Thursday, November 27, 2014

i need a break... =T

hello, my fellow toma fans! 

just a few quick updates before i give you the bad news... fans were talking about how Han Hyo Joo seemed to be staring at toma for a while instead of looking at the camera like the other members of the cast! lolllll. at a christmas tree lighting event to promote their MIRACLE movie. (thanks to Jane for the info! source: i think it might be more like she forgot what they're supposed to say and is looking at him to see what he's saying. haha. but i wouldn't be surprised if she has a crush on him, either! xD too bad she's a korean actress and probably doesn't have much chance of working with toma again. i think they would make a cute couple!! ~__~

(here's video of the christmas tree lights that kept changing. pretty, right? ^_^)

BUT...i just found out from jane's post today, that apparently toma's screen time in this movie is only 10 minutes??!! oh my god!! o__o even though from the trailers, i had guessed toma's role is not very important since he appears so little in the trailers.... but only a total of 10 minutes?!! no wonder toma seems more quiet while promoting this movie! (or maybe he's just tired cuz he's also filming for the drama with shun right now) 

but maybe toma feels bad that they are tricking his fans into thinking that he is one of the 4 main characters, when he's got so few scenes in this movie. sighhhhhh. i can't believe they would trick his fans like that. don't they believe aiba has enough star power to get people to see this movie?? be honest to the fans! tell them toma only has a small role!! geez... 

also, mogura no uta has been subbed!!! ^_^ you can get the movie + subs at the plotboxes LJ (go in their profile page and check the tags to find the movie). 

alright, so on to the bad news....

Like every year, the end of the year holidays and festivities are here again. most people look forward to this season, but i dread it. i won't go into the reasons why because i think i've talked about it in the past. but it seems fitting that i'm giving you bad news now, because for me, november and december are always bad months. lol.

so...for years now, i've noticed that the english-speaking fandom i've been a part of for many years has become more and more quiet and inactive. I still love toma, but enthusiasm for fangirling for him has gradually gone down a lot...partly cuz of the inactive fandom. partly because toma works on movies mostly and disappears for most of the year and then promotes his movies for only a short time, maybe twice a year. 

I'm not leaving the toma fandom, but I'm letting go, in a way. Sigh. Read my letter at Toma's Room to understand why i have decided that i need a break from fangirling:

Oh, i want to make it clear that i'm ok with rarely ever getting comments here. lol. even though i used to get a lot more years ago, but that's ok. i only post here once a month, anyway. but when i post at Toma's Room and no one comments, it's very frustrating. because it's a community, and comments are love...comments show fans still care. and comments mean we are having discussions and that keeps the community alive! 

I guess some fandoms somehow still come up with stuff to do while waiting for their bias to become active again. But that takes a lot of people...a lot of devotion, time, and effort. We don't have a ton of toma fans and most don't have time to do these stuff. Anyway...I'll be interested to see how the few remaining super active toma fans that still share new toma stuff deal with it. Hope they won't leave too...but if they do, i can't blame them. Problem is we need lots of new, younger fans who have more time to fangirl. If only toma did more dramas n maybe a variety show. Hmm...

It's sad cuz in the old days, around 2007 and 2008, there were tons of fans and the fandom was so exciting n fun to be a part of. But now... There's not even an active subbing team anymore. many fans left the fandom or just rarely come or just lurk. Will our fandom just disappear?

I was talking about this on twitter (if you want to follow me on twitter just to see how i'm doing, check my LJ profile for my twitter username. my tweets are private, so i'll have to approve your following me, though.) with mashi-chan and we both agree that if only toma had a twitter or instagram, it would help a lotttttttt. then we would be able to actually leave messages for him and also know what's going on in his life and see random pics or videos of him. this really helps a fandom continue to feel connected to their favorite actor/singer and not get bored, right??? sigh. but stupid, greedy johnny's will never let toma have his own social media accounts. i REALLY think that toma needs younger fans that have more time to fangirl and would help keep the fandom active!!! WHERE ARE ALL THE YOUNG FANS??? WE NEED YOUR HELP!! =/

i will still come here and go to Toma's Room sometimes and post sometimes. but if you want to keep up with what toma's doing, you should really go to the following links. =) if necessary, go ahead and ask them questions. i'm sure they'll be able to help you with any toma-related questions that you would usually ask me.

ok, so i'm going to watch the Mogura No Uta movie now, and then stay away from the toma fandom for a while because i need a break. i've been fangirling for 7 YEARS!! i deserve a long break. haha. and well...there are more important things in life than fangirling, you know? lol. instead of living vicariously through toma, i should just live my own life and stop procrastinating and really work hard to reach my dreams. i've already wasted too much time... 

