Wednesday, September 10, 2008

jub jub. -__-

hey. any internet-ers here now?

sorry, no real update today!

(jub jub is just a nonsense word that my fav late night host,
conan o'brien made up. hahaha. it has no meaning.)

yeah, that's right.

i've got the blahs recently... =/

plus i'm desperately trying to watch (and screencap) 1 ep of Maou
each day, so i can catch up quick, so i can watch the last ep. not too long
after it airs in japan. i'm up to 7 now.
plus today i've GOT TO finish up
the postcard/letter for the tomalicious b-day project.
however....good grief, it seems like it's almost impossible for fans
to give toma anything personally....but let's keep believing, there will be a way~!!
......also...huh! i dunno why certain sections of the tomalicious forum are suddenly missing/not accessible. ='( i am FREAKING OUT about that too. (sigh!)

BUT nevertheless, i'll try to come up with some interesting things to say by friday~ the last Maou day!
so do come back later, ok? =) yeah~
AND if u need some laughs, u've gotta go watch an episode of
LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN, he's just so hilarious. lol!
go to!

oh, just read the news--- there was a big earthquake in japan! in hokkaido! toma's grandma lives in hokkaido, right? i hope she's alright! luckily, seems like no1 was injured or hurt cuz of this. but there was a tsunami warning that was later canceled. read the news here:

umm.... also, it's just past midnight now. it's 9.11.
god bless all the ppl who lost loved ones cuz of what happened on that day in NYC, and all those who were lost, R.I.P.!'s a nice pic of conan in NYC~
i love NEW YORK CITY!! <3

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