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SEASIDE MOTEL premiere/screening and other toma things.... *UPDATED*

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sorry, no time to update today.
i still haven't even finished editing my fic ending and adding my notes....ehhh.

but just real quick, here R some awesomely cute/hot recent toma pics!! enjoy~
i'll continue this post tomorrow....hmm....

ah....i love toma.

(and he loves me. in my fic. xD)

(oh, the screencaps on the left R from Seaside Motel, of course...saw this clip f/news about it. ehhhhhh. *jealous* but goodness...i get excited seeing toma in flirty/kissing mode. lol. he's about to kiss a card she holds up between their lips, though.)

(credit: hanbun and baidu)

(1 of my fav pics f/seaside. ~_~ i wonder why he's so sad though. (>_<) ) feels lonely.... =,( BLAH....I'M STARTING TO HAVE TOMA FIC/TOMA LOVE WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS....OH, I MISS BEING WITH HIM....I WANNA JUMP BACK INTO THAT WORLD AND KISS AND HUG HIM...*sigh*


i'm glad seaside motel promoting has been quite low-key so far....i remember the ningen promoting started around 1 month BEFORE the movie opened and lasted a long long was a little overwhelming...with the toma takeover of the tv shows, magazines, etc. haha. he was just everywhere....almost too much toma...xD

OK....i'm feeling all BLAH today, so just gonna post up pics for now....will continue this post tomorrow. gomen!

(preview pics of seaside motel photobook!! ~_~)

(toma at the premiere/screening..... credit: mizza and zoe) [LOL!! i almost thought he was crying when i saw a screencap, but ppl around were laughing, so i figure he was embarrassed….and then i watched the video clips. he’s so CUTE!! awwwwww. U GOTTA LOVE HIM!!!♥]

[thanks for all the video links, pics of the seaside premiere/screening mizza-chan!!! check them out at the links below.
i wonder why no1 posted about it at the toma LJ?? it's been quiet at the toma LJ lately, actually...hmm.]

oh, i think toma's summer drama has started filming? toma said they've already done magazine interviews and took pics for the poster. of course he's excited about it/thinks it'll be a good drama. will do his best for this drama!! ~_~

so, sometime on may 24 (probably that night?) was SEASIDE MOTEL's first official press screening/premiere...whatever!!! xD (thanks to en for the was mostly only for ppl from the press, but some lucky regular ppl got to be there too.) when is the premiere night? it's june 4, right? like ningen, the night before the opening day? i think it should be so?

it's nice how most of the cast were wearing casual clothes....toma's outfit is cool!! i love it! he's got a cute smiley face pin (i think he's worn it before?). and a cute little bowtie! and a blue shirt and magenta shirt/light scarf underneath, and those short jeans. ^_^ he looks so boyish and cute.

and aso's pretty but....she looks like a mannequin sometimes?? ehhh!! i'm not trying to be mean, and it's not cuz i'm jealous of her. i dunno why....sometimes her face just looks...umm...fake? haha. maybe it's cuz of her hair too...makes her look like a mannequin/doll?? ehhh....

(oh, before i forget saw some more clips f/the movie at h's youtube page, and...EHHH!!! toma was using a cellphone in one scene. this movie takes place in the present day??!!! i totally thought it was in the 1970s or something, cuz everyone's clothing is so...colorful and tacky. lol. THAT REALLY SURPRISED ME!!)

(some screencaps i got f/the event. toma's so handsome~~~ ^.^)

so.....i'm sure you've all heard by now. toma messed up. lol. he's right, he does tend to mess up during the important moments ne! xD poor toma. but he's so cute when he messes up. LOL. after he accidentally said the movie is definitely NOT interesting, he was so embarrassed and he covered his face with his arm....saying "ah~ doushiyo?" (what should i do?) in a cute, weak voice. ~_~ and he was blushing too (i couldn't tell watching the video, though.) SO ADORABLE!!!♥♥ *hugs* ah, but cuz u messed up, toma, the movie got a little more attention and media coverage!!! heehee.

oh, and of course they talked about that solo bed scene toma had to do. THAT BED SCENE!!!! i really envy that camera man that was...on top of him while toma was doing that!!! xD

enshinge translated 2 toma quotes from that event:

1. "With this awesome of a cast, there's no way it'll be good!" (audience: ......!?) *blushes* "There's no way it won't be good, I mean." (audience: *laughs*) "Ah, too late now huh..." *scratches head*

2. "I had a bedscene where I had to act alone, for about a whole minute, I writhed and agonized. It was several times more embarrassing than acting it out with an actress"

(credit: inseiko@tomalicious forum. also translated it, but i think tomalicious's version is closer to what toma said, so...)

Toma's Room
5/25 vol.359

I did it.

Yesterday at the premier press interview.

In the final end greeting.

i totally did it.

everyone tried their best to follow up on me but, it was too late....

inside my head became all confused,

and i have no memory of what i said after that.

[a lot of space]

that was so rude of me [sweatdrops x3]

Let my yell it out one more time.

everyone knows, i'm sure, but...

