Monday, November 26, 2007

toma & shun!

didn't know they were such good friends while filming and after hana kimi!!!
i'm so jealous of all of toma's guy friends!

read the following today.

(according to:

Since starring in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e together, Oguri and Toma Ikuta are very good friends. In interviews, both Oguri and Ikuta have said that they call and mail each other very often. During the filming of the drama, Ikuta would sleep over at Oguri's house and sleep in the same bed as him.

HE'S THE ONE / it's not possible

[WARNING. VERY LONG AND SILLY POST. =P (pls remember i'm not crazy, the last part, i was just joking/daydreaming!)]

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
-- Marcel Proust

though i'm almost Vulcan now, with my super-logical mind,
there's a tiny part of me that, from the time i watched those
silly, illogical and romantic fairytales in the form of
Disney cartoon movies (especially the little mermaid,
which i really related 2 and thought of myself resembling
ariel a lot cuz of my situation)---still hopes to find
that prince charming one day.

i think the closest i can come 2 finding prince charming is
discovering toma!!! really!
he's got all the qualities i look 4 in prince charming.
he's SO handsome.
he's got a great sense of humor. he's famous.
he's taller than me. he's friendly, got a great personality.
ok, he's actually 2 years younger than me, but
i don't mind! =)
he's SUPER charming, talented, adoreable.
his voice is wonderful, especially when he sings.
even his laugh is cute!! (some ppl are handsome, but laugh/smile funny. ok, toma
does look funny when he smiles widely, but it's aight! kevin has
such a weird/funny laugh, though he is handsome!! haha.)

what else...toma is just so instantly likeable!!
he's 1 of those ppl that i can truly say,
"you CANNOT not like him!!". he is simply irressistable.

of course, toma has some minor flaws, he is not (though he's SO close to being!!) perfect.
he has a way of acting like a girl sometimes, it's his gestures or how he acts...
he can also LOOK like a girl sometimes, i guess cuz he's just got that kinda face...
and he's got really really nice, soft-looking lips! lol, it's a funny thing 2 notice,
but i guess cuz toma often pouts in his pics and in hana kimi, so u notice it.
but i suppose that might come from his being a model. or not...
and toma's teeth R kinda crooked. sometimes, toma can look a little creepy/scary,
if he's got too much makeup on, or as certain characters...
but really, his good qualities supercedes all that.

i know i've had big crushes on other guys be4, like daniel chan, hacken, edison, raymond cho,
hahaha. to the point that 1 of my life goals is 2 meet toma, at least get my pic taken with him,
or get his autograph. i'd LOVE LOVE 2 get a hug! ;]

ah, but i am just 1 more girl, 1 in a million of his fans, many of which R die-hard fans that know a lot more about him, R much more obsessed with him and love him 2 a degree that i cannot fathom or ever reach!

anyway, we could never be together. but since i'm just imagining all this, i will list all the reasons this princess (that's me!) couldn't possibly ever be together with this prince charming, prince toma! haha. (i actually used 2 have a crush on a real prince, Prince, gosh, i forgot his name...right, Prince William of the UK! haha...the same age as me....but that was years and years ago la! he doesn't look so great now. haha.) just cuz it'll be fun 2 think about this. daydreaming starts...NOW.

1. i don't live in japan. i'm not even japanese, and i can't speak japanese...
maybe toma can speak english, and we could possibly communicate that way, but in very basic terms.

2. toma is a celebrity. i am not. we don't match. and it would be hard 2 find ways 2 meet him. even then, it's just 2 get his autograph or give him something quick. there doesn't seem 2 even be anyway 2 leave comments 2 him online like at a blog or anything.
(lol, crazy over him that i was while watching hana kimi, at 1 time, i actually seriously considered trying 2 become a model/actress so i could have more possibilities of meeting toma!! but i came back down to earth and reality in a couple hours la! hahahaha. seriously, though, i just read in shun's wikipedia that that was how he became an actor, just cuz he liked this female celebrity....but i'm so Monk-ish and like having anonymonity, i don't think i could do what he did!! UNLESS i was discovered by a scout or something, that's 1 of my daydreams, and they would train me, help me be famous, then i would definitely try it!!! just that i'm not gonna try 2 take acting classes, go to auditions, etc., really have 2 work at it cuz i don't think i'd be good at it!! i'm more of a behind the scenes person, doing all the planning/ a director maybe!! also 1 of my dream jobs. besides, i'm asian, and living in the usa. not much acting/modeling opportunities for asians here. though i'm happy 2 see more asians on tv and in the movies lately!! go, asian power! lol.)

