Monday, November 12, 2007

nakatsu's funny/cute drinking scenes. =P

i almost missed out on the scene that nakatsu was drinking milk in episode 3!! remember earlier, i was asking what episode that scene was in. well, turns out where i watched hana kimi, the 2nd part of episode 3 was missing, so that's why i ended up not watching those 15 minutes until i was done with the whole series and the 1 hour special! haha. (oh, the special was fun to watch, every1 musta had a lot of fun filming this series!! aw, i will miss them!!)

but it's actually kinda nice 2 have a few nakatsu scenes left 2 watch even after i'm done with the series!! that was such a CUTE scene, him in deep thought and then asking kayashima what if he IS gay? then crushing the milk carton. lol!
that was when i noticed that lots of times that nakatsu is drinking something, that scene would turn out 2 be really funny/cute!! i've screencapped some funny/cute nakatsu drinking scenes here. hahaha!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Nakatsu too! He's so awesome... and KAWAII!!!!^_^
I love the pics too! HILARIOUS!!!

savvy kate said...

thanks! been a long time since any1 commented. though it's an old post. but i'm glad u liked it!! =)