Thursday, September 18, 2008

the 3 envelopes have started on their journey to japan, to Toma! ^_^

toma-ism #48:

I write down my feelings for you
and turn the paper into a plane
throwing it into the strong wind
aiming farther than it possibly reach,
I didn’t see it falling down,
nothing happened, and nothing began...
I don’t know how you’ll answer
but if i dont try i'll never know.

[translated lyrics of Younha's Te wo tsunaide
(Hold my hand), from
except the last line, which i remember from her MV
at youtube that had someone else's version of the translated lyrics]

sorry, only posting pics 4 now. i'll explain soon... probably in a couple hours...

thanks 4 coming & caring about this Toma Love! b-day project!!
the last step of the project has been completed!

now just have 2 wait 4 toma 2 get 1 of these envelopes....

well, i did it!
it's done.
i sent the 3 letters this morning.
it really is precious cargo to me,
and i really really hope its journey from here to japan can be a smooth and quick one!


it only took a couple minutes and under 4 dollars at the post office to send them.
but the time i spent on picking & buying the cards/ writing/ translating (the parts that Chi couldn't translate 4 me)/ printing/ re-printing cuz something was wrong/ cutting/ re-cutting cuz i can't cut straight!/ picking out the bg pic for the letters / yada yada yada! all that took me quite a while! and i had sealed everything up so perfectly...i felt nervous/a little reluctant to send them off! a little hard 2 let go! lol~ i was like, "will they really be able to make it to toma's hands?? i put so much time + effort into these!!" well, that's how i am...if i decide to do something, it MUST be done right & be almost perfect (to me)...that's why it took me so long. haha!

another problem i had with writing to toma was how to cram all my TOMA LOVE that's built up over 1 year into a short letter, into this envelope for him??? i mean...i took a long while to edit my message to him-- so that it was succinct & clear, yet still included the most important things that i want to tell him. to be honest, if it wasn't for this b-day project i started and the Tomalicious b-day project, i probably wouldn't have attempted to send toma anything at all, cuz (1) he doesn't get all his fanmail f/JE and even if he gets it, who knows if he'll have time to actually read it, (2) i don't know if he'll be able 2 understand the broken japanese that comes from babelfish's eng. to japanese translation, and (3) i don't know what i will write, there's too many things i wanna say to him! but then, since i started the b-day project, then the Tomalicious project was started, and Chi offered 2 translate our messages to japanese-- i thought i'd give it a try. =D cuz i gotta try my best to tell toma about the Toma Love! b-day project! that was the main reason at first...but then i got to thinking more about it, and like i said be4, even if there's just a tiny chance of him getting my message, i've gotta try. cuz thinking of your idol getting your message and appreciating your support and thinking of u for even a brief moment is really an incredible feeling. ~_~
and of course, if i don't try, i'll never know what could happen!!

ok, are you bored yet? any1 still reading at this point? haha.
sorry, i just wanna share my thoughts with you all.

ma, here R the details:

-i sent 3 envelopes. but they all contain the same letter. letters #2 and #3 have the same background pic. envelopes #1 (red) & #2 (blue) each have a b-day card. envelope #3 (white) only has the letter and note.

letter #1 is going to Wink Up. it's also the heaviest of the 3, cuz of the card + letter,note + small pic of toma, small envelope (that i'm asking him 2 sign and send back to me). it's dark pink, but it almost looks red. haha~ i didn't do that on purpose, i actually purposely avoided a red envelope cuz of Maou and i don't want there 2 be any chance of toma or JE freaking out when they see it. haha~ it's got a kinda 3-leaf clover that i found and sealed in shipping tape. =) it's not really a clover, but it looks like one, and it's the only one that stayed greenish. the other ones turned yellow/brownish.
i dunno why, the lady at the post office only put extra tape on this envelope's address that i taped onto the envelope with doublesided tape. it was already really stuck on there! i had already done everything to avoid using tape on top, which would make the envelope look less nice, but oh well...

letter #2 is going to the main JE address, and i printed out the address in japanese, just 2 be sure. =) it's just slightly thick, cuz of the card + 2 sheets of paper. and the envelope is a little thicker than normal envelopes. =T

letter #3 is the simplest and lightest. only has those 2 sheets of paper. it's going to the JE address that says Johnny's Family Club....i thought it over many times...i should really try sending 1 to each possible address...that's why.

all the envelopes R flat though, nothing bulky or lumpy.