3. the cultures we grew up in are vastly different. though i am asian, i grew up in the usa, & i'm still not very clear on the japanese culture and way of life. it could be hard 2 get along...

----> 4 now, let's imagine i somehow overcome these hurdles and toma and i fall in love. it would still NOT work out between us, for all of the following reasons!!

4. well, his parents probably would not like me cuz i'm not japanese (though some ppl have said i looked japanese. but i usually ignore those "you look like you're..." comments anyway, cuz who's to say what nationality u look like?? race is such a flawed way 2 divide ppl). my parents would not like him cuz he's japanese. even IF he's a popular, good-looking celebrity, i don't think it would help them like him more. haha! that's how much they DON'T like japan/japanese ppl. so our parents would be against us being together. ah, it's like romeo and juliet all over again!! the capulets and the montigues. why can't we all just get along??

5. toma's too perfect. but that's the thing, he's TOO perfect! i would certainly be worried all the time that he's gonna leave me 2 go out with some1 else better, or be worried other girls R trying 2 steal him away from me. and so i'd get jealous easily, or call him all the time, etc. either he'd get sick of it and dump me, or i'd get too self-conscious anyway (and tired of his fans being jealous of us and hating me!!) and breakup with him myself.

6. i would most certainly be jealous of all the guy friends he has, and all the time he spends with them. i mean, i'm already jealous of them NOW! lol. jealous of them 4 all the time they get 2 spend with him, and jealous of HIM 4 all the friends he has! lol... but i suppose if i was good enough 2 be toma's girlfriend, i probably would be already popular and also have a lot of girl friends! i can see it now, us having fights all the time about all the time he spends with them. haha!

7. here's the thing... though i like toma's loveable personality, he seems very outgoing and open with his feelings. but i'm the exact opposite. i wouldn't be comfortable with that, unless by then my personality has gone 180. opposites may attract, but it doesn't always sustain a relationship!

8. the media would follow us everywhere...seems like celebrity couples or couples that are half celebrity, half a regular person, never last long. cuz of the media scrutiny. and time not spent together...u have 2 work and sleep, or travel, spend time with family/friends, etc. when you're famous like toma. (or as i imagine i would be then, not famous or just a not well-known model/actress.) how could our already shaky relationship and not-so-strong love endure all these challenges??

------> but right now, let's pretend we somehow overcame all the above obstacles, and decided 2 get married! why we would STILL have problems:

9. where would we live?? sure, it was fine be4, with me temporarily living and working in japan while we were dating. but when it's time 2 settle down and really start a family, where would we live? my parents would undoubtedly want me 2 live in the usa, while his would want him 2 stay in japan. i would probably actually prefer 2 live in HK, which is fairly close 2 japan, but toma probably wouldn't.
i don't think it'd ever be possible to convince my parents or his parents 2 move 2 a different country.
what a big dilemma!! but actually, he'd only be able 2 continue acting/singing in japan, so i guess most probably, i'd have 2 stay there with him, and just try 2 visit my parents more, or possibly ask them 2 move 2 HK, where i'd be easier and faster 2 visit them or them 2 visit us.

10. children. i can't imagine giving birth to a baby. and after that, taking care of it, teaching it, making sure nothing happens 2 would drive me crazy....actually, i don't even like having pets, and i know toma's got a dog. what if he wants 2 have children and i don't? that would be bad....and even when i suggest adopting children, he insists on having biological children.

