Tuesday, December 30, 2008

*__* ahhhh~ too cool/cute tomaaaa!! / nengajou

[credit: http://profiles.friendster.com/48851451]

just a few hrs ago, got an email saying the friendster toma fan club had updated their profile, pics. and since THIS PIC of toma is the current profile pic, saw a small version of it in the email and i just went "ah!" toma in a winter theme photo shoot, in blue-ish light!!!
and when i saw the big version of the pic!!!!! he is just too cute & cool!!
i love his pose, his soft winter jacket, his flirty expression~ that almost-smirk!! ~_^
just had to post it up ASAP to share with everyone else here!!

(there must be more photos that went with it....i'll post a link to it or post it here if i find it later...)

oh, i remember toma talking about forgetting to send new year cards in his blog last year, i think...so i looked up japanese new year cards (nengajou). it's kinda like sending xmas cards, only it's new year cards, and they only get it on january 1, not earlier, so every1 gets them on new year's day!! wow... i like this new year tradition!! ~_~ u can buy the cards or make your own, too. cool!!

[nengajou pic~ credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sugar/77553670/]

=) more pics of nengajou:

more info:
Japanese New Year Greeting Cards
How do you write a 年賀状 (nengajou)?

あけましておめでとう! ♥ ツ

[the fresh white snow is like a blank canvas for you to draw on for the new year!

♥ toma-ism #79:

(in my dream~)
Your breath comes out in a sigh as we embrace as if no space exists between us
Like how fish nestle together, let's sway together and fall asleep
Time comes to a standstill, as if in a child's dream
Let's fly off into the light
During mid-winter, on board the snow express.
(NewS' SNOW EXPRESS lyrics, translated by yamapk)

happy new year's eve!
2009!!! it's almost here!

あけましておめでとう!! ♥ ツ
akemashite omedetou!!

(and~ happy new year!!)

to toma-kun and many of u who are in asia, the middle east, europe, africa, australia, new zealand...everyone in the eastern hemisphere!!! i'll be here when toma and you are celebrating new year's at midnight (4 those of u in Japan), which is morning 4 me, and then have to wait till my midnight for 2009 to come.

[^_^ a fireworks show 4 u! the 2008 New Year Fireworks, Sydney, Australia]

i hope u don't mind~
took a short break f/updating cuz i was having way too much fun this xmas!
haha. no, i'm kidding. yappari~ my xmas was just ok. but i needed a break f/updating cuz i had spent so much time writing the "close to 4hrs" story earlier. and i figure not a lot of ppl R coming here during this time, anyway...

new banners 4 the new year! =)
i made the "love" a pale, light pink, to better blend in w/the white snow bg~~
and again, it took me a long time to find these photos! i knew i wanted nice bright winter images that gives you a fresh, "new year" feel...but mostly, winter pics look quite cold, lonely, and melancholy! very dreary, lifeless, colorless stuff...after a long time looking, finally found these. both are morning, snowy winter pics! the "snow morning" was taken somewhere in japan in feb. 2008, while the "Early morning snow!" here was taken in Library Park, Bath, Maine, usa, 2 yrs ago. i like the park's name~ library park. so peaceful! i wonder if it's cuz there's a library there, or it's just called that......

i wish i could have a snowy new year...always loved how hobbes and calvin put it (f/calvin & hobbes comics, my fav comic series!! yappa~ i identify a lot w/calvin & hobbes' way of thinking. haha. hounto ni!):

everything familiar has disappeared! the world looks brand-new!

calvin: a new year...a fresh, clean start!
hobbes: it's like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on!
calvin: a day full of possibilities! it's a magical world, hobbes, ol' buddy...

[sorry 4 the blurriness!] here's a pic i took of that comic and also one of my favs, when calvin explains (yells =P) why he does not need to make any new years resolutions (cuz he's already perfect the way he is! lol. I'M WITH U, CALVIN!! hahaha. i also refuse to make any new yr resolutions 4 this same reason!! and cuz change is always bad, i always say. haha...kidding!).

xD "just what r u implying? that i need to CHANGE??"

[xD lol!! ohno's funny toma pic!]


there's a lot of cool toma pics here!! many u have seen before, but there's some new ones & a lot from summertime that i haven't seen, that i was looking 4!!! sugoi! *__* thanks to mHadZs Tayaban 4 uploading so many nice pics. here's just a couple that i like!
do i really need to say it? yes i do! kakkoiiiiii!


[takemoto-kun!! ~_~]

[toma, who r u waiting for...]

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

15 seconds/30 seconds cm's for VOICE ~voices of the dead~!

[1st impression of toma's character (uh...forgot his name!): cuuuuute!]

YESSS!! a 15 seconds & a 30 seconds cm for VOICE ~voices of the dead~! (no poster yet, though...) just saw it right now, thanks to Tomalicious.com for the news!! i found the 2 cm's at youtube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=voice+ikuta+toma+cm&search=Search. thanks to Bloaty0712 for sharing it!! & the 30 sec. one just uploaded a day ago!!

just some quick comments: they used coldplay's viva la vida!! (this song reminds me of Maou, though!).....TOMA'S HAIR IS PERFECT NOW. ~_~ i like it dark-brownish more than black (makes him look more boyish) & i LOVE the style/length. like takemoto's, but better! ...he doesn't seem look like a playboy at all!.... & a lot of this reminds me of H&C....i don't like the lead actress....this drama seems good.....great to see toma in nice, warm winter clothes, unlike when he was filming H&C. ~_~

oh, mark your calendars, it starts airing jan. 12, 2009! for those of u who need eng. subs, pls circle the day that's around 1 week after jan. 12. haha....sure we'll have 2 wait at least 1 wk for subs...it might be longer...

