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comparing the different versions of H&C / if u wanna watch H&C.../ H&C fanmade MVs

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toma-kun...because of you, i believe in love at first sight.

there's many different versions of H&C...i tried watching a little of the start and end of both the anime and movie, and also watched some fanmade MVs to see how they differ from the drama version that toma starred in...
it's very interesting to see how the same characters and story can be portrayed in such different ways!

of course, the anime version is probably the most fitting and best way to bring the manga to life, but not all the way to real life. haha. cuz a unique character like hagu is hard to portray by any girl in real life!! and the artsy, beautiful, colorful world of H&C is best seen through anime! also, cuz the anime lasted 2 years, allowing more time for character development and story telling. i mean, the manga lasted 6 years!! (btw, the hana kimi manga lasted 8 YEARS!! it's mind-boggling, all the storylines they had to leave out in order to fit it into 12 episodes!!!) also, cuz H&C is quite meandering and wanders in the plot, not like hana kimi, where everything is much more straightforward and there's less main characters to focus on (3 vs 5).

the taiwan drama version, i know the least about, but i think it's probably furthest away from the manga, in terms of characters and "feeling" of the manga. first, cuz the actors look way older than the characters are supposed to be. second, cuz i've got a gut feeling that tells me that it's just not a very good series and not a faithful adaptation of the manga. haha... well, i've read some negative news about it also...

the japan movie version looks quite good, though the cast also looks older than the characters are supposed to be. BUT i wonder how they could possibly cram all the angst/love/friendship/loss/humor of 6 years worth of the manga into around 2 hours!!! i mean, the drama was certainly not long enough to do that, how could a movie accomplish that?!?! but the movie was quite popular and from what little i saw, it's quite colorful and seems quite good....maybe i'll watch it sometime...
the movie's version of how takemoto first meets hagu is quite cool!

however, of all the versions, the best how-takemoto-first-meets-hagu-and-falls-in-love scene is definitely the drama's version, where they meet in a magical, beautiful setting of the scattering, flying cherry blossoms! though flying sakura in anime/movies is quite arbitrary and been done to death, but in that moment, i thought it was a pretty cool way for takemoto to see her for the first time. also, cuz not being able to grasp the flying sakura is a metaphor for takemoto's life and so it all fits in with the storyline quite well!! it's such a beautiful moment, it's burned into my mind, this scene! haha. (though i'd like it better if this scene wasn't so darn BRIGHT!!)

of all the different takemotos, without a doubt, toma is the cutest! toma's too cute to be takemoto, actually! haha. cuz in the manga, anime, movie, takemoto is quite plain looking.
also, i like toma's gentle/serious voice more than the person that voiced takemoto in the anime, who sounds younger but his voice is kinda grating/annoying 2 me...
(u can watch the anime at crunchyroll!)

the 2 real hagus, they R very similar!! i mean, both look young yet also serious/mature at the same time. the movie's hagu looked more like a girl f/the country to me, though. with black hair and those clothes...she is also pretty, of course. but she's more petite than riko, so she looks more like hagu, in general. but if u pair her up with toma, then she would actually look like an older sister, almost! she is quite likeable, though, with a cute voice, and i think i'd probably like her more than riko's hagu if i watched this movie...

[not comparing the other characters, cuz i didn't pay much attention to them]

...i really liked how in the anime, takemoto and hagu seemed closer and at least they held hands 1 the drama, toma and hagu didn't really have any romantic scenes together at all!! only hagu and morita....arrggh! also, it was cool, how in the anime, takemoto said he liked her under a beautiful, fireworks-lit up sky!! that was better than the way toma said it in the drama. but i liked hagu's reaction to his love declaration in the drama a lot more than in the anime or movie version!! she was much more honest/kind/sweet in her reply than the other hagu's! =) and toma's takemoto was a little more awkward/less confident than the other takemoto's, but i still think it was quite straightforward/sweet, the way he said it. =)

FYI, here's links to reviews of the drama (watch out for spoilers!!) and the movie:

[reviews by viewers]
[i completely agree with what they said here!!! :
"Based on a long running manga that stretched from 2000-06, Honey & Clover suffers from what quite a few series suffers from when based on a long running manga: crushing too many characters and storylines within a limited time space. However, being that there are also an anime version and a live action drama of the series, a number of these problems can be overlooked. Yet, the film, although quite comedic, is pretty prosaic and sticks primarily to the themes of love triangles and unrequited love. On the other hand, the film is lovely and the acting is well done with a number of well know stars. Aoi Yu as Hagu is adorable, but her childlike innocence makes her involvement, albeit unbeknownst to her, a little uncomfortable at times."

...............IF U STILL HAVE NOT WATCHED H&C (the drama with toma)/HAVEN'T FINISHED and u wanna watch H&C..............

besides the LJ link i posted months ago, u can also watch it ONLINE here! =)

u can also pre-order the DVD!! (i like the design of it, like a journal/diary! nice!):
[but i've gotta say, i don't like H&C enough to buy the DVD, even if it was available with eng.'s just not the kinda series that u'd really wanna re-watch, at least for me. unlike hana kimi!! but that's just me!! ANYONE THAT WANTS TO/CAN BUY THE DVD, PLEASE DO AND MAYBE IT'LL COME WITH SOME COOL DVD EXTRAS...BEHIND THE SCENES STUFF!! =)]

.................................. SEE FOR YOURSELF---WATCH SOME VIDEO CLIPS F/THE DIFF VERSIONS OF H&C: ...............................................

--------------------------h&c, japan drama with toma:

************ THESE 2 HAVE SPOILERS! ***********
Ikuta Toma as Takemoto Yuta
Mr. Brightside --- Honey and Clover AMV


Honey and Clover MV

--------------------------------h&c, anime:
anime -- Honey and Clover AMV - The Rose
Honey and Clover amv. Tribute to Takemoto and Hagu

---------------------------------h&C, movie:
Honey and Clover live MV
Honey And Clover CD1 Part 1/12 [start of the movie]
Honey And Clover CD2 Part 12/12 |A| *FINALE*
Honey And Clover CD2 Part 12/12 |B| *FINALE*
[end of the movie]

---------------------------------h&c, taiwan drama:

joe cheng .. Honey and clover preview part 1 ( april 14/08

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