Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i've been toma's fan for 4 years!!!♥ (on aug.30/31) when is your toma fan anniversary?? and my toma TUMBLR!! ^.^


it's kate. ^^
i wrote this message for toma and everyone, for my 4 year anniversary..... ~_~
when is your became-a-toma-fan anniversary? ^_^

do you remember your toma fan anniversary, and how many years have you been toma's fan? ~_~ also, do you do anything to celebrate it? i usually just say something about it here and eat something special that day. lol. that's what i did this time too, and i watched a bunch of toma's videos at youtube. xD

(these are the links to my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year posts, btw:

(credit: oh, i hope everyone likes the new banner. i found so many pretty seaside pics, like this one. ahhhhh. wish i lived near such a beautiful beach with such clear, blue water!!

it's mostly to share toma things quickly with everyone,
but there will be just things i like, that are pretty/funny/happy, too. i hope you'll come see it. thanks!! *_*

oh and this is mizza's new toma tumblr!! *^-^*

even though it's pretty quiet in the toma fandom now, nice to still see a lot of toma fangirling at tumblr. also, the facebook toma page's wall still often (daily?) gets new messages from fans!! ^_~v

**************** if you wanna be in TOMA'S BIRTHDAY CARD
oh, i want to remind everyone that if you want me to add your name/message to the birthday card i'm going to send to toma, please comment at my post HERE,
[] before mid-september, when i'm going to send the card. thanks!!

oh, in case you're wondering what toma's been doing lately while on his break (or is he already working on a secret new project?? xD), yamapi said in his blog entry from aug. 20 that he and toma went to the gym together and also went to eat yakiniku. ^__^ [credit:]

............TOMA'S PICS ♥
[credit: johnnys@tumblr, as watermarked, candykuma@tumblr, eternaltomapi@tumblr, thanks to memo_toma 4 finding the preview toma pics, curry4toma@tumblr]

(toma looks so cute with a hat + plaid shirt. ^^ also love him in vests!!)

(toma's new profile pic @his webpage)

(toma + someone + someone @kanjani 8 concert?? dunno from what year?? but toma is a cutie as always. xD even in his "disguise". hehe.)

(bokura ga ita manga @bookstore display!!!!!! ^_^
i should have bought it but i ran out of time and forgot...
actually, i wanna buy one of the books, but in english. xD)

(click on it 4 better quality...toma was soooo cute on this cooking show from '08 ne!!
i wanna see toma try to cook more. xD)

(tomapi @the onsen many many yrs ago. xD
i wish they would take a pic exactly like this, now!! lollll.)

(old summer themed pic of toma + other johnnys boys. ~_~)

............TOMA'S MESSAGES
[translated by jessica, credit: tomadaisuki. this is just my summary of his messages. read the full messages at! (these posts are member-locked)]

(may 14,2011)
he loves hokkaido's beautiful sky and cool weather! filming romantic boyfriend & girlfriend scenes in school makes him wish he had a girlfriend to eat lunch with like that. he's jealous of these characters. xD

(may 11, 2011)
they started filming for Bokura Ga Ita. he thinks it will be a good movie. he'll save up money to watch it over and over when it's in theatres. he'll work really hard! (toma was using an osaka saying..)

....................... COOL toma LJ stuff:
Ikuta Toma icons

--------TOMA'S ROOM things:
TOMA ICONSSS!! (i made some + i found some) do you want to make some?? ^_^

..................... RANDOM TOMA (or toma-related) THINGS:

jun & toma gesturing cutely @the johnnys countdown 2007-2008. toma wearing a yukata!!! ^_^

toma likes girls with wet hair. xD

[credit: bulie@tumblr] the nakatsu/mizuki almost kiss!!


[credit: thelunarwolf@tumblr] there are some nice moments in the new hana kimi (which happened in the manga, i think) that i wish happened in the '07 hana kimi. =T like the 3 of them sleeping together and this part where sano dances with mizuki in their room:

I WAS SO SURPRISED THAT THE OSCAR AND HIBARI FROM '07 hana kimi showed up in some scenes. ehhhhh?? unexpected!! but it's nice to see them again. lol. i just saw them in some pics at tumblr...(credit: poisonsleep, r-namikaze) btw, the ratings remain pretty low, mostly around 6something. (credit:

Friday, August 5, 2011

TOMA & YURIKO'S DATING RUMOR!!?! new layout @toma's room! toma movie poll/discussion!! & Popolo pretty boy pics ~_~

kate desu. ~_~

so, i was able to get the popolo august 2011 issue with the super kakkoii toma pics a few weeks ago. YEY!!!!! i love how huge the popolo magazines are. i put the pen next 2 the magazine so u can tell how big it is. hehe. (i also posted a bigger version of this pic below~~)


also, I MADE A POLL ABOUT WHAT U THINK ABOUT TOMA'S MOVIES there. please come and vote/discuss!!! thanksss! ^___^
[poll/discussion topic]: TOMA'S 3 MOVIES....
which is your favorite?? how would you rate them? ^^

(credit: as watermarked. besides them holding hands,
i was shocked at her clothes!! yuriko's crazy weird outfit!! xDDD wow.)

so, the BIG NEWS now, is of course, the rumor that toma is supposedly dating yuriko. u can see all the pics and read about it at the links below:
[read usotomato1's comment!!]
Romantic Relationship between Ikuta Toma and Yoshitaka Yuriko?!
Holding hands lovingly at drinking party of “Bokura ga Ita” finished filming celebration”!
What is the relationship between Ikuta Toma & Yoshitaka Yuriko?