( OH, FORGOT TO TALK ABOUT THIS IN THE XMAS POST BELOW. there's this cute xmas song, merry merry christmas baby, by jocie guo u should listen to! i like the remix version more, but they only let u listen to 30 sec. of it now, here. =( well, u can see the MV for the original version of the song here. it's a really cute & cheerful christmas song ne!! =D )

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

^_^ MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone-chan! another *PRESENT* for you!!

[i hope many of u are having a WHITE CHRISTMAS! ~_~
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/waiwai/331538550/]

MERRY CHRISTMAS, minna-chan!! :D

Peace on Earth!! v ^_^

i'll be in tokyo for christmas, if only in my dreams~~
(u know the song..."i'll be home for christmas" =P)

~ Warmest thoughts and best wishes
for a wonderful christmas
and a happy new year.
May happiness, love, good health, and success
follow you always ~


I would
like to put
up a tree in my
heart, and instead
of hanging presents,
I would like to put the
names of all my friends.
Close friends and not so close
friends. The old friends, the new
friends. Those that I see every day
and the ones that I rarely see. The ones
that I always remember and the ones that
I sometimes forget. The ones that are always
there and the ones that seldom are. The friends of
difficult times and the ones of happy times. Friends
who, without meaning to, I have hurt, or without meaning
to have hurt me. Those that I know well and those I only know
by name. Those that owe me little and those that I owe so much.
My humble friends and my important friends. The names of all those
that have passed through my life no matter how fleetingly. A tree with
very deep roots and very long
and strong branches so that
their names may never be
plucked from my heart. So
that new names from all
over may join the existing ones. A tree with a very
pleasant shade so that our friendship may take a
moment of rest from the battles of life. "May the
happy moments of Xmas brighten every day of
the new year". These are my sincere wishes.

[i didn't think of these wishes on my own! but the words truly express how i feel~~
credit: http://www.making-greeting-cards.com/christmas-cards-verses.html]


yappari~ it's nothing much, but i hope you'll like it.

i really wanted to give something to all my readers, all the people that come here and like this blog~ all who support me~ =) i came up with the "an unforgettable ~4hrs with Toma in Tokyo" first, but later i was inspired again when i found one of the pics from Keiko's group [http://www.flickr.com/groups/love_project/pool/] on flickr! http://www.flickr.com/photos/lpnphotography/2970850523/

"Keiko sent me something lovely in the mail from Japan...these hearts which symbolize for love. The idea was to spread love around the world one letter at a time."

ahhh~ sugoi!! *__* what a sweet idea!!

so~ i thought i'd just make a heart and "write" (scanned my writing in) on it and u can print it out yourselves. =) i also sketched myself on the other side of the heart.

a la conan's self-sketch f/the Late Night With Conan O'Brien show. =P (sorry, i can't ever draw ppl looking straight ahead cuz of the nose problem, only always looking to the side. well, imagine yourself next to me. yes, i'm winking & smiling at you!) and i'm wearing my osaka gakuen uniform's tie, of course! BABY! also~ i thought it'd be cool to have different color hearts. u can choose the one w/your fav color. =) sorry, though, that yellow color didn't turn out looking nice...and i drew the hearts myself~ ne. some are really lopsided~ ne. gomen! at least the blue heart is a great heart! i've never "drawn" so many hearts at one time before. hahaha~

it's a paper heart, but please think of it as a little love from kate-chan! ah~ of course, had to make a special one for someone~ that's a little bigger, that represents A LOT OF LOVE. yappa~ toma-kun.♥ once again i am sending him a lot of love thru this heart. ~_~ i'm not sending it to him by mail, so hopefully by some christmas miracle, he'll find it here!!

[preview of the front & backs of the hearts]

[pretty pics i used to make the hearts. credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gaylon/286489231/ (pink, red),
http://www.flickr.com/photos/noahbulgaria/121343903/ (purple),
http://www.flickr.com/photos/trombamarina/1798935140/ (orange)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/ajawin/2720299440/ (green)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/28481088@N00/519643079/ (yellow)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/12453467@N00/3079736022/ (blue)]

you can go


to download whichever heart u want. u can even save toma's heart if u want, i won't know. haha~ ah~ if only it was so easy for us to capture "his heart" neee. ~_~ u can print it out and then tape the two sides together, so one side is what i wrote, the other side is meeeee. i printed out the one for toma. heehee~ =P


without him this blog would not exist & i feel much more lonely and without him, the world would be less beautiful and happy! toma, this heart, this LOVE is for YOU!