THANK YOU, everyone who loves this toma blog and Toma's Room and appreciate my hard work all these years, keeping everyone updated on toma's stuff. i love you all!! 

Take care, everyone!!! 
toma and all toma fans...keep being awesome!! =) 
see you later~~

Friday, November 7, 2014

new bath roman CM, MIRACLE movie promoting, TOMA SMOKING!!, etc... =)

hi there!! i'm back for the monthly post! my favorite month of the year and autumn seems to be over already. =( and now all this xmas stuff everywhere annoys me. -_- nevermind about that though. lol. 

A REMINDER AGAIN, THAT I GO TO TOMA'S ROOM EVERYDAY AND OTHER PEOPLE POST NEW TOMA STUFF THERE SOMETIMES, SO PLEASE DO GO THERE IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE LATEST TOMA NEWS!!!!!!!!!! XD thanks to jane ( for posting about toma so much at her livejournal, or i would have no clue what's going on in the fandom! haha. since most of it happens on weibo now, i guess. sigh. -_- (IF YOU WANT TO READ RANDOM STUFF ABOUT TOMA, LIKE TOMA SIGHTINGS OR RUMORS, SHE POSTS ABOUT THOSE STUFF, TOO!! ~_~)

it seemed like even less people were celebrating toma's birthday this year, on twitter and elsewhere. only like a few posts about it at tumblr!! omg... so sad. =( and on twitter, 99% of the tweets were written in japanese. i felt so awkward, being 1 of the few fans tweeting in english. lol. well, here are my 2 favorite toma bday collages from twitter, though. sorry, i dunno who made them, so can't give credit. ^^; 

toma was such a cute kid too, right??? awwwww. i'm sure his future kids will be super cute, too!! i hope he'll have at least 1 boy so there's a mini toma, who will grow up to be just as gorgeous as him! toma 2.0!! lollllllll.

(Source: yellowrabbitto)
MIRACLE movie promoting has started! it will be released Nov.22, but someone already said they watched it!! guess they were at one of the preview screenings? sadly, jane told me toma will only have a small role in the movie. no wonder he shows up so little in the trailer. 

honestly, i loathe christmas and usually hate all things xmas-related, but i'll definitely watch this movie later on for toma and aiba. haha. it seems a bit boring and melodramatic, but oh well. haha. (oh, you can watch a video of them promoting the movie and also the Magic Ramen video at one of jane's posts at her livejournal. and more gifs from those MIRACLE events at my tumblr,

(Source: ogurin-tomasu)
this gif is from a food show called Magic Ramen. they made the gyoza using his special recipe! hehe. he's so cute. more gifs at my tumblr,

(source: mjatoma, on the pic)
FINALLY, CANDID PICS OF TOMA SMOKING IN REAL LIFE (more here: OMG.... boo!! smoking is bad for your health and ruins your teeth and makes you look older. why, toma, why?????? =( he does look cool, though. lol.

(source: mjatoma)
--you can watch toma's new bath roman CM here:

(source: mjatoma)
--you can watch toma's live story telling thingy, Yakushiki sound stage, here:

--toma, arashi, and other johnny's artists went to Tokio's 20th anniversary concert recently!! toma didn't do much besides be super hyper and look kinda silly with his unfortunate new wavy hairstyle and unflattering shirt, though. you can go to my tumblr,, to see various gifs and a video clip (no toma, though) from that concert. =)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

TOMA 30th BDAY POST!!!!!!!!! ~_~

i'm posting this early, yeah. lol. i made this bento last weekend, actually. lol. early celebrating, yey!!! ~_~ it took foreverrrrrr though. 2 hrs and 40 minutes. hahaha... maybe i'm just slow, but i don't wanna make another cute bento anytime soon. haha! IT LOOKS A LOT CUTER AFTER I DECORATED IT USING THE LINE CAMERA APP. hehehe...

