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sumimasen. posting late at night again.
next time!! i'll post earlier ne.

today's post is titled "continue", cuz toma never quits, he continues to work hard and try his best to make his dreams come true!! ^_^ and cuz i hope that toma will continue to be more and more successful and popular. and more loved and respected, too. so~ CONTINUE!! minna-chan, please also continue...

just today, i got to watch the 2 most important, recent, toma TV appearances, at Shoenen Club Premium and at Shin Domoto Kyoudai (Domoto Brothers)!!!!!!!!URESHIIIIII!! ~_~

but first, i should tell u where to DL the shows, in case u haven't:
(i know i already posted a link to the subbed video earlier, but TFS's translation is more accurate/detailed and precise!! ^_^ what a happy coincidence, they just released it today!!)

Ahhhhhhhh! ^-^
i really loved watching both shows, some really important and special moments for toma ne. being the 1st junior to appear on SCP, and being able to dance/sing on a TV show (after such a looooong time!), on kinki kids' show!!


i'll just mostly talk about how i feel, watching his SCP interview. cuz the other show wasn't subbed, but i still watched the whole thing, but i couldn't understand the questions or jokes, but i still loved seeing toma silliness and toma DANCE and SING!!!! the SCP is certainly toma's most personal/serious interview that i've seen. i'm glad he was interviewed by a sempai who supports him and understands what he's been through as a johnny's jr....and toma was so straightforward with his replies. and they had a lot of laughs together too. and this interview, u see that he has really grown up/he's so mature!! AND HE'S ONLY 24. ah...toma is inspiring, toma is love!

it's times like this, i'm really so proud of toma
and so happy for him ne.
i hope there will be many more times like this in 2009!
!!!! ★ ☀

Toma @SHOUNEN CLUB PREMIUM (4.19.2009):

-every1 supports toma!! his peers, his sempais!!!!♥ sugeh!
I'm really so happy to hear this! of course, toma's such an incredibly cute and awesome person, i'm not surprised everyone likes him and supports him! but it's good to hear it from his sempai, especially.

-he didn't wanna go audition 4 JE!! lol.
EH??? wow, luckily his mom made him go. but toma must have had at least a little interest or was talented at singing/dancing, or else why'd his mother think he should go audition? thank goodness he was accepted! and the rest is history... *-*

-as expected, being a johnnys jr. is tough (but fun!) work. those awful costumes!! lol. so it's not just us, toma thinks some of them looked really bad! xD

-old video clips of toma-kun!! so cute!! (though toma wasn't incredibly cute as a kid, but he was still cute and natural & stood out f/the others...just something so charming and likable about him ne.)

-toma said "we suck at singing" when seeing a 4Tops clip. lol. no, u guys were pretty good, toma-kun!!

-blood type A people...everything has to be just so!! right? haha. i'm blood type O, but i'm like toma, i'm a perfectionist. everything has to be a certain way...but then it also depends on the situation, actually. i can be careless about certain things... haha.

-ohno-kun!! =D nostalgic!! so toma just SEEMS serious sometimes, but he's not really thinking about anything important. lol. i really hope they can work together in a drama sometime, this time as friends!!

-about not being able to debut:

mm...toma is really so calm and honest when talking about this, though he seemed just a little uncomfortable/upset, but still...he handled these tough questions quite well! ~_~ it's been since 2002, he really started to like acting (butais, dramas...)!! only remembered him saying since Cat in the Red Boots, he was sure that he wanted to act more...

lucky for all of us fans, toma didn't quit!! he thought it wouldn't be right if he quit...ah, i agree with taichi-kun when he told toma, "i think u're really mentally strong!" i really admire his perseverence and patience!! and it really changed his life, when he found a bigger world...the acting world.

though it's really hard to say, cuz he's awesome at both, i'd say toma's real strength is in acting. & acting is more fun/challenging, anyway, right? but probably also more exhausting...but the most satisfying!! i think so. but it's funny, how there's a saying...all actors wanna try singing, and all singers wanna try acting. something like that... but it's a good thing toma got to try both from such a young age. but now, even...he can kinda do both despite not debuting! when he's in stage plays, he can both act AND sing...he gets the best of both worlds!! *_*

-each project/experience, toma wants to gain something f/it, learn f/co-stars, sempais, etc. ^_^

-in the future, as expected, toma really wants to act/work on something w/his friends f/JE. *_* wah, wouldn't it be cool if toma got to direct some kinda tv special or something, too? i'd love to see that!!

-toma's quiet "no, no" at the end!!

