Friday, September 26, 2008

v^_^v TOMA'S BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN! happy/birthday songs

happy friday~
i see u all refuse to comment at my post below, huh? haha.
ah, but i kinda expected that...

just a quick update.
i was going to have a different birthday-related song for each of the 10 days left till our beloved toma's birthday, but i can't find enough good birthday-related songs, so i figure i'll also include HAPPY/EXCITING/HYPER songs that will get everyone in a happy mood, since toma's birthday is coming soon!! ^__^

though i had the countdown clock going since months before and each day saw how many days were still seems so fast that his birthday is here in only 9 days!! wahhh~ *__* let's all happily look forward to his birthday! i hope u like the songs & they make u feel as excited as i am, that toma-kun's birthday is almost here!! sugoi!! xD and i'm really looking forward to seeing the results of the tomalicious b-day project too!! wanna see what everyone made/wrote for toma!

i'll show u my letter & postcard that i sent out 4 the tomalicious project later today. =)

oh, about today's song, for day 9.
of course, those of u that come here a lot know i'm a big fan of Fi (fiona sit). this song's title translates to "alice's first time" (of changing her view on life? of going to another world?). though her voice is a little weak, but still, this song is pretty good and gives u a hyper feeling ne! the lyrics R generally about her, being like alice (in the book Through the Looking Glass), going through the mirror to another world and how she will not be afraid or worry any longer, forget all her troubles and be happy & adventurous and live life happily...something like that. basically, it's like a metaphor to encourage u to try new things and live in the present happily, i think...
(here's the MV, but i have to WARN you, she is really hamming it up and exagerrating/acting cute a little TOO MUCH. haha. still, it's a fun/weird MV. =) )

ja ne.

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