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It's always rain, rain, raining, I want you! ♪

[credit: TFS,]

1 more video clip, a news clip about yamapi's concert and toma showing up!
thanks to salome for the link!! (if any1 else sees any more video clips from that night at youtube, please tell me. thanks!)

i didn't know that yokubou no rain is kinki kids' song! u can hear their version of the song here: yappari, i like the tomapi version more!! but it's nice to hear the original, longer version. :D

isn't it cool that i have rain banners up now, when this song is kinda about rain. haha. a happy coincidence, i only thought of using rain pics cuz it's raining a lot in tokyo now, but then now it can also be cuz i love yokubou no rain. it's raining (here at my blog), and i want toma!! xD
here's toma and yamashita singing it back in 2002, with the translated to eng. lyrics in the video description! such passionate lyrics, and toma really brings out that kind of hotblooded, intense feeling when singing/dancing!! *__* well, in general, toma's always very expressive... i especially love when toma, how to describe it...he quickly turns his head in different directions, and it makes his hair fly back and forth.♥ and i just noticed, i can hardly see yamashita's face most of the time, when it's a side view. eh!! i guess he forgot to turn around enough for the camera...

but i like TFS's translation of the lyrics more. it seems more accurate and makes more sense...u can find the karaoke + subbed version of this video somewhere at Tomalicious fansubs. ^^

this video is 1 of the first times i saw toma singing and dancing.♥
to see toma and yamapi singing this song again after so's such an amazing feeling ne.

ja ne~


Saturday, November 28, 2009

recent toma msgs, news and links...
[most searched ppl. toma is ranked 225!]
[toma's hanamizuki movie news]
[more hanamizuki movie news]

sorry, this post is gonna be continued tomorrow.
now is not a good time and it's late and i gotta try to get some sleep...ja.

oh, wait, i just watched some fancam video clips of toma @yamapi's concert today at youtube!! u gotta check it out (be4 it's removed!). and there's a bunch of great quality pics @the toma LJ.

this is a sweet tomapi MV w/their dancing clip f/the concert. but if u click on it twice to watch it at youtube, on the side, the videos related to it (actually, it's a video reply, i think), u can see a [fancam] something...u can tell it's from the concert. it's a 4min. something video, u can see all (or most?) parts where toma appeared and THE BIG HUG toma gave yamashita!!! it's sweeter when u see that yamapi held on tight to toma a little bit, and toma was patting his back. awwwww!!!! ♥♥♥ i hope i can dream of these lovely moments f/the concert tonight.

good night, everyone.
sweet dreams~!

i'm back. hai...

so here goes!

(more pics f/the concert. kyaa!! toma is so cool when he's singing & dancing.
credit: XQ, hpswf1)

some of my random toma thoughts from these days...

I WAS SO SO HAPPY FOR TOMA AND YAMASHITA, PERFORMING ON THE SAME STAGE TOGETHER, THAT I DIDN'T NOTICE TILL LATER...toma's not super tan at all!! thank goodness it was just a fake tan to make him look more fisherman-like. i thought it might be, cuz how could they let him get SO TAN like that, but i wasn't sure till now. whew!! some guys like ohno look good tan, i guess, but it's definitely not a good look 4 toma. lol.

and here's 2 more things i noticed/realized while re-watching maou that i didn't the when i watched it the first time:

-since Maou premiered on july 4, 2008, that means that naruse puts into action his plan for revenge exactly 11 years after his brother died, which was july 4, 1997! wow...

-in episode 6, when ikehata-san was led to the warehouse 74, i guess it's supposed to mean july 4, the day of that incident?! eh...

and here are the most interesting things toma talked about @tomagoto from early-late november (gotta check if he already posted some more msgs later...):

-toma says for Hanamizuki...he hasn't been in much love stories so "pure" like this, so the filming is exciting.

(finally, toma's got a role in a real romantic love story. yey!! for hana kimi and H&C, his character had a nice love story, but he was still part of an ensemble cast, so it's not the same as this, where the focus is entirely on 2 of them only. yeeeey~)

-toma plugs the majosai DVD set, saying "please take yoshioku toru home with you."

(kyaa!! i wish i could!! lol, toma sure knows how to get girls to buy this dvd set!! sorry toma, i can't take toru home. haha. but i did take nakatsu home with me!! heehee~)

-he saw some car accidents and asks everyone to be careful when driving in the rain. cuz if they're hurt, you can't go watch ningen shikkaku.

(xD a shameless plug for his movie!! but toma's concern for others...ahh. such a caring guy.
and he signs off: the former 1-day police chief (5 yrs ago). that's right!! ~_~ cuz he was a policeman in a drama, i think.)

-he used to lose a lot at "pay the bill janken" when he went eating with Yoko-Hina-Subaru. and he wants to be on Recomen again sometime.

(seems like toma often loses at pay the bill janken? lol.)

-he spent 2 days at press conferences, promoting ningen shikkaku. the reporters all seem to like the movie.

(i'm sure lots of ppl will like this movie!! the plot, the cast, everything about this movie seems awesome. ^_^ i bet toma and the movie will win some awards!!)