i will edit this post later on with my favorite pics from fans' celebrating toma's bday and stuff they made for him!! =) some other ppl celebrated toma's bday this weekend, like me! these fans who shared the pic below went to sing karaoke (all toma-related songs) and had cake and exchanged presents and took purikura pics too! hehe. awesomeeeeee!! 

oh, i went to a japanese restaurant for dinner and bought coffee from a new place to celebrate. lolllll. that's all. 

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, TOMA!!!!!!!!!!! 
i love you!!! enjoy your day and have tons of fun and eat a lot of yummy food!!! =P eat some cake for me, please... lol.


PRE-TOMA'S BDAY POST!! haha. some pics and gifs... =D

heyyyyyyyyy! it's me, kate. ~_~ even though it seems like our toma fandom is half asleep for months now, i hope it will wake up for toma's bday tomorrow and there will be a ton of activity and new posts!!! yeyyyyy!!! 

oh, i found a new pic for the banner, for autumn!! yess!! =) i'm too lazy to write toma love on it. lol. but you know where you are. lolllll. I LOVE AUTUMN SOOOOOOO MUCH. AND THE WHOLE SPOOKY MONTH OF OCTOBER AND HALLOWEEN. i've been shopping for different things to combine into a cool, gothic/victorian-ish costume! hehe. so excited, cuz i usually don't ever dress up for halloween, except when i was a kid.


full length trailer for his MIRACLE movie, which apparently is also known as Miracle Devil Claus' Love and Magic?? lol. weird. not much of toma in the trailer at all!! =( but i like aiba and han hyo joo, so i'm still happy with this trailer. hehe. (if this link doesn't work later, you can try to find the movie's official site and watch it there!)

-------- these are some recent gifs but mostly older ones that i didn't like much, but i'll share them now since it's toma's bday tomorrow. lol.

(Source: mjatoma)

(Source: ogurin-tomasu)

(Source: ogurin-tomasu)

(source: mjatoma)

(source: mjatoma)

------------------ these are some recent pics but mostly older pics that i didn't like much, but i'll share them now. lol.

behind the scenes pic from Mogura No Uta. awww. toma is like a little kid sometimes! hahaha. so cute. ^.^

TOMA'S HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!! LOL, NO. xD he did a special outdoors one person play/storytelling thing. of course, we can't watch it and no one would probably sub it anyway. lol.

(credit for all 3 pics: weibo, mcjane83)

(Source: tomafanindia)

(source: myjhersey17)

(source: mjatoma)

Monday, September 15, 2014

my 7th toma anniversary... Mogura No Uta at dailymotion...

hey everyone!

i just found out i didn't win a contest, so i didn't win 2 tickets to go to japan. sigh. i'm ok. i knew i wouldn't win, anyway. it was a contest where you submit japan-related pics... not like i really have a reason to go to japan right now anyway. there are other things i need to be doing... 

i didn't really do anything to celebrate this time, but AUGUST 31 WAS MY 7th ANNIVERSARY OF BEING TOMA'S FAN!!!! Yeyyyyyy!!!! 7 years of obsessing about toma. lol. here is a gif that kinda expresses my feelings. but it's a super junior gif, so just imagine instead of the super junior part, it says toma. haha. i don't have the program to edit gifs anymore. 

also, this is what i wrote at my twitter on that day:
I'VE BEEN A TOMA FAN FOR 7 YEARS NOW!!! *_* Omg. Being his fan & liking Japan has changed my life in a lot of good ways... thank u, toma! 
 08:24 AM - 31 Aug 14

also, you can now watch Mogura No Uta at dailymotion, but there are no subs. go to Toma's Room and check the newest posts (they are members-locked, though) to get the link to watch it online or DL the movie!! xD

actually, i guess i skimmed through the movie to celebrate my toma-nniversary. haha. it's pretty weird, but i'll still watch it when there are subs. probably will have to wait a long while for it, though. and like i said on my twitter, the sex scene was so strange! haha. i was like...WTF? but then again, this whole movie will probably be one big WTF. hahaha. it's just a really crazy and weird movie, and i can't wait to watch it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TOMA AND SHUN IN A NEW DRAMA NEXT YEAR!! and toma will be in another new action movie!!