[***this dialogue is fictional. please pardon the foolishness!]:

and i'd be like: do u know how much money and responsibility it takes 2 have a baby? i can't do it, i can't take it, i don't want a baby! [btw, we R at the beach, at night...i'm picturing it now. we were just taking a walk in the moonlight, and soon started arguing.]

and he'd be: i've always wanted 2 be a father! i think u'd be a good mother! wouldn't it be wonderful to have a couple kids calling you "mommy"?

and i'd be like: A COUPLE?! how many kids do u want? do u know how painful it is 2 give birth?!

and he'd be like: i was hoping to have at least 1 boy and 1 girl, but maybe 3 or 4 would be ok? just like your family, 2 boys and 2 girls, that would be perfect! and i can go in the operating room with u when u give birth, i'll be there for u!

and i'll be like: good grief! i can't even imagine taking care of 1, and now u're thinking 4?! and what happens to my career? i have 2 give it up 2 be a housewife, and u expect me to stay home 2 take care of them all day while you're out with your friends or working all the time?? and don't expect me 2 believe u don't look at the pretty girls u work with all the time and wish u were with them rather than with me! i see! i see the way u look at them! either that or u'd rather spend time with your handsome, cool, guy friends, right?! cuz they're all so PERFEcT, like u, unlike me!

and he'd be like: EH???
what R u talking about?! stop yelling! if i didn't love u, why would i be with u, ask u 2 marry me?? i would try 2 spend more time at home with you and the kids, of course. it would be best if we could take turns taking care of the baby, and we could both still work! we just need 2 find a good nanny....or my parents could take care of them during the day.

and i'd be like: i'm sorry, i'm just not ready 2 have children right now. can't we wait a couple years be4 we have a baby? and i'm sorry 4 being jealous all the time. it's just, i'm so afraid of losing u, toma!

and he'd be like: i guess so...R u sure u R ok with staying in Japan permanently, though? i know your family and friends must miss you...i know you're giving up a lot 2 be with me.

and i'd be like: ...maybe we should not be together... [tearing up]

and he'd be like: NO, don't say that! don't. i love u![rushes over and hugs me tightly]

and i'd be like: it's true, u know it's true! it was a mistake from the start. [crying]
from the moment i first met u at the restaurant, 2 years ago, i should never have gone over 2 talk 2 u.
but i was such a big fan, u were the main reason i came to japan.

and he'd be like: [holding me by the shoulders, looking straight at me] NO. we've gone thru so much to be together, i won't give up now. as long as we love each other, we can withstand all obstacles! nothing can seperate us.

and i'd be like: i love u, but i love u too much! i worry about losing u all the time, it's making me lose my mind! even when we've made it this far, i still worry. that 1 day you'll realize u can be with some1 better than me and leave me. then it would hurt too would kill me! i can't go on like this. it's not you, it's me. the problem lies with me. i'm not confident enough, i'm not...good enough. i'll never be good enough. i'll never deserve you.

and he'd be like: what do i have to do?! to prove to you i won't leave you? why can't you trust me? u can depend on me! believe in me, believe in yourself!

and i'd be like: i can't. it's too much, it's all too much. the paparazzi following us all the time, i'm too jealous, our parents don't accept us being together, your fans hate me, i'm not used to life in japan, i don't even like sushi! it's everything! we're just not meant to be. [gently remove his hands from my shoulders and step back]

and he'd be like: i'm sorry. u have been under so much pressure. but so have i. it's too difficult for us 2 be together... and u have sacrificed so much, i know...

and i'd be like: even though we can't be a couple, we can still be friends. i'll always cherish the happy memories we had together!

and he'd be like: i'll never forget these past 2 years, all the times we spent together...yes, we can still see each other...friends forever, right?

and i'd be like: always!

and he'd be like: where will u go now?

and i'd be like: i think i will stay in hong kong for a while, i can stay at a friend's house. take some time off to relax and recharge, try 2 get over u. haha. reconcile with my parents, spend time with some friends...

and he'd be like: u mean a girl friend, right? just want to make case i come visit u, i don't want 2 see u with another guy so soon! haha.

and i'd be like: yes, a girl, u thickheaded boy! =P
..........................i'll...see u around...

and he'd be like: see u later. [we both smile thru the pain, and i turn around and start walking away as he looks on....both of us start crying. =( ]

WHOA. can't believe how far my imagination went with this imaginary relationship, huh?
hahaha. though we can never be together,
but i will always love and support toma.
and i know he'll find the right person for him.
and when he does, i will
wish them all the best, though a part of me
will be thinking
will be wishing
that it was me.
(though another part of me
will know that it could
NOT be me, for all the reasons
i have listed above!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

toma's songs, pics & info about CAT IN THE RED BOOTS!