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new bannerz!!

happy belated thanksgiving, y'all!! ^_^

i am thankful for various things and ppl in my life, but of course, most of all, for toma's existence in this world!! i finally found some nice RAINY pics to use 4 the new banners. ah~ i love rain. (but not too much rain.) since it's raining a lot in tokyo these days and hopefully we'll also get some rain here soon... *fingers crossed*

i just love bokeh, don't u?? ~_~

so~ the pic here was maybe taken in Minneapolis, usa, while the umbrella pic (the whole picture looks much much nicer, so pls take a look at the whole pic!!) was taken in kyoto. :) i know this blurry rain pic kinda looks like the one i used at the beginning of this year, but trust me, it's different!! and prettier?? anyway, i hope everyone likes the new banners!!

[credit: XQ, thanks to hpswf1 4 posting]

no time to talk about toma & yamapi right now, but i've seen more pics and video clips.... ~_~
of course, i think this is my favorite pic. toma hugging yamashita in such a sweet and adorable way neeeee. ah, such a cute moment!!!!! the caption of this pic should simply say:

ooh, 49 followers, almost 50!! yey. =)



Sunday, November 22, 2009


yamashita's been all over the news recently.
his new single, his solo concert, he's dating someone??, he's gonna be in Code Blue 2 in january, he's really popular right now!!

as a toma fan, i'm happy for him (and i'm sure toma is SUPER HAPPY for his friend), but finally, this is yamapi news i can get really excited over: yamashita AND toma together again! on stage! (i know toma's shown up before at NewS'concerts with yamashita there, but this time, it's ONLY TOMA and YAMASHITA! ^^)

nov. 21!!
toma shows up at yamashita's solo concert!!
dunno if they sang together, just saw 1 pic. but probably!! THEY MUST HAVE!! UWAAAA!! (u can see it at the link right below, that their photoshoot pics R at),

really hope some1 was recording that moment!! (though no one recorded/posted up video clips of toma onstage at any concert this yr or in recent yrs... =/)

AND toma x yamashita photoshoot+interview again!!! EH!! sugoi! ^o^

(credit: TIM 【Jo.In】, XQ. thanks to zoe_alexiel for posting,

AND already some jan. 2010 magazine pics.
in the japan magazine world, it's already 2010!!
magazine-chan, wait for us, kudasai! xD
(u can get all the pics f/the toma LJ, as usual)

well, i'm sorry, but i gotta go to sleep soon,
it's getting CLOSE TO~ midnight.

i'll continue this post tomorrow, i promise.
here's some toma pics for u to look at until i can finish this post tomorrow. ~_~

ja ne!

[credit: oomontyoo, thanks to hpswf1@LJ for posting!]

Fans of Tomohisa Yamashita placed idol in top Twitter trending topics,
Wednesday November 18, 2009 Japan

this is impressive!! his fans all twittered about him a lot on nov. 18 to celebrate the release of his single, Loveless, and they reached the #3 spot on Twitter trending topics!! though i don't use and don't like all the hype about twitter, but wow, that was cool, how they got to the #3 spot!! a lot of devoted yamashita fans worldwide ne.

also, recently, yamashita got a big breakthrough-- he's the first actor to appear in the coveted getsu-9 monday drama time-slot almost consecutively...he was in Buzzer Beat at that time this summer. not for fall. but then again for winter, Code Blue 2. it's unprecedented. it shows how popular he is right now!!

also, just this week, a pic taken of him and an actress (not the one f/be4. another one. geez, he's got a lot of rumored girlfs!!), forgot her name, holding hands outside a restaurant. u can go to for the news... i usually don't believe these kinda rumors, but holding hands? friends don't hold hands, right? wah, he's so busy and still finds time to date?? good for him. =)

but enough about yamashita's news,
let's talk about
blackheart.gifblackheart.giftoma appearing at his concert!!! blackheart.gifblackheart.gif ^O^

UWAAAA!! reading toma's messages about singing Yokubou no Rain (Rain of Desire, i think it translates to) w/him, i was already so excited. but after reading the fan reports!! i've always said i'm just a "kinda" tomapi fan, u know, i love toma, but tomapi...yappari, i have always had conflicting feelings...and never liked yamashita that much.


this time, it's the same feeling ♥, but more~ so!!
(especially since i recently wrote that long toma bio and went thru toma's history with johnny's, yamapi, and when they were broken up, and toma stopped singing...)

Yokubou no Rain!! it's THEIR song. so perfect!! i knew toma would show up at his concert, but i didn't think they'd sing an old song together, i thought it'd be one of NewS's songs. so surprised to know it was this song and they even danced together like they used to!!

though i'm not crying or screaming or almost-fainting or anything like that, but i'm really so touched and reading the fan reports made me smile. ~_~ and have this warm feeling in my heart ne.♥

(please please, let their be a fancam. though reading these fan reports, i already feel as if i was sitting there and crying with other fans that night, as toma and yamashita sang and danced together~~) feeling overwhelmed. (in a good way~)
flashingHEART_icon_s309.gif flashingHEART_icon_s309.gif starryB60.gifstarryB60.gifstarryB60.gifstarryB60.gifstarryB60.gifstarryB60.gif

ok, i'll just summarize quickly, what happened, from the fan reports i read. my summary definitely does not do justice to these amazing tomapi moments that happened that nightwub.gif, so please read ALL THE FAN REPORTS HERE AT XDUSTBUNNYS' PAGE!! (it's friend-locked though. u'll get instructions of how to read her posts there.):

-Sanspo news website suggests a name for their ikemen unit: IkuPi. xD (don't tease us like this!! we can't take it!!)
-toma is the surprise guest. lots of cheering when he appeared!
-they sang Yokubou no Rain together. just like they used to, the same dance, they are so in sync!!
-they had on matching outfits
-they hugged several times~ ♥
-they also sang COLORFUL and Himawari together. but mostly only yamashita was singing cuz toma was busy playing in the cart (each of them in one cart going around the audience). toma also shook hands w/some fans and blew kisses, he was so HYPER!! xD

