Friday, October 26, 2007

NAKATSU'S FATE (a sad song that reminds me of nakatsu/mizuki's love story!)

i got a little obsessive, looking 4 songs that describe/is similar to
nakatsu's and mizuki's love story.
and right away, i found this song which PERFECTLY
describes nakatsu's feelings.
and it's such a SAD song!! but it
is similar 2 what nakatsu must be feeling.
and i like how it says how he's such a great guy,
but she only likes the other guy,
and how it seems like it could be possible
she could like him later on!!!
cuz the other guy (just like sano!) doesn't love her
as much as him!!!

i love that phrase, "How much does he really love you?"

if it was up to me (and lots of other ppl!!!)
nakatsu would end up with mizuki after all.
now THAT
would be a happy ending!!!

here R the lyrics and u can listen 2 the song here.

i love edmond leung's songs, and he's got such a nice voice. =)

(i also found a bunch of other breakup/unrequited love songs that
reminds me of nakatsu's love story. but i'll later post it at my other blog 2 not
take up a bunch of room here and link 2 it here.
but really,
so many nice songs and they're so sad, mostly, but such
good songs, too!!! listening 2 them, i can almost feel what
nakatsu feels when he's heartbroken!!! =/)

My Fate -- Edmond Leung
[translated by The Creative Circle's webmaster: ]

If you see him, will you leave with him tomorrow?
All the things that are good in my life are not enough, right?
If there were no him, would you stay with me?
You have to find your heart's other half
*You and me together, is actually not a bad thing
But, there is always a but
I wait for you, for you to wait for me
Who will wait for the ending?
Can I
# Wait with you for the lover you have not encountered?
For this is my fate
I'm afraid that one day while waiting for you
My lifelong dream will be shattered
How much does he really love you?
And you sigh a deep sigh

If you haven't met him, will you be with me tomorrow?
Do you think you can grow to love me?
Do you think I qualify? Do you think you can be mine?
Who would be better if you decide to accept me?

Repeat *

Can I
Wait with you for the lover you haven't met yet?
For this is love's fate
I'm afraid that while waiting for me
My own heart will break
How much does he really love you?
And I have no more breath

Repeat #

whatever the ending, 2 ME, nakatsu and mizuki will always be the BEST COUPLE (come on, they even won the best couple award!!!)

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