WOW. toma has a lot of projects all of a sudden!!! he's filming for the Grasshopper movie right now. filming for Yokokuhan movie is during this fall. then he'll probably start promoting the Miracle movie in november through december. around the same time he'll have to start filming for the Ouroboros drama with shun, i guess? 

i'm super happy that he's got a new winter drama next year, and he finally gets to work with shun again!!!!!! ^______^ the plot sounds interesting. like i said before, i don't like dark dramas, but it's toma and shun!! and toma is a police officer!! i've gotta watch. hahaha. oh, also apparently the producer wanted them to do this drama since 2009, but they were both busy. so he waited 6 years, until now, to make this drama with both of them!!!! omg. will the wait be worth it?? lol. that's a lot of pressure on toma and shun, but i'm sure they'll do a great job. and have a lot of fun working together, too!! haha.

and about Yokokuhan... i think it's hilarious that his character uses a newspaper mask. but it's a serious movie, though. i like it that toma's character is intelligent and is cyber/real life vigilante. not sure how much action will be involved. seems like toma likes doing action/revenge/justice movies/dramas right now. lol. Grasshopper, Ouroboros, Yokokuhan. same themes in all of them.

--read the news about toma's upcoming drama and movie here:

--also, here are links to go read each manga (in english) that the movie and drama are based on. both series have not all been translated, though.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Miracle Debikuro's Love and Magic teaser and poster!!

the movie will be released november 22. the teaser is only 30 seconds, but so far, i like it! haha. well, everyone looks cute, at least. xD

oh, if this video is taken down later, you can watch the trailer at the movie's official website,

i think the poster is kind of cheesy, with them making hearts, but at least it's nice and colorful. lol. aiba and eikura look weird and too photoshopped though. but toma and the korean actress look nice. =) 

i don't understand why there's an animated santa-like mascot for the movie, but i guess we'll find out. maybe he's a character aiba creates or some kinda xmas fairy who helps these couples get together. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

1ST EVER OPEN POST AT Toma's Room on July 20!!!! yeyyyy!!! ^__^

since things have been really dead at Toma's Room and livejournal and even the Toma fandom as a whole, i thought i would try making weekly open posts at Toma's Room!! =) i hope a lot of fans will gather there and talk about toma and ANYTHING ELSE. it will be fun to just have random discussions, right? 

also, you DO NOT have to be a member of Toma's Room to comment on the post. you don't even have to login to livejournal, because i've turned on anonymous posting there! =)

for more info and to vote on the poll to show you're interested, go here:

July 20 (Japan time)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

(new post: toma's filming an action movie called Grasshopper!)

(just posting this so that anyone who signed up for email updates will know. cuz the post might go into their spam folder...)

Toma is filming an action movie with his kouhai,Yamada Ryosuke, called Grasshopper!!

(wow. been a longgg time since i posted here so late. a little after midnight. lol. i've decided to stay up later so i can do more stuff that i wanna/need to do. sigh. i wish there were more hours in the day!!! =T ANYWAY, NEW POST!! YEY!! ENJOY. LOL. xD)

(spent too much time looking for this pic of toma with glasses! lol. 99% of his glasses pics are with trendy thick-rimmed glasses. haha. TOMA LOOKS SO SMART AND COOL WITH GLASSES ON!!!! yeyyyyyyy.)