*___* AHHHHHH~ blackheart.gifblackheart.gifblackheart.gif

even though he didn't write much, u can feel the weight of his words, if u know what i mean...he really had fun, singing/dancing with yamashita again neeeee. (this is just a summary. please read his whole, translated by Inseiko, msg at Tomalicious.)

he interrupted yamashita's concert. they sang Yokubou no Rain. always in reflective mode, he said this song is "a song full of memories" they used to sing together. last time they (just 2 of them, singing, dancing) sang together was 7 yrs ago. it was the best.

the audience was cheering so much, they got excited and yamashita forgot some lyrics. his concert is very cool, his dancing is cool too. those going to see his concert, enjoy it!

thanks to the ppl who were in the audience who cheered for him.

"yamashita, thank you.
it was the very best of times."

Ciao ♥

uwaaaaa!!! double_hearts.gif double_hearts.gif
i think i can be happy all day now.
and for the entire day, i'll be preoccupied with thoughts of toma and yamashita together....and of course, listen to Yokubou no Rain a lot!!! ^.^

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the new AF ikuta toma thread TS PAGE!!!!!! i made it!! ^_^

(remember to read the credit/thanks part too!)

just posted it up last night. stayed up late (got a little lightheaded~ xD) to finish editing, IT'S FINALLY DONE. *collapsed* spent around 2 weeks on this!! maybe it is spoiling the new toma fans a bit, me posting a ton of toma info and pics and links and a really detailed bio about toma...but then, i thought it'd be nice to have all this cool toma info in one place. it's kinda like there's over 2 yrs of toma fangirling squeezed into that post. xD i hope all toma fans, new and old, will like the post (especially the toma bio!) and learn more about toma and maybe even LOVE TOMA A LITTLE MORE cuz of it!!

yappari, writing the toma bio took the MOST time, though i really only set out to write a few paragraphs. but i couldn't help myself, i ended up writing so much, trying to cover not only the events in toma's career but also how toma felt about it. wow...but it was fun, too. i realized anew, toma's been through a lot. i'm really so proud of him. all the things he's done to get to where he is today. ah, i love him so much!!♥

finding toma pics was hard too, cuz so many pretty ones!! i wish i coulda used more maou period pics, but there wasn't much nice ones at AF (which i kinda had to use, for the thumbnails)...the rest of the things there, though, the profile info, links, was easy to gather.

i'll just post some interesting toma stuff f/there here plus the whole bio i wrote, but PLEASE PLEASE, DO GO THERE TO SEE ALL THE TOMA PICS AND LINKS, ETC. I POSTED UP!!! ALSO, PLEASE DO JOIN US IN CHATTING ABOUT TOMA THERE, ALL U NEED TO DO IS REGISTER W/AF.

see u there!! ^_^


cute or random Toma quotes:

-Today I'll also work hard~
-School, work, and other life to the fullest. (^O^)
-[Infinite] possibilities exist 4 me as well as believe in possibilities, do your best, and fight on.
-I like setting off without a destination in mind. Because it feels like the end of the day will never come.
-ahh~ really, i'm glad i was born a boy!!
-Somehow i got all excited. yes.
-today's sunlight is warm and gentle. such a nice and warm weather, outdoors scenes are also much better for filming! yes.
-ah-hh, i'm talking about things that aren't important at all again.
-it's good to look up to the sky once in a while, you know.



* 54th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e)

* Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix, Winter 2007: Best Supporting Actor (Honey & Clover)

* 11th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix, April 2007-March 2008: Best Supporting Actor (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e)

......toma knows how to play the (electric) guitar, and he spent around 9 years learning/playing!

......toma thinks his best features are his soft cheeks and his butt. =P

......toma has been asked many times, what kinda girl he likes. in a november 2009 interview, he said someone who likes cleanliness (who's not messy, but neat?), gentle, and who tries her best. other times, he has said: cute, mysterious/quiet, really feminine/girly, has a nice smile, her age doesn't matter (as long as not as old as his mom. lol.), polite, kind, doesn't care about her appearance (not vain?), not clingy (doesn't wanna be with her ALL the time), someone who he can talk to and will listen to him, someone who can cook his fav foods for him. OH, and toma often has crushes on actresses older than him!! xD

(for more info, go here:
the title of interview is HOW TO MAKE IKUTA TOMA FALL IN LOVE WITH U IN 10 DAYS. need i say more?! it's a bunch of tips given by toma on the kinda girl he'd fall for. hurry, study up now!! lol.)

......toma wants to be married by the time he's 30 yrs old and have kids (cuz they're cute!)

