Saturday, April 18, 2009

about japanese doramas/ Destination: Tokyo (Feb. 2014)

hi there~~

this is post #284.
getting close to my 300th post! sugeh!

sumimasen~ this post is not about toma-kun, it's about japan. but the dorama part relates to his new drama. =)

i'm already thinking of something 2 do for toma's brainstorming mode. 170 days left. i've come up with some ideas...i will try to finish thinking up ideas and post them up by the time there's 100 days left...i think. haih~
i learned a lot of interesting things about japanese doramas here! also, i read this somewhere that i don't remember...about how doramas have a bigger budget than dramas u see elsewhere (like HK or Taiwan, maybe), so their dramas are better produced and better quality, kinda like american wonder!! a lot of doramas are kinda like american dramas (except for the length), they are really high quality, they have music made especially for them, and soundtracks, DVDs are released. =)

i've only watched mostly hk or american dramas until i discovered toma in 2007. and i've only watched toma's doramas, but from the few that i have watched, i really really appreciate japanese drama's high level of quality...everything is just awesome, usually. ~_~ the actors are so talented, the story is short but the pace is not rushed (especially the ending, everything wraps up well), the music is great, and most of them have some meaning to it...something we can learn from watching it!! though i think i will always LOVE american sitcoms (half-hr comedies) like Seinfeld or The King of Queens the most, but right now, my fav dramas are japanese dramas!!!! maybe it helps that all of them have toma as 1 of the actors. lol. but really...i'd like to try to watch some other j dramas without toma sometime...

(a little busy right now...
i will have to post the rest later!!
see ya~ *_*)

(10something pm now.
sorry for my lateness.
sorry if i kept any of u waiting!
sorry this post is so long and not toma-related.
the next one definitely will be ne!
please wait patiently for it~)

anyway~ from this wiki page, i found out that most of their dramas air at 9, 10 or 11pm. ehh!! 9 is ok, but 10 and 11?? i guess most japanese ppl stay up late cuz a lot of them work long hours and get home late? well, now i don't have to worry about Majo Saiban airing late and not as much ppl watching cuz of that then.

from reading toma's messages, i figured out that they film all the episodes in order and also just a while before it airs. i think this is really cool!! ^_^ i also think it's cool that they split the dramas into 4 seasons. and that dramas have music produced specifically for them. often really really excellent music that really goes with the mood of the drama, too!! (of course, i love the Maou soundtrack so much, still!!!) and it's funny that a lot of dramas don't start exactly on the hr cuz of all the competition between different channels!! lol. that just cracked me up. xD ah~ the things a station will do to prevent ppl f/watching other station's shows. :P

...ok, i have BIG NEWS!!

well, not really, but it's something important to me.
and i'm not even sure if it's gonna happen,
but just thinking about it makes me excited...

and i wanted to share this with everyone here...

can you guess what it is from the title??
(no, i don't think u can!)

so, i'll tell you now...are you ready??

is all this rambling successfully building suspense?? haha.



it's just that i have recently decided~
i really really really want to go on a trip to Tokyo for my birthday, in 2014, no matter what. why 2014? well, cuz that's the year my passport expires (in april, i think), and i figure whatever happens, from now till 2014, by then, i should be able to save up enough money/have enough time to go/gotten to know some1 in tokyo maybe (who can help me/show me around)/be able to speak basic japanese (conversational, i case i see toma, i can try talking to him!! lol).

and cuz toma wants to get married by the time he's 30.
by feb. 2014, he'll be 29. so if i meet him in feb. and we start dating, by october, he'll be 30, we've had gone out for 8 months, that should be enough time for him to decide we are meant to be and he can't live without me, then he'll propose to me and we can get married during the winter in tokyo, maybe during christmas time, how romantic and perfect would that be???? ♥♥♥
*out of breath f/reading that complete run on sentence*
ok, ok. i'm kidding. i'm not THAT crazy. ;)

THIS SIGN, THOSE BANNERS (or some banners similar to those. they will probably change them once in a while)!! I WILL SEE IT IN PERSON IN 2014 (or sooner...or later...)!!!!