-when toma said he's really happy taichi-kun is happy 4 him, and it feels like "i've been recognized and accepted". he got a little emotional...and i felt so happy for toma at that moment!!!! u really see...toma's been through a lot and it wasn't easy for him to get where he is today...and to be able to appear on the SCP and hear his sempai say he and other sempais, JE guys are happy for his's like he's finally made it!! i was so touched. i'm really soooooo happy for toma. it's been a long time coming, but he made it. and i know it's cheesy, but like that miley cyrus song's the climb that matters most, and toma's was a long one. maybe he still hasn't reached the mountain top, but he's getting close!!!

Toma @Shin Domoto Kyoudai
(aired 4.26.2009, but filmed earlier...i forgot the date):

-what's with the 'duh duh duh' terminator music??

-i love it when toma acts a littly girly, like when he's sitting in this fem way. lol.

-poor toma, they teased him so much and made him answer so many questions too?

-look what toma can do with his hands!! he grossed everyone out! haha. and he can impersonate a girl and a guy talking to each other...his impression of a comedian's act?? sa!

-toma's "mm?" is kawaii!!!

-toma's dancing is ♥!! i actually liked the dancing part more than the singing, cuz toma is so COOL/relaxed when he danced, even if he was not in full dancing mode, but still!!!!!♥

-R those are toma's 9 fav songs? ehh...he really likes a lot of old songs ne. he was so nervous be4 he had to sing!! ah, it's been a long time. of course, he's still so cute when he sang that song, though!!♥ but u could tell he was still nervous ne... but it was a great performance, considering he hasn't sang live on tv 4 a long long time!! i hope toma will get more chances to sing/dance on tv shows from now on. =) love his voice (not the song!), he sang quite well, his voice was a little weak at first, but then he got into it more and did not disappoint!

yappari, i'm posting again tomorrow.

so, see u tomorrow! shikuyoro~
good night!!

[5.1.2009 edit:
forgot to say~~ i love the sempai/kouhai relationship that japanese ppl have...though other countries have a similar kinds of senior/junior relationships, but it's really significant and ubiquitous in japan. =)

i love how all JE guys are like part of the same team or same family and kinda all know each other thru this senpai/kouhai relationship. and the sempais are like older brothers to the kouhais...they can give them tips/encourage them when they work together. and the kouhais can look up to them, learn from them, hope to be like them someday. or be friends with them too! ii ne!!

i kinda feel like this applies to toma fans, too! there are different levels. i'm certainly not a sempai, those are the ppl that have been toma's fans for many yrs. i'm a 2 yr+ kouhai, then. haha...then i'm still above the 1 yr or less kouhais, sugoi!! lol. still~ i've managed to get a lot of toma knowledge in these almost 2 yrs, so i feel quite proud of my level of toma fangirl-ness already!!! xD]

[5.2.2009 edit:
forgot to say, toma watched the SDK show and said this in his blog. haha. poor toma. u sang pretty well, considering u were so nervous!! "It was embarassing to be singing on TV, after such a long time of not doing it The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I was so nervous, my throat just went gyun and closed up (laughs)"

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majo's 1st episode: only 9%!!!! =0

(i usually don't use these kinda emoticons,

but i think it's necessary to use some to express my feelings this time. *sigh*)

only 9%!!!!! sad-smiley-065.gif

EHH!! NANDE??!!! wacko.gif i couldn't believe it. there must be some mistake?!! even H&C got 12 for its first episode! aiyaaaaaaaa. did Kusanagi's apology that day cause less ppl to watch TV that night somehow?? ehhhhh. probably not, but that was the only BIG thing happening in tokyo that day that i could think of.

unsure.gif's actually not so bad, for a late saturday night drama, i guess. but i REALLY hope the ratings will go up for the 2nd episode.

the first episode's title sounds cool. it is: ある日僕らは裁判員になった…そして忍び寄る魔の手 . which babelfish translates to (something like this...): Certain day I became the judgment member…And the hand of the demon which approaches

i got the info from majo's japan wiki page. u can now get the 1st ep. of majo at the toma LJ, but it's not subbed. and there's some new video clips (toma's appearances on various shows) and pics. check it out now~!!

in case any of u R interested, here's some news about SMAP's kusanagi's arrest and his press conference, too. mm...i hope he isn't frozen for too long. what he did really wasn't that bad! mellow.gif
Kusanagi's Arrest to Cost Billions, Friday April 24, 2009 Japan
Japan pop star free after arrest for drunk strip, Saturday April 25, 2009 Japan

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi Gives Press Conference, Saturday April 25, 2009 Japan

ghost.gifAND THIS IS SCARY!!!!
i'm really FREAKING. OUT.

sneeze.gifTHE SWINE FLU!!!!
i'm getting some major deja vu, this all brings me back to 2003 when SARS was breaking out, except this is more serious/weird in some ways. just hours ago, the US declared it a public health emergency!! everyone, read the latest news to keep up to date with what's going on with this flu. don't panic (yet), and remember to wash your hands a lot (for at least 20 seconds!) and go see the doctor if u have any extreme flu symptoms with diarrhea or vomiting or difficulty breathing.

take care, everyone!! double_hearts.gif
stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong!!
i will too~

Friday, April 24, 2009

UWAAA! MAJO SAIBAN STARTS TOMORROW(today)!!!!! ^o^/ "what's wrong w/being naked!?"/ new toma magazine pics♥/ LOTS of MAJO☂(and other TOMA ♪) stuff

♥ toma-ism #102:

I thought love was only true in fairy tales.
Meant for someone else but not for me.
Ah, love was out to get me.
That's the way it seemed.
Disappointment haunted all my dreams.