(i daresay, the most comprehensive, detailed, up-to-date, and awesome-nest toma bio ever online!!! xD):

ikuta toma is only 25 years old (just turned 25 last month!), but he's been in show business for more than half his life. he's been in A LOT of stageplays and dramas (not to mention tons of variety shows, concerts, radio programs, and magazines). in his chichin pui pui tv interview from sept. 2007, they say that from 1997 until then, he's acted in 21 dramas and 19 stageplays! it all started from that day that changed toma's life, the day that his mom made him go to an audition at Johnny's. but he was supposed to (and really wanted to) go to his soccer match and cried when she would not let him go play. back then, toma actually thought it was weird for a guy to sing and dance, so he didn't want to go to the audition. :P but of course, toma got accepted (and was so happy when he got the good news f/his mom!) and officially became a Johnny's Jr. on February 11 (or 14th?), 1996. he was 11 years old then. soon, he got his first performance, his first tv appearance in NHK's Asadora Aguri drama. (his first appearance in a stage play took place 1 year later.)

toma has been a part of many johnny's jr. music groups. (he was the leader of M.A.I.N. or one of the other groups he was in, but i can't remember which group and where i read this, sorry!) the first was M.A.I.N. (initials of the members), with some of the guys that are now in Arashi: Jun Matsumoto, Masaki Aiba, and Kazunari Ninomiya. then in 1999 (when Arashi debuted), he was grouped with B.I.G. (Bad Image Generation), with 10 other popular juniors, which included yamashita tomahisa (now with NewS). soon, toma and yamashita were the only ones left in B.I.G. they became good friends and are still very close to this day. in 2002, the leader of the Johnny's Jr.s, hideaki takiszawa, debuted as a part of Tackey and Tsubasa. so, toma and the other top Tokyo juniors were made into a new group, 4TOPS, and became the leaders of the juniors. all the members were former B.I.G. members: toma, Yamashita, Jun Hasegawa and Shunsuke Kazama. as the leaders, they got to host the music variety show, Shounen Club.

also in 2002, toma (then 17 yrs old) was cast in a Gekidan Shinkansen stage play, Susano -Story of God's Sword. this was an important turning point for toma! the first time that he felt so inspired and amazed by the passion and enthusiasm of the wonderful and carefree cast and staff, it made him feel that he wants to be like them, so passionate about acting, to act in more plays and also watch more plays. then in 2003, yamashita became the leader of a temporary new group, NewS (it stands for North, East, West, South, and became permanent in 2004), and the 3 members remaining were known as 3Tops. After NewS and KAT-TUN started hosting Shounen Club, toma was able to get his own segment on the show, hosting Meitantei Tomasu. soon, toma and the other 2 members left started working on their own dramas and stage plays, gradually appearing less on variety shows. actually, many of johnny's jr.s were upset and shocked when NewS was announced and toma was not included. most notably, nino (Kazunari Ninomiya) walked out of the conference where NewS' formation was announced in protest, and he was very vocal about how it wasn't right to leave toma behind. also, many juniors were shocked because a lot of them thought 4Tops was going to debut soon. but toma and yamashita remained good friends, though they could no longer sing together or see each other as often.

this was a tough time for toma, since he was unsure of what he should do with his life after he graduates from high school. he gradually got less and less jobs as other juniors got more popular and continued to debut and pass him by. also, there were rumors that he only continued to be friends with yamashita so that it could help him be more popular!! despite all this, toma decided to continue to stay with Johnny's and not quit and go to college or do something else. he continued to have small roles in tv dramas and stage plays. finally in 2005, he got to be one of the main characters in the stage play, Azumi, and had some exciting fighting/flying scenes too (and an intense kissing scene!! wait or was that in Azumi Returns in 2006? or both?? sorry, i forgot!). suddenly in 2006, toma's first leading role in a stage play!! a breakthrough role, as the lonely and often daydreaming Toma (it's like he was destined to play this role!!! or did they choose the character name after casting toma??) who goes on a magical adventure in the Shinkansen*NEXUS volume 2 stage play, Cat in the Red Boots. he was 21 years old then. this role truly changed his life, and toma describes what a huge impact it had on him then in an interview:

"That performance was the turning point in [my] life. Looking at the senpais twice my age being so engrossed in acting, makes me want to be devoted to acting my whole life. Looking at the eyes of the spectators from the stage, receiving letters from my fans, all these has made me realised that I am doing something meaningful in my life, and an important job that will affect the life of others." (Credit: thesweetnote f/LJ)

and in june 2006, toma and his other JE friends formed an unofficial new music group, NO BORDER, all on their own. toma, Tomohisa Yamashita (NEWS), Jun Matsumoto (Arashi), Shingo Murakami (Kanjani8), Atsuhiro Satou (former Hikaru Genji), Kōichi Dōmoto (Kinki Kids), Tatsuya Yamaguchi (TOKIO), and Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey & Tsubasa) made up the group. they came up with the idea when they were having dinner together one day, and toma thought up the name. each of the 8 members have a different color name (though they are keeping it secret, who is what color. but i think toma is white cuz it's his fav color!), White, Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Gold, Blue, and Grey. also this month, toma's quirky, weirdly funny drama with his fellow 4Tops member kazama, Akihabara@DEEP started! toma's role was Box, the clean freak who is scared of women, but still the coolest and cutest of all the akiba otaku (geeks) there! (box is so funny and cute!! one of my fav toma roles ever. xD)

2007, as most toma fans know, was the year that toma finally got his big breakthrough role, as the lovable and silly, "homo jana~ii!" nakatsu in the manga turned drama hanazakari no kimitachi e. before that though, he already put in impressive performances in the stage play SHOCK - ENDLESS SHOCK, as koichi's brother (toma dancing, singing, crying!! all amazing.), and as the two-faced (and very hot!!) junpei in the 1st episode of hana yori dango, season 2. of course, there's so many reasons to like nakatsu, too many to list here, but trust me, many many many people became toma's fan after watching hana kimi (myself included). i'm sure that there were more people rooting for nakatsu to end up with mizuki than the ppl rooting for sano and mizuki. yappari~ toma's popularity shot up after hana kimi, and he earned 2 Best Supporting Actor awards for this role, too! toma said people and kids started calling out "nakatsu!!" when they saw him in public...the first time he was being recognized, he was so happy about this! :D toma has said, the summer of 2007, filming hanazakari, was an unforgettable and very happy time for him.