[a lot! of space]

Seaside Motel...

[a lot! of space]

Theeeeerrrre-iiiiisssss- no way this movie "can not be interesting"!!

............seaside motel goodies!!
[seaside OST tracklist and SEASIDE GOODIES!!! the room key thingy, a small towel?? SUGOI!!! I WANT THAT SMALL, CUTE TOWEL!!! xD]
[lots of preview pics of the pretty seaside motel photobook! ~_~]

.............toma's new magazine pics:

oh, cool!! toma's +ACT july pics. and i think his column in this magazine starts this month, right?? xD his clothes is kinda funny, but still, love these playful/cool toma pics!! (credit: strawberry_gemm)

(GO TO MIZZA'S BLOG OR THE TOMA GALLERY FOR MORE TOMA PICS. ^^ goodness....there are lots of pics where he's holding one arm....his hands are in between his legs (in front of) sexy!!, toma LJ stuff:
(WINKUP June 2010: toma can't lie. =) and if he could have a regular job, he'd like to work in a CD store. lol!/ Cancam June 2010: toma likes how girls smell of shampoo after they've just showered. xD he wants to go to an onsen!/
DUET February 2010: toma talks about singing with yamapi at his concert back in nov. 2009)
[SCANS OF SCREEN MAGAZINE vol.22. i love pics where he's got some kinda scarf on. ~_~ and the pics of him standing w/the red feathers are COOL~]

.......... RANDOM cool toma stuff:

--someone was talking about toma's birthday at the a toma fans facebook. lol!!! i wish it was true!!! hmm....i dunno what to do to celebrate toma's bday this year....what to make/send him....


Okay, so Toma is sending over a private Jet around the world to pick up all of his fans and take them back to Japan. There, he has set up a flat for his birthday party."

(credit: careline)

a pic of toma and yamapi next to each other in 2009 in her banner, both wearing the beaded necklaces. OH. so yamapi wore it often cuz his character wore it a lot in Buzzer Beat! and toma wore it a lot cuz of his character in majo saiban. haha. it's kinda cute how their characters both wore one beaded necklace a lot....

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toma's in a summer drama and an autumn drama SP!!! some other news/things. my 4th fanfic!!! xD

hey everyone!
kate desu.

do you know what today is?

it's may 21 (oh, i'm late. it's may 22 now. xD). which means it's may 22 (ooh, it's still may 22. ^^) in japan. of course, you know that in my first fanfic, i wrote about us/me meeting toma on december 22!!

so i'm happy to announce today, that.....

i'm almost done writing my 4TH FANFIC!!!! ^O^

YES! i've been writing a little almost everyday, since april 22! (yes, mizza-chan, this is the secret i was talking about. haha. i hope you're not disappointed that it isn't something more exciting. xD)

this time, it's a lot different from my other was supposed to be a short one-shot, but then it kept getting longer. haha. i am incapable of writing short stories!! xD

i think there should be 5 parts in all, and i've posted up 2 parts now...and they're not all equally divided up. lol. i think i'll finish it in a few days...and just keep checking the end of Part 2 for the next part, ok? ~_~

ja, click on the link below to start reading, kudasai. and please do comment! you can comment even if you don't have an LJ account (but remember to tell me yr name in yr comment so i know who you are!). it's called: a sleepover....



i really do hope you like it.

ok....enough about my silly fanfic.

after such a long time of no toma news (except for toma talking about this secret project he's super excited about...), this week, we get some awesome news!! toma's gonna be in a summer drama and autumn drama SP! both as supporting characters, but still!!!!!!! URESHII!! ^O^ i was hoping he'd take a break in the summer (and he still has to promote hanamizuki by the end of summer), kedo... it's good to know toma's still getting work continuously ne!! *__* i guess supporting roles are good for him now too....less pressure and time spent filming....not as tiring. he needs time to promote his movies, after all...

so his secret project that he's been so excited about is that autumn drama SP! eh...i totally thought it was a movie cuz they were being so secretive about it. haha. but this drama SP seems like kinda a big deal...i'm glad toma gets to take part in it!

[pic of toma on the set. handsome~! toma looks good in the clothes of any time period. haha. he looks so dashing, with this look. ~_~ though...i don't like how his hair is parted far on one side. he's been leaving it like that while promoting for Seaside too...hmm. =T credit: zoe]

--the news about the autumn drama SP: Kyuukei no Kouya (the spherical wilderness).
Masakazu Tamura stars w/ Yosuke Eguchi & Toma Ikuta in 2-part drama this fall

and more info/news here (read the comments)

toma's gonna be paired up with higa again! ehhh....i really hope she's not as annoying as she was in majosai. i hate it when she tries to act cute. also hope toma's character won't be like....crazy in love with her and she'll manipulate him?? i really hope not. but toma as a police detective!!! (i miss naoto~). so cool. the drama takes place during WWII. hmm...the plot is vague but sounds exciting. i'm looking forward to it!

and the news about the summer drama:
Unubore Deka (Conceited Detective).