Then I saw your face, now I'm a believer.
Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
I'm in love, (mmmmm, oh), I'm a believer!
I couldn't leave you if I tried.
[slightly altered lyrics f/The Monkees' I'm a Believer]

[toma-kun, i really hope majo will get high ratings for ep.1!!! yey!!
(i'm used to your perm now. haha.) credit: hpswf1]


kate des.
the kate who is super excited & hyper~~
about majo saiban airing soon soon soon!!!!!

(sorry, posting really late again tonight. i'll try to post earlier next time ah. also, this time, just linking to LJ stuff. sorry, mooching f/them again. i'll try to come up with something interesting and a non-linking post next time ah!!)

DID U HEAR ABOUT Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of SMAP being arrested cuz he was naked and yelling very early in the morning in a park?! U MUST HAVE!! it's even mentioned on BBC intl news' front page today! but if u haven't, there's a bunch of news about it below.'s a really big shock and a big, HUGE deal in japan...aiya, how could he get so drunk??? @_@ but i feel sorry 4 him, they R probably gonna freeze him/his bandmates for a long while cuz of this, and i don't think he deserves such harsh treatment!

"what's wrong with being naked?!"
he said that. lol, but imagine if u were his fan and u saw him then!!! naked and would u react??? would u faint? or be able to help calm him down?? xD i can't even ask "what if toma did this?", cuz i can't imagine him EVER doing something so crazy!! not even hypothetically. haha. and i know i shouldn't think of toma-kun w/no clothes on!! (shoot, i kinda did anyway!! =0 i'm sorry toma-kun!)

newest news i've seen about this scandal. video clip/news:

(speaking of naked, though....!! O__O
was looking 4 toma scans, but somehow i came to this page. remember me talking about yamashita's too sexy pics with a woman in bed and all?? well, go to this link to see ALL the pics f/that photoshoot (f/feb.2008). he did a full nude shot (f/the back, though) w/the woman (also nude)!!!!!!! omg!! i'm really shocked he'd do a full nude shot, even 1 f/the back!!!

but now i finally understand why 1 time at the start of 2008, toma wrote to him, calling him a "full nude artist"!!! i totally agree with lenx9832: "but I don't like the shoot...It's not pretty but dirty"!! i mean, i'm not saying JE guys can't be sexy and act grownup, but this is really crossing the line, right??? it's almost like porn, i really can't believe yamashita agreed to it!!!!! i think it's fine for artists to take revealing/nude pics, IF it's tastefully done or in an artistic way, not in a pervy, dirty way like this!!! ugh...i really like him less now, and i already didn't like him much before. -__- *no offense to any yamashita/tomapi fans.* this is just how i feel. probably after the shock wears off, i'll be back to normal in how i feel about him...)

★ here's
toma's latest magazine pics!!!!!!! douzo!
enjoy! you're welcome~~ that's what i'm here for. *_*

^_^ thanks to all who share cute toma scans with us~~
they get lots of karma points neeee.

[credit: hpswf1, kawaii_girl17, ameonna]

23 Apr 09, 14:36
zoe_alexiel: -----
23 Apr 09, 14:30
zoe_alexiel: @ameonna : ----
[zoe posted these at the forum's chatbox. i dunno where u can see more pics f/this set...if u know, pls tell me. =) really love pics where toma has a hood on. so cool~]
[Myojo 0906]
[Popolo 0906, *Locked after 2 days]


[Tomaaaaaaaa!!! kyaa!! too~ cute~! ^.^
credit: ameonna10]

---> Domoto CM (preview) with Toma singing in it at Hisatopi's youtube page!!! so short, but it's so cool to see toma singing again after so long!! he sounds & looks good!! thanks to bizkit19 for telling us about this video clip! (also, kinakina7's youtube channel has toma's recent appearances on tv shows!! thanks again to bizkit19 for the info! I CAN'T LINK TO THEM, JUST SEARCH FOR THEIR PAGE AT YOUTUBE!)
[Shounen Club Premium with Toma: Subbed!!! ^o^]
[super kawaii recent/chibi toma captured in a lot of animated gifs!!]
[paige's cool Snoopy-meets-fandom manipulations & nakatsu fanart]

[CUTE toma icons!!!]
[LOTS of CUTE toma icons!!!]