toma got to be in many dramas and stage plays since 2007! as toma says, it feels like he's been running and running since hana kimi. always working or preparing for his next project during his break, in between roles. but of course, he's so grateful that he can keep busy! toma's such a versatile actor and showed us many different sides to him through his very different roles from 2007-2008. after hana kimi, he got the leading role of a rebellious but heroic gentleman, Valentine, in the stage play The Two Gentlemen of Verona. then came the winter drama, Honey and Clover, his first leading role (although it was an ensemble cast), as the melancholy, hopeless college student, takemoto. during that time, toma got to be a guest host of ANN (All Night Nippon, a late night radio program) for the first time, one night that december. he also got to appear at the Johnny's big new year concert (partly cuz he was born in the year of the rat)! H&C got really low ratings, but toma won a Best Supporting Actor award (shouldn't it be leading actor?) for his role as takemoto-kun. then he became the smiley-cool nakatsu again to film the SP for hana kimi!

next, he cut his hair short and worked out more to prepare for his role as a tough cop fighting against the "devil" and running away from his troubled past, in the drama Maou (The Devil). the first time toma really got such a serious, complicated role, and he was brilliant as naoto! toma and ohno got to work together, but being enemies in the drama, they hardly talked to each other while filming, in order to keep in character. filming was intense and exhausting both emotionally (many difficult angry and sad scenes) and physically (running around in the heat of summer!) for toma, but he really had a wonderful time filming this drama. and he still refers to himself and ohno (calling him Maou!) as the Maou Team sometimes. saying, as part of the MAOU TEAM, they'lldo their best! however, only ohno won awards for his role, while toma got none. by the end of Maou's filming, toma was already rehearsing for the musical Grease, in which he got the leading role, Danny. if i remember correctly, all the Grease tickets sold out within a couple minutes (was it 2 minutes)?! toma didn't stop there, though. after Grease ended, he started to study forensics books to prepare for his role as a forensics student in the winter drama, Voice (voices of the lifeless).

in 2009, toma would end up working non-stop, it has been the busiest year of his life!!
first, he is one of the main characters in Voice, the cool, cheerful, and somewhat flirty ryosuke. Voice was a good drama, that told touching stories about how precious family and life is, but it also got low ratings (but so did most of the other dramas at this time). then, the first BIG MOMENT of the year for him, he got his first *real* leading role in the late night suspenseful courtroom drama, majo saiban (The Witch Trial)!! as toru, a careless, curly-haired freeter, who becomes a lay judge for the first time. this drama preceded the actual start of the lay judge system in japan, so toma felt more pressure because of this! also, it was the first time toma's character had a girlfriend (1st real kissing scene 4 a tv drama!!). though he was more stressed out about this role for various reasons, and the drama got just ok ratings, majo saiban still had a huge following and many people wanted their own THINK TWICE t-shirt (just like toru wore in the drama)!!

despite all of his success, however, toma still cannot graduate from his johnny's junior status yet. most juniors debut in their teens. when they're 20something and still haven't debuted, most would quit and go to college or change to a different field of work. toma's somehow stuck. he can't debut unless he joins a new group with younger juniors, or as a solo singer. but both situations seem highly unlikely, especially since toma is only known for his acting in recent years (though he has sang a lot in stage plays all this time). however, toma's now one of those rare juniors that have not debuted, yet still can be successful. and although he's gotten so much more popular and respected in a very short time, toma has not changed. he remains hard-working, modest, and straightforward. he's not sure of what he wants to do in the future, he just wants to concentrate on doing his best for each role he gets now. but he has said that he would like to work with his other JE friends on a drama or movie or something one day. ^_^ and also be in a lot more butai's (stage plays)!!

toma's popularity continued to soar (despite how he looks a little funny with his majosai curly hair. lol. it takes some getting used to!), and he got to appear on a lot of his senpai's variety shows at this time, from kinki kids' Shin Domoto Kyoudai to VS ARASHI. the most surprising invitation he got was from SHOUNEN CLUB PREMIUM!! he is the 1st junior to appear on this show, which mostly only interviews popular JE guys who have graduated from the junior status. another breakthrough for toma!! the first time doing a long and serious tv interview, talking about johnny's, friends, and his career like this, but he seemed quite comfortable and straightforward the whole time (maybe cuz his sempai, taichi-kun, was the interviewer). and toma was really so calm and honest when talking about not being able to debut, though he seemed just a little uncomfortable/upset, but still...he handled these tough questions quite well! ~_~ lucky for all of us fans, he didn't quit!! he thought it wouldn't be right ("it would not be cool") if he quit...ah, i agree with taichi-kun when he told toma, "i think u're really mentally strong!" i really admire his perseverence and patience!! he said in a different interview, he felt like if he gave up, he would be betraying himself. and it really changed his life, when he found a bigger world, the acting world. after he found out he liked acting more than singing, debuting was no longer important to him.