Tomoya Nagase stars in new Kudokan drama, titled "Unubore Deka"

(more info/news in the comments!)

this drama's plot is funny! haha. toma's role sounds funny/cool! haha. he'll be the Conceited Actor? lol. i'd love to see toma as an arrogant show-off. xD it's just so NOT toma...he's so modest. haha. i dunno the rest of the cast, but they are all good-looking. =P (oh, TOMALICIOUS WILL SUB THIS DRAMA!! xD)

...................SEASIDE MOTEL news:

[I REALLY LOVE THIS SEASIDE PIC. toma is so cute, i love that happy/dreamy expression on his face! i think she's saying "run away with me?" haha. YES, TOMA, PLEASE RUN AWAY WITH meeeeee! xD credit: mizza's blog]

toma and aso have started promoting the movie on various tv shows! =) i haven't seen watched clips, but seen screencaps of them at mizza's and zoe's blogs (i linked to their blogs in my LINKS section on the right side of this blog).

Ikuta Toma, Aso Kumiko attend test screening of "Seaside Motel"

that embarassing bed scene!!! i wanna see it!! LOL. this the "little bed scene" toma warned us about since last year?? he said it was like "pop-ish ero?" something like that? LOL. ehhhhh....i'm really curious about this scene!! i'm sure it'll be more funny than sexy but....GAH. i NEED to see toma all aroused and...making those sex noises and everything....omg. yes.

............. summaries of toma's latest entries (about his dramas):

[credit: helen@ and inseiko@Tomalicious for translating the title. remember, u can now read his (and yamashita's) entries at helen's site!! no need to register or anything! YEY~! ^___^]

Toma's Room
5/17 vol.356

-he'll be in the Matsumoto Seichou special ‘Kyuukei no Kouya’ ['the spherical wilderness'].
-it's a real honor to work with senpais he truly respects/grew up watching
-and can work with majo saiban's kaori after a long time
-will be a young cop. "It’s also been a long time since I’ve been a cop."

i'm glad toma's so happy and enjoying filming with sempais that he respects so much. *__* and i like how toma said he hasn't been a cop for a long time...referring to Maou, kinda....cuz that's immediately what i thought cool toma was as naoto. and his character is called Soeda? like 1 of naoto's friends in Maou!! xD

5/20 vol.357

-it's rare that reading the script makes him laugh.
-"Looking forward to it.
The excitement won’t stop."
-he's wanted to act with these actors and now he finally gets the chance.
-"Conceited actor Ikuta Toma will work hard.
I’ll be put on my most conceited face!"

yey!!! i love seeing toma in comedies!! and even reading the script makes him laugh!! wah!! and he'll be so awesome as an arrogant (vain?) actor!! haha. i hope he'll be a little nakatsu-like. xD ah...i'm sure he'll look so cool and stylish for this role too!!! sugoi...even when he's a supporting character, toma will surely stand out and get the audience's attention. kitto! xD (actually, toma already had an arrogant singer (kinda?) role in the past. he wore sunglasses all the time and hung out with his buddies at the karaoke place all the time in that drama....kakkoii.)


(the pic on the left is wicked cool (and hot!!). but i love the pic on the right too. I LOVE GIRLY TOMA!! xD i love how toma has so many different sides to him....and he looks good whether he's smiling and cheerful or looking serious and intense!!) (start looking from the 2nd page onwards)

SOME COOL TOMA MAGAZINE PICS. (from around feb. probably. he was in so many magazines...i think there's still some we haven't seen, probably. but i'm glad i got to see some more!) forgot to talk about this last week.

1 of my fav pics is the one of toma sitting on the stool, on a tv show....UWA...those are some really tight tight, ripped jeans he has on!! sexy.... xD (btw, toma's said before, he likes wearing loose pants. but sometimes for photoshoots or tv shows, we get to see him in really~ tight~ jeans. wow. =P toma looks awesome whether in TIGHT or relaxed fit jeans, really!!)

...................COOL TOMA LJ STUFF:
[her pics/more recapping of the stage greeting where she saw toma/talks about the movie.]

........ toma's UFO CM.....HOTNESSS!!! *drools*

(i've seen this good quality screencap at zoe's blog, but it didn't affect me much then for some reason. maybe cuz after anan...haha... everything he does seems more sexy. and i just notice his body more now. eh....)
TFS subbed toma's UFO CM...i think i've posted the link be4? but i'm posting it again in case any of u still haven't seen it. i just wanna emphasize HOW HOT~ toma looks in this high quality video.....OMG!! *drools* i've only downloaded and watched it recently. goodness...he was a little sweaty while running and that made him even more sexy! kyaaaaaaaaa. the cool uniform...his muscular, toned arms...that sexy expression on his face as he sucks up the noodles...even how focused and serious he looked when practicing.....ahhh!! *very turned on* i love it. toma's hotness is melting me again.....*hyperventilates* (>//////<) i've rewatched this video so many times!! LOL.