斗真くん, メリークリスマス!!

i hope my love can somehow reach you
and make u feel a little warmer and happier
during these really really cold tokyo winter days!

i really want to thank my 2 current followers, Subtle_Hints and i luv_kofi_n_sushi! and if i have any anonymous followers, thank you, too!

but now, i especially want to thank some really awesome, wonderful, special, sweet, and thoughtful girls (umm, by your names and toma's 99% female fanbase, i think u're all girls/female, but pls forgive me if i'm wrong!) who have posted a lot of comments for meeeeee (here or at DearToma...)! ^_^ 1st, thanks to Jeany-chan for being the very first person to post a comment 4 me! then, it's~ Subtle_Hints, ultraviolet-p1/UV/paige, Akiro-chan, April, Naomi_chan, nieva-mae, caroline18, Angelou, ToYu, salome, Yamapink, Paffu, [.anna. ^^], azzil...../azzil_euqinu, Alya, kamille, kams, kim, kristinne^^, rei.....i love u all!!!♥♥ HOUNTO NI~ HOUNTO NI~ ARIGATOU! suteki da ne! (you're wonderful!)

also, i really want to say thanks to everyone that comes here from these 10 countries (my blog gets the most visitors f/these places): United States, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, and Japan. =)

everyone-chan~ really~
iroiro arigatou gozaimashita!!
[= thank you for everything/
thank you for all you've done/
thank you for all of your kindness]

in 2009~ kito~




P.S. i actually wrote all this and had this done a while back. haha...
had to prepare it beforehand, cuz i knew i'd spend too much time on the toma fantasy meeting story...

[lol!! a funny christmas card, kinda, f/the late night show!!! xD
i love this show!! & I LOVE YOU, CONAN!! :D]

Saturday, December 20, 2008

DONE! my xmas gift for everyone! a long story... an unforgettable ~4hrs with Toma in Tokyo! / all i want for christmas is to meet toma!!

[12.22.2008 EDIT: it's done! the link's at the end of this post!]

whew! i made it. not midnight yet,

kept my promise that i'd post today.

i really wanted to wait till i was done to post this up, but if i don't post something now, many of u won't know about it in time...or maybe i'm already too late...oh well...for those who do know about it in time, i hope you'll be able to be there on time...

so here's the thing...
a while ago i thought up the idea of an xmas present for all my readers here. actually, it's a present 4 myself too. haha. thank you, meeeee! lol. so, i thought of writing a fantasy conversation between toma and a fan (well, me, or any1 else can imagine it's her!). i even wrote up a long explanation already.

BUT WHAT I REALLY WANT TO SAY NOW IS THAT: IF YOU CAN BE HERE AT AROUND 3:19p.m. JST (japan time) ON DECEMBER 22 and read the story i wrote (it's quite long. haha. started out as a conversation but somehow became very very long...), that would be cool...IF WE COULD READ IT TOGETHER!! but if not, that's fine too, read it whenever u are free. i'm calling it an unforgettable ~4 hrs with toma in tokyo for now. ^_^ there's a reason for this: it's cuz i wrote it so that the exact time u meet him is 3:19pm!

ok, so here's the explanation i had prepared a while back, cuz i knew i would need to write it before in case i ran out of time later, which i am now! haha. BUT TOMORROW, I'LL DEFINITELY FINISH WRITING THE STORY AND POST IT UP FOR EVERYONE!! please look forward to it! yoroshikuchan~

............an early xmas present for you: an unforgettable ~4 hrs with toma in tokyo!

~♥~ toma-ism #78:
Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of black
And starlight in your eyes of brown.
[the Carpenters' Close to you's lyrics, slightly altered]

~ alternate titles i thought of using:
.close to toma for close to 4 hrs in tokyo
.all i want for christmas is to meet toma
.winter~ the moment i met toma
.your own fantasy conversation with ikuta toma (slightly altered title f/ellen's book)

well, this is it.

i don't know what you were expecting, but this is all i have for everyone. that's all!
i hope you'll like it! i certainly had fun writing and imagining this scenario! haha~


here u go! merry christmas! an early xmas present for you!!
ah~ please imagine i have printed out the fantasy below for you and folded it neatly, wrapped it in some nice, crisp red-ish tissue paper, and then put it in a small box and wrapped it up so that the end result is the box on the right in the picture above! ~_~

where i got the idea to write this....i see so many toma fans saying they want to meet him in japan one day (ME TOO!), which made me remember a funny chapter from ellen degenere's (MY FAV FAV female comedian/talkshow host!) book, MY POINT...AND I DO HAVE ONE. in this chapter, she makes up a fantasy conversation between her and the reader, since most fans will not have the chance of meeting her in person (actually, this is more true for toma than her, cuz at least she's got a talk show & she sometimes shows up at random places & talk to ppl for the show! and in the usa, it's not a big deal when fans approach celebrities and ask 4 an autograph or whatever...) and she said she has also dreamed of meeting her favorite celebrities when she was younger, thinking "would they be nice, would they be interesting, would they lend me money?" xD

so~ inspired by ellen's hilarious fantasy conversation, i decided to write a story about a fan meeting toma that's kinda funny but also cute & sweet, and kinda believable [EDIT: OK, IT GOT AWAY FROM ME PRETTY SOON, BUT REALITY IS STILL KINDA THERE. HAHAHA]. but not too realistic that it would be boring and too short! and...i hope no one else has done something like this before? i hope i'm the first?? that's crazy enough to do this. lol~ and i'm sorry if some things don't make sense, you've gotta have a lot of suspension of disbelief here!

and~ i did put in some japanese words/phrases that i know/toma has or often uses...some of it might not be accurate or right in level of politeness...please don't mind! AND FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN, IVE MADE A LIST OF DEFINITIONS FOR YOU, TOO! YOU'RE WELCOME! =) THOUGH, i think most of u know what they mean ne. [EDIT: i started sticking in some more difficult stuff, not just the "sugoi's" and "souka's", so most of u will need the list of definitions. haha... i hope i didn't make too many mistakes....used both my lonely planet phrase book and searching online 4 them...]