and then in may, in the middle of majo saiban's run, suddenly,

*(there were) tears of joy, loud cheering & screaming in the fandom* ♥♥♥ V^___^V

the movie is based on the highly respected Dazai Osamu's post-WW II, semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, which is considered his masterpiece and remains japan's 2nd best-selling novel of all time. this movie will celebrate dazai's 100th birthday (if he hadn't committed suicide soon after this book was published). toma will play the role of the deeply disturbed and depressed oba yozo (who many think represents dazai), who only pretends to be happy and uses women and drugs to forget his troubles. he cannot understand people and how to live in this world that makes no sense to him. and he eventually becomes suicidal...

the first time starring in a movie, and toma's got so much pressure!! it's an extremely difficult role and an extremely popular book. and people think of yozo as being dazai, so there's great expectations for how he will be portrayed in a movie for the first time, by such a young actor. it's a lot of pressure, but still a dream come true for toma and his fans! and since many people think dazai = greatness and yozo = dazai, then if toma = yozo, then toma = greatness!! (i didn't think of this, toma = greatness! this is taken f/a fan's comment at LJ, but i forgot her name. sorry!) they really have so much faith in him, believing that toma can do this. of course, toma was so excited and grateful for this chance to play such a famous character in his FIRST movie! and he was so impressed by how wonderful the movie cast and staff were, comparing them to when he first encountered the greatness of the Shinkansen team. i think the cast and staff were equally impressed with toma, from all the good things they blogged about him. ^_^ and after the movie finished filming, the director even said that he was glad that because of making this movie, he got to become friends with a 24 year old young man (toma!) that he respects! toma was really so touched to hear this ne. *_*

and although toma (and his fans) was worried about him becoming depressed all the while during the filming of this movie (as toma often gets TOO in character), this wasn't the case!! toma said he tried his best to be yozo for every scene, but once they say "cut!", the atmosphere lightens up right away. and so the filming went smoothly and was a very happy and exciting time for him (except for having to wear thick clothing and pretend it's winter in the middle of the hot summer!). the movie won't be released until feb. 2010, but they already had a screening. due to being incredibly nervous, toma couldn't properly watch and tell how his acting was in the movie. but seeing the director being so touched afterwards, he was finally sure that he was able to fully represent oba yozo. (omedetou!! congratulations!! we knew u could do it toma!!)

toma fans kept getting more and more good news in the middle of ningen's filming, august, 2 funny Lotte ACUO gum CMs toma did was released. the last major CM he did was for KFC, in 2008. then it was revealed in early september, right after ningen finished filming (end of august), toma had secretly flown to guam to start filming for his 2nd movie, Seaside Motel!! this time, he is a dishonest salesman who falls in love with a call girl and meets various interesting characters at a motel that's actually not by the sea. (the story seems to take place in the 70s?) after filming completed unusually fast for this movie in mid-september, toma appeared in a short story (as a suicidal young man, again) for the yomino drama SP, kinda like the Twilight Zone show. after that, he started filming (end of sept.) in hokkaido (he said filming in the cold weather was tough, but the seafood was delicious!) for his 3rd movie in a row (wow!!!), this time with gakky, called Hanamizuki (which took the longest time to be confirmed. it was kept secret for more than a month!). it's a modern day romantic movie about a girl (gakky) and a fisherman (toma) who met when they were in high school and would end up having a 10 year long love story. filming is still going on now. finally, toma's hair is not curly/wavy any longer, though he is much more tan now (i hope it's a fake tan?? but i think it's real. he's almost as dark as ohno now!)!!

ja...though he couldn't debut and was left behind, toma never gave up and discovered his love for acting. he's really worked hard to prove himself as an actor! and now, it's like...HE'S MADE IT!!! finally!! but he often says there's still many things he wants to do. ~_~ seriously though, toma has said many times this year, he really wants to get a week off, no work, to rest and do nothing at all. toma's been running for way too long! but he can't stop to rest yet, at least not until hanamizuki filming is completed. and so, "Toma continues to run on without rest, but it seems his feet are nowhere near stopping yet." (what they said in his winkup interview from may 2009, translated by Enshinge.)

The End.
(of this bio, not toma's career!! :P
finally. whew. thank YOU for reading the whole thing!! ^_~)


2. bio info compiled/summarized from various sites:,, video clips subbed by TFS:, interviews translated by enshinge and xdustbunnys at: and, fans' posts at, and, this interview: (Credit: thesweetnote from LJ),,

and lastly, some info came from kate's fangirl memory after more than 2 years in the toma fandom, forgive me (and pls tell me) if i made any mistakes!! ~_~

oh, and i want to say a big THANK YOU~!! to all toma fans who share/translate/sub toma dramas/pics/news/interviews/etc.! especially those people whose info helped me make this TS page! without so many nice toma fans that translate toma's stuff, it would be extremely difficult for people like me, who can't speak japanese and don't live in japan, to be toma's fan and watch his dramas, see his pics, read his interviews, etc. hounto ni, ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA!!!♥

4. awards, etc. info from:

5. toma's quotes from translations of tomagoto from: (and maybe some other places, i can't remember, sorry!)

JUST POSTED IT UP @the TS page's credits/thanks. SUMIMASEN!!

