Monday, December 31, 2007

NOW i get it....pretty boys / boys like u / fiona!

[screencap f/fiona's "boys like u" MV]

i recently went to this cool site that subs all kinds of asian dramas looking 4 a tv series by my fav hk singer miriam (who is also the tough girl in my current profile icon. haha.) :
and the banner that was there, but isn't now, had a pic of the guys from that singing taiwanese guy group, fahrenheit. and the text said "we do it all for the bishies". and i didn't know what that meant, but i guessed that bishies had something 2 do with good-looking guys. i looked it up and i found out it was short for Bishōnen (according 2 wikipedia: and read up on the term.

.....and NOW i get it!! i mean, the kinda image toma has.
he is certainly a bishie, although it's often his gestures more than his looks that is girl-like.
but i definitely like toma when he looks like a guy more than the times where they purposely make him look feminine! though toma's got the kinda face where he can look kinda like a pretty girl. =) (BUT it's funny---when he had 2 dress up as a girl twice in hana kimi, he totally still looks like a GUY, not girly-looking at all!) i guess part of the appeal of a bishie is that they can be non-threatening/very gentle seeming and u can relate 2 them more if they kinda look like a girl?
i was surprised, cuz i don't see this trend in hk or the usa at all, i'm not used 2 thinking of affeminate guys as being the most hk, affeminate guy artists R still joked about as being gay. but now that i think of it, in taiwan, there have been many "pretty boys" that have been popular so many years now. and i kept thinking why do these guys all have long hair and look like girls sometimes. now i get it!!

i also understand what fanservice is now. haha....
i live in the usa and i don't know much about anime and this kinda stuff...but now i know.
it's funny that fans like 2 imagine guys they like...
liking other guys??
but i guess it's kinda the same as guys that have the fantasy of girls kissing girls.
though some girls might like the idea of their idol liking another guy,
if u seriously think about it, liking a guy that is gay would indeed be really frustrating/painful!!

it makes me think of fiona sit's song from a couple years back called "boys like you".
and that's right, it's about her liking a guy friend that is gay.
u can watch the MV here. i really like this song, and it was an award-winning song, too.
[here R the translated 2 eng. lyrics, really GOOD lyrics, but such a sad song! thanks 2 61er for the translation!]

fiona sit is 1 of my fav hk singers,
and toma's fun personality and cuteness really
reminds me of how fiona is!!! she's also really hyper and fun, pretty and cute.
she is a little older than him, though. and she MIGHT already have a boyf, but it's just rumors 4 now. .......they would make a CUTE couple!!! she's already been paired up with a japanese model for her movie Love Undercover 3, too, and i think she's been 2 japan quite a lot 2 film commercials, for vacation, etc..... they could be really happy together!! though the chances R slim, i hope in the future they could have a chance 2 cooperate sometime, even if it's just 4 an ad or something. that'd be so cool!

ANYWAY... my point is:
though bishies R all the rage in japan now, i believe toma would still be popular even if bishies R not, cuz there's just something about toma (besides being incredibly handsome! ^_^) that is SO likeable and unique. it's his fun, hyper personality, it's his smile, it's his voice, it's his..... AWESOMENESS!!! :)
......though at first i kinda was surprised and weirded out by how he acts so...."girl-like" (sorry, i can't think of a better word) sometimes, but i soon got used 2 it and now i really love it when he does it. haha! and anyway, who's to say what is girly and what is boy-y. when u act "cute", most ppl would consider it girly, but why can't guys act "cute" too? there's nothing wrong with that! =P

AND to any haters who say that toma or other bishies like him R gay,


this is already the 21st century, stop hating ppl just cuz they're different.
1st of all, there's nothing wrong with being gay, but shame on u for calling ppl gay when u mean it as an insult.
2nd of all, just cuz a guy looks/acts "feminine", doesn't automatically make it proof that he's gay.
3rd of all, u have a right 2 express your opinions (no matter how stupid/bigoted it makes u look), but u don't have the right slander or 2 force your opinions on others! u don't have 2 listen 2 me either, i'm just SAYING WHAT I THINK. but ppl that hate 4 sure R not as happy as ppl that love. and without doubt, the TOMA LOVE that exists all over the world far exceeds any toma hate.


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