and the idea of meeting him (or other singers) in a cd store in shibuya is not that far-fetched!! 1st, cuz toma spends a ton of time in CD stores on his days off. 2nd, cuz yamapink has said that several fans have seen him in the shibuya area. probably cuz the JE building is located there, plus shibuya is a popular place with youths in general, all the shopping & eating u can do there. wikipedia says it's: "the fashionable shopping district which also encompasses the teenybopper haven of Harajuku (also home to the Meiji Shrine) and the nightlife of Ebisu." and OF COURSE, shibuya's got the aoyama & other theatres...u know toma LOVES his plays. =P AND, i found these blog posts by Teo about yui and other singers going to CD stores in shibuya!! some of them even recorded video of themselves going in to buy their own CDs! sugeeee. *__*

read & see pics/video about it here:

i like yui, too! AND THIS ALL HAPPENED KINDA RECENTLY, TOO!! IN FACT, IF U GET THE CHANCE, DO TRY STAKING OUT SOME CD STORES IN SHIBUYA!! who knows, u might see some1 famous, even if it's not toma. if u see toma!! O_O dont be afraid to talk to him, he's said several times before that it's nice when ppl recognize him in the streets or even call him by his character's name, like "nakatsu!". =) a lot of ppl tend to have that kinda feeling that celebrities never want fans to bother them, but each celebrity is different...like ellen, she says sometimes ppl come up to her and say "I KNOW U HATE THIS, BUT I LOVE YOU!" haha. and she says she doesn't hate it! only if they come up and say they hate her! haha.

but of course, if he looks like he's busy, in a bad mood or he's with other ppl...probably should stay away. hahaha. but if u successfully talked to him, pls pls tell me about it and share any pics that u took!! thanks in advance! :D

...Teo said: "Now I do believe the fact that YUI always says that she walks around the streets unnoticed. Maybe because it is Japan, people act as if they didn't see anything." souka! that must be really nice 4 toma and other celebrities, not to have to worry about being mobbed by fans when they go out. ~_~ i had heard this was true, but now i really believe it. haha. no wonder...i remember once toma was saying in tomagoto or wink up or somewhere, that he WANTS to be recognized for a change when he's out. lol. i bet a lot of ppl do know it's him, but they're afraid to walk up to him and say something. (that reminds me, conan was joking about how if fans look at him but are afraid to talk to him & walk away, he'll just start chasing them, forcing them to talk to him. LOL. xD conan always cracks me up!! if only all celebrities would want to talk to fans and do that...)

ano...at first i thought i'd try to make it so that any fan, girl/guy, young/not so young, overseas/in japan, etc. could be the "me" in this fantasy, but then i'm pretty sure most of us here are girls, around 20-something or younger, who don't live in japan. like me. so i wrote with a person like this, a person like me, in mind. i'm sorry, but i can't possibly write it so EVERYONE can relate to everything i'm saying. but most of what i write, i think u can relate to. =) AND SOME PARTS, I LEFT BLANK, SO YOU CAN ALSO "PARTICIPATE" IN THIS FANTASY AND PERSONALIZE IT IN THIS WAY NE!

anyway, enjoy~~ ^__^
merry merry christmas & happy holidays!
stay warm~ take care~ remember, toma said to make sure u don't catch a cold!♥ i really hope you'll be able to make many happy memories during this bright and festive time of year. or at least not feel too lonely, have too many disappointments/annoying relatives that won't leave you alone. hahaha! seriously, 2 me, christmas "spirit/joy/cheer" is overrated. it's OK to NOT be all hyper/happy that it's xmas (especially this year) i don't care who says i'm Scrooge, that's how i feel!! ....sorry, i got off-topic.

please leave reality behind for a while and follow me!
step into a world where you will meet toma in a couple minutes!

[ah, not yet! sorry!
i'm not~ done~ yet~ ]

ok! sorry 4 posting up late (internet problems)!

are you ready?
...let's go!

Friday, December 19, 2008


i'll post an update SOON!

gomen, ne.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

random news that reminds me of toma / random fact/ some Grease-y stuff ;)

♥ toma-ism #77:

Because you live~ and breathe~
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, boy
My world has twice as many stars in the sky...

I'm so glad I found an angel
Who was there when all my hopes fell
I wanna fly, looking in your eyes!
[jesse mccartney's Because you live, slightly altered lyrics]

sa, today is just random toma-related stuff again.

these 2 news are not about him, but it makes me think of him. =)

....... http://asianfanatics.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=608123
Top 50 Oricon Yearly 2008: Singles (10 Dec 2007 - 8 Dec 2008),
Friday December 12, 2008

1) Arashi - truth/Kaze no Mukou e (618,229)
2) Arashi - One Love (524,269)
[see the full list at the link above]

i really love TRUTH so much!!!
an awesome themesong for an awesome drama! ^_^

[YAY!! credit: baidu. but there's also a watermark, i think it's I Toma Club.]

Oricon: Who you'd want as boyfriend/girlfriend?,
Saturday December 13, 2008

"A new face in that ranking is Miuri Haruma on 8th place who is especially popular among women in their 20s. He is described as having a "cute smiling face and a very manly serious face.
Toda Erika is currently starring in the very popular dorama "Ryusei no Kizuna" and is described as being able to be "totally cute" on one side, but also "sincere" when necessary, which seems to be a very attractive character for a lot of men."

what??? that's totally toma!! he's cute when he smiles, but also can look very tough/manly when he's serious! and he's cute/sincere too!

ah, i give up. i don't get it.
hopefully next year, toma can be even more popular and make it onto more of these kinda surveys!!!