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Leonid meteor shower tonight!!

in case u don't see my post on the cbox...

especially if u're in asia, u might see a lot! go here for more info on when and how to see it, depending on where u live:

i just suddenly remembered there's a big meteor shower in november today, then i later heard on NPR that it's tonight!! lucky!! i hope i'll see some, or at least ONE, like toma did for the Orionids. :D

Friday, November 13, 2009

when can we really watch Ningen?? & the Hanamizuki song (and yamashita's song)...


minna, gomen!
i think i won't be able to post till tomorrow.

trying to finish the TS page for toma's thread @AF.
yappari, i'm so obsessed w/certain details when writing toma's bio and determined to find many pretty toma pics to post up, so it's taking a long time. ~_^ (and paige is making the banner. arigatou ne, paige!! fyi, i'm 80% done, i think...)

so for now, i'll just post up this cute VOICE pic i found while working on the TS page. it's from the AF Voice gallery!! i've never seen it before!! i love toma's cute expressions in all 3 pics. heehee~

11/15: sorry, have to delay posting some more. please be patient. :) here's another pic f/the AF gallery!!
kawaii ne!!♥

(this is from 2008, but TFS only subbed it for toma's 25th bday and i only watched the interview recently. lol. well, i watched it be4, but unsubbed. this is such a great interview, and toma's got so many CUTE expressions and gestures in it!!! kyaa!! i miss his nice H&C hair...ah... but i felt so sorry 4 him when they talk about him having to do more than 8 takes for that 1 crying scene!! poor toma!! and i he really loves buying figurines @akiba so much?? lol. it's BOX-KUN all over again!! ^O^ and something about seeing toma sitting there alone at night, so cold, in his big jacket, a serious look on his makes me remember how filming dramas is really hard work...haih...)

please excuse my lateness! =T
eh, but i still haven't caught up w/the newest LJ posts, so i'll post about anything LJ in my next post. (i'll really try to post soon, though there's no new toma news, just new fanwork and maybe toma posted a new message, i hope...)

so i'll just talk about some things related to toma's movies this time.

I THINK WE (fans that don't live in japan) WILL HAVE TO WAIT AROUND 3 MONTHS AFTER IT'S RELEASED IN JAPAN TO SEE NINGEN SHIKKAKU (and other toma movies)!!!

cuz i looked up kurosagi, yamashita's 2008 movie, and other recent japanese movies...the official japan release date and the date it's online, subbed. and they're all around 3 months. but that's just the date it's uploaded online. maybe it is a little sooner if u download it from the fansubbers. but maybe it also depends on which group is subbing it??

well, in kurosagi's case:
-released march 8, 2008
-posted june 14,2008 at mysoju.
june 23, 2008 at
so it's at least a 3 month wait to watch it online, subbed.

and about the kurosagi DVD:
-official japan (region 2 only!) dvd released: sept. 16, 2008
the standard edition is US$44.99!!!! the special edition (w/some bonus features) is US$70.99!!!! THAT'S INSANELY, RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! i so want to buy the dvd for toma's first movie, but seriously, $45 for a regular dvd?!!!! maybe i'll wait till i see it at book-off, like a year or 2 later and buy it. lol. they only have mainly anime there though... *sigh*

-HK, malaysia, taiwan DVD versions almost 1 yr later. VCD (HK version) released in december 19, 2008. WHY IS THERE NO USA VERSION AT ALL?! that's so unfair!!!

of course, there's probably gonna be a lot of unofficial dvds on sale online, or in some places that sell japanese stuff...but i don't want the unofficial stuff. -__- i'm hoping that the movie will be super popular and they'll have a USA version dvd at kinokuniya or mitsuwa or something....hmm...geez, why make it so hard for US fans to watch japanese movies??!! ja, if u have any ideas of how us overseas fans (especially usa fans) can watch his (subbed) movies faster, then please tell me!! ^_^

u know toma's 3rd movie, the title is Hanamizuki (what does that translate to? i've seen somewhere, they say it's dogwood?? as in a dogwood tree?), and it's the title of a song. it's hitoto you's song, and u can listen to it here:
i can't find the translated lyrics, but the song is pretty nice, right? sounds a little sad...i think toma and gakky's love story will have a lot of obstacles and maybe a sad ending??? eh...

did remember that yamashita's got his first solo concert at the end of this month?? he's rehearsing for it these days. read some brief news about it here: i think toma will for sure show up as a guest!!! i hope he gets to sing a song or 2 with yamashita!!

and yamashita's new single, Loveless, is out. it's pretty good...but in the PV, yamashita doesn't show much emotion at all? nande? =/ ah, i wish toma could have a single and a PV....

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HIS 3RD MOVIE ANNOUNCED: HANAMIZUKI (+new pics, news, etc.). ALSO, toma talks about michael jackson and Seaside Motel being a little ero?!


kate des. minna genki?

eh, it's november!!!☁ already, ppl (but mostly stores and CMs) thinking about xmas. but i don't want 2009 to be over yet (even though 2010 means lots of toma movies!!)...but i'm looking forward to the rain!! ja, i'll gambarre till THE VERY LAST MINUTE OF 2009!!!! (i over did it~ sorry!)

toma posted a few days ago! ^_^
he went to see This is it. ♪ yappari, he really likes michael jackson. when he was younger, he and the other jr.s would often watch michael's concert videos together. he's really amazed by michael's greatness and his music, which has moved so many people all over the world... (this is just a summary, read his translated message at the Tomalicious forum!!)

