Friday, March 19, 2010

happy 3rd bday to DT! TOMA'S NEW CM FOR NISSIN UFO YAKISOBA!! and about how i got my ningen shikkaku book!!!♥

everyone-chan, doumo!!

kate dayo~ ^.^

it's the 3rd birthday of Dear Toma...!
though not much people go there anymore (me too. lol.),
but i still remembered the anniversary today. haha.

it's been exactly 1 month since ningen's opening day.
it already feels nostalgic~~ ne?

there's 200 days left until toma's 26th birthday.
(today, i saw it 3 times!! ehhh!! 10:07am, 7:10pm, and 10:07pm!!)

and tomorrow~
is the 1st day of spring.
"and the spring breeze whispers~"

(will find pics for the spring banners here later...)

oh, real quickly~
ningen has dropped to #17 or lower at the japan box office for the weekend of march 13 & 14!! =[ doesn't show up on the list anymore.

i think you all know by now, but:

TOMA'S GOT A NEW CM!!! YA~Y!!!!!!!!! *o*
for nissin UFO yakisoba (noodles).

(recently, there were rumors of a new LOTTE ACUO cm, too.)

news about the CM:

some pics. sorry, that 1st one is blurry, but when u actually watch it, you'll see how cool toma looks!!♥ *faints* and that screencap of him running♥ is f/zoe's blog. ^^ *faints* again!! sleeveless toma. xD

kyaaaa!!! so cool!! *______*
really kakkoii ne!!!♥♥ it makes me think of how cool it'd be if toma had a sports-themed drama, like yamashita for buzzer beat. ^^ toma's looking so fit and strong...ahhh!! *blush*

just watched it today at h's youtube page. SO AWESOME!!! though i don't understand why he's hitting the kettle. but he looks so COOL doing it, in slow motion...olympic athlete-ish!! i can't wait to see the one where he's running around the track. sporty toma!! it's been a long time ne.

i'll buy these noodles next time i go to marukai or mitsuwa. i remember noticing it cuz it says U.F.O. on it. haha. i've always wanted to try it already, but now i DEFINITELY will!! lol.

so, about my ningen shikkaku book!!♥

oh, wait. did you know you can buy the book in english online?? here's the link. i checked out a first page and another the first line is "mine has been a life of much shame."

it does seem like a good book....if they sold the english version at mitsuwa, i would have bought it too. to read AFTER i watch the movie, whenever that is.

here's what happened. i was at the sanseido bookstore in mitsuwa. i usually only stop at the magazine section and the pens and other stuff. but today i felt like trying to go in the books and manga section in the back. though i already went to kinokuniya and they had no ningen stuff at all. but i thought, "maybe..." but i really didn't expect to see the books at all.

CUZ IF THERE WERE, WOULDN'T THEY BE OUT IN THE FRONT OF THE STORE, NEXT TO THE BOOK ABOUT DAZAI, AND THE REGULAR COVER NINGEN BOOKS???!! it would make sense, right?? and those books have been there since oct. or nov. of last year! but suddenly!!! there it was on one end of the shelf in the back!!! just one book, all alone. GAH!! i quickly grabbed it, but looked around...were there more?? uwaaaa. it's really toma on the cover!!♥ but there's no more. not even more of the same cover. i forgot how small the book was. haha. (the last time i actually went to the books section was in december. i'm pretty sure i would have seen it then, but no. so maybe these books didn't come until january at least??)

i asked the lady that worked there if there were anymore dazai books with him on the cover. ah, but they don't have anymore. only this version. this cover. she was so nice too. she looked, then was gonna ask some1 else. but that person had gone somewhere. but she said she's pretty sure this is the only one they have right now. awww. but *maybe* later they'll have the other ones too?? ~_~ i'd love the one with toma looking up, in that white shirt!! ^^

later, when i looked carefully at the!! at the end, some english words!! i dunno why...some kinda list...maybe some kinda explanation. for terms he used. i took a pic of that page, it's the last pic!

and i saw that there's a cute bookmark with a doggie on it tucked inside the book. kawaii! i turned it over. TOMA!!♥♥ 100 times more kawaii!! xD ah, i love this bookmark!!!

and i realized, this is the book that toma was holding in those CUTE pics from a while back!! so the ningen book looks like that under his cover. really pretty~ i didn't know...thought that toma was holding some kinda special copy of the ningen book for that photoshoot!

hmm. actually, it's not that exciting a story, right?
sorry. (laughs)

but really, i felt so lucky, seems like i got the LAST~ one!! nanka, this book has been waiting for me for so long! xD and i'm glad it could be the ningen book, not dazai's other books. it's the first time ever toma is on a book cover ne!! and i remember him asking everyone to please buy it and display it proudly in your room. AND NOW, I CAN!! haha. and this seems so short!! but it's such a powerful book really...this book changed toma's life!! i'll take good care of it. ~_~

sorry, i got excited and used too many hearts. (laughs)
have an awesome weekend~!♥



musixofmalife said...

ano.. u can download da 'running' version of TOMA-kun's Nissin Yakisoba UFO cm here> (^o,^)

kate@theTheatre said...

thanks, musixofmalife! ^^

i did see the link for it at LJ, but didn't get a chance to DL yet.

musixofmalife said...

u r welcome kate-chan. ma, da vid is sooooo worth watchin. TOMA-kun looks realy hot in it. (^o,^)

kate☂ said...