........................RANDOM COOL TOMA STUFF:

[in case u haven't seen it before...toma picspam f/2008. tons of awesome older/2008 toma pics. but the way she was all hyper about how sexy he is. lol...]
toma made it onto the URBAN DICTIONARY!! i thought of doing an entry for him a long time ago, but now finally (since 2009) some1 did it! sugoi!

1. Ikuta Toma 13 thumbs up

A very sexy Japanese actor/singer.

Damn, did you see Ikuta Toma on Hana Kimi last night? Sexy man!

sexy japanese actor singer hana kimi
by akorah Feb 11, 2009 share this


found this by accident. awesome! i've always wondered what he talked about for that sexy photo shoot in 2008. haha. wow, he talked about his grandfather!! sounds like a very cool and manly guy, huh? no wonder he looks up to him.
[translation of toma's (and ryo's) interviews from 2008.]
[pics that went with the interview]

toma talked about LOVE a little bit!! ^_^

"Rather than being loved, I want to fall in love. Rather than being sought after, I want to go after someone."

"Women?..... The first impression I give off is bad. It's like I unintentionally put in too much useless energy into it, there's that side of me that's always on ready status. Even on work location, I never know how to come in contact with actresses at first."

yappari, he gets nervous around girls/women. xD he'll try to act cool. he probably tries too hard, though. LOL.

.............toma stuff @yesasia:

[SEASIDE PHOTOBOOK! =) YEY. THIS MEANS HANAMIZUKI WILL DEFINITELY HAVE A PHOTOBOOK TOO!! i think i might have to buy the hanamizuki one....gorgeous toma and cute gakky in pretty hokkaido....AHHHHH~.♥]
[toma's anan magazine! u know u want it!! xD] [OH....THE BLU-RAY VERSION, U CAN WATCH IT ALMOST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! WOW!!! *__* too bad it's too expensive. and it has no eng. subs. and, i don't have a blu-ray player. xD (well, aniki can play blu-ray disks on his game console, but it's not really convenient for me to ask him and he'll think i'm crazy for buying something where i don't understand anything they're saying. xD)]

eh, a new follower! thanks for following my blog, Cristiana!
all the way from brazil too! sugoi. actually, i remember learning that most japanese ppl that live overseas live in brazil! i forgot why...something about going there to work a long time ago and they kept coming... fun fact for you all. haha. ok. that's it. bye! ~_~

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toma's NEW message & pics & things. EH! HE'S BEEN WEARING THESE 2 BEADED NECKLACES A LOT....hmm.

hey everyone!

kate here.

this is my 443rd post!!! xD
posting on friday again.
random thought. i like spicy food, if it's not extremely~ hot. xD

(toma in the shower!? hot!!! this pic is f/2008, but i just suddenly thought of it the other gah!! so cute +

speaking of hot, i finally got my Cinema Square magazine recently!! it did take 3 wks (they ran out, so had to order f/the publisher). ahhhhh. but it's worth the long wait. he's too pretty. he's sexy, but in such a cute and flirty way ne!! a different sexy from the anan pics. yappari, i'm more used to this kinda sexy, flirty toma. he's so natural and at ease here....~_~ and the pics in the background of the text that u can hardly!!! too bad they made the pics too light. i love it when toma (or any cute guy xD) does that kinda sexy hair ruffling. kyaaa!! so...i've been staring at his pics in this magazine a lot. hahahahahaha......

like i told mizza, so many pretty pics of toma recently makes me wish toma could have a photobook!!! a book full of cute/hot toma pics would make me soooooooooo happy. but sure it'll be expensive (probably around US$30something). ehh....but it'll be so worth it. i'd DEFINITELY buy it. xD

.........summary of toma's latest Toma's Room entry (from may14?).

the first seaside motel advanced screening in osaka. [the one chochajin went to!] he's relieved the audience was laughing, cuz it's hard to make people laugh in osaka. wants everyone to help him promote this movie. (credit: inseiko @tomalicious)

oh, Seaside Motel has its own official twitter account!! sugoi! please follow it if u have twitter!!

.............TOMA'S PICS.♥ f/JUNE 2010 magazines and some older pics...

(my fav recent pics!! *_* credit: mizza and strawberry_gemm @ and

(toma lying down!!!!!♥ toma wearing glasses!!!!!♥ my fav kinda toma pics. moeeeeeee. i'd love to see toma wearing sunglasses, actually, but it's rare. *he's also wearing that blue necklace here~)

(sporty/adorable/cool(girly?) toma!! yeyyyyy.)

(closeup of THAT DARK BLUE BEADED NECKLACE he's been wearing a lot in his photo shoots. kyaaaaa. toma is so pretty.♥)

.............some info about the toma-satomi rumor (read at the link below).

