.

happy friday and
happy 4th of july, too!

you know~ today & tomorrow (in JST time)
are both special days. ^_^

for toma that is~~

yesterday (july3) was the crank in for ningen shikakku (hope i spelled that right, the name of his movie). and last year, july 4 was the day that the 1st ep. of Maou aired. i wonder if the start of july 2010 will bring any more important events in toma's life?? (i might re-watch maou with neesan once she's finished watching h&C. she's very annoyed with hagumi, but she likes takemoto a lot!)

oh, crank up for majosai was june 25. already! and the wrapup party was june 27. thanks to xdustbunnys 4 the info ne.

sore's another bunch of toma updates and stuff. i'll post about majo ep.7 too, but later or tomorrow. most likely tomorrow. even if it's Independence Day. i hope some of u will come and read it. but most of u are probably going out, somewhere having fun. not me. haha. i'll be here. yappe na~

well then,
see you.

ATCHII... it's too hot these days. i don't like summer. why can't we go from spring directly to fall??! -__- but it's hotter in tokyo and raining/thunderstorms, so i shouldn't complain. well, just venting, there's no point to this. wait, i guess there is. cuz it's so hot, i can't spend as much time at the PC as usual. help. me. !!!! o___o well, at least i can use that extra time to work on my toma fan art...
(oops, i meant to say ATSUI (hot)! i unconsciously combined atsui and kutchii (irritating) to = atchii. lol. it means it's so hot, it's irritating!! :P)
jamie's post about the huge GUNDAM in odaiba. CLOSEUP PICS OF IT and pretty pics of odaiba, too!! that life-size gundam is just SO FREAKIN' COOL!!! ^^
[steven: Uniqlo’s continuing viral campaign perpetrated through lots of great Flash mini-sites never ceases to be awesome. The latest one to launch, called Uniqlo Calendar, features time-lapse photography of various locations in Japan given the tilt-shift photography treatment also known as miniature-faking, where a very shallow depth of field often found in macro photography is simulated thus giving pictures of life-size subject matter the appearance of a tiny model. Flawlessly executed as usual with characteristically quirky and hip background music, I’m left eagerly anticipating the screensaver (the link on the site says ‘coming soon’, unfortunately).] AWESOMENESS!!!! u gotta check it out. great views of japan and love the music too. ^o^

(dunno which website conducted the survey, but still happy to see so many ppl want to watch maou again!! it ranked #2! i also wanna watch it again!!)

Ikuta Wants to Go ‘Crazy’ in First Ever Movie,
Tuesday June 30, 2009 Japan

The actor Ikuta Toma (24), along with actress Terajima Shinobu (36) and others, attended the press announcement of the upcoming movie ‘人間失格 / No Longer Human’ (scheduled to premiere in January 2010) in Tokyo. ‘No Longer Human’ is originally a novel written by Dazai Osamu, and largely considered to be his masterpiece. The main character is Oba Yozo, a man that is plagued by self-consciousness and cannot socialize with other people. He turns to binge-drinking and womanizing, and gradually ruins himself.

This will be Ikuta’s debut film and naturally will be his first ever lead role in a movie. He commented, “I’m extremely honored to appear in an important film commemorating the 100th anniversary of Dazai’s birth.” He showed a lot of enthusiasm towards the upcoming filming. “I will let the director and the novel control me and try to gradually lose my mind [like the main character].” Asked about his co-stars such as Terajima and the actress Mita Yoshiko (67), he seemed eager about working with them. “I’m really excited and a little nervous. I want to learn a lot from them.”

(credit: music japan)

[From a Koichi-fan that went to today's (090622) Majosai filming as one of the extras. Super detailed. ]

A MUST MUST MUST READ!!! *______* see how amazing toma is while filming!
it really is WORK ne. though he makes it look easy. wow, he is a very observant guy!! also intimidating, just cuz he is too kakkoii!!

uwaaa~ makes me wish i could see him filming sometime. and to be able to be just slightly close to him, to be able to see his face, feel the aura he gives off...that would be just...WOW. i think i couldn't look him in the eye either!! =[ well, i have guessed that he still smokes. but i like him so much, that now, even that, i can accept/overlook. haha~ EVEN WITH THAT BAD HABIT, HE'S THE CLOSEST U CAN GET TO THE PERFECT PERFECT BOYFRIEND, RIGHT???
a rare photoshoot with a girl!! fans r saying he's prettier than her. haha. but that would be true 4 almost any girl that is paired up with him neeeee. :P his perm does not go w/the traditional look at all, but still, the pics are pretty and toma in a yukata is !
chibi toma magazine scans! wow, i think the 1st is his first time ever in a magazine, and a lot are from only his 2nd year at Johnny's!!

