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TOMA'S FAVORITE THINGS / hana kimi ranking / more toma youtube videos!

check out this list of toma's favorite things, which shatteringice has so kindly translated 4 us non-japanese reading toma fans here:

some of the things on his list R quite funny/unexpected/cute! like onion gratin soup and GIRLS' KNEES!! =P

this LJ site is the best site 2 learn more about toma and find various pics/media/news about him! go there often and you'll be up-to-date with ALL THINGS RELATED TO toma-chan.

only 10th place!! =/ but anyway, good 4 them, almost 70%!
[posted by: sChiZoO14]

Oricon has published the results of its viewer satisfaction rankings for the television drama series of 2007. #1 was "Hana Yori Dango 2," which also ranked highest in the winter survey. It was followed closely by the top spring drama, "Kaette Kita Jikou Keisatsu," but the top summer drama, "LIFE," managed to only make #11.

The top 20 are:

1. Hana Yori Dango 2 (75.2%)
2. Kaette Kita Jikou Keisatsu (74.9%)
3. Galileo (73.6%)
4. Iryu 2 (73.2%)
5. Karei Naru Ichizoku (71.3%)
6. SP (70.9%)
7. Haken no Hinkaku (70.0%)
8. Papa to Musume no Nanokakan (69.7%)
9. LIAR GAME (69.2%)
10. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (69.0%)
11. LIFE (68.0%)
12. Proposal Daisakusen (67.7%)
12. Hotaru no Hikari (67.7%)
12. Haikei, Chichiue-sama (67.7%)
12. Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi 3 (67.7%)
16. Tokyo Tower (66.9%)
17. Yamada Taro Monogatari (66.8%)
18. Watashitachi no Kyoukasho (66.7%)
19. Bambino! (66.2%)
20. Hataraki Man (66.1%)

[more 2 come later.....]

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2008! yeah!!!


i still have 2 wait till tonight, but i know it's already new year in the Asia-Pacific region.
i hope 2008 will bring greater success 4 our beloved toma,
and the whole year, for toma-chan & all toma fans, can be like the fireworks show below,

(Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu!)

[australia is known 4 it's AWESOME fireworks shows, i think? and this 1 is really great! enjoy!]

NOW i get it....pretty boys / boys like u / fiona!

[screencap f/fiona's "boys like u" MV]

i recently went to this cool site that subs all kinds of asian dramas looking 4 a tv series by my fav hk singer miriam (who is also the tough girl in my current profile icon. haha.) :
and the banner that was there, but isn't now, had a pic of the guys from that singing taiwanese guy group, fahrenheit. and the text said "we do it all for the bishies". and i didn't know what that meant, but i guessed that bishies had something 2 do with good-looking guys. i looked it up and i found out it was short for Bishōnen (according 2 wikipedia: and read up on the term.

.....and NOW i get it!! i mean, the kinda image toma has.
he is certainly a bishie, although it's often his gestures more than his looks that is girl-like.
but i definitely like toma when he looks like a guy more than the times where they purposely make him look feminine! though toma's got the kinda face where he can look kinda like a pretty girl. =) (BUT it's funny---when he had 2 dress up as a girl twice in hana kimi, he totally still looks like a GUY, not girly-looking at all!) i guess part of the appeal of a bishie is that they can be non-threatening/very gentle seeming and u can relate 2 them more if they kinda look like a girl?
i was surprised, cuz i don't see this trend in hk or the usa at all, i'm not used 2 thinking of affeminate guys as being the most hk, affeminate guy artists R still joked about as being gay. but now that i think of it, in taiwan, there have been many "pretty boys" that have been popular so many years now. and i kept thinking why do these guys all have long hair and look like girls sometimes. now i get it!!

i also understand what fanservice is now. haha....
i live in the usa and i don't know much about anime and this kinda stuff...but now i know.
it's funny that fans like 2 imagine guys they like...
liking other guys??
but i guess it's kinda the same as guys that have the fantasy of girls kissing girls.
though some girls might like the idea of their idol liking another guy,
if u seriously think about it, liking a guy that is gay would indeed be really frustrating/painful!!