(don't like to see them together now, but posting this up cuz toma is cute in this pic. xD love that fluffy soft sweater he's wearing!! ^.^ i'm glad they didn't have any other photoshoots together during the ningen promoting. this is only their second photo shoot with only the 2 of them. other ones during Voice, eita was there too. credit: strawberry_gemm.)
[RUMOR] Toma-Satomi??
* Dec. 21st, 2009 at 6:33 PM

oh, so they've been seen eating together sometimes back then? big deal, toma often goes out to eat with his co-stars! and she was his wife in the movie, maybe they also talked about work while eating...

...........toma's message for his fans!♥♥

from the recent MISS interview (in case u didn't read it~)

(read it here: awww. i want more msgs like this from toma!! i thought he'd say thank you, but he didn't. haha. i guess he already says it a lot in his jweb, though.

"Lastly, a message to his fans who has been supporting him!

The people who like me are all really courteous people. Rather than saying they are mature, I feel that they have their feet firmly on the ground. (laugh). I feel that I have to be one step ahead of what these people are thinking of. If they keep watching, I think that they will have thought like, 'you should be able to do something to this extent' That's why, I will be one step ahead. I want them to enjoy this even more."


(all pics credit: strawberry_gemm

(EHHH...PROBABLY NOT MANY PPL INTERESTED IN DETAILS LIKE THIS BUT, I TEND TO NOTICE AND OBSESS ABOUT THINGS LIKE THIS. HAHA. especially since toma stopped wearing his yamashita friendship necklace around the start of last yr, and now, around 1 year later, he starts wearing THIS blue dark necklace a lot. hmm...)

BA-KA!! (>_<) WHY DIDN'T I REALIZE EARLIER, THE DARK BLUE BEADED NECKLACE TOMA WORE IN A BUNCH OF RECENT PHOTO SHOOTS....IT'S THE ONE HE WORE ALMOST ALL THE TIME IN MAJOSAI!!! LOL. no wonder it looked familiar somehow. (toru often wore a dark blue or a light green beaded necklace with another small gold necklace. i love his style. ^^ toma sometimes wears it like this too.) why did i not notice it in his pics sooner?? it looks pretty nice ne. guess he liked it so much, bought 1 just like it, but only recently wears it a lot.

he started wearing these beaded necklaces for a lot of photo shoots in autumn 2009 (dark blue one, lighter blue one and the black one...some other colors too). (that pic at the top left is from when majosai was still airing, though.) btw, around this time, in photo shoots, yamashita was often wearing a light green beaded necklace with a small moon and star and a cross on it (u can see it in their Sept. Potato photo shoot together. but he hasn't worn it in recent pics.

the black one, toma's been wearing a lot throughout ningen promoting (when guesting on tv shows)...and he was wearing the dark blue one when he appeared on SCP with morita go and for the march, may, and june 2010 magazine photo shoots (for 1 or all of the main 4 magazines)! and some other magazines...i lost track, but anyways, he's been wearing it a lot (but then again, i think he probably does a lot of shoots in one day).

and he's worn the black one at several important events...when he performed with yamapi at his solo concert in nov. 2009, at the johnny's new yr countdown concert, and on the opening day of ningen shikkaku (i think, can't see it very well 4 the opening day), for the stage greetings!! maybe the black one's his lucky necklace or something??? *_* i tried to see if these necklaces connect to yamashita somehow, but really...yamapi and lots of other guys wear these kinda beaded necklaces. although toma did wear that black one both of the most recent times he sang with yamashita on stage...

btw, this is the last time i saw his friendship (ring) necklace, the popolo march 2009 issue. dunno why he stopped wearing it, not even to tv shows. (but maybe he still wears it but it's hidden underneath his shirt?) i wrote a long post about this ring necklace with pics about this necklace last year:

...........COOL LJ STUFF:
(new video! ~_~ #108 5LDK 100311 - Unaired Episode. i still haven't watched all the ones from when he was promoting ningen...ehhh. so many...)

[Translation] Myojo 06/2010 (toma talks about gifts he buys for ppl and what his [wedding?] proposal would be like!!! EH!! xD)
**WARNING: LOTS OF NAKEDNESS.** WHOA!! a bunch of an an photo shoots!! i mean, A LOT (including toma's)!! some i've not seen before (both of the 2 other main guys in H&C did it!! EH!!!)....just if you're compare toma's and the ones before....omg....jin's and some other ppls' shoots....!!!! (>_<) shocking. THANK GOD toma's was by himself, not too revealing and quite classy!!! and i love how toma's always got zero/almost zero armpit hair. haha. toma said somewhere he doesn't like looking hairy. xD

.................RESULTS OF THE POLL.

wow, i thought cute toma would get more votes! i voted for cute toma. ~_~ but it's a tie with sexy toma. xD but i guess a lot of us like silly (nakatsu!) toma. but most of you voted ALL OF THE ABOVE. haha. yappari.

when do you like toma most? when he's

cute/boyish/shy ...5 (9%)

silly/funny/dorky ...8 (14%)

sexy/hot ...5 (9%)

cool/tough ...2 (3%)

serious/quiet ...1 (1%)

can't decide. ALL OF THE ABOVE. xD ...34 (61%)