[welcome to japan~~ credit: my post title idea, i got from A.Ribo's "Destination: Japan (June 2008)". HE WAS THERE 20 DAYS!! WOW!! I THINK I WOULD ONLY HAVE ENOUGH $$ TO STAY ONE WEEK, TOPS!]

kepibear said: "I finally made it to Japan after wanting to go for about two decades." wah!!! that's a super long wait!! though it's almost that long that i've wanted to go to HK. but japan, only really really wanted to go for 2 yrs now. kepibear--he went with his brother for almost a whole month!!!!]

but i am really serious about the 2014 trip. i don't wanna just say "someday" i'll go to japan. i want to set a date, and try my best to make that trip possible, starting from now on!!! and i did. and so, now i have 1756 days left (till my bday, 2014)!!! wah... no worries, i've got PLENTY of time!! =) of course, if i get the chance to go to japan before 2014, i'd definitely go, but for now, i think setting this longterm goal is enough for me...and it really makes me happy to think that i will really be there in a couple years. ~_~

(of course, i dunno if i really will be able to go by then, but if i go, i will definitely tell you all and take lots of pics to share with everyone!! and maybe i can even meet some toma fans in tokyo!

if i can't go, i'll be really sad and depressed and u won't hear from me for a while. nah, don't worry, i'll be ok la... =P)

it's funny, i was writing this post and listening to the radio, and i heard gwen stefani's If i was a rich girl song, where she mentioned harajuku girls! (though i don't like the song.)

until then, i can only read about what life's like in tokyo from these bloggers. =) these are the best blogs i could find about daily life in tokyo or interesting things/places in tokyo. (if any of you know of any good life in tokyo/japan blogs, pls tell me! arigatou!! ^_^)

u can go to these blogs to see what it's like to live in the exciting/beautiful/hyper/weird (in a good way) city that is TOKYO:
[she's an american but moved to tokyo yrs ago! she's a manga artist, columnist, actress too!! wah. i'm really envious!!]

these are pretty good, too:

i thought once i'm in tokyo, i could try mobile blogging from my cell phone, and post straight to this blog (it's like blogger they read my mind!! just recently noticed it added little icons that tells u how to start mobile blogging!!). but of course, i forgot that my cell phone probably wouldn't work in tokyo. unless i rent a cell phone...but then my blog is based in the usa, i think only a usa phone number would work...nvm, if i'm there, i probably won't have time to update the blog anyway, i'll be having too much fun and looking for toma-kun everywhere i go!! lol. (maybe i can try mobile blogging sometime while i'm in here in the usa, though.)

well, that's all for today!! ^o^/
i hope u liked reading this post. cuz i enjoyed writing it!
(especially the part where
toma and i meet and get married in 2014!!! ♥)

this has been kate.
who loves (almost) everything about tokyo,
most of all cuz her crush, ikuta toma,
lives in this awesome awesome city (i mean, prefecture).

thank you for reading~~

P.S. for those of u who like HK, go to the blogs below. i also wanna make a trip to HK in summer/late summer 2014!! but i know it's super hot and humid in HK during summer, but it would be cheaper that way...aiya...but i really can't stand the intense, exhausting heat... =[
(really cool~~ very little text, mostly photos of HK life)


lanie said...

hi kate! so you're planning to go to tokyo in 2014? =) that's 5 years away!! I enjoyed reading your post(the meeting and marrying toma part included) because I can totally relate. hehe

I really would like to go to japan someday too and visit shibuya,akihabara,roponggi..see tokyo tower and the takoyaki and ramen.. =) but tokyo is expensive. i've done some calculations already on how much i might spend, the amount is more than double of what i have spent on my 3days hk trip(i've been there last yr). well, good luck on your plans kate =)

oh, if you're planning on watching non-toma doramas, i'm recommending yamapi's proposal daisakusen. it's my favorite jdrama..i thought you might like it too, if you are into romantic comedies that is =)

Aizat said...