[btw, i was saying be4 that i don't remember toma hugging any girl tightly in a drama. i just remembered today!! in HDY2, he/junpei hugged mao/tsukushi so so tight!! I WANNA SWITCH PLACES WITH HER!!!!! *__* ]

.......... http://www.batgwa.com/story.php?id=1374

here's an interview w/a pretty good actor/singer f/Hong Kong, raymond lam. he talked about why he likes acting and singing. i just thought it was great how he described why he likes acting...and i think about how great it is that as an actor, toma can "live" many different lives and do many interesting things a normal person can't. and of course, when he was a singer, he was able have the high of a live audience applauding/screaming for him, too! actually, as an actor for a stage play, toma can experience the best of both acting AND singing!!! awesomeness... ~_~ for all these reasons, i think many of us have at least at one point, really wished to be an actor. ah, sometimes i wish i could be an actress....but i'm definitely more suited for behind the scenes stuff. haha.]

"Acting is my original calling and with each character, it is like living the life of a different person all over again. I feel that as an actor, we are very fortunate because we can experience many personalities and lives that an average person would not be exposed to. Take Goon Ga Jai (???) from Moonlight Resonance (????) for example, if I was not an actor, I would never have had the chance to learn how to make Chinese cakes or be part of such a big family. As TVB series can be viewed all over the world, sometimes I will go abroad and meet people in the street who call me by my characters' names. Through this, I feel like I get to meet a lot of people."

he also says that he likes singing because u get immediate feedback from the audience, unlike in acting. (sorry, the chinese characters didn't show up)

.............. random toma fact: if he had to choose f/a certain group of female comedians, he would marry Yanagihara Kanako!

i learned this from listening/reading enshinge's translation of a recomen show from last year. [this was a really really great one, btw, toma is sooooooo cute and they talk about a lot of funny stuff. i'll post the link where u can dload it later...]

why? cuz he says she is kawaii and thinks she would have a more feminine side when off-screen... and he doesn't mind that she's a little younger than him (2 yrs). but he's also said be4 that he doesn't mind anyone older than him!! ehh.... the way he talks, u'd think any average girl can be his girlfriend! TOMA, U NEED HIGHER STANDARDS, OR AT LEAST NARROW IT DOWN MORE LA! hahahaha. and half the time toma says some1 is kawaii, i'm not sure if he means like...cute/pretty or cute/nice or gentle person or cute/likeable or charming....?

anyway, u can see her pic and find out more about her here:

(and "what?! i'm prettier than her!!" lol...)

................GREASE-y stuff:

[whoa! go danny!! credit: http://www.crunchyroll.com/user/princess_rei09]

also, she's got such a cute old tomapi animation!! kawaii!!

and here's some really BIG, cool/sexy toma pics from grease!

thanks to Ultra Violet who posted at the AF thread:
Baidu has some large Grease pictures. Credits to poster Yang Nan04420.
thank u thank u ultra violet!! he is so freaking cute in those pics!!
u know i hate smokers, but damn, he looks so hot when he's lighting up a cigarette!! *_*

and here's 2 songs i found on imeem, recorded f/Grease!



many thanks to jennifer & carina and others, so generous (and risked being caught recording it!), who are sharing/have recorded audio clips for us fans that couldn't go see him live!! i have actually listened to some of the full-length audio recording that someone shared (check Tomalicious fansite, the Latest News section), and it's so cool to be able to listen to the show like this, it feels like i'm sitting in the theatre!! ^_^

minna-chan~ hounto ni arigatou!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

about 2 of his old dramas / some updates on his new drama: VOICE

♥ toma-ism #76

It's all waiting for you
Like flowers in the spring
The world is open wide.
It's all there waiting for you
With the spirit that you bring
You will always be the one to shine!
(lyrics f/Jessica Sheely's In Good Time)

gomen, was gonna post yesterday but...

actually~ i don't feel like telling u why this time. haha.
but i def~initely was doing something impor~tant. hai~

so, cuz i was late, today's a rare double-post!! yeah~

i have to THANK TOMA, cuz i was watching/listening to a TFS translation of him on RECOMEN and he mentioned this series, in which he rejected a girl that wanted to kiss him and said something like "HOW DARE YOU, YOU UGLY PIECE OF BLAH!" LOL!!! xD so i got curious and searched 4 a place 2 watch. found out it's the short series where he looks SO COOL in his sunglasses and he's singing karaoke...i've only seen clips of it be4! was always really curious about this series cuz he looks so cute/cool in an arrogant/jerk-y kinda way.. haha.

then i found it here, http://www.crunchyroll.com/group/Ikuta_Toma_-_Nakatsu,
they linked to where u can watch it:
http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/PQtG2oOPUFA/ (Chinese subs)
u can also dload it if u have over 50 posts at the tomalicious forum & can access the dload section.

i watched the first ep. (only 5 in all), but i don't get it?? they're in a dark karaoke room the whole time...i'm guessing they're a band and discussing their next performance, but dunno why they start arguing...and my ability to read only ~20 chinese characters did not help me much! haha. oh well, i'm still so happy i can finally watch it!! can see toma singing, too!! yay~ toma is SO KAKKOII. ^_^ he's smoking again in this role, but he really does look so COOL with a cigarette!! o_0 in real life, though, i really hope he doesn't smoke much. =[ there's nothing cool about lung cancer & yellow teeth!