[toma's busy schedule for April!]

........................................★ A LOT OF MAJO SAIBAN STUFF!!!!

As i'm writing this, there's almost exactly 8 hrs left till majo airs!! i am hoping that this first episode's rating could be... 18%!! *fingers crossed*

umm...seeing pics of toma filming majo, i think that Higa Manami looks more like his older sister than his girlf, u know. haha. she is only 2 yrs older than him, but it's mainly cuz she has that really mature look and is wearing nice formal clothing, while toma looks like a hippie. haha. or it looks like he's a poor guy & she's the social worker helping him out. lol. actually, i think Kato Ai (playing the housewife toma will help) is prettier! though both of these women have very sharp, kinda masculine features, right? ehhh.... [4.25 edit: oh, i got it mixed up! kato is 2 yrs older than toma and higa is actually 2 yrs younger than him!! but both of them look a lot older/mature than toma. haha.]

and Ishida Yuriko is the "witch" on trial. she looks creepy in the poster, but she actually looks really kind/good in the pics i've seen of her online. dunno if she will turn out to be evil or good...but somehow i think she'll turn out to be not guilty. the more they make it seem like she's totally guilty, the more i think maybe she's been framed, cuz it can't be that simple...hmm.

(samantha and sabrina)

but actually, the most famous witches or wizards from tv shows/movies have mostly been good ones, i think!! (i know in majo, she's not a REAL witch w/magical powers, but still...) examples of good witches (or wizards): harry, hermione, ron, etc. in the Harry Potter movies, gandolf, etc. in the Lord of the Rings, sabrina & her aunts, etc. in Sabrina the Teenage Witch (one of my fav TV shows f/the 90s!!), samantha in Bewitched (my mom loved this show!), etc. (so many examples of good witches/wizards in manga/anime, too!!) so...maybe this time this "witch" will also turn out to be a good witch?? let's see if i'm right.

NOW~ lots of majo stuff for you:
[watch the 15 second majo saiban trailer!]
[listen to majo's themesong!! sounds pretty cool!]
[news clip: Majo Saiban Press Conference, *F-Locked in a week*]
[toma on different shows, promoting the drama]

[vote for if u want TFS to release Majo Saiban hardsubbed in HQ or LQ!! personally, i voted LQ, cuz i'm sure i wanna keep the whole series forever on my computer. haha. it would be more convenient if the files R not huge. but then it depends on how LQ and how HQ, actually...]

[majo saiban community! join now! thanks to polyshock 4 creating it!]

[Preview PICS of shin domoto kudai and more preview PICS of majo]
[more preview PICS of majo. i love the NOT GUILTY pic. haha.
and of course, the pics of toma sleeping~~

[i wanna be the one to wake toma up... credit: hpswf1]

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VOICE notes: ep.s 8-11 (the ending! i'll miss these students and their investigations~)


this post has been a long time coming!!
can u believe it?? i finished VOICE on april 4, but no time to talk about it till now. and by the end of this week, his new drama will start already!! EHHH!! and i'm nowhere close to finishing uploading all the scaps i got for Voice. -__- well, it might be a couple wks be4 the 1st ep. of majo is subbed and i can watch it anyway, though...

without further ado~
let's do this!!

1st of all, some VOICE goodies i want to share with everyone. =)

^_^ u can download the VOICE OST here!! (in fact, i'm listening to it right now. i love the simple but meaningful titles of the tracks!! and it's in eng. too! yey.)

the VOICE cast signed this page (of the VOICE book?) can u tell which signature is toma's?? that silly guy, the way he wrote it!! =P look at the comments below for the answer. i guessed right!!

i tried to find some MVs for VOICE, but yappari, there's only 1. haha. and i thought there was too few made for H&C!! well, maybe cuz youtube is deleting more and more toma videos more and more quickly, too. but after all, i don't think a lot of ppl have watched/finished VOICE, so.... anyway, here it is, it's one about eita and aki's relationship (no spoilers):

2nd of all, i want to thank you (again) all the ppl
who made it possible for me to watch this drama!
ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHTA~~ to sarujin and everyone at GiriGiri fansubs for subbing this drama. the subs were excellent, and i really appreciated the extra "notes of doom"!! ^_^ to TimeLesSubs for hardsubbing (though i ended up only watching 1 ep. hardsubbed)! to Kasey Sanada at jdramas, who uploaded episodes for us!!

minna-chan~ thank you so much for everything u do for us! ♥♥♥

3rd of all, i wish the ratings for VOICE was better. the last episode only got 13.6%. and the average was 14.5. oh least it did better than Maou and Honey and Clover! Maou's average rating was only 11.4 (though the last ep. got 14%), and H&C's average was only 8.9! i suppose if u're not a toma or eita fan, it could be a little boring/not that interesting to watch...but actually, VOICE did pretty well (comparatively speaking?), since i checked out the average rating of other spring dramas, and most were 10 or below!! even ohno's drama's average was just 10.8! it would be so cool if Majo Saiban can get higher average, though!! like 16% or more.

