Friday, July 18, 2008

random things...(CITRB changed toma's life!) / maou drama icons, etc.

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #23:
toma-kun...he's a good-looking sunshine boy! ^_~

hi there!

do u know what day it is??
it's friday, Maou day! i know it's already 1something AM of saturday in japan, but just pretend. haha~
like i said, i'll try 2 post something each friday 2 support toma's current drama, Maou. pls support toma & watch it!

and have a good one (weekend)!


P.S. to those who R reading this from AUSTRALIA: i really envy u!! (& other ppl whose season is winter right now) but then again, xmas wouldn't feel right if it wasn't cold, so i suppose i'm still glad i have summer now instead of at the end of the year.


R u, like me, wanting 2 save space on your hard disk, but can't stop yourself from continuing 2 download more and more TFS toma videos (often big files!)?! hahaha~
well, i was looking 4 video converters, and luckily found a good free one! BUT here's the thing...sometimes there will be glitches or problems with the resulting video. i just tried it once and there are (i think) only 2 parts in the video that it stops and there's around 10 seconds missing each of those times. so make sure u make a copy of the video be4 trying it. BUT it's still a very handy program that can really free up a lot of space on your hard disk for u 2 download even more TOMA stuff! lol!

[u can read some reviews of the program and a person describes how a 1 episode of The Simpsons = ~150MB
Can be compressed down to: ~45MB
Time required to do so: ~15 minutes]

[this hk fan's blog has lots of cute animated .gifs of toma f/ the recent tokyo friends park II show! =) and lots of recent toma scans and maou pics...*WARNING* this page will load up a ton of things & could slow down/heat up your computer briefly!
so here's the direct link 2 their pics gallery:]


Here's a translation and pic of Toma's interview from I Weekly issue 556
Credit: thesweetnote from LJ]

But it was when he took up the leading role in the "Shinkansen*NEXUS" stageplay "Cat in the Red Boots", that made a change in his life.

"That performance was the turning point in the life. Looking at the sen-pais twice my age being so engrossed in acting, makes me want to be devoted to acting my whole life. Looking at the eyes of the spectators from the stage, receiving letters from my fans, all these has made me realised that I am doing something meaningful in my life, and an important job that will affect the life of others."

[waaah! i didn't know this play had such a huge effect on him! really changed his life in a deep and profound way! toma is really an amazing actor, i'm happy that he discovered that this is what he wants 2 do with his life. ~_~ and in doing so, he certainly brightens up our lives!!! :) watching CITRB, seeing toma's passion 4 acting, is really wonderful!! it's a great play, even if i didn't understand most of the dialogue, i loved it. ^_^]

............................................................... MAOU STUFF

[preview of nday_ucul's icons!]
[check out the cast, episode titles (long, ominous ones!), and ratings here]
[u can dload ep. 1 of maou w/hardsubs now! softsubs R available here too. keep checking back 4 more new episodes! DOUMO ARIGATOU, STORMY TEAM!! *___*]
[Maou Press conference, thanks to Careline18@LJ! toma & ohno look so cool, walking out on the catwalk!]
[COOL MAOU EP. 1 ICONS! made by

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