(kyaaaa!! love seeing him as a student again, & toma + loose black ties = kakkoiiiiii! credit: teacup, baidu)

....and the 2nd old toma drama! is Yesterday's Friends are Today's Enemies (Kinou Wa Tomo Kyou no Teki, 2004, NHK). he looks so much like takemoto in here, toma hasn't changed much in 4 yrs!! =P if i didn't look closely at the screencaps, i wouldn't be able to tell this was filmed a while back! it's fun to watch him acting as a rebellious/moody teenager. ^_^ and toma's voice back then...kawaiiii. also, haven't seen him in any drama where he actually spends time with his family.

go here 4 all the links (in the comments): http://community.livejournal.com/ikuta_toma/290595.html#cutid1
thanks to drmsr, who posted about it. and teacup79 , who first asked about it. thanks to yoursovest, who gave the links to watch short clips of it at youtube [also, credit: Rebeldeangel (diary.ru)]. u can watch it at t1cat1n's youtube page! very short, couple minutes clip each, though. also, thanks to adlizto for posting the translated 2 eng. version of the official website HERE!

THANK YOU, tomakochin [credit also: baidu], for the ep.s 1-3! i'm downloading now. =) hopefully toma appears a lot....[edit: no, toma barely appears! now i realize, the youtube clips, they've so nicely cut out only the toma parts so toma fans can watch him. yay!! i'll just watch those then. BUT 4 THOSE THAT STILL WANNA DLOAD THE FULL EP.S, just scroll down all the way on that page, the last comment has ep.s 4-6!]

......toma's new drama, VOICE, still doesn't have an official poster yet. but u can keep checking back at these sites to see when it's up:


toma's been talking about it. he says he's been reading medical books 4 research and he's getting along with the cast. =) yappari, he gets along with everyone so easily, he's so lovable & charming & hard-working~ ne! ahhhh~ any1 who gets to work w/him, the cast, the staff, directors, whoever, ARE SO LUCKY. ~_~ i wonder if there's ever any staff member that is actually his big fan....that would be a dream come true 4 her/him!!! ^_^ (once, there was a hacken fan that was 1 of the staff members working on his movie! he was so happy, though didn't have a chance to talk to him. but seeing him being so professional & how he's friendly with all on the set...& every1 else on the staff also liked him and hacken took pictures with everyone that asked him during the breaks...sugoi!!) but i hope toma doesn't have trouble remembering all the complicated medical jargon or have trouble with the fake bloody scenes, like the operations/autopsies...but I WILL have trouble watching if it's too bloody/gruesome! haha. it probably won't be, ne.

oh, also, go to http://www.tomalicious.com/, the Latest News for a new translation of a more detailed description of the drama. in a way, it reminds me of the harry potter trio! lol. the smart girl, the 2 guys, in school... this is a good idea 4 a drama, i've never seen forensics dramas where students are involved in the crime-solving...i don't think...it'll make things more interesting, seeing all these murder investigations f/young students' point of view. it is a good point they're making...in today's world, we often don't care much about some1 dying in dramas/real life....but it is a big deal, and we should care more!! i like dramas that can teach u something about life, as long as it's not too preachy. *_*

speaking of preachy~~
i don't wanna be a nag, but i nag cuz i care!!

X__X about RED BULL...in an interview f/this year, toma said he drinks 2-3 a day!! i hope that was only while filming maou? and he was running so much!!! he'd get so dehydrated!! aiya!! (sigh!) smoking + eating meat/beef a lot + a lot of energy drinks + not enough rest/sleep = VERY UNHEALTHY TOMA-KUN!!! YOU'RE A MEDICAL STUDENT NOW, U SHOULD KNOW BETTER!! ;)

energy drinks can be very addictive! i can honestly say that i'm not addicted to anything except for toma! haha...ok, and music... and the internet... and certain sitcoms/shows that make me laugh. but that is IT. in case any of u here drink it a lot or know some1 who does, pls pass on this info!! thanks! everything in moderation...too much of anything can be bad for you, especially stuff with a lot of caffeine like red bull or coffee. but if it's just 1 a day, i think it's ok....still...it's got tons of sugar in it la. no good for you. x_x

from what i read...drinking more than 2 cans of red bull a day is no good
(too much caffeine = bad for yr heart, increases risk of stroke/ heart attack)
...drinking it while exercising is no good (it dehydrates you!)
....and mixing it with alcohol COULD KILL YOU.
for more info:

Is Red Bull bad for your health?

Safe Use of Energy Drinks


in this cold weather, i wish toma's tight embrace could keep me warm~~

♥ toma-ism #75:
i've gotta say it...!

prettyyyy lights~~
(i really tried! really tried to find this xmas in japan's pic link at flickr but i can't. i found it a while back, and it's so pretty, just wanna share with everyone. IF SOME1 KNOWS WHERE THIS IS IN JAPAN, PLS TELL ME, MAYBE IT CAN HELP ME FIND THE PIC AT FLICKR AND GIVE THEM CREDIT!)

it's getting really cold~ ne.
the other day, it was so cold that my window was fogged up~ ne.
i wanted to write something and yappa~ i couldn't think of anything other than "i -heart- toma!" lol. with the sun rising, shining brightly behind it, it looked very nice~ ne!

ahh~ a while back, read at AF, news about oricon's survey of which male star u'd want to embrace you tightly to keep u warm on a cold night. are?? can u believe it?! toma wasn't in the top ten! what's wrong w/the women surveyed??!! maybe he was #11, as he's often right behind yamashita. =T well, at least 4 hiro, shun, yamashita, i agree with them being on the list! u can read the news below.