[:) lots of enshinge's toma magazine intv's, messages, etc. translations!!]

IF U DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME, AT LEAST READ THIS POST BELOW, where in the interview, he talks about the shows he's on and his thoughts about the MOVIE. like toma said...i'm also afraid he will bring the depression of his character into his real life. but then again, with all his friends and all the other good things in his life, i'm sure it'll balance out and he'll be fine. and it's toma~ he's THE GOOD-LOOKING SUNSHINE BOY after all ne!! daijoubu des.

[and now, for some tomaaaaaa XD!
his articles keeeeep being about the same thing, but here’s a bit of something different, it’s about being on other Johnnys’ shows – TOKIO/Arashi/V6/SCP 8D]

A LOT A LOT of awesome awesome hana kimi icons!!!!! ^_^ i'm using 2 of them-- for my LJ and AF icons!!
[TFS major releases update!]

[Toma's thoughts on Michael and more]

1 of the 1st things i thought after knowing mj died was how toma would react, getting the news that morning!! =( i know he's a big fan, remember him saying at his blog that he watched mj's concert dvd over and over 1 day f/last yr i think...

this video clip is not subbed, but orangekiss_es said the gist of what toma said about mj is: he watched Michael's PV and concert videos many times. When he was doing a concert, someone brought Michael's video to the hotel and everyone was watching and going, "Micheal's amazing" and learnt his dance. And he really can't believe that this happened.

could any1 possibly tell me if toma or his fans wrote
anything interesting in these messages??
u can just summarize it?? from around oct. or nov. 2008.
sorry, forgot which magazine and who posted it up!


leeomurasaki said...

girl in yokata!! with tomaaa!!!!
krrr..makes my blood boil..jk..
do u know hu she is???
so lucky..

nd toma!!
so cuuteee..

kate`* said...

=P yeah~ wish i was in her place!!
uh...some1 posted her name, but i forgot what it is. i think she's just a model.

toma looks cute in his yukata. it's rare to see him in traditional j clothing...

leeomurasaki said...

aahh! i knoooww..<3
so cuuutee..
i got the pic..but i cut out the girl..

leeomurasaki said...
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leeomurasaki said...

u said something about toma smoking..
is that for real??!! :O
i never knew that!
i how did u know it??

kate`* said...

haih. =[
i only knew from fans saying they see him smoke while filming.

leeomurasaki said...

thats saaaaaaaaaaadd..
i didnt think he smokes..

kate`* said...

yeah. =(
i really hope he will quit in the future.

A said...

Hello~ Carly is here. ok here are the translation~♪
Question 1:
from fan: I got a crush on someone and I got his email, but idk what to send him. What should I send to be more friendly and spend more time together with him?
from Toma: How about sending a message saying, " what are u doing right now?" I send these kinda messages with some friends I didn't see 4 a while. but, it's tough sending a message to someone u like. Just, u got his email, he might be waiting for ur message. U need to make some kind of start is important. If u send him 1 message, the rest is just a conversation. Have some courage.
Question 2:
from fan: I told the guy who i liked that i liked him, but i haven't got a answer yet. And we are still like friends. I want to know who he feels, but i don't want him to feel rushed either. Should I tell him again and ask him?
From Toma: So, ur 15yrs old. As a guy, it's a age when it's embarrassing. Even though u told him, he might not know what to tell u, so u should tell him ur feelings again. From my point of view, i think " since a girl told u her feelings, u should give her an answer" (laugh) if it's a mail, u might not get a answer again, so u should tell him right in person and ask.
srry...4 today, i'm going 2 put 2 messages. I'll post the rest of the 3 messages later. I'm so srry! >_<

kate`* said...

sugoi! arigatou ne, carly!!♥
i thought they were asking him questions about himself, but it's actually asking him for relationship advice? haha. well, that's cool 2 read, too!

toma gave them really good answers! he's such a sweet and considerate person ne. ~_~ i'm looking forward to reading the rest of them!! but it's alright, take your time.

oh, carly, is it ok, after u've translated it all, for me to re-post it at my LJ? and i'll also link to that post here, 4 those who don't know. to share with other toma fans. if it's ok, how do u want me to credit u? carly or A?