 (glasses pic from Maou days. smexy! =P)

yey!! toma is filming a new movie!! and it's an action movie! and BEST OF ALL, TOMA WILL WEAR GLASSES for this role!!!! lol. i don't think he's ever had a role where he had to wear glasses most of the time, right? the story sounds pretty cool and exciting. i think jane said that toma's character is supposed to start out as being very quiet and timid, but he'll have to go into this dark and violent world. so it'll be interesting to see how his character evolves. 

i guess "Grasshopper" will be toma's character's nickname? i don't know much about yamada, but he seems cute. and really popular. i like chinen the most from HSJ. lol. i just can't imagine yamada as a ruthless assasin, but even if he doesn't pull it off, i think a ton of his fans will go see the movie, so that's good!! haha.

so, here's the news about the movie:

       (the novel's cover)

It was announced that Ikuta Toma will be starring in the upcoming movie, “Grasshopper“. The movie is based from bestselling novel of Isaka Kotaro that tells the story of once law-abiding teacher named Suzuki who joined a criminal organization, Reijou, to avenge his lover. Suzuki will meet to different assassins, Cicada and Whale, and the story will show how their lives will interlaced.

Ikuta will play the role of Suzuki, a junior high teacher who will infiltrate the underworld to avenge his lover. Actor Asano Tadanobou plays the role of Whale/Kujira, an assassin whose business is to drive someone to suicide ; and Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryosuke will play the role of knife-wielding murderer called Cicada/Semi.

Yamada has served as a voice-actor for the movie, “The Smurfs”, but this will the first time that he will be doing a live-action movie.

Ikuta expresses his excitement about working for the first time with Asano and he wants to learn a lot from the actor since Asano has made movies in and out of the country. In co-starring with Yamada, Ikuta says that he’s excited to see how [Yamada] pretty looks will transform into someone who nobody has ever seen before. High level of physical strength will be used in this movie that Ikuta wants to go wild as desired.

The movie is slated for release in 2015 and will be directed by Takimoto Tomoyuki who also directed Ikuta for “Nou Otoko”.


Monday, June 23, 2014

posted up a new entry for june!!

(this is just for those who signed up to be notified whenever i post something new. because if my post has links or pics, it might go in your spam folder. lol.)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Toma had dinner with a married woman from a popular band??! and a few other things that happened...

hey everyone! i thought i'd be able to post more little posts more often instead of just a monthly post, but again, not much happened lately and i was busy/lazy, too. lol. we'll see if i can do better next month. but then again, it will probably be easier for me to wait until the end of each month and do a monthly post. hmm. 

oh, i found a nice new floral layout for Toma's Room! =) come and check it out, if you want. xD

i'm more active on twitter these days, but i recently updated my livejournal, too. but my twitter account is private (link to it at my LJ profile) and my new post at my livejournal page is friends-locked. lol. well, if you seem like a toma fan, then i will add you, though. =)

also, if you're in/from the united states, HAPPY early 4TH OF JULY!! the set of red/blue themed toma pics below seems appropriate. xD (only a few new/not posted before pics, so i'll just put them at the top of the post for a change!)

(Source: ogurin-tomasu, original scan by suuji)

(Source: tomafanindia, original scan by suuji)

(Source: tomafanindia, original scan by suuji)


-Mogura No Uta's DVD will be released september 24
i know. so late! o_o usually his february movies will be released in august. oh well. just 1 month later than usual.

-OGURI SHUN AND YAMADA YU ARE HAVING A BABY!! xD toma's wish came true!! in case you don't know, toma and masaki talked to shun about having kids in the future in an interview a while back. and toma said he really wants to see how shun's child will be, she/he would be really cute, etc. lol. she is expected to give birth this september!

-i forgot to give the direct link in my last post. if you are looking for toma's clips or gifs from Strategist Kanbe, go to these links. by the way, toma doesn't have many scenes, so right now, Jane is waiting to gather many video clips before she shares them.

(Source: ogurin-tomasu)

-New Ariel CM, kinda like from Singin' in the Rain! =)

(i tagged all his different commercials using "cm", so if you haven't seen the others, go to this link:

so, the most interesting bit of news about toma from last month is that he had a late dinner with an older married woman, Kawakita Nao. apparently, they seemed flirty and were holding hands. she is a member of his favorite band and he often has crushes on older women, so i wouldn't be surprised if he likes her. hmm. but then again, from what she says, her husband trusts them and doesn't mind them hanging out, so who are we to judge them, right? maybe they really are just friends. toma held hands with yuriko when she was drunk too (to keep her from falling). 