Oricon: who do you want to be held by?

ahhhhh~ toma hugging u tightly on a cold tokyo night!!!
umm...but besides that sweet nakatsu-mizuki hug, i don't remember him hugging any girl tightly...he hugs guys a lot more than girls neeee. in dramas...in real life too, actually!

that's it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

nakatsu's train station / *cool things f/2006 LJ*

♥ toma-ism #74:
dirty sexy hottie.
(the show Dirty Sexy Money
gave me this idea. =P)

hi there!

so. today's post is about a lot of old toma stuff.
but it's all i have for now. haha. sorry.

oh, i found this place that lists a bunch of common japanese slang words and what they mean! this will come in handy! when i don't understand what toma fans or toma said...

[credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/debby_waltz2/744493587/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakatsu_Station_(Osaka_Municipal_Subway)]

i remember toma saying all the hana kimi guys' names are named after train stations in japan in an interview, but i forgot about looking 4 pics...not until ultra violet was talking about it that i remembered! =) i'd gotta take a pic of myself & the sign there 1 day! well, i found some pics at flickr. check it out!

and here's some info. ummm...it should be the 2nd one that toma mentioned, since it's in osaka.

i went thru the 2006 archive of the toma LJ! it's cool to see how toma started getting more popular then and toma fans really happy for him...anyway, here's some cool toma stuff f/ there u should check out!!

[camera...daiski!! KAWAII. made this gif after i watched one of the TFS H&C interview shows a little while back. still catching up on those videos f/the start of this year! lol.]


[lots of candid pics of toma walking to/from school with yamapi, others!! he looks cute then, too! he looks great with glasses, too!!]

-------http://community.livejournal.com/ikuta_toma/2006/03/05/ and
[dload the West Side Story musical! (fancam)]

[dload 4 tops - Love & Peace performance]

[watch Toma blowing on Pi's Ear!XD]

[translations- Tomagoto Volume 1 & 2]




(translations- Tomagoto Hyper volume 68)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

new winter banners & winter/christmas theme!!


it's up! the new winter banners!!! yeah~
i'm happy with them. it took me a looooong time to find them too.
surprisingly, there's not a lot of great snow/snowing photos!
they mostly look boring/melancholy...the one at the top was taken at 7am in Ohio, USA. and the DT banner! she's so pretty, right? kawaiiiii. i don't usually use pics w/ppl in them, but this pic is just too cool to not use!! the girl in the photo, which i and others have nicknamed "snow princess", is also the photographer, *zara! sugeeee~~ she looks like she stepped out of a manga, no?

i added a slideshow. =)
201 pretty winter/xmas pics! i started it since november. haha! hai~ u should really see the full-size pics, though! actually~ i'm not really excited about christmas. i might prefer Festivus! lol. u'll understand if u're a Seinfeld fan. ano....if u have watched Honey and Clover...well, i am kinda like takemoto-kun in the way i feel about christmas... but i still love seeing the lovely, peaceful snow scenes and bright and colorful christmas decorations!! ii ne~

soshite, a new bg winter song! enya.
her new CD, And Winter Came, is pretty good. =) give it a listen on imeem~ tranquility~ serenity~!
i've got other good xmas songs...i'll change the bg song here many times this month.

i'll post something new tomorrow.
matta ne.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

kate's really~ very~ extremely~ late toma BIRTHDAY SCOOP! / a birthday meteor shower especially for toma?!

smilie toma-ism #73:
un~deniably ka~wa~ii.

koumbawa! minna genki?

ah, sou des ka. (oh really)
(sorry sorry, so late in posting this! i started it early but couldn't finish till night time.)

omatase shimashita! (sorry to keep you waiting)
i should have written something about what happened on his birthday soon afterwards. but it's now exactly 2 months after his birthday (in tokyo time).

sou desu ne. (that's right)

soshite~ (and) it's~
the hk person i love most:
hacken lee's birthday today!
(though it's past in hk time) saang yut fai loh, hacken!! ^_^

sa, today has a real happy birthday feel to it.
with that~ i'll start this post! yeosh!!

ah, before i forget~ yappari, i have no idea if toma has seen our TL! bday project graphic (w/all the hugs, kisses, LOVE, etc. 4 him) or not. but i'm guessing~ almost certainly not! haha~ but at least the cards i sent have not been rejected and returned to me. so i can still hope that 1 day he'll see 1 of my letters and come to DT... and here! =) or maybe he can miraculously find it on his own while surfing the net?

ALSO, gomen, if u already know most of the info i'm posting below.
if that's the case, please come back later for the next update!

[12.7.08 EDIT:
1 of of the fans that that wrote to toma, the letters he read on ANN, called him toma-kun. i was happy to know that it's ok to call him toma-kun. though some1 else called him ikuta-kun. i prefer toma-kun! also, forgot to say toma said ~_~ "iyaa, ureshii nee!" (no way, so happy!) and something else about fans before he said thank you. ]

............. how the Grease staff & cast celebrated toma's birthday / toma's tomagoto entry about his b-day / shun gave toma something on oct.8 @ANN

as expected, toma celebrated his birthday on stage, in the theatre again! the 3rd year in a row!
they surprised him with a birthday cake while rehearsing for Grease. =)
toma was surprised and very happy. also, yaratchi (his co-star in Grease) gave him cool headphones.