(also, Mai also has a lot of GOOD quality screencaps of toma as junpei in HYD2! )


the other day, was checking the rank of my toma blog at Google. i couldn't find my blog when searching for "toma ikuta", but i found 2 of toma's songs from Cat in the Red Boots by accident!!

u can also see some toma pics from that musical there, too!

i think it's the first time i got 2 hear toma singing alone, in high quality! cuz be4, only hear him sing in youtube video clips.
toma's got a WONDERFUL voice!!! ~__~

i used Babelfish 2 translate the 2 song titles,
and the first is "Thoma's Story", the 2nd is something like "Thoma, Who Do You Dream Of?"
(how cool, his character has the same name as him? or maybe they changed it on purpose? huh...)

i've only seen short video clips of toma in this play, and it seems kinda weird, with toma having long hair and at times fighting with a sword...u can see some very short clips of him in this play in this Hero fanmade MV about toma here:

btw, u can also buy the DVD for this play at yesasia!
too expensive 4 me, though. seems like japanese dvds/music R always more expensive! =/
[u can also buy Akihabara@DEEP and some other series that toma's been in there!]

so i tried finding some info about it, and turns out in it, toma is a boy whose father left 4 some reason. toma finds his dad's red boots and wears it, and later finds his dad's cat, who puts on the red boots and takes him on an adventure!!!
that's the info i got from here:
(it's a diff cast, but i think the story is the same:
Created by Wind Mill Grass Theatre, The Cat in Red Boots is a heart-warming musical about a boy, a cat, and family life on a local public housing estate. Missing his father who left the family without explaining why, the boy decides to put on his father's red boots and wear them until his mother tells him the reason for his parents' separation. When he finds his father's cat next door, everything turns magical as the cat dons the red boots and takes him on a fantastic journey involving courage, trust, wisdom, friendship, love and forgiveness.)

here's some pics and a recap taken by some1 that actually saw the play, though didn't understand what was going on. haha.

according 2 toma's wiki-page,
"One of his biggest breakthroughs was his first leading role in the Shinkansen*NEXUS stageplay "Cat in the Red Boots", as TOMA-sama."

hopefully i'll get a chance 2 watch this someday, since it was toma's first leading role and i'm really curious about this kinda strange musical stage play!

i wish i could go see toma in a stage play someday,
but i wouldn't understand anything unless i had a person
translate 4 me what was going on. haha!
anyway, it's cool how toma's been in so many plays,
it is harder than it looks to act/sing in a play!
GOOD 4 HIM!!! =)

4th most viewed video!!!

it's only been about a month since i uploaded the toma b-day MV i made, and already it's moved up to being the 4th most viewed video at my youtube channel!!! most of the other videos in the the top ten R at least 1 yr old!!!! it won't be long until it moves up to 2nd place! =D the view count keeps increasing at such a fast rate!!

thanks 2 every1 that's watched, rated, commented, or favorited the MV!!!
i also hope that most ppl that watched it will come visit this blog!! =)

good n evil toma in Hana Yori Dango Season 2!!!

finally got to watch all of toma's scenes in HYD2, and it took me quite a while 2 find a place 2 watch/download it online!!

[U MUST WATCH TOMA IN HYD2!! here R some useful links if u have not been able 2 watch him as Junpei yet:

***notice that ep. 1 of this series is 2 hours long, so in some places, like mysoju, they count it as ep. 1 and ep.2!! so u have 2 make sure u watch ep. 1 and 2. but at the 2nd link i posted above, they correctly count it as ep. 1.***

also, here's a really great MV that captures a lot of the best moments of Junpei!! =)
[Oribe Junpei MV (Hana Yori Dango 2)]

toma takes on 3 different roles,
the geeky nice guy, the model, the evil guy!
and he did such a great job with this character,
i thought it'd be hard 2 see toma as an evil guy, but his performance is really convincing, he really looks very scary and intense when he's evil!!
he was nervously twitching, too, scary!!

but actually, he was not THAT evil and he had a good reason 4 tricking
her, though seems like he also really did like her. =(

..but i love how he has certain gestures and facial expressions
that reminds me of nakatsu and the real-life Toma (even when he's evil)! haha...
and of course, he looks cute whether as a geek or not!

and i loved how it was kinda like he was superman,
only when he took off his glasses and pulled his hair back, did ppl recognize him. very very cool!