Hello kate,
Em, looks like you're going to Tokyo?! Wow, how cool is that!

Em, by the way, i just wonder, where did you got all tToma's information? I have no idea where i should feed my toma's addiction! Em, so i always drop by your blog and just follow any news about toma. Even some of them are just your personal opinion, but it's still helpful to me.

However, the page is getting heavier day by day. Well it's a good news because this blogg absolutely full with toma's info and gossip! But i would really appreciate if you limited to number of post for each page. As for now, you set 'em for 7 post each page.. How about if you change 'em to 5 post per page or any other suitable number of post...Just suggesting!(it's not that i wanna stop you from writing a long-post!)

Anyway, i can't wait for your next update!

joyceneoh said...

i read the part about meeting toma and getting married in one breath! Haha! Good for you to set such a lovely goal! I really hope it works out all rightm and then you can post up the pics here!

If you see toma, kindly send him all our love, and inform him that he has a great fan base from all over the world!

Man.. that boy should travel out of Japan sometime..

kate`* said...

wow, i'm surprised to see comments!! <3 thanks everyone!!! :D i'll reply to all in this 1 post, if u don't mind.

~_~ hi hi lanie! yeah, it's a long time away ne~~ i'm glad u liked this post! ^_^ yeah, the marrying toma part. lol. i just suddenly came up w/that part.

yeah, it's expensive. >_< even HK is already so expensive 4 me. but at least u got to go to HK la!! thank u, thank u, i hope things will work out for me!

oh, i've heard about proposal daisakusen, i got curious and watched some fanmade MVs about it...i'll make a note and try watching it sometime. thanks for the recommendation!

*_* hi hi Aizat! yes yes, it would be SO SO cool!!
well, just check out my LINKS section, that's where i get most of my toma info. f/the toma LJ usually, but also the tomalicious forum or the AF thread. oh, that's not linked there. here's the link:
and sometimes, i just find random toma info online. =)

oh, that's a good idea, actually, i've changed it to 5 posts per page. then the page can load up a little faster, too. =) (somehow, i often write long posts. haha.)

that's really great to hear!! i'm gonna try to write about VOICE ASAP.

^_^ hi hi joyceneoh! lol, really?? heehee. arigatou~ i really hope so. i would definitely take many pics and post them here to share with everyone!!

oh, yes, i will remember to tell toma that if i see him. ^O^/

yeah!! if he does, he'd probably go to the UK or somewhere in europe...aiya, i wish i lived in the UK. haha.

Nieva_mae from Tomalicious said...

hi there Kate!

i think it's my first time posting here in ur journal but i sometimes drop by to read ur post. i loved reading yours esp when you talked abt our dear Toma (my writing skills is poor :c)

i smiled upon readingn the meeting and marrying Toma part..its ok for as long as you'll share him..XD

goodluck in your Tokyo's plan. hope one day, ill be able to go there too.

kate`* said...

Nieva_mae, konnichiwa! ~_~
yey, i'm happy whenever ppl f/tomalicious or LJ find their way here ne. thanks for coming.

haha~ yes, of course, i won't make him retire after we get married. i won't keep him all to myself. ^o^ ah~ i'm so generous!! lol.

arigatou ne~ i hope u will be able to go too! *-* keep on dreaming!! (my back up plan of getting to tokyo is by teaching eng. there...ah, but then i'd have to stay for at least 6 months. i heard it's hard to get in this teaching program, too...hmm...)

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is NashtyDirk. I got your blog link in asianfanatics. Oh my goodness your blog made my day! Especially about meeting Toma!

I too want to go to Tokyo but I don't have a set date yet. But for sure, going to Japan is on my bucket list.

You really inspired me to take it to the next level!!! I am now going to plan a date too haha!!! Who knows maybe we'll bump into each other *wink*

:D :D :D

kate`* said...

NashtyDirk, welcome 2 my blog! ^_^V i'm glad u like it!!

yes, pick a date! it'll feel like it WILL happen, it's quite a cool feeling ne~

maybe we will! :P