it makes me think of fiona sit's song from a couple years back called "boys like you".
and that's right, it's about her liking a guy friend that is gay.
u can watch the MV here. i really like this song, and it was an award-winning song, too.
[here R the translated 2 eng. lyrics, really GOOD lyrics, but such a sad song! thanks 2 61er for the translation!]

fiona sit is 1 of my fav hk singers,
and toma's fun personality and cuteness really
reminds me of how fiona is!!! she's also really hyper and fun, pretty and cute.
she is a little older than him, though. and she MIGHT already have a boyf, but it's just rumors 4 now. .......they would make a CUTE couple!!! she's already been paired up with a japanese model for her movie Love Undercover 3, too, and i think she's been 2 japan quite a lot 2 film commercials, for vacation, etc..... they could be really happy together!! though the chances R slim, i hope in the future they could have a chance 2 cooperate sometime, even if it's just 4 an ad or something. that'd be so cool!

ANYWAY... my point is:
though bishies R all the rage in japan now, i believe toma would still be popular even if bishies R not, cuz there's just something about toma (besides being incredibly handsome! ^_^) that is SO likeable and unique. it's his fun, hyper personality, it's his smile, it's his voice, it's his..... AWESOMENESS!!! :)
......though at first i kinda was surprised and weirded out by how he acts so...."girl-like" (sorry, i can't think of a better word) sometimes, but i soon got used 2 it and now i really love it when he does it. haha! and anyway, who's to say what is girly and what is boy-y. when u act "cute", most ppl would consider it girly, but why can't guys act "cute" too? there's nothing wrong with that! =P

AND to any haters who say that toma or other bishies like him R gay,


this is already the 21st century, stop hating ppl just cuz they're different.
1st of all, there's nothing wrong with being gay, but shame on u for calling ppl gay when u mean it as an insult.
2nd of all, just cuz a guy looks/acts "feminine", doesn't automatically make it proof that he's gay.
3rd of all, u have a right 2 express your opinions (no matter how stupid/bigoted it makes u look), but u don't have the right slander or 2 force your opinions on others! u don't have 2 listen 2 me either, i'm just SAYING WHAT I THINK. but ppl that hate 4 sure R not as happy as ppl that love. and without doubt, the TOMA LOVE that exists all over the world far exceeds any toma hate.


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i'll update soon...

wah, after i posted about the fan map at LJ, suddenly all these comments. i think i replied 2 every1. =) i was thinking of adding a cbox here in case ppl want 2 post random shout-outs 2 toma or me, but then i wonder if any1 will actually use it....cuz i already have a bunch of stuff on the right side of the blog already....

um...THANK YOU, LJ members that just joined the FAN MAP!! :)
the more ppl that join, the more we can see he's got SO MANY fans, and ALL OVER THE WORLD, too!! [sorry, forgot 2 say, u can only see part of the map at my blog, and 4 some reason the frappr link doesn't work. u can go here 2 see the whole map & zoom in or out, etc.:]

i'll probably update the blog soon with some more random thoughts about toma, some recent news hana kimi-related (just rankings-wise), etc. =)


see u later.
good night. sweet dreams. i may be dreaming of toma soon. haha.
-kate `*

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! / toma singing xmas songs.


this is from 2005, but i never get tired of watching toma singing xmas songs, especially in this specific show, cuz he's so happy and enthusiastic as he's singing! & of course, the really cute head rub with yamapi, him flirting with the camera when it was in back of every1, and him jumping down 2 be next 2 the dancers at the end R some classic SUPER CUTE toma moments that u must not miss!!! 1 of the first times i ever saw him singing was actually the white christmas song, and i was really impressed that his english sounds so good! =P and he looks so good in that outfit....i've also noticed this...most of the time, toma's got a great fashion sense!! of course, since he's a model too, right? haha....

ENJOY! if u haven't watched these video clips, you'll LOVE it!
if u already watched, you'll still LOVE IT!! =)

the last clip, from a diff show, is toma singing "melting snow". i really like the song, and it's also 1 of the first clips i watched of him singing.