though he is only in episode 1 and he doesn't even have a lot of scenes, each scene with him, what he says & his acting is GREAT and worth watching!! lol, i just fast-forwarded 2 the scenes with toma! toma is really cool and talented, good at so many things! i think he's actually a better actor than singer! though he's an awesome singer, of course, but he's a really really good actor, too!! can't wait 2 see him in his new tv series in jan. 2008!!! =)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

problem with fan map AGAIN! >_<

it's not showing up again.
frappr maps keep having this problem often.

if u wanna join the fan map, but it doesn't show up,
pls come back later or the next day,
usually by then the problem is fixed and the
map will show up!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

pls VOTE 4 Toma for the 'Most Popular Young Actor of 2007' poll!

thanks to Maryvel 4 reminding fans 2 vote 4 him
at the video description of her great MV (below)!!!
and thanks to Mika &
night_child for the instructions of how 2 vote!
he's still in 3rd place. =/

'Most Popular Young Actor of 2007' poll

Toma (生田斗真) is currently 3rd in the ranking (1185 votes) for 'Most Popular Young Actor of 2007'. [as of
Tue Nov 06, 2007]


1. Make your selection (only one per IP address).
2. Scroll down and click the button on the left.
3. In the next page you have to give some information:
4. 性別 -> If you're a girl, choose the third option.
If you don't want to give that information, press the first one
5. 年齢 -> Specify your age
6. コメント -> A little comment why you choose the actor (you can leave this empty, not that you would want to.)
7. Click the left button below and voila! Finished!

There isn't a closing date for this poll that I can find, so keep voting!

from night_child @ LJ


Thursday, November 15, 2007

thanks very much to 2 ppl who come here a lot!!!!!!

i was checking the cluster map here recently, and i saw 2 other big dots on the map, so that means at least 2 ppl come to this blog a lot, besides me!


to you 2!!!!!!

for coming here often and

supporting this blog
and TOMA!!!!!!

i hope the number of toma fans will keep growing,
and more fans will come here! =)

(edit: of course, i wanna thank you all the other ppl that come here sometimes or even just came here once. but of course ppl that come here once and don't come back won't see this. haha.
but THANKS again,
every1, for coming.

another person i think toma kinda looks like!

i just realized recently that toma also kinda reminds me of patrick tang, a hong kong singer/actor/host. haha.

i guess it's when they smile widely, or pout, they kinda look alike.

though patrick is 10 years older, he always has this hyper/fun personality that reminds me of toma, also. =P

Monday, November 12, 2007


will definitely look forward 2 watching it!!!!

was SUPER HAPPY when i saw this news at AF!!!!!
(btw, i'm Kate5002 there)

Nov 7 2007 4 05 AM

Chika Umino's popular "Honey and Clover" is the latest manga series to be adapted to television. It was turned into a movie in 2006, starring Yu Aoi. This time, 15-year-old actress Riko Narumi will be taking over as the lead character, Hagumi Hanamoto.

"Honey and Clover" follows the lives of five college students and their love triangles. Hagumi is a talented artist in her first year, even though she appears to be much younger. Toma Ikuta has been cast as Yuta Takemoto, the lead male character. The remaining main cast members have not yet been announced.

The drama will air on Fuji TV at 9:00pm every Tuesday, starting on January 8. Filming starts near the end of this month.

old news: hana kimi finale's ratings / edit: TOP 10 REASONS WHY...

[above: forgot where i found it, but finally found a kinda clear poster pic with toma in it! haha.]

i found the news about hana kimi's finale's ratings at AF!

the highest for any of the series shown this season!!! WOW!!!

"Hana Kimi" finale draws 21.0%,
Wednesday September 19, 2007 Japan

The finale of Fuji TV's "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" drama series garnered ratings of 21.0% on Tuesday, the highest for any of the series shown this season. The previous high was set by the premiere of "First Kiss," which started at 19.7% but quickly dropped. In contrast, ratings for "Hana Kimi" began at only 15.9% but climbed near the end of the series.