anyway, i didn't think it was such a big deal that i had to share the news here right away. lol. if there was evidence of him having an affair with her, then i'll definitely share the news here ASAP, though. xD i hope they're not. i don't think toma is that kind of person, though he's friends with shun, who cheated on his girlfriend a lot in the past. -___- but having an affair with a married woman is much more serious than just cheating on your girlfriend with random girls, so i don't think toma would risk his career that way. well, the internet did not explode and toma fans did not freak out and say bad things about her, so i guess so far, everyone agrees it's not a big deal and they are probably just friends. her fans were excited and want her to leave her husband for toma, though, it seems. i feel sorry for her husband. -_-

(more pics/info and fans' comments about the news here:

FRIDAY catches Ikuta Toma on a date

It was about 1 am in the morning. At a street crossing near Naka-Meguro Station, Ikuta Toma (29) was spotted wearing a cap and glasses. Beside him was a petite female wearing a mask. They chatted as they crossed the street, heading towards a dim alleyway. He casually reached for her hand and they walked hand-in-hand, eventually linking arms.

They seem to be heading to a deserted park after their dinner date at a Japanese restaurant earlier, where they had spent about two hours. They continued chatting there, and laughter could occasionally be heard. After a while, they started walking again, out of the park towards the main street. He flagged a taxi but only she got into it.

Who is she? Maybe a little surprisingly, she's not an actress or a model. She is Kawakita Nao, the 38-year-old drummer and vocalist of the metal band 'Maximum the Hormone'.

Ikuta Toma is known to be an avid fan of the band. A music writer commented that Toma not only attends their live performances, he lines up with other fans to buy their merchandise. He also has gone out for meals with the band members. In other words, she might be someone he looks up to. But Kawakita Nao is also a married woman.

She married the bassist of the now disbanded band REMIND in December 2008, and gave birth to a daughter in May 2010. FRIDAY caught up with her as she was leaving her house.

Reporter: Excuse me, I'm from Friday.
Nao: Eh.... yes.
Reporter: Did you have a meal with Ikuta Toma-san at Nakameguro the other day?
Nao: Ah, we often go out for drinks. Matsumoto-kun (from Arashi) always comes along too.
Reporter: But it was only the two of you the other day.
Nao: That's right.
Reporter: You were holding hands after you left the restaurant and look pretty close.. Does your husband know?
Nao: Ahaha. We were drunk. My husband knows we met. He sometimes go drinking together with us as well. Ikuta-kun is definitely just a friend.
Reporter: But being with such a good-looking guy, won't there be a chance of it developing into romance?
Nao: Unfortunately, I'm married (laughs). Sorry you had to come all the way here to talk to someone like me. Please send the message out to Ikuta-kun's fans to not worry.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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starting today, you can sign up by email to get notifications when i post new entries on this blog!! yey!!!! because i don't update often and maybe a lot of you don't remember to come back here. hahaha.... i hope everyone likes this new option. ~_~

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

toma hanging out with jun, his new CM's, etc....... xD

hellooooooo!!! it's me. ^_~
i'm sorry there was no post at all last month. but there's really been very little toma news, anyway. oh, and i will make a new (summer theme) banner for this blog soon!! xD

as always, remember to go to and my tumblr,, for the latest toma news and stuff, and just more toma stuff, in general!!!! i will only post the most important/cute toma news and pics here. the rest, you can find at those 2 links. ^___^

oh, i recently read on someone's twitter that the toma and aiba MIRACLE xmas movie...they will probably start to promote it this november! =) 

(source: jdoramaid)

also, someone said on tumblr that Jun and Toma went to watch disney's Frozen together. lol. they also went to a late dinner together, with Inoue Mao, too! do you think jun and mao are really a secret couple??? hmm.... or mao and toma??? lol. nah, it would have to be jun and mao. xD

"FRIDAY Magazine latest issue reported that Matsumoto Jun, Inoue Mao and Ikuta Toma meet up at Yakiniku Restaurant on Thursday 24th April 2014.

Around 22.30 pm, Inoue Mao comes to the restaurant wearing a hat. Matsumoto Jun waiting inside in a private room. Around 2 am she went home alone by taxi. 5 minutes later Matsumoto Jun appeared with Ikuta Toma. They left by taxi as well."