[toma + gakky pics... credit: pauba, nekonekorocket]

so~ there was suddenly a lot of new toma news and pics yesterday at the LJ. yey!!! ^o^
they finally announced his 3rd movie and there r some clips f/the filming!!★ xdustbunnys says the crank in was Sept 26, yet only now they confirm it. @__@ why keep it secret 4 so long?? whatever, i'm so happy to finally see news and filming clips!! *____*

not used to seeing toma's hair so short and black. and he's so tan!! somehow, he looks a little older?? (maybe that's for the 2nd half of the movie, though, when he's supposed to look older.) definitely still cute, but i'm kinda not used to this look...but when he smiles widely (especially wearing the school uniform!!), he looks almost exactly as he did when he a kid!! amazing!! lol. but gakky...well, she looks ok ne. i dunno, i thought she would look cuter?? (she looks quite plain, especially next to kawaii toma, right? gomen!) already, fans are calling this couple "tokky"?? (that doesn't sound right??) so this movie spans 10 yrs?! (no wonder they're not done filming) the plot sounds good and a lot of nice locations and being a fisherman, a lot of lovely sea scenes, i'm sure. ~_~ ahhh~ his 2nd sea-themed movie.
[Toma's 3rd movie is confirmed. news + 2 videos!!] (thanks, camaronzin! ^.^)
[hanamizuki news video. ^_^] (thanks, nekonekorocket! ^.^)
[pauba's hanamizuki caps and comments. ^_^ arigatou!!]

december 2009 toma magazine pics/interviews!!♡

i should be happy, but i'm thinking/worried about whether my fan art are in these wink up or potato issues....i've just asked enshinge-chan (the only person that i know 4 sure buys these magazines each month) if she sees mine (or careline's) fan art in these new issues.... *fingers crossed*, still no new, 3rd-movie hair yet. still post-ningen wavy hair. but of course, he still looks so kakkoii neee.

Tim and zoe_alexiel]
[Scanlation #49 Ikita Kotoba November! *_* thanks, TFS + enshinge!!]
EHH!! there's a bit of ero and a "tiny" bed scene in SEASIDE MOTEL??!!! @__@ i totally didn't think about this (distracted by the 3rd movie announcement and being preoccupied w/the changes in his hairstyle. lol.), though the setting is in a HOTEL and i know he's supposed to like a call girl....aiyaaaa. but i kept thinking that if it's a romantic probably won't have any racy scenes like that?? but the way toma says it, i think it won't be a big deal, he seems like he's just teasing us, right??

right?! great. now i not only have to worry about his bed scenes in ningen, but also seaside. x__X thanks a lot, toma. -__-

[more cool pics f/SEASIDE MOTEL. oh, does it take place in the 70s?? or does the motel just have a retro theme. but their clothing is so colorful...if that's true, i'm really really glad toma got a 3rd movie, a PRESENT DAY movie, finally!! did they ever mention the time period in the news about this movie?? i don't think so?] (thanks, Tim and zoe_alexiel! ^.^)

[[Translation] Ikuta Toma Duet 11 09] (thanks, rukia1314! ^.^)
sugoi!! love this interview. more about toma's views on life and what kinda things he likes or dislikes...he's changed a lot in 10 yrs. he still expects to get married when he's 30something??? =/ ah...i wonder what his wife will be like...i'm glad i bought this duet issue. ~_~
[Toma and Yamapi: Fanvideo] (thanks, pulubi! ^.^)

[old video clip of toma, yamashita, some arashi guys & other juniors singing/dancing to some songs, 1 of them is michael jackson's THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US. toma mentioned this performance in his message about MJ.] (thanks, nekonekorocket! ^.^)

[cool recent toma pics and tomapi icons!! thanks, lunatum! ^.^]
[TOO CUTE @deep Box-kun icons] (thanks, kmakms! ^.^) (DAMN, I'VE REALLY GOTTA MAKE TIME TO FINISH WATCHING @DEEP!!!)

[0911 WU article translation]


in it, toma says actually, filming ningen didn't get him all depressed at all!!!☀☀☀ SUGOI. i kinda guessed that...i had a feeling...he was all happy whenever talking about filming. but now, seeing him say it!! ~_~ thank goodness, i'm so relieved he doesn't have any emotional scars f/being this strange character. hounto youkatta!!♥

but he looks quite tan in yonimo (that story is so weird, but interesting idea...wish toma could've gotten a 2nd chance in there. =( i hate that damn lady in red!!). i guess he got tan in the short time he was in guam?

(SOMEWHERE IN THIS THREAD, SOME1 LINKED TO A PIC OF TOMA'S BROTHER FROM RECENTLY OR A FEW YRS AGO, I's not very clear, but my first time seeing a pic of ryusei that's not f/when they were kids. i guess he looks like's hard to tell. some ppl say he's cuter than toma?! NO WAY!!! 0__o I DON'T SEE HOW THAT'S POSSIBLE. lol.)

P.S. to those of you who live in the usa (and other countries, too),
here's some useful info about the symptoms of h1n1 flu
and what to do if u think u or someone u know has it:

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UTB re-airs each Maou ep. on MONDAY!!

for those of you watching Maou on ch. 18.2 in California...
i hope this info will come in handy for you, like it was for me!!

i only found out just now, THEY RE-AIR THE MAOU EPISODE FROM SUNDAYS (9-10PM) ON THE MONDAYS (THE NEXT DAY)!!!!! SUGOI!! at 10:30am and at 5pm. in case u missed it on sunday, u still have more chances to watch/record it on monday!!!

THANK GOD THEY RE-AIR IT, CUZ I NEED TO RE-RECORD EPISODE 3 THAT AIRED TODAY. (something was wrong w/the audio cable and i only found out it went mute after the episode was over!!! i've changed the cable now, though, and so tomorrow should be fine!!)

Yeyyyyyyyyy. ~___~

UTB, doumo arigatou gozaimasu!!