CintheRB screencaps/ he's too good 2 be true! / crazy fans/ TOMA'S BLOG! / etc.

i'm uploading the screencaps (49!) i got from the musical. u can see them at the last pages of my gallery here:

I HAVE 2 REALLY THANK A VERY KIND PERSON AT THE TOMA Livejournal site that upload the whole CAT IN THE RED BOOTS musical for everyone a while back! i only recently was able to watch it, and i thought it was pretty cool!
of course, i don't speak japanese, so if i understood it, i surely would like it more. haha.

i really liked watching toma... it's got a really strange story and some really weird characters! but nora the cat is really really pretty and cute, wow. she and toma R the most good-looking and most likeable in whole cast, and i love both of their costumes! especially toma's simple white shirt & jacket and gray/blue jeans. haha! wow, didn't expect so much shouting from toma and every1 else. really wish i could understand what they're saying! i fast-forwarded thru most of the non-toma parts...but every1 is really good at acting out their characters, though everything is exagerrated, but i guess it's supposed 2 be that way. i wasn't gonna get any scaps, but then i back-tracked and got some anyway. haha. couldn't resist.

ANYWAY, of course toma looks so awesome, though he is shouting way 2 much. but every1 was shouting a lot...haha. they must really get tired f/all that shouting! and some parts, u can see how toma is sweating so much--the close-ups of his face! poor guy!
i think i've said it be4, but it's really cool how he's SO GOOD-LOOKING, but he also doesn't mind making funny/weird faces, and he can also act so dorky sometimes, but it's still believable!! haha. i recognize some of his gestures/faces that he uses often as nakatsu and some other characters. ;) he especially looks soooooo cute + cool with his hair all messed up and covering his eyes!!!! waaah!!! ok, ok. that's enough. hehe...

overall the play was pretty good! i'd like 2 watch it again with subtitles!!! i loved how most of the costumes looked great, and had some kinda flowy fabric. toma's sword-fighting scenes were very cool!! but less spinning, more fighting! haha. the making-of was fun 2 watch, all the preparation, the hard work that went into this production!!! got 2 see silly toma as well as serious toma, nervous toma, casual & very young-looking toma!

(above screencaps from the Toma Ikuta - Sexy Back by yingadingding. it's been deleted, but been re-uploaded here. haha.:

don't u sometimes look at toma and think he's too cute to be real? lol!!
too good 2 be true!!
but he is! but sometimes when u look at him,
u almost think he's like too perfect 2 be real?!?!
i gotta keep reminding myself sometimes,

don't get me wrong though,
i really like toma,
but i'm not 1 of those extreme fans that
get a little too crazy...i'm more like the
fan that just wants 2 support him and i'm happy
if he's successful and i get 2 listen 2 his music/
see him in dramas/ etc. if i ever got a chance
2 meet him, i'd probably freeze up and get really quiet...
instead of like some fans who would scream or go crazy or something. haha.
i sometimes read news about fans that practically attack their idols or
chase after their cars or even propose 2 them! i guess my point is that
fans should just calm down and not get too crazy obsessed...especially when they meet their idol, or else ppl could get hurt and u would definitely scare your idol!


it's really frustrating 4 me to listen/watch toma and not understand what he's saying.....i'm gonna try 2 learn some basic japanese or maybe more later. if any1 knows any good online sites where i can learn basic japanese 4 free, pls tell me! THANK YOU! i mean, ARIGATOU! =)


YESS!!! TOMA'S BLOG IS GONNA BE BACK SOON, 4 GOOD! and more good news below:

[credit: kouzo at]
[jweb] Toma's J-Web turns Regular on 7 Jan

Just announced on ANN by Toma himself.

From 7 Jan '08 onwards, TOMAGOTO will be starting as a regular J-Web diary.
Meaning, it's no longer restricted to just a period of time.

