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toma's a GOOD-LOOKING SUNSHINE MAN! / some special messages from toma

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #22:
toma-kun...handsome, tender, soft.
(lyrics from t.A.T.u.'s song, Malchik Gei)

hi hi!
i still haven't watched Maou, but i've heard mostly go~od things about it. =)
i guess like most remakes, ppl who watched the original might think this version is not as good... but besides that, i've mostly heard ppl saying they lo~ve it, and love how cool toma's character is in it! (haha~ i'm copying the way toma stretches out certain words when he's writing, if u were wonder~ing. =P)

btw, the ratings for Maou's episode 1 was 14! that's just ok...hope the ratings keep increasing! (thanks to careline 4 the info)

since Maou's airing each friday night, recently, tomagoto's ("toma's words" blog) got a red-text-on-a-black-bg look each friday, 2 remind ppl 2 watch. so i'll try 2 post something each friday f/ now, and i'll also post w/red text 2 support the drama & toma, in this way... so pls remember, do come here on FRIDAYS! (friday in my timezone, remember! u might have 2 come on your saturday if u're way ahead of my timezone. mostly every1 is way ahead of my time. that's 1 annoying thing about living here. haha~ i think every1's ahead of us.) & if u're in japan, OF COURSE, pls pls REMEMBER TO WATCH MAOU & ASK ALL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY TO WATCH! thank you, thank you!!

P.S. ano...i haven't gotten any comments here 4 a long time! no1 feels like commenting anymore?? pls leave a comment sometimes, it would really make me happy and not feel like i'm just talking 2 myself here...doumo (thanks)!!

p.p.s. also, 4 those of u that wonder why i don't update this blog more, i would like 2 quote toma when he was explaining why he doesn't update:
"i apologize.
i thought that if i forced myself to write,
and ended up w/entries w/no point it would be a shame."
i feel the same way as toma! (but also, cuz i'm behind in toma stuff, so i have less things 2 write about. i'm slowly catching up...) so please understand this and be patient when waiting 4 new updates, yeah? =)

"I like setting off without a destination in mind. Because it feels like the end of the day will never come." - toma ikuta ~_~

the following R links to some of toma's translated messages that you just HAVE TO READ, cuz they're just such cute/funny/random/touching messages!!
of course, u should always try 2 read ALL of toma's messages ALL the time, but if u can't, at least read these & remember 2 check out his messages once in a while!

but be4 that, i wanna show u what a Maou producer wrote in the blog about filming this drama, about toma! it was raining a lot, and they were having trouble filming... (^__^ thx to Ultra Violet 4 re-posting this!!)

"BUT we have a strong alliance...
His name is Ikuta Toma.
I call him "good looking sunshine man"

Ikuta kun attracts sun.
Even if it is very cloudy, when Ikuta kun appears, the sun shines and becomes sunny. Filming staff feel almost awed by his power to attract sunshine."

*___* SUGEEEH!! even the sun is attracted 2 toma's awesomeness??? hahaha~
ohno is opposite, he's RAIN MAN! lol.

[sorry, i 4got 2 save the link so i can credit, but here's another version of the translation of the entry (*YOU SHOULD READ THE WHOLE ENTRY!* =P), by teacup:
~Maou Filming Report, "His name is Ikuta Toma. I call him the Sunny Day Handsome Boy."~]

....................................... some special messages from toma

this first 1 is completely tomarrific!!!
ah-hh~ toma writes such beautiful entries sometimes!
here's a quote of what he wrote after H&C ended, in Tomagoto volume 67 (3.19.2008):

" 'There's nothing that doesn't have any meaning'

In life, there are setbacks, and there are difficult times. There are also moments when you feel as though your existence is one where it wouldn't matter if you weren't alive, however...
There is surely someone who is looking at you. You are being supported by someone.
Somewhere you don't see.

shitsuren (broken hearted) is written with 'love' and 'loss' but, the "reality" that you loved that person is never lost.

By Toumaiya-sempai"

tomaaaaa!!! u R really SO...!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
thanks for your ENCOURAGEMENT=ENERGY 4 us 2 keep going!! *__*

[read the rest of the entry, where he also thanks all that watched H&C and were touched by it/learned from it. awww~ ^__^ I WAS/I DID, TOMA!!!]

[ =) takes a pic of sleeping yamapi / Tomagoto vol 129, Translation by inseiko/ Jun 26 2008]

[yells at yamapi 4 typing his name wrong =P / JWEB: Tomagoto vol 102, Translated by inseiko/ May 9 2008]

[needs 2 clean his room / JWEB: Tomagoto vol 93, Translated by inseiko/ Apr 25 2008]

[toma won best supporting actor award for hana kimi again! / JWEB: Tomagoto vol 97, Translated by inseiko/ May 1 2008]

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