Monday, September 22, 2008

happy FIRST DAY of Autumn! =)

hi hi! happy First Day of Autumn~ or happy autumnal equinox! ^_^
i like fall, cuz it means cooler weather and there's just something in the air... the weather changes, the days are shorter, everything seems a little different. & i just heard a Disneyland halloween ad already. haha.

and today the weather is quite pleasant and cool.
it's also actually sunny in tokyo on sept. 22 and 23! a break f/the rain and thunderstorms, and it's sept. 22 or 23 that i think my letters will probably arrive at their 3 destinations in japan!! so it's a cool coincidence that the weather those days is not rainy! yeah~

i hope the letters R already there or will be there in the next couple days... here R some nice fall pics, and 2 cool calvin & hobbes comics that talks about why hobbes loves fall and calvin doesn't. =P (btw, i'm a HUGE fan of calvin & hobbes, and so is Fi!! we've got so much in common! heehee! ~_~)

[ah~ toma~! love his hair, expression, & outfit here.]
[credits:, nozomi @LJ, Warner Music Hong Kong, f/the photo collection that came with the Johnny Jr. calendar,
i took this pic w/my digital camera, so kinda blurry. sorry!]

(click on them 2 see BIG version & read! haha~ i'm am like calvin in many ways, but in this case, i definitely agree w/hobbes!)

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