Votes so far: 55
Poll closed

.............barely toma related, but for those of u who wanna go to japan sometime. xD

if you're in the usa and thinking about going to japan, check out this site! especially if u're a student. and if have a mitsuwa (with a JTB booth in it) near u, make sure u sign up for their newsletter/emails, sometimes they have special discount tickets or something. ~_~

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toma UPDATES: rumors, msgs, MISS interview. & fans' AnAn comments & a website about XES!!! (read it backward)!!

hi hi, everyone!!

kate desu.

before i forget, happy early mother's day!! ~_~
yey, for all the moms of the world!! moms rule!! hahaha.

sorry 4 these super long posts once a week, instead of updating little by little...i'd just rather squeeze in a bunch of stuff into 1 post. lol.

GOOD NEWS!! dunno if it's true or not, but seems like there was (another) fan sighting in kyoto. i used babelfish to translate, so dunno if this is right, but seems like some1 said she went to kyoto to visit her grandma and toma's filming a drama SP right in front of her house!! it's a drama SP for Fuji TV, and it will be released in autumn, it's based on a Seicho Matsumoto novel. they used her grandma's house for filming some scenes!! (GAH!!! SHE'S SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY!!! *_*) she asked toma for an autograph, but he responded courteously that it's against company rules. toma is so kakkoii and will become a big star. (something about shaking toma's hand and his hand was cold??) but toma has a very pleasant smile (something like he's so hot?) this was from may 4, and they were gonna be there 3 days. this remake takes place in 1964. (thanks to zoe for this info! ^-^)

.............some interesting things toma talked about in his recent Toma's Room entries: (credit: inseiko@tomalicious)
(now u can read toma's msgs at !!!)

-he's surprised it's already May! he went out with around 10 of his friends (i bet yamashita and shun were there!). it's the most exciting thing he's done in his private time.

-though it was Golden Week this week, toma didn't get time off (for several yrs now). but he says don't worry about him, just enjoy the holiday on his behalf. and then he ended with "That's heavy!!!" haha.

[Golden Week (or GW, as toma and others in japan call it) is special cuz of the 3 consecutive holidays (constitution day, greenery day, and children's day) that start on monday. so counting sat. and sun. be4 that, people get 5 straight days off. too bad toma's working again for golden week.]

-comfortable warm weather feels good. reminds everyone...shiku-yoro, buy the seaside motel pre-sale tickets. "it's a very silly, fun movie. so please!"

-he likes listening to seiko-chan's (matsuda?) songs. though he should call her seiko-san, but he likes calling her seiko-chan. "ehh." also, momoe-chan's (Yamaguchi Momoe) songs. they help motivate him to work harder. and he wants to "set off on a journey on a good day" (lyrics from a momoe song). ~_~

..............toma's pics *____*

LOVE LOVE HIS june MISS PICS!!! toma's clothes are nice and cozy looking (he looks so huggable!!) and i love all his poses and expressions. and sleeping toma is LOVE~ AND OF COURSE, HIS CS PICS...AWESOMENESS!! SO BEAUTIFUL AND HOT, TOMA...I DUNNO WHAT ELSE TO SAY...I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY COPY. ~_~ GAH!

[MISS pics credit: **SOME MORE NEW TOMA PICS FROM ANOTHER MAGAZINE THERE or at mizza's blog!** Cinema Square pics credit: other pics f/the cinema square. yusuke and shun and eita in that issue!! YEY!!! thought it'd be like +act, where toma's the only 1 i recognize.]

.................the MISS interview:
[MISS June 2010 interview translation] (wow!! love this interview & love the pics that went with it. toma talked about work and how he loves acting, but he's also still insecure...also about LOVE! this is what i thought all along, that he's 100% focused on work now....but then when he shyly admitted he's got "love in his life" these past years in that tv interview at the start of this yr, and now these rumors with satomi??? i don't know what to think anymore....hmm. well, even though he's been insanely busy, i guess it's still possible for him to secretly have a girlf, right? and i would be happy knowing he had someone to confide in, care about and love him during last year, he worked so hard and it must have felt lonely at times....but i hope it's not satomi!! please NO!!! (>_<)

................THE RUMOR:

i think most of u know....there's a rumor that toma and satomi have been dating since they filmed ningen together last summer??? masaka!! (>_<) but it seems like the rumor is based on nothing...just some person saying they are dating? that's it??? no pics of them together or fans seeing them together and toma and her did not seem to get along especially well during Voice or anything....though that one scene where he was stopping her from fighting with the other guy in the cafeteria...toma held her around the waist, and i remember getting jealous when he did that. argggh!!! why can't it be a toma + gakky rumor? i think gakky's a really cute and sweet girl. i would be able to accept it if i was her. i'd still be heartbroken, but....

damn it, i take back all the nice things i said about her in this post from last summer (about the announcement that she's his wife in ningen)!! haha. well....she is a pretty good actress, but she and toma don't really match, actually! i dunno....she just doesn't seem like the kinda gentle girl toma would like, and she's not pretty enough for him!! lol. it always bothers me that her lips are so big and she smiles kinda crooked, to one side. and she kinda overacts. and her forehead is kinda too big. ok, ok, i'll stop. hahaha.

but. i will not believe it unless i see pics of them clearly being intimate in public or one of them announces that it's true. i figure it's just cuz toma's getting popular...the romance (and other)rumors will certainly increase!! these ppl love making up stuff about famous ppl to sell magazines, you know.