(what some of these news articles leaves out is that her rumored boyfriend since last year was there too! the guy with the eyes blocked out. he's Genki, in the band flumpool. this is the news about their dating rumor and how she spent a night at his house from last year:

what happened is that toma and her went out for drinks, play darts, and go karaoke with their friends and staff from the movie. when they left, toma was holding yuriko's bag for her and holding her hand because she was super drunk and had trouble walking to the taxi. (toma ALSO helped her friend walk to the car.)

seriously. if toma was dating someone, he wouldn't walk around holding hands with her in broad daylight like this!! he's always very friendly and close with his co-stars. and she was drunk, so he was helping her and her friend to the taxi. AND, hellooooo, her rumored boyfriend, genki was there too!! this only makes it more likely that she's been dating that guy since last year, and NOT toma. =T

i don't know why so many people are like "i wanna ship them! they're so cute together!!"?? maybe it's cuz she's popular right now. and cuz we like the idea of toma having a girlfriend and dating and being happy and all. sure, i'd be happy for him if he had a nice girlfriend, but NOT if it's her. i just don't like her!!! T___T i'm glad that filming for the movies are done, cuz now i don't need to see toma and her together anymore until they promote the movie in spring of next year. xDDDD

BUT at least cuz of this rumor, we get to see new pics of toma and get everyone excited and it livens up the toma fan communities. xD and nice 2 know he was having fun with people from the bokura ga ita team. it's kinda funny that the girls got super drunk...usually i'd think toma would be the super drunk person. =P AND of course, all talk about toma + yuriko is free promotion for their movie. lollllll. yeyyyyy.

i don't like yuriko, and i would freak out if they were really dating!!!! 0____o i haven't seen her act in any drama, but she looks quite plain and somehow arrogant to me and i don't like her. she seems really popular right now, and i don't understand why at all (i guess she's a good actress). but then again she was also on the most hated celebrities list, so i'm definitely not alone. i'm sorry if i offend anyone, but this is how i feel...

the main reason why i hate yuriko is cuz she did some erotic scenes in the movie that helped make her famous, back in 2008, Snakes and Earrings.
(this is the trailer for the movie: i know a lot of japanese actresses started out being sexy gravure idols (models that pose in swimsuits or lingerie), even gakky or maki, but this is too much!! T__T i hate it when actresses keep using a sexy image to make themselves more popular.
also, she released a sexy photobook this year, and the theme was that she was having an affair with the reader. geez...0__0 (

..............about the new hana kimi's ratings

so...just an update on the new hana kimi's ratings. the 2nd episode of the new hana kimi ratings was only 6%!! the 3rd ep, it was 7.9, but the 4th dropped down to 5.5 (thanks to mizza 4 the info!)[credit:sakuranamida@tumblr]

i dunno why i totally forgot 2 say it before, but shohei as the new nakatsu is soooooo not cool. o___O he exagerrates too much and really tries to copy toma's funny expressions!!! (maybe it's the director's fault 4 telling him to copy toma, i dunno.) and his hair just looks so fake. blahhhhh. toma will always be the most awesome nakatsu everrrrrrr!!♡♥

oh, there's a ton of nakatsu gifs at recently, but my fav is this one. LOLLLLLLL. and it describes perfectly how i feel about the new hana kimi (and ppl who think toma and yuriko should date for real. lol.)!! hahaha. (credit: lilkisara@tumblr)

oh, i made this for the winners at toma's room.

nostalgic!!!! natskashiiiii!!! ^^

..............toma's PICTURES ♡♡♥♥
[CREDIT: as watermarked,]

(i also included some pics of other cute guys from the popolo magazine that i got. hehe. and COULD SOMEONE TRANSLATE THOSE 2 TOMA MESSAGES FROM THE ISSUE???? THANK U!! ^_______^)

(big, wallpaper-ish size!!!)

(this month, i like these pics the most!!! ~____~ sweet & gentle toma. awwww~)

(cool, intense toma!!! but i guess he's posed like this a lot...hehe.)

(toma's favorite place!! a CD store. hehehe. it's cool how his hair kinda looks orange.
kakkoiiiii!! makes me think of his nakatsu hair color. xD)

................COOL toma stuff @Lj

.............random toma stuff:

Which actor would you want as your stylist?

toma got 15th place. lol.
i would sooooo love it if toma could help me be more fashionable like him!!!! but i guess toma would also have 2 lend me some money 2 buy cool clothes 2 help me be more stylish. xDDDDDD

in case u were wondering....pic of the things in the hana kimi dvd box set #2! (the inside of both box sets look the same. shun, toma, maki standing next 2 each other repeated over n over. and a pic of their classroom and outside of the school too. oh, toma does not look good in the dvd pic. lol. he looks a little moody/mad. haha.)