4th of all, just in case any of u were wondering, these are the babelfish translations of the episodes titles. most of them are short and simple, so most of them make sense.

oh, also, did u know that "koe" = voice/come here/LOVE!!! =D since the whole title of the drama is so long, and they mostly refer to it as VOICE, i only call it that, but the whole title (or title + tagline) is: KOE -Inochi Naki Mono no Koe-. which means, of course, voices of the lifeless (people).

1 medicine to save lost lives
2 having eggs, the man who gets a shock
3 As for cause of death of mother of 15 years ago
4 Close friend on the dissection stand
5 The scoop photograph which is not visible
6 The inpatient who is expected
7 Time sale of life per seat
8 The flame which cannot be turned off under any condition
9 Death of the man who could read (predict) the rain
10 Last large game
11 When dividing (seperating/going seperate ways), my tomorrow

umm....i should say some things about what i liked about this drama and why i'll miss it.
well, i learned a lot from watching VOICE! =) i learned about a lot of different syndromes and diseases that are life-threatening (it might come in handy some day!). i learned more about japanese food/culture (thanks to girigiri's notes of doom!). though i already know that life is precious and short, but watching this drama, i'm reminded anew that u should always treasure your loved ones, live life to the fullest, and also be a kind person and try to help others. i really enjoyed seeing how these 5 students help the grieving family members and also help each other get through various obstacles. i really love seeing this group of friends' camaraderie and solving cases together...ah~ i love dramas that concentrate on friendship. :D and they could barely squeeze in any special love story (daiki & aki's love story is way too subtle!!), but that's ok. i liked how mostly every episode is focused on a different family...actually, it's a drama mainly about friendship/family ne~ and how truly important friends and family members are to us, how they will always love us, support us, be with us through thick and thin. *__* ah...i just realized this now~~ VOICE really is a meaningful drama ne. (and it made me wanna cry at the end of nearly every episode~)

oh, i should mention what toma said about VOICE ending. he was really moved by the ending and he was really happy to be able to "study" every day while filming. and of course, he wants all the viewers to know that if they liked each episode, it is enough 2 make him very happy. =) and he thanked Ryousuke and he thanked Voice! (also, the last days (week?) of filming for Voice were really tiring, filming went till late at night, so toma was really tired after filming wrapped up!! and he so he slept a lot afterwards~)

NOW~ on to my notes (comments/thoughts)!!
there are only some spoilers, but i will warn u right be4 the section that has spoilers.

~Kate's VOICE notes: episodes #8-11

[ah, sorry, as usual, i underestimated the amount of time it would take to write this!! i'll post the rest tomorrow! so! please enjoy these cute toma screencaps for now. see u tomorrow~

this is a funny coincidence~ as i'm posting this, i'm listening to the SEINFELD episode where jerry thought a pony remark he made caused the death of his family member. lol. u'll have to watch the ep. to understand why. and they even talked about how each time some1 dies, it makes u think of your own mortality. u feel that u need to do more with yr life, but then u're not sure what u're supposed to do to make it more meaningful... and in the end, u'll end up continuing to waste yr life like be4. xD ah, i just love Seinfeld's silliness!!]

[10:2o something pm: i'm done posting!! yatta!! sorry, it's quite long, of course! also, HAPPY EARTH DAY!! ^_^ sorry, a so late in posting, partly cuz i got sidetracked, took me a while to choose a new profile pic & to find this lowkey countdown clock 2 countdown the time left until my 2014 tokyo trip. *_* (if any of u want a countdown clock like it, go here:

these end of the drama posts of mine are always super long! but those of u who have been coming here a long time already know that. haha. it's partly to share my thoughts with u and partly a chance for me to get all these feelings out in the open and also my way to remember what the drama meant to me. sou des.]

....................................EPISODE 8:

[it's amazing how expressive toma's eyes are, even when he's covered with the mask, he can still express so much thru his eyes!! and still look so CUTE!! ~_~]

-this is the only ep. i watched w/hardsubs this time, cuz didn't wanna wait so long 4 them...i miss the nice fonts and cool "floating" location texts!! haha. especially the song's cool lyrics' text at the ending of each episode.

-i like ryosuke's cool grey sweatshirts!! he wears alot of grey and white, but the puffy red/blue jackets R colorful & BRIGHT! it's a nice combination. but really, he wears them so much, sometimes, i wish he had a third, less puffy and bright jacket, just for a change.