A said...

idk. i rather have it A. :3 thnx!
Translations 4 the rest:
Question 3:
From Fan: I am a high schooler in Kyoto. My boyfriend goes to a university in Tokyo and since April, I had been able to see him. And i haven't got many contacts from him anymore and i am very uneasy about it. Do u think I should tell my uneasy feelings to him?
From Toma: I think u should tell him the truth. Since u can't see him often, there should be things u need to ask and know. I know u don't want him to feel worried, but if ur going to feel uneasy, u should tell him. Just, understand the other person's feelings and situations, not just ur feelings.
Question 4:
From Fan: I like a guy who already has a girlfriend. I knew i shouldn't, but he always contacts me and i wait 4 it. Should I ask how he feels about me? Or should I just give up?
From Toma: How about u tell ur feelings to him and ask how he feels about u? And how it ends up depends on u and his feelings. In the past, I liked a girl, but she already had a boyfriend. At first i didn't notice, but later i found out and i was like " oh well". I never told my feelings to her and my feelings toward her cooled. But, u should be honest and tell him.
Question 5:
From Fan: I have a boyfriend i have been with for 2 years. But he is going to go somewhere else because of work. Next year when I graduate from high school, i want to marry him. But my parents says i must graduate from collage first and get married. I want to marry him very soon, but is it too early for me?
From Toma: My parents are also married around ur age. So I think it doesn't matter u can't get marry because ur that age or it's too early. But i think it's not late to get married after u do what u want or go to collage. It depends with that and u and ur boyfriend's feelings. If u really want to get married, i think it's fine, but u need 2 encourage ur parents that u can do fine with ur boyfriend. That's something u need to be really firm with.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
okay. this is all the translations. :3 and i agree, he gave good answers. One of the question was something close to my love (-u-) Helped me out a bit. :3 Thank You Toma-Kun! :]

kate`* said...

ok, i'll credit u as A, then.

*_* thanks so much, carly, really!! i enjoyed reading his answers. i think he really put a lot of thought into them, and i agree with him mostly, about what they should do. wah, i wish i could ask for his advice, but i don't like any1 right now except toma, anyway. :P

hounto ni?? i'm guessing the similar situation with u is question #1?? haha, u don't need to tell me. anyway, i'm happy toma's answer was able to help u!! i hope things work out well 4 u.

A said...

hello! srry it's on a past post ><
(title) Hello New Guy (?)
toma- I don't remember anything when i first showed up on this magazine. I was so young(laugh)/ At that time, when they did my make up and everything 4 me, but because i ran around and sweat, i got into trouble a lot.
( came into magazine first time in 1997 8th issue)
- - - - - - - - - -
it's more likely my questions were 1(like u said) and 4. Past was 1. Recently the guy who i liked became a couple with this ugly and evil girl. :'(
So, now i still like it's 5 now. But i'm giving up, since they both know how i feel about me. that lead to a stupid rumor about me. :(
-srry it's a dark story! ><-
thnx 4 reading my super dark story... byezz

kate`* said...

carly, sorry, just 2 more questions! could u tell me what it said on the bottom next to the pic of him f/a long time ago...the part with the 200?? and also, could u translate the title of each of his answers, i just noticed it now.
thanks so much!!♥

souka...well, maybe u will meet someone even better in the future, don't think about these sad things anymore. sometimes love hurts. :(

Carly said...

200th issue flash back!
(title) Hello New Guy (?)
toma- I don't remember anything when i first showed up on this magazine. I was so young(laugh)/ At that time, when they did my make up and everything 4 me, but because i ran around and sweat, i got into trouble a lot.
( came into magazine first time in 1997 8th issue)
question 1:
RE: Call and make some date arrangements!
question 2:
RE: Maybe he is just shy. Try asking him again!
question 3:
RE: It's important to be not shy and tell ur feelings
question 4:
RE: Ask his feelings, and the rest is up with u two
question 5
RE: Decide very carefully with him and find the answer
ok. i hope this helped u! :3

kate`* said...

i like the titles of his messages. heehee~ ^_^