Translated By:


i found out from a topic (linked above) at the imeem "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ( Hana Kimi )" Group that the taiwan hana kimi actually follows the storyline of the manga more closely than the japan hana kimi! wow, that's surprising! then i guess i have 2 edit my reason #9 of the

9. though it is not as accurate in terms of how it resembles the plot of the manga, i still like the plot better and how the silliness and certain other things make it seem more manga-like than the taiwan hana kimi.

nakatsu's funny/cute drinking scenes. =P

i almost missed out on the scene that nakatsu was drinking milk in episode 3!! remember earlier, i was asking what episode that scene was in. well, turns out where i watched hana kimi, the 2nd part of episode 3 was missing, so that's why i ended up not watching those 15 minutes until i was done with the whole series and the 1 hour special! haha. (oh, the special was fun to watch, every1 musta had a lot of fun filming this series!! aw, i will miss them!!)

but it's actually kinda nice 2 have a few nakatsu scenes left 2 watch even after i'm done with the series!! that was such a CUTE scene, him in deep thought and then asking kayashima what if he IS gay? then crushing the milk carton. lol!
that was when i noticed that lots of times that nakatsu is drinking something, that scene would turn out 2 be really funny/cute!! i've screencapped some funny/cute nakatsu drinking scenes here. hahaha!

about the Ikemen Paradise photo book

i finally got it in the mail recently!!!
i was a little disappointed with it, but
mostly i really like it. =) it's really cool 2 have this as a kinda "souvenir"

i took a pic of it above with a pen, so u can know how big/thick it is.
and the 2nd pic, just a some really nice pics, and u can see maki helping
toma button up his costume!!! aww!!! but in the series, he never actually wore the
romeo costume!!! i guess they cut it out!! =/

here's some of my comments about the book:

-i thought there would be a lot more behind-the-scenes/fun pics taken of the cast
throughout the series, but most of those kinda pics are only from episode 8!

-every1 is SO photogenic, they all look PERFECT in the close-up, individual pics! especially maki and TOMA, of course!!

-it's cool 2 have a short profile 4 each person in the cast, now i know how old they are. didn't know that the actor that was kayashima is also only 19, like maki! wow. i loved his character!!
such a sweet guy.

-there's a lot of interviews in there, but i can't read japanese. =/ i expected there 2 be a lot of text that goes along with the pics, just wish i knew what they were sayin'!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

this is off-topic, but....

i just uploaded 3 very nice montages from the Tohoku Travel Blog show that i've been watching on Jadeworld recently. each is only about a minute long, but very nice scenary and background music, too. check it out here, the 3 newest videos. =)
also, changed my profile pic 2 avril. i know ppl say she's a poser, but i still like some of her songs and her cool attitude. and she's pretty. haha.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

(UPDATES COMING SOON, pls check back!)

made this 2 use 4 my signature at AF, but i forgot that it's too big!! had 2 cut the 2nd pic. =/

Sunday, November 4, 2007

pre-order the Hanazakari No Kimitachi E - Ikemen Paradise DVD Box!

u can now pre-order it at yesasia!!

but it's not released till jan and feb 2008!!!!!!!

costs so much,
and can't watch it on a usa dvd player,
this version, and no eng. subtitles. =/

maybe i'll wait till they have the usa version in the future
and then buy....when the price is cheaper, too. haha.
Hanazakari No Kimitachi E - Ikemen Paradise DVD Box (Part.1) (Japan Drama) (DVD) (Japan Version)
Hanazakari No Kimitachi E - Ikemen Paradise DVD Box (Part.2) (Japan Drama) (DVD) (Japan Version)

Friday, November 2, 2007


based on all the comments that i've seen online, more ppl like the japan version than the taiwan version. and i definitely agree with them!!! i'm so biased cuz i'm a toma fan, but still, even IF toma was not nakatsu, i would still like the japan version more, (though, of course, not nearly as much as i like it now!!!).

anyway, i've watched most of episode 1 and some other parts of other episodes of the taiwan version cuz i was curious how different it was from the japan version. and that's what my opinion is based on, so it might not be too credible, but anyhow, it's just my opinion (no offense to any taiwan hana kimi fans)!

i thought it'd be fun 2 make a top 10 list, which i'll post here first, be4 my long-winded comments about the taiwan/japan series below!


10. i like the poster & themesong more!
(the taiwan posters R ....SO....shameless/weird, but also look so simple/unimaginative, also so immature!! the Hanazakari no Kimitachi e poster, on the other hand, looks very cool, stylish, and subtle!! also, it's cool how they made them look like characters from a manga!! the poster of each series really reflects the maturity level of each series! haha.... i mean the taiwan series...just seems so immature/silly. i know the japan version also is very silly and immature, but it's got lots of serious/touching moments in it, too! i've heard ppl say that the japan version is more serious, also.)