-daiki's funny/cartoon-y bird voice!! lol. i love it!! :D

-poor makes u think...YOU will die 1 day. it's scary!!
and u have no control over yr body if u have some disease...u feel so helpless. sometimes there's even nothing that will treat it... i actually had some minor health problems at the same time i was watching Voice! (no worries, i'm ok now!) if only all ppl at the hospital could be so nice/caring/sympathetic as ryosuke-kun or natsumi, or his professor!! though at least i did meet 1 nice doctor and 1 super super kind nurse. i could kinda relate to how weak/scared/sad teppei felt!! =[

i didn't really think about it, but forensic doctors can, just like regular doctors and nurses, easily get infected by people who have diseases.'s a good thing they get paid a lot for their stressful/dangerous job, right? haha.

-it was nice of ryosuke to think ahead...he really wanted the best medical care 4 him!! what a good friend! and every1 was caring about/rooting 4 teppei =) ah~ i love seeing them all come together to support him like this. teppei's lucky to have such good friends!! ~_~ (I WANT TO HAVE FRIENDS LIKE THIS!! :P)

i remember saying VOICE reminded me a lot of hachikuro cuz it's also about a group of college students. but i ended up liking VOICE a lot more than H&C, cuz H&C was all focused on LOVE and many problems the students had. it was depressing and also at times the story moves along quite SLOW, and u feel so lost/unsure along with the characters in the drama... but VOICE is different, it barely had any love story and it focused on the problems of the family members of the deceased, mostly. and it moved along quite fast (i know they have different formats, but still...H&C was so draggy sometimes). also, i liked these main characters a lot more than the main characters in H&C. i especially didn't like morita. =/ partly cuz he kept bullying takemoto and in general cuz he's always causing trouble and is really irresponsible!!

________ SPOILERS! _________

he was really an amazing hero,
imanari-san!! even if he knew he was gonna die, he protected the boy's body 4 the sake of his family!!!! i was really touched and cried...of all the ppl who died in VOICE, i think he must be the BEST, MOST HEROIC PERSON, so selfless and brave!! (and most of the others died by accident or they had no choice somehow...but he died in order to save someone. ok, i know the man f/the first ep. did too, but this is still more brave to me...and he must have saved many ppl be4, while he was a fireman.) also, he didn't hate that man for making him get infected with hepatitis. what a really good, hardworking person he is!!

why do good people often have to die before their time like this?? *sigh!*
and it's ironic he would die in a fire, when he used to be a firefighter ne.

..................................EPISODE 9:

[ah~~ he's even cuter when he's determined and serious!! *_*]

-ryosuke: "despite my looks, i'm quite capable (not in a dirty way!)" lol!!
though i expected him to be a lot more flirty, it's still good that sometimes, they have these little moments that show ryosuke's flirty/funny side like this. :P and of course, i love how ryosuke is complimenting himself, saying just cuz he's cute, don't underestimate him. ^_^

-a man mentioned the recession! i really like dramas/movies that connects w/the real world in this way, when they mention real-life events or makes the drama feel more real this way!

-i noticed that ryosuke rarely tears up when every1 else is...he mostly kinda just that 2 show...his character is used to hiding his true emotion?? i think that is pretty cool~~ meanwhile, daiki cries WAY TOO MUCH. lol. i think he cries in every episode, pretty much! but eita is awesome in those crying scenes, of course!

-this episode and toma's coming drama, it makes me think, whether if u're a forensic doctor or when u're on a jury...the burden of responsibility to do the right thing instead of basing yr decision on emotions/'s tough!! well, i guess a lot of other ppl could have this problem too...police officers, judges, story was also quite touching, i didn't expect in the end, that daiki could still help out the family and explain how it's actually a good thing that they found out the truth. but of course, he managed to do it anyway, cuz he's daiki!! :D

-toma breaks away f/his role as daiki's sidekick again and gets his own story arc!! yey!! though it seems a little lonely for him to be by himself, facing these things on his own...

his problem is so MAOU-LIKE, right!! his father is hiding something, him saying he "can't run f/the truth"!!! totally made me think of naoto and his father!