トマゴト復活 YAY

Toma's business report XD
12/24~  "Hana Kimi ~IKEMEN PARADISE~" Re-run
12/25~  "TOMAGOTO -NEO-" Back Number
1/7 21:00~  starts the new "TOMAGOTO"
1/8 21:00~  starts "Honey and Clover" (first episode 70 min, 10 min extended special)
1/9  "Hana Kimi ~IKEMEN PARADISE~" DVD (First Volume) On-Sale

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random toma stuff/ toma-related news

u can go here 2 vote for toma for Winter 07-08 Pretty Boy! (whoops, i forgot when the deadline is. hopefully it's not over yet.)
but u have 2 join livejournal first, then join that group. then look for the posts talking about how 2 vote. and look for the posts about WHY u should vote 4 toma, there R lots of cute pics of toma and toma info/bio stuff!! =) and i absolutely agree with how she was saying he can be DORKY, but in a cute way! it's amazing how 1 person can be so many diff. things... i mean, though he's good-looking, but he doesn't mind acting a little silly or making funny faces. he can be SO cool, but also, SO geeky/silly/dorky. he's just amazing & extraordinary! HE'S TOMA!

saw another fanmade MV for toma, using the themesong of hana kimi and some funny comments from some fans:
Ikuta Toma _ Ikenai Taiyou

addictedmaniac13 (1 day ago)
toma is such a talented guy!!
he can sing, act and dance PERFECTLY!
he's so damn freaking cute!!
cant resist him..
diddycute (4 days ago)
he's just too cute...!!!!



Oricon has released the results of its end-of-the-year survey asking men and women who they thought was the most successful young star of 2007. With two thousand people participating in the survey, the answers were actress Yui Aragaki and comedian Yoshio Kojima.

Aragaki has had a phenomenal year, which included her first starring roles in film and television, the start of a music career, and an increase in commercials. Erika Sawajiri, who ranked 2nd among female celebrities, also saw similar success this year, though it was marred by the "Closed Note" PR incident.

The rest of the women's top five were Kanako Yanagihara, Sumiko Nishioka (the oldest of the list at 33), and Maki Horikita.

Kojima easily topped the men's list, as he was ranked first by all age groups. His silly routine has become amazingly popular, and his catchphrase "Sonna no kankei nee" was named one of the top ten "buzzwords of the year."

Shun Oguri was second in the rankings, followed by Yu Darvish, Ryo Ishikawa, and Toma Ikuta.

wish toma continued success!)


hi all!
sorry, no updates in a while.
did u miss me? haha. =P

i dunno why recently, there have been a lot more visitors here, if my cluster map is correct! yesterday i got 163 visits!! i've only got about 30-40 each day, before! THANK YOU 4 VISITING, EVERYONE!! :) and i noticed there's 3 other big dots on the map besides me, so that means 3 other ppl have come here more than a 100 times! wah! thanks for supporting this blog!!! like i keep saying,
i'll try 2 keep it updated often and keep it interesting. ~_~

to those of u that come here often, it'd be cool if u post comments once in a while!
i love reading comments. ^_^

i just checked, and my toma fans map has gotten 3,621 views!!! that's higher than any other fan map i made, be4 the highest was for my fan map for ellen degeneres, and that's just 800-something right now!! ****if any1 hasn't joined the fan map, pls join now! and make sure u upload a photo (any photo, doesn't have 2 be a pic of toma) so that you'll show up at the top of the scroll bar on the left side of the map! **** i know sometimes the fan map won't show up, but just try again the next day or the next day, it should work after a while!

also, my toma b-day MV is now the 2nd most viewed video (out of 436 videos!) at my youtube page!!! i uploaded it on toma's b-day, around 2 months ago. it's got 29,364 views, 17 ratings, and been favorited 78 times! :) what's cool is that most of my other videos in the top 10 steadily increase in views and stay in their spots, but only my toma MV keeps increasing and moving ahead, until now that it's the 2nd most viewed! so cool!!! =D

VIVA TOMA! -happy 23rd birthday TOMA IKUTA MV
(01:13 long)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

TRANSLATION PLEASE! what toma said 2 maki when she pushed him?