-all 3 have an additional note, with the newest version of the cluster map at Toma Love!.
and i've got a message in japanese telling him that he's really got fans all over the world!! =D and i've also drawn on all 3 notes, the heart-shaped leaf clover that hagumi drew for takemoto in H&C. =) pretty good, huh?? it's been so so long since i've drawn and colored anything. lol~ i also wrote a simple message in eng. explaining that i'm sending him the same letter 3 times, and sorry to bother him, but i want to be sure he gets it. i also wrote (also in eng.) at the bottom of each, "toma-san is the cutest boy on Earth!!!" xD

-oh, the perfume. i sprayed some perfume near/on all the sheets and cards and envelopes. but it's a really subtle, nice scent, white jasmine...a little after each spray, i'd have to spray again or else i could barely smell anything. i thought it might, just MAYBE increase the chances of toma opening it, if he smells something nice coming from his pile of fanmail. lol~ but i doubt my plan will really work, cuz in the end, each has a slight nice fragrance, but after a week or more, i dunno if there will be any smell left, really.

-DAMN YOU RAIN!! yes, it's raining again in japan...rain, rain, and more rain these days. at least it's not that hot now, but there's a lot of scattered thunderstorms. i'm thinking my letters will reach japan in around 5 days. it will still be raining, if the 6-10 day forecast is correct. =[ i'm afraid my envelopes will get wet. well, mostly everything was printed, even when i wrote, it was mostly with a ball point pen that won't bleed, so they should be ok...

-yes, that's a pic of the letters before they start off on their journey 2 JAPAN. TO TOMA! haha. the lady at the post office was gonna put them to the side, but i asked her to let me see them again be4 they "leave", yes, that's what i blurted out. lol~ and i took some pics of them real quick. hahaha! luckily there was only 2 other ppl there, or else i'd be too embarassed to do it.

[1 = the kinda 3-leaf clover. it looks pretty ne! this is a super close-up shot.
it's really small. 2 = the drawing i copied f/H&C. 3 = contents of envelope #1,
4 = contents of envelope #2, 5 = contents of envelope #3. ]

WELL, i'm really so happy about this!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
if everything could go smoothly, toma will receive it by his birthday!
i saw a nice jetstream in the bright blue sky today, a while after i sent the 3 letters. this...a GOOD SIGN, that toma will receive my messages + LOVE?? bakaaaaaa~ xD
of course, after around 1 week, i'll start to worry about them rejecting any of the 3 letters and me getting it back in the mail!!!
but i was really careful!!
though the blue envelope is kinda, just slightly, a tiny bit "heavy", but that's only cuz the envelope itself is a little thicker than usual. =/ but it is very flat.

and he will open the envelope &
hopefully a little whif of flowery fragrance will greet him. ~_~

and he'll know,
that there is a girl in the usa,
who really really likes him!
And when she looks at the stars on these cool end-of-summer nights,
the same stars that are twinkling in the dark sky above him...
And stands in the brilliant glowing moonlight, that is pouring down from
the same moon in the night sky above him...
She will be wishing hard that soon, he will receive her messages,
and that for at least 1 moment in her life...
she and him will share a precious connection,
when he reads her letter and it makes him smile, and
think of this girl for a brief moment...
Even if he never thinks of her again
and he completely forgets about her after that.
She will be already so happy,
that they shared this precious moment,
even though they have never met. (yet! ^_~)

-----------> and this is what i said in the letter, the original, eng. version:


Hi, toma-san! my name is Kate. i'm 26 years old. i'm from the USA.
toma-san, you make this world more beautiful! you're my hero!
you truly amaze and inspire me. you are incredibly talented, cute, and cool. *heart*

you are a completely brilliant actor, especially in Maou! but i still like nakatsu the most!
thank you for all your hard work! you definitely have a bright future ahead.
please remember you have fans all around the world who will always love and support you. toma-san, i love you! *heart*
please keep trying your best! i will also try my best!

I wish you continued success, happiness, and good health!
I've been your fan for 1 year now! Toma-san, i really really like you! ~_~

toma-san, for your birthday, many of your international fans and i am giving you hugs, kisses, energy, all our best wishes, and A LOT OF LOVE! ^_^
go here and see, please:
Many fans wrote messages to you there! leave a message for us if u can. Please!
Please also take a look at this site:

(Toma-san, sorry, i cannot speak japanese. i cannot write japanese. my friend Chi and *Yahoo! Babel Fish* translated from english to japanese. i hope you will understand what i wrote!!)

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