[ this is a little off-topic, but the theme of fathers being strict, tough on their kids, and in general, scary, made me think of this jerry seinfeld joke!! lol. this is SO TOTALLY how my dad is!!! xD

"All fathers are intimidating. they're intimidating because they are fathers. once a man has children, for the rest of his life, his attitudet is, 'To hell with the world, i can make my own people. i'll eat whenever i want, i'll wear whatever i want, and i'll create whoever i want.' "]

and another reason this episode reminded me of Maou: that boy is the actor who was
HIDEO f/MAOU!! i only realized after a long while that he appeared. haha. he's a good actor ne. =)

-THE RAIN SCENE, with DAIKI & AKI: i only realized what a big deal it is to share an umbrella after reading the extra notes. haha. it was a sweet scene, but i still don't like how they make everything so subtle, it seems as if their love story is going nowhere or is almost nonexistent! i guess there's just no time to develop their love story, but still....can't we have a little more happening between them?? well...actually, i don't think daiki and aki have much chemistry anyway...but it's the one real love story in the drama, so i wish they coulda done more with it. haih~

...............................EPISODE 10:

[i really love the bangs covering the eyes look... it just looks sooooo cute/cool to in this screencap above. and the one below is just ♥♥!!]

[they argue too much! lol. they'll drive each other crazy if they actually start dating!!!]

[i love his smile~ ah, he only smiles like this for daiki!!! ~_~]

[toma deep in thought. kakkoii ne!!!!!!! ^-^]

[ i'm sorry.... =( ]

(eh...i barely have any notes for this ep.!)

-we see upset/serious toma again...poor ryosuke. =[ makes me think of poor naoto, too!! whenever i see toma upset, i just wish i could give him a hug!! aww...

-ryosuke kinda "HUGS" aki at the end of this episode!!! eh~~ i'm jealous!! haha. well, he was trying to keep her f/fighting with him, but still. he was holding on to her!! any girl/guy that has close contact w/toma-kun is so lucky neeeeee.

-i was surprised at the ending of this episode!! didn't think that the result of the truth being known would lead to that!! well...but he had to do it. i guess it's still better that the truth is known, for both the widow and ryosuke's dad, despite what will happen afterwards. at least cuz of this, ryosuke and his father will become closer... =)

________ SPOILERS! _________

-aiya, i'm so bad at guessing this time!!
i thought ryosuke's dad was a murderer at first!! cuz i thought if they knew each other, maybe he had a grudge with him 4 some reason and so he killed him! haha. how completely wrong i was!! ryosuke, without knowing it, got his father in trouble, when he didn't really do anything wrong!!! =[ the shock and then the painful/sad look on ryosuke's face when daiki and his dad explained what happened!! he knows he was so wrong in thinking his dad had lied to save himself, while he actually did it to help his friend.

wow, his dad is actually a good person/friend! shocking!! well, we've only seen him be all cold and stern to ryosuke after all. he is a really great actor too...when he was crying in the hallway, in his office, it made me think of naoto's dad crying in the hospital!! many things remind me of Maou!!

.................................EPISODE 11:

[did u notice that they often have shots where light seems to be shining directly behind toma?? ^_^ he is a sunshine boy, after all!! the light must always shine most brightly near him!! haha.]

[toma's hair was starting to get long~ u can tell in some scenes....]

[toma's cute silly faces. =P]

[i want to have great friends like this~ and have so much fun with them like this~!!! ahhhh~ but most of all, i want to be friends with some1 as cute and fun as ryosuke-kun!!!!!!♥ ]

-it's the end already...i don't have very strong feelings about watching this last episode, but still...i know i'll miss it after i've finished it!! and i really did look forward to this last episode. but half happy, half sad about finally being able to watch it. AND this is the first time i was able to finish watching his drama soon after it ended in japan! =) around less than 2 wks. all the other times, i was at least a month or more late in finishing it!

-"what's gonna happen 2 his ryosuke's dad??" i was thinking that at the end of ep. 10!! whew, his dad will be won't be so bad.

-NARUSE-SAN!! = that was ohno's name in Maou!! EH!! so many things/ppl in Voice that remind me of Maou recently!!!

-that girl's f/@deep! that girl who is questioned by the police. that actress was in an episode of akihabara@deep!! i was thinking she looks so familiar!! then i realized it's her!! she's quite pretty and a great actress too ne!

-*oh, sorry, forgot about the "my favorite toma moment" parts!* well, my fav toma moment in this episode is definitely when he told daiki "baka, u should remember!" ^_^

-my favorite part in this whole episode is DEFINITELY when ryosuke told daiki he's made up his mind, about what kind of path he'll take from now on. and he gets emotional as he thanks daiki for helping him all this time. =) in general, i always just love the ryosuke/daiki moments the most, already, but this one was really really so touching and sweet to watch!! they really are such good friends ne. but it's funny....the way ryosuke was, looking at him like that, being so serious about it...u feel like it's almost as if ryosuke was gonna confess that he likes daiki!! lol. well, they care about each other so much and have great chemistry, so it just seems like they could be more than friends~~ i get that feeling a lot of the times when daiki and ryosuke are together, don't you?? ;)

-after ryosuke and hanei, only their professor and daiki went up to the rooftop of the building....somehow, i'm happy that ryosuke got to be the first one to go up there while he was feeling sad... :)

-REAL LIFE STUFF: they mentioned President Obama and HANAMI!! ^_^ yey. like i said before, i love it when dramas talk about ppl/things happening in real life. especially cuz really respect and look up to Prez Obama, too! and of course, i would love to go HANAMI if i am ever in tokyo!!