ahhh!! toma running. it's still a little silly to see him w/the kettle, but he is really so HOT in this CM ne!! must have been tiring running so much though! *pats him on the back*


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Well, a CM is new stuff. Yah!
Hmm, not really a sports person, but a sports drama could be good (any drama is good), well, Toma is in it, then still can watch it. But, I didn't liked Buzzer Beat that much - not sure if I didn't get into the basketball parts, or the love story (although I still watched it all to see the ending. I probably started b/c I wanted to see Saki Aibu play a bad girl (as she was good in Zettai Kareshi), which then, I didn't enjoy her character being unfaithful to nice Yamapi, and also probably watched it to note the way Yamapi's hair was so Toru-like..heeehehe. But dunno, I thought maybe I didn't liked sports stuff, but later I watched ROOKIES (baseball dramna), and I liked that drama much more, even without a familiar actors in it. Which means...having Toma would be plus plus. Seeing him play through a match would be cool.

Ah! Well, if any book to get, the Ningen novel would be fab one! Oh, so the little pink book is actually the real book inside. And, yeah, I supposed I did know that u can get 'Ningen' in english, since careline had wrote that she bought the book (way before her trip), and well, she read it all, (with no mention of struggling with words) so I assumed it was an english version.

Anonymous said...

if Toma ever acts in a sports dorama, maybe soccer coz it's his fav sport =)

i remember watching slam dunk anime when a long time ago was one of the best anime i've watched =) of course it'll be weird if it becomes a japanese adaptation of the anime and Toma in it lol
oops gomenasai, off topic.

great Kate-chan ...u got the NS book u hv been waiting for! go treasure it .........


kate☂ said...


wow, i rarely see u write long comments. ~_~

new CM, yey!! i hope he'll have more this year.

i'm not a sports person either. haha. and i didn't watch buzzer beat. yamapi's hair was totally toru-like!! i saw a tiny bit of rookies on the japanese channel here (w/subs), and it seemed pretty good, though i only recognized shirota yuu and another guy f/hana kimi. it'd be awesome to see toma all competitive and athletic...*_* too little of that in hana kimi...

hai~! ^^ yes, i didn't know that the toma covered ningen book, it's a lovely pink/orange underneath. really pretty ne~ oh, haha. i haven't gone to careline's LJ often until after her fan report on seeing toma. but i didn't remember to check out the book in eng. online (read the preview pages) until now. lol.

yeah!! toma in a soccer drama would be cool, and fun for toma too!

really? haha. just googled it. seems like it was a big theme in buzzer beat and some other drama already, this slam dunk manga.

hai~! <3 i'm so happy, and i am very careful with it. ~_~ it's cool to have it in my room...

WHAT IS REALLY SUGOI IS THAT *i think* THE SAME DAY THAT I POSTED ABOUT THIS BOOK/THE BOOKMARK (which i did not know existed!! no1 ever took a pic of it or mentioned it online??!!), toma also posted a message, talking about how some1 dropped this bookmark on a train, and he was too embarassed to pick it up for them. lol. nanka.....i imagined for a second, toma saw my post, the pic of the bookmark, and remembered this incident and posted about it. lolllll. *delusional*

Anonymous said...

Kate-chan ~ well, don't be ...coz who knows? Toma might have read ur blog (of course with some sort of translation software of course :p) and read ur oh-so-sweet messages to him ...awww! xD
ooh that pink thing is a bookmark? sou ka ...kinda big though, but it relates to Toma ... so you'll be reading more books from now on! well, I'll be if I had it lol

Saw the CM ...sugoi ne Toma-kun! and the noodles look yummy! it's making me hungry :o


kate@theTheatre said...


oh no...u must not encourage my delusional thoughts!! xD ahahahaha!! but then, i guess it's not impossible, right?? just a very very very very tiny, tiny chance of it happening. lolllll.
this is the bookmark ne. reading more books? haha. no...i like the bookmark too much to actually use it. i only keep it in the ningen book or just stand it next to the book in my room to admire it. *__*

toma is so cute...he was saying...he saw a man drop his bookmark. so he was gonna pick it up for him...reached down...EHH!! his...his face is on the bookmark!! so he hesitated too long...and the man picked it up himself. lol. he thought he should have said, "pls watch the movie" to the man, but he was too embarassed. xD awwwww. *hugs toma*

oh, the noodles do look good!! i will remember to buy it next time....

ultraviolet_p1 said...

? eh? my comment didn't show up from yesterday. I think I forgot what I posted...

If it was a sports drama, I would prefer it to be a team sports than a solitary sports for Toma. Hopefully he can do many different genres.

And oh yeah, ROOKIES had those from Hana Kimi, I probably meant, I didn't choose to watch it because of the familiar faces, which I used to do earlier on with j-dramas. I think I've ventured out quite a bit.

And sometimes I ramble on a bit.

kate☂ said...


sometimes blogger acts up. so for long comments, i always write my comment Notepad and then post it up here.

ah, me too! toma hasn't been in a sports-themed drama before, right? though it'll be more tiring for toma, so...

wakarimashita. ^^ i've only watched japan dramas with toma, really. haha. but it's more cuz i don't have much chance of watching it offline. if they had japanese dramas dubbed in viet at the place i go to rent HK dramas, i'd definitely try watching some... but they only have some korean dramas there. >_< I WOULD SCREAM if i ever saw toma's dramas there, i think. haha. though i'd rather watch it with toma's voice.

me too~ haha.