9. it seems more accurate in terms of how it resembles the plot and spirit of the manga more.

8. it has more unique/likeable/funnier/cuter supporting characters! most of the guys are soooo
good-looking. they could all be models! haha. truly an IKEMAN (HOTTIE) high school!

7. it's FUNNIER, yet also has its serious/inspirational/touching/unforgettable moments.

6. the story's pace, soundtrack, location, uniforms, directing, dialogue, ACTING, etc. is better!
(and it deservedly won ***BEST DRAMA***!! HURRAY!!!! ~_~)

5. i like the actors that play the roles of the 3 main characters more. especially prefer maki over ella. maki is prettier and the better actress (and she's only 19!!). also like shun more than wu chun (in terms of acting). of course, i LOVE toma!!! though jiro makes a pretty funny/cool Nakatsu, too!

4. TOMA plays the role of Nakatsu.
the main reason i watched it was 2 watch TOMA!!!! =P

3. all the scenes with TOMA R AWESOME!
especially parts where he's talking 2 himself!!! =P


1. TOMA's performance as Nakatsu is


(and he deservedly won ***BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR*** for his role!!!!! ^_^v )

ok, a bunch of random thoughts about the 2 series....
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (japan hana kimi):

-i was hooked from episode 1!!!
the ratings for the series, unlike the taiwan series (such high ratings, SUPER-POPULAR IN TAIWAN, HK!), was just average until the end of the series, when i think it got pretty high, but still not #1?? arrgh, i lost the link 2 that news at asianfanatics!
but i think it started out the first episode with #1 in ratings??
i wish it was more popular. it's weird, cuz it won best drama, yet the ratings were just average!!

-it was only 13 episodes long (if u count the 2-hr finale as 2 episodes), but i thought it was really nicely paced (mostly very exciting and addictive from start till end!!), and the ending was ok, it wrapped up things well. =) the taiwan version is 2 hours longer...but since the pace of the show is so fast, i have a feeling there is a lot of unnecessary drama/characters added 2 it that the japan version does not have.

-it's really cool how the main 3 characters are younger than the taiwan version, yet they R all better actors, IMO! toma's 23, maki's only 19, shun's 26. the other cast, ella and jiro are both 26, i think, with chun being 27!! i thought all the supporting characters and the main 3 characters of the japan hana kimi all looked like high school students more than the cast of the taiwan version. especially ella!! she's still young, but looks a lot older than the other students!!

Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (taiwan hana kimi):

-jiro (screencaps on the left) is pretty cool, cute, likeable, and funny as nakatsu, but too weird/crazy sometimes!!!

-the plot is SO diff f/ the manga, everything happens faster and focused on main characters more (there's more drama, it's more of a love story....totally focused on the love triangle, more than the japan hana kimi, where u see more side-stories and learn more about the supporting characters---which i liked it that way better!!)

-from the start, she CAME cuz she wants 2 make him like her!!! it seems like a pretty stupid/shallow/immature reason 2 come just 4 that, while the japan hana kimi, mizuki came cuz she wants 2 help him jump/happy again!!!

-gotta admit, though, i think most of the time, wu chun looks more handsome than shun. but it's funny how he's so buff, but he often looks so feminine!! and i hate how they made his character so wimpy, often indecisive and too shy!! i think he was just in a couple series before this, and this might have been his first starring role, so of course his acting is not as good as shun, though!! because of this series, though, his popularity has shot up, he's so popular now!! i wish the same thing could happen 2 toma!!! he's already gotten a lot more popular, but not like wu chun, popular. haha. =/

-ella does not match with either guy! and her acting is way too exagerrated!! she is funny, but a lot of the times, it's just too much! ...she looks too manly and older than the 2 main characters! she looks like their older, tomboy sister! and her super-exagerrated facial expressions and over-acting reminds me of how a little boy would act!!! with that hair cut and acting, she reminds me a lot of this little boy (below)!!! he's jackie, a hk tv actor. haha. cute kid, but it's weird how much ella resembles him, especially when she's making funny faces or yelling/looking shocked!!! lol!

new profile pic. =P

FYI, the really pretty girl in my profile pic is niki chow. :) just saw an MV of her today, where she has a big crush on this guy.... haha, the pics show how i feel when i think of toma!! ;)