-I'VE NOTICED, IT'S SO COLD SOMETIMES, U CAN SEE THEIR BREATHS! u can see it most clearly at night, the daiki/aki walking alone scene!!

-i love the part where the guys were saying "we'd like 2 be nicer to her, but, ...YOU KNOW!!" and the part they were joking about all of them want to work at his dad's hospital. hahaha! xD ahhh~ they are always teasing aki, but actually, she is kinda like a big sister to them, haha...always yelling at them and they're kinda afraid of her too!! =P

-AGAIN, DAIKI LEANS IN CLOSE TO AKI. aiya...they keep leading us on, and then...nothing really happens. though daiki and aki are a cute couple, but i still think they are better off just being friends than a couple. i mean, their personalities are so completely different and they argue all the time. haha...i don't see how they could get along as a couple...though their last scene together is pretty nice and sweet. and funny, too. =) it could have been more special though...

-i completely forgot about the sushi bet between the professors! haha. let's go eat sushi!!

-i was kinda disappointed that daiki didn't get his own tragic story, like everyone else...mmm... but i guess it wasn't necessary, everyone's problem, he helped them out and was sad when they were sad too... but i mean...everyone had moments of sadness/despair/feeling so helpless, EXCEPT for daiki. i think it would have been nice to see him have some big problem that really hit him hard and made him NOT the guy that solves all the problems, for once!!

now that i think of it, toma's role in this drama was bigger than i imagined! i mean, he had more screentime than i expected. i thought the screentime would be split up somewhat evenly between the 5 of them. ^_^ but daiki and ryosuke had the most screentime, it seemed. and then ryosuke was often with daiki, and he also appeared on his own at the he appeared really a lot in all the episodes!! :D i was so happy~ that he was the only character besides daiki that was by himself a lot and had his own storylines, too. ii ne~!

even though ryosuke was not such a special/interesting character like i had hoped he would be...he was still a really good friend and a good person ne! =) he was funny, cheery and cool. but we also got to see his serious/self-conscious side. he really had a lot of problems with his father and his friend dying...he went through a lot, but he tried his best to overcome it all, and he kept on going. but really~ he was always trying to be the happy guy and help out his friends, though he had problems of his own... and of course he is REALLY cute!!

i'll miss u, ryosuke-kun!!!!

- the end-of-the-yr PARTY~
ah, they spent 5 months together!
for me, it's ~3 months that i spent with them.
i laughed, worried, cried, and learned with them... ahhh...everyone, it was a really fun and memorable time, really!! i'm really glad we met~~ ^-^


-finally~ there's actually a case where
someone WAS murdered, but she had a GOOD reason!! still, amazing how they make u feel sorry 4 him still. i got all teary, both feel sorry 4 the victim and him...aiya...AND he WANTED TO DIE, wouldn't call 4 help!! another maou reminder!! =(

-the will he or won't he continue w/forensic medicine question is pretty pointless! of course every1 knows daiki likes it and will continue!! the part where the professor explains how he met daiki as a kid also seemed unnecessary/too long, somehow.

i was surprised, though. i thought daiki would be able to help the professor stay there. but then i guess it's necessary that through this happening, daiki learns that forensic medicine requires more than his imagination, and that things don't always work out like he wants them to...even if he was right. he has to follow the rules and his superior's orders...

- i was more concerned with the "who will ryosuke end up dating (if any1 at all)?" question!!! and i was SO mad when i saw that scene!! GAH!!! when reiko said she will be sad when he's gone. cuz it doesn't seem like she's joking with him this time, and be4 that, there were some moments where it seemed as if she kinda liked him already. damn it!!! I KNEW IT!!!!


even if she was just joking with him then, why was she in a happier mood than usual later, right?? the only explanation is she's happy about ryosuke asking her out for a drink or whatever. ehhhh!!

though i'm glad this is one drama where toma's character finally isn't crying and has no girlf in the end, but i SO wanted him to be with natsumi instead of reiko!! actually, ANYONE but reiko. i'd be happier if he ended up with daiki, really! lol. *sigh* oh well. at least in his last scene, he's walking beside natsumi. and in the long run, maybe she still has a chance, though he's always paying no attention to her. =[

-the last scene was quite nice...daiki saluting aki's plane, and the jetstream trailing behind it...and we get to see a short montage of all of them together, their happy and sad moments. ~_~ wonder what goodies/DVD extras will be in the DVD box...