i also got very short audio clip of what he said here:

THANK YOU, any1 that could translate 4 me! =)


GOOD NEWS: u can now watch the trailer of Honey & Clover at youtube and other places!
u can dload the high quality video at the toma livejournal site. =)

i don't know much about the plot except what i read at i didn't really know what 2 expect from this series. but now that i see the trailer, i'm a little worried that i won't like this series. cuz i dunno why, i just don't like the leading actress, there's just something about her that i don't like...and the trailer just gives me a very boring/melodramatic feeling. haha...but this is just a super-short trailer and i could be wrong. just that i prefer comedies over mushy romances that have too much drama or R more draggy and slow-paced.....
BUT toma being the lead actor will DEFINITELY make the series worth watching! ~_~

this is random, but i read somewhere at the livejournal site that toma smokes! i dunno if that's still true now, but i hope not, or that he'll quit later. =/

Friday, December 7, 2007

first clear pic i've seen of toma f/the Honey & Clover drama!


yes!! i know what u're thinking. and all fans have been saying the same thing:

the simple haircut and casual clothes really makes him look like a student! more like a high school student than college student!! well, he's supposed 2 be 19, i think.
he looks more like 16-17, but that's aight. =P
cuz the lead actress looks/IS very young (15, i think?). now they'll match.
(thanks to bloaty! u can see more pics here:

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new nakatsu icons!! / random toma stuff

sorry, been a while since i updated!

i just made some icons using some of my fav screencaps of nakatsu. =) i love toma when he's happy/silly as nakatsu, but he also has moments where he has that fiery glare!!
wow, very cool!! here is just some, u can find some more new ones
and all the other fan art i've made so far here:

u can use them if u want, but it'd be nice if u could credit me and link 2 my blog!! =)

here's some random toma-related stuff:


but fans post new messages often, and i dunno when the site was started, so
u gotta go there often 2 keep updated! i'm trying 2 go thru the old posts slowly,
wonder when i'll be able 2 read & save all the messages/pics/etc. posted there!!
u should also join livejournal, so u can post messages/comments and thank fans for the awesome graphics/pics!!


these days, when i see this commercial for
a woman's perfume, i keep thinking about how
girls/women would react the same way if they saw
toma walk by as catherine---melting! lol.

i got this message in my youtube inbox.
could this be toma's little brother??? haha. j/k.
he must be a popular guy among the ladies if what he says is true!!

Nov 29, 2007, 03:55 AM

LOL!!! ikuta tomaaa
u know what, its so funny.. i look exactly like him.. face, body, even personality almost exactly the same loll

hes a cool guy ^^

more comments about hana kimi tw versus hana kimi japan. i love how 1 person said
"Almost like watching an anime come to life." cuz that's exactly how i felt when watching, it was almost like watching anime, so cool how they made it that way!!


#28. Anonymous Says:
July 17th, 2007 at 4:51 pm

but nobody can beat hokuto umeda from the manga. His character is just too complex to be portrayed by the human being. For nanba senpai I seriously prefer the taiwanese than the japanese but still shun n maki wins over. nakatsu japanese is cute almost the same like manga just that he is not as crazy or as lively that neese…FOR NOW…


#34. shecky Says:
October 25th, 2007 at 8:47 pm

havent seen the tw version, but right now im totally head-over-hills with the jap version. gee they know how to be funny! not one dull moment, even from the co-characters, every single bit was watchable. however i do have to admit my disappointment as to how the drama not following the manga completely, because the manga rocks. but overall this drama(jap version) got me completely hooked.
p.s shun is so gorgeous ^_^V

#36. Sal Says:
November 12th, 2007 at 3:20 pm

I’ve watched both versions, and although the jap version isn’t as faithful to the manga, the casting is MUCH better and the portrayal of the characters is better and more funny. Japan has its own way of doing the humour so its very good. Almost like watching an anime come to life. Taiwanese version is just too quirky for me and all the characters except quan in the taiwanese version were just a bit off. So while both versions were good (in their own ways) i prefer the japanese version! :D