...........some tomapi links:
[oh wow, did not die, it just got reborn as this awesome site!! toma's and yamapi's jweb posts and pics and other stuff!! SUGOI!! i'm really happy, just saw the link under the MISS interview translation just now!]
[A TOMAPI PIMP POST!] (tomapi pics and them talking about their love...haha.)

..................some more AnAn craziness!!

(btw...these days i'm like...drooling over his back shot, that beautiful arching back and part of his butt showing...the way he's pulling down his underwear teasingly....omg!!! lower toma!! seriously...i still find it hard to breathe when i look at his pics in the anan magazine sometimes.)

btw, i think it's cool that toma (not the other guys who did anan photo shoots be4) got 2 necklaces to wear for his shoot. i love how the maybe like the key to his heart? and the thin, tiny necklace makes him seem a little more vulnerable and fragile, it complements his masculinity/sexiness nicely ne.

i wanted to read more girls' comments about his anan pics. these are my favs/the funniest/most extreme that i found from tumblr and facebook and other places. xD

-with this, my life is complete
-his hotness makes my brain cells evaporate.
-muero, muero, muero, muero
-Who needs a sex manual for that? Jaysus, I think it’s pretty self explanatory the things I would do to him.
-sgfhsgfsg omfg get in my pants
-literally the hottest guy i've ever seen!!!
-o.m.g he is too hot for words
-*wipes drool*
-dreamy eyes...
-OH my.....
-GOSH! breathe! breathe! *gasping for air* ASLKJFLASDJFLKJDF!!! SO FFFFF HOOOOTTT!
-OHMEGOWDTHAT'SSOFREAKINGHOT. O//////////////////////////////////O
-awww yeah..... :D

................ all about s.e.x

remember how toma's anan magazine said THE COMPLETE SEX MANUAL on the cover? i dunno what info is in there, but i doubt that it's complete. haha. but looking at toma's pictures, don't you just start thinking about it? and i mean, it says SEX right next to him on the cover! i couldn't get it off my mind and i was curious about certain things...i found this very simple, useful, cool website with tons of info, answers to certain questions. and they're not patronizing or judgemental about it. it's mostly for young adults with questions about sex, but a lot of good info/advice about love and relationships and sexual politics, etc, too.

i think it's really cool...cuz it's a place where you can get this important information anonymously...and it's important to get the correct information, right, about sex (sexually transmitted diseases, for instance...). Heather Corinna ("She was one of the pioneers of positive human sexuality on the Internet."), who started this awesome website also wrote a book! now THAT is what i would call THE COMPLETE SEX MANUAL! lol. but it's more informative and useful advice than sexy, if you know what i mean...but i wanna buy this book. xD

(dunno why they call it 'scarleteen'?? EDIT: oh, cuz her 1st site was called Scarlett Letters. and this site is for mostly teenagers, so.....i get it now!)

P.S. not related to toma, but some things that made me happy today.
Big Time Rush's Halfway There MV. these guys are cute (especially kendall! he's only 19.). i know they're like a typical boy band, but sometimes i just love corny, catchy pop songs like this. i can't help smiling when i watch this MV too. haha. and they've got a tv show on nickelodeon that is just crazy hyper and silly. lol. i'm too old 4 this stuff, but oh well. haha!
jamie's (she lives in tokyo) flower-filled pics, smiles and PINK all over post!!! ah, kirei!! it really brightened my day!! yey for pretty flower fields like this!! and she looks so very happy. i think happiness is contagious right? haha.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"because destiny brings us together! i hope that all u readers meet your awesome destinies too?" -toma (bunch of his pics and stuff....)

haha. i love this toma quote. (he was joking about he and this sempai, forgot his name...kept seeing each other, so they must be destined to be together! lol.) he wrote it in his column in wink up in 2005 or something, but it's so cute and funny at the same time, i had to re-post it here. haha!! it was included in the recap of toma's various writings over the years, in the last ikita kotoba from the april issue. u can see the whole thing translated and read other cute stuff toma wrote at TFS's post here:

oh, toma talked about his secret project a 2nd time! ^o^ for some reason, i think/i hope it's an action movie....i'd love to see toma fighting or something...that would be SO AWESOME!!! cuz he's been working out and looks all muscular and athletic right now...hmm...i remember seeing him fight sometimes in stage plays...ah, he was so kakkoii when fighting!!! especially w/a sword...kyaaa!! so cool. i hope the movie will be announced soon. and i hope tokyo's weather will not be so weird anymore. if toma wants warm weather, please make it so, for his sake!! =)