(posted by ND@JDoramaID. more pics here:

[and here's a longer article about it:]

--- SOME LUCKY TOMA FANS VISITING JAPAN SPOTTED TOMA (sitting in the audience) AT THE KABUKI THEATER on april 14!!!! AND THEY WERE ABLE TO TAKE SOME PICTURES!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! so luckyyyyyyy!!! i think toma noticed them staring at him and freaking out, and he looked back at them sometimes. awwww. *______* 

thanks to jane for sharing this! pics & more info here:

(source: mcjane83)
--- get toma scenes from Strategist Kanbe at the locked posts at Toma's Room:

(source: ogurin-tomasu)
--- toma did a cm for Suntory plum wine. he was surprised because it doesn't look like wine! haha. go to the link below to find videos of the cm and the making of, too! =) he's so cute in this cm, and i like his outfit, too.

---TOMA IS IN A NEW CM FOR ARIEL WITH MIRANDA KERR!!! even though i'm sure they filmed their parts seperately, but it's still awesome that he is in the same commercial with a super model! haha. i've always thought she was one of the prettiest victoria's secret angels!
watch it at this link!  

---2 tv shows where toma was eating and making funny faces. lol...

Toma face expression here is priceless..I love it so much..
How bad is the snack..hahaha
(BRI promotion 2012)

(mogura no uta promotion)

---[APRIL FOOLS JOKE]: Ikuta Toma Caught on a Date with Unknown Woman

I MADE UP THIS FAKE NEWS ABOUT TOMA BEING ON A DATE FOR APRIL FOOLS DAY, for the first time ever. lollll. i didn't think i'd be able to trick so many people!!! hahaha... 

Monday, March 17, 2014

you can watch Strategist Kanbe on UTB if you live in SoCal!! & some new toma pics~~ ^_^

somehow, i totally forgot that UTB usually airs taiga dramas!!! lol. just realized it recently. so if you live in the southern California and get UTB 18.2, you can watch Strategist Kanbe, with english subtitles!!! yey!!! it airs every saturday night, 9-10pm.

Gunshi Kanbe (Strategist Kanbe) begins broadcast for free in the Southern California area with English subtitles on Saturday, February 22.
More information and broadcast schedule:

oh, jane has shared toma's first scenes in Strategist Kanbe!! you can watch it here:

also, i was just browsing through the "ikuta toma" google search pages and found some cute toma pics here. hehe.



also, toma was wearing this funny-looking outfit to one of the stage greetings. lol. at least it looked comfortable. xD you can see the video here:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

random toma stuff. lol. mogura no uta and strategist kanbe (samurai) drama

-toma's movie, Mogura No Uta, was #1 at the box office for its first weekend! even though there was a snow storm going on! wow! (thanks to myjhersey17 for the info)ok, i just went here to check on the ranking after the first weekend and the movie stayed at #1 for the second weekend! yey! and then it dropped to #2 for all the weekends after that, up to March 8-9. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has been #1 for two weekends, by the way. IT'S STILL #2, THOUGH. THAT'S AWESOME!! =D

--dizzydennis@tumblr says: "Mogura no Uta features a bizarre sex scene between Ikuta Toma and Naka Riisa. It’s probably the strangest sex scene I have ever seen and remember… Naka Riisa was in Zebraman 2, so that’s really saying something."
well, i pretty much think this whole movie is going to be weird, but reading this makes me nervous. lol. any toma sex scene would make me nervous, but a "bizarre" one?????? hmm........???????

--here's some pics and gifs from jane's LJ and tumblr. =)
TOMA LOOKS SOOOOO COOL AS A SAMURAI, RIGHT??? so handsome and manly. hehe.

(Source: ogurin-tomasu)
i think one of toma's favorite bands, maximum the hormone, sent toma flowers when he was a guest on waratte iitomo? =P toma in hyper fanboy mode. lol....

(Source: ogurin-tomasu)
toma cooking chicken omurice. =)


FOR MORE TOMA PICS, VIDEOS, INFO, ETC.!!!!!!!!!!! =) i always get a lot of toma pics and info from tumblr.
but jane has been posting about toma a lot, so make sure you go to her LJ often, too.