(credit for b-day cake pic goes to TOMA-KUN who took it! Other ppl there had bdays in october too, so it's toma & those ppl's bday cake! and info above: toma's Winkup entry that TFS translated. *YOU CAN SEE NICER PICS OF THE CAKE AT TOMALICIOUS'S Latest News section!*)

for his blog entry about his b-day, toma said ikuta toma has turned 24. he will keep doing his best! and he's grateful to his family, staff, and "you" (fans? friends? everyone that he loves/that loves him i guess! ^_^) and then he said thank you. i wish he had said straight out that he's grateful to all his fans, too! but i guess the "you" at the end should cover fans too! mmm...but last year toma-kun wrote more entries relating to his b-day ne.
(credit: TFS's translation of tomagoto vol. 172, http://www.tomalicious.com/)

also, the day after his b-day (or actually, really really late on his b-day, since ANN starts at 1am?), toma was a guest on shun's ANN radio program to promote the hana kimi special. and of course, to just hang out together. hahaha. and shun gave toma something! i dunno what. it might have been a hat? i heard something like "hat-o" ?? shun played yui's "happy birthday to you you" song (and shun was singing along w/the song a little!! heehee), too, while giving him his gift!! ~_~ that was my fav bday song from my toma bday countdown, remember?? also, they also played that song in dec. 2007, when toma did gave shun something 4 his bday 2007 during ANN. =)

i tried searching online, i couldn't find the answer. =/


you can see all the postcards/letters/pictures fans sent in here:

you can see the 2 boxes that contained all of the above here:

on oct. 12, scattie posted a message at the forum saying the project has been completed, she sent out the 2 boxes (postcards/photos) and letters in red envelopes (all numbered, with a short written explanation). they were all sent to scattie's friend in tokyo who tried to hand it to him while Grease was going on. if she couldn't, she'll send it to an address scattie gave her. Grease is over and no word from her, so i guess it was sent to that address. to JE? can't be, they don't accept gifts!! well, i dunno where it is now, but at least the letters probably reached toma ok!

(screencaps credit: TFS, http://community.livejournal.com/tomalicious_frm/)

i really really hope toma got the 2 boxes!
kito~ he would be extremely surprised/happy/hyper/touched if he got it!!
i don't see/hear/know of toma interacting with fans much, but i've heard him reading some fanmail/email to him when he hosted ANN at the end of last year, and i remember him saying "arigatou gozaimas!" in such a happy/humble way afterwards. =) and in the shoenen club xmas show 2005 that he was on and was Mr. X and sang White Christmas~~ (1 of my fav toma appearances ever!) ahhh, he was completely, super kawaii wasn't he!!! smilie well, i just watched the TFS-subbed longer version of that show recently (and the screencaps above R from there), and they read a fan letter to him. and the fan was saying how she really really is a big fan of toma's and she really wants him to be on the show, and it's a request truly from her heart. and toma's reaction was so happy/cute/humble!!! with the same reply, "arigatou gozaimas!" ~_~ if that is his reaction from getting just a fan letter, imagine how happy he'd be if he got a bunch of postcards/pics from his fans from all over the world!!!

...............an annual birthday meteor shower ESPECIALLY FOR TOMA??

i came across this info cuz i was looking for info on meteor showers. =) AWESOMENESS!!! so cool how it peaks around the time of toma's b-day! it's called the Draconids, but us toma fans can think of it as the Toma's Birthday meteor shower! next year, if u can, go out at night and see if u can see any meteors!! it's a great way to celebrate toma's birthday ne! and it's cool how this meteor shower is special in many ways, just like toma!! but i have trouble seeing the Draco constellation. i can see the little and big dippers fine, but can't really see Draco. well, it's in the middle of the 2 dippers, so just look towards them! here's a bigger pic to help u locate Draco: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f0/Draco_constellation_map.png

[credit: http://www.earthsky.org/article/earth-skys-meteor-guide-for-2008]

October 7 or 8, 2008 Draconids

The radiant point of the Draconid meteor shower almost coincides with the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon, in the northern sky. That’s why it is best viewed from the northern hemisphere. This shower is a real oddity, in the respect that its radiant point is highest in the sky as darkness falls. The shower is definitely a sleeper, producing only a handful of languid meteors per hour in most years. But watch out if the dragon awakes! On occasion, fiery Draco has been known to spew forth hundreds – if not thousands – of meteors in a single hour. Since the moon is at first quarter this year during the shower’s peak, this hard-to-predict shower is worth checking out. Unlike most meteor showers, more meteors are likely to fly in the evening than the morning hours after midnight. Look northward for Draconid meteors on the evenings of October 7 or 8.

and at http://www.obliquity.com/skyeye/misc/meteor.html, they say the Draconids occur from early october to mid-october. usually peaking on 7-9 October. they're best seen in the northern hemisphere. they're usually slow, faint, and yellow in colour.

.................speaking of stars~
a toma fan wrote a really nice & touching message for him here

hopefully she doesn't mind me re-posting it here. i'm afraid if i only link it, u won't find it later when more new messages R posted there. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH HER!! like the stars, toma shines so much, so beautifully for us!!♥ and that feeling~ that wonderful feeling~ that i got soon after i discovered toma was exactly that...that somehow i like this world more... and it seems more beautiful... because toma exists and makes me realize... that there are/must be still a lot of beautiful/extraordinary people and beautiful/extraordinary things in this world, ne? ^_^ with that, this is her message describing toma:

Marie (Santiago de Chile, 11.18.2008)

Like the infinite stars in the sky ... continues to shine for us ... still giving us such warmth, hope, and talent that gives us the strength to smile and believe that the beautiful things of the world have not yet finished.