(credit: inseiko@Tomalicious Forum)

Toma's Room
Volume 349
(maybe f/april 24?)


i'm doing my best with zeal at filming.

doing filming in secret equals, u know. i suddenly have nothing to write about.

well, i usually don't have much to write about anyway.

oh shut up.

well, it's not secret so much as, it just hasn't been officially announced yet.

by the way, on this [J]web, they've made a corner for the movie seaside motel.


somehow, hot days and cold days are all mixed and
the weather's hard to understand but, be careful not to catch a cold.

take care of yourselves.

my fav recent TOMA'S PICS!!! YE~Y!
(f/march or april magazines, but some from before that...*click on them to see the full vers!*)

[get most of these pics from the toma gallery or the toma LJ or zoe...(check the posts in march @the toma LJ). thanks to strawberry_gemm, @] ALL his may magazine pics!! had a hard time resisting buying the winkup one (so cute! his angelic face!! ahh.♥♥ and he's got a skull thingy on his jacket too. haha. he still loves clothes w/skulls on it ne! HMM. MAYBE I'LL BUY IT AFTER ALL, IF THERE'S ANY COPIES LEFT THE NEXT TIME I GO THERE.HAHA.). he kinda looks girly in the cancam pic (towel & tanktop)?? but still hot! ^^ i love flirty toma! and of course, i love any pics of toma in a tanktop. toma's shoulders & arms are hot... ~_~ i'm so happy there have been a lot of toma tanktop pics recently!!♥♥

and i like that little blue beaded necklace he's got on...he's wearing that simple, pretty necklace in all his pics for winkup, duet, and potato, too. wait, he was also wearing that necklace when he was on SCP with morita go!! must be his new fav necklace? but nanka.....i'm a little worried. please don't let it be like....a necklace SOMEONE~ gave him....please no!! but no...maybe he just likes it. he was wearing a brown beaded necklace for the last winkup. i guess he just likes beaded necklaces right now...

(credit for the new pic of toma w/shorter black hair: mizza i think...forgot...)

(i love the sunglasses HYPER toma bidan pic!! lol. and the 2 pics and the pic on the bottom...the close up is much prettier, toma's so CUTE!! perfect.)

oh, the potato pics!! kinda like a treasure chest...pretty!! haha. kawaii, toma's awed expression!! makes me think of the rumor that jin's gonna be in Pirates 4. noooooo... but toma's hair here is so big and kinda curly. kinda toru-like! ...AND i like any pic where toma's like in the middle of getting dressed. kakkoii!

(I LOVE ANY PICS WHERE TOMA'S HANDS ARE...between his legs somehow. lol. i always think it's sexy/kinda provocative, even when he doesn't mean it to be....sometimes he's just so flirty about it though!! there's 1 pic f/last yr that i really love. so sexy!! and the flirty expression on his face too!! kyaaaa!! xD)

(this pic is f/toma's last ikita kotoba. he was really excited~ about how the bathtub was seperate from the shower booth. fancy! haha. this is such a cool and kinda sexy pic, though!! ~_~ and toma says sorry it's blurry. heehee.)

is anyone else kinda turned on by that pic where he's sitting reading, with his legs spread?! lol. sumimasen!! i...i got a little excited when i saw this picture... (>////<) ba-ka.....but he's so cute ne, i just need to ignore the way he's sitting. haha.


oh, notice i added that pic on the right side. a pic f/the official website, they are encouraging ppl to use the pics to promote hanamizuki, posting up the code for it. ~_~ i'm glad to help!! i would do it for seaside too, but they don't have that kinda stuff there.
[toma hugged gakky and spinned around in hanamizuki!!!♥♥ i haven't seen this!!! so cute!!!! u can see the gif at the top of her post here!]

i wanted to post this up sooner, but forgot about it....just some info about the hanamizuki song that i thought was interesting! i always felt that hanamizuki sounds more sad than romantic. no wonder!!! cuz Hitoto Yu wrote it because of 9/11...thanks to snowaltz for the info:

Here is the song translation and notes on the 9/11 connection.

~_~ this is toma's blog entry about the hanamizuki crank up:

[credit: inseiko @tomalicious forum]

Toma's Room
Vol. 342
(maybe mar.31)


I finished filming without incident.

It was really a warm production. I feel pretty lonely.

I think it's turning into a wonderful movie that will make you want to fall in love.
Please look forward to it opening in theatres.

I'm counting on you.

[u can finally watch the teaser trailer there. ~_~ the Message section...i think gakky and toma wrote something for us?? hmm. probably something about the movie and why we should watch. and in the Link section are some banners and pics u can use to help promote the movie at your blog or whatever!!]

(credit 4 this seaside pic: zoe. toma looks so COOL!!^^)
[thanks to careline 4 letting us know...the website has been update w/lots of, cast, production notes, etc. the website looks really really COOL now!! all the rooms look so quirky and pretty and colorful!! haha.]