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oh, akemashitte omedetou!!
happy new yr, everyone!!

THOUGH HE'S SUPER POPULAR THIS YR, I DIDN'T EXPECT HIM TO SHOW UP AT THE CONCERT AT ALL!!! WHAT A GREAT SURPRISE!! SUGEH!! i haven't even watched the clip yet, but i'm so HYPER right now, just knowing he was singing some songs and seeing that pic of jun/toma/yamapi. *____*

(on xmas day, got to see toma's full ningen trailer.
today, new yrs's eve, get to see toma sing @the countdown. SUGOI!!!!)

this is the perfect way 4 toma to start his yr.
ahhh... yokatta!!

so, i'm just gonna quickly show u some comments i saw about this and all the info and links u need are in there. douzo!

edit: ah!! toma is so adorable!! and he and yamapi had their arms around each other while singing. kyaa!! so hyper right now!! so fun to watch all the johnnys guys having fun and singing together.... here's 2 caps of our toma, though i'm sure there will be much more high quality video/caps soon. heehee. just gotta post these up right away though!! oh, and i like his white/silver shiny outfit w/the stringy things hanging down. heehee. kawaii!!! *__*

---------- from the Tomalicious chatbox:

1 Jan 10, 03:59
Tomoe: arigatou karafuru0409 for sharing! she even provided a link for youtube steam:
1 Jan 10, 03:55
Tomoe: picture of Jun x Toma x Pi at the countdown,
1 Jan 10, 03:54
1 Jan 10, 03:53
Fatoom: Happy New Year ^___^
1 Jan 10, 03:53
Kajitha: kyaa just saw Toma on Johnny's countdown <3
1 Jan 10, 02:43
1 Jan 10, 01:53
iluvtoma: Yay! Toma in JE countdown
1 Jan 10, 00:56
xng: happy new year!!!!
31 Dec 09, 23:50
ameonna: i love the camera at the countdown! its always zooming in at toma's face! HAHA!
31 Dec 09, 23:50
ameonna: TOMA on countdown!

-------- from:

[info]karafuru0409 wrote:
Dec. 31st, 2009 04:12 pm (UTC)
He was there singing at least two or three songs with many other Johnny's, I couldn't even focus enough to figure out who, I was too excited to pay attention anymore XD

[info]muymuy28 wrote:
Dec. 31st, 2009 07:12 pm (UTC)
How was Toma's singging? Please do tell!

Tomapi! Kyaa Kyaa! I love you both!

@2nd pix: is that MatsuJun X Toma X Yamapi?!?! Please confirm.

[info]karafuru0409 wrote:
Dec. 31st, 2009 07:24 pm (UTC)
You can see it here but it's not like you're able to tell, they are all singing at the same time, LOL.

And yep, that's definetly the three of them in the two pictures!!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

the FULL NINGEN TRAILER & other toma-related news...

[REALLY LOVE THIS BLACK AND WHITE PIC!! KAKKOII!! *_* credit: janinamedina, and, and]

hi hi~

i think everyone already knows by now, but the FULL NINGEN TRAILER was posted up at the official website!! i saw it on xmas day, thanks to careline18 for telling me, so that was the best xmas present i got, definitely!! xD

UWA....what a good trailer!!

i was how cheerful and cute youzou is, actually. haha. well, it can't be all sad and dark the whole movie, i guess. and he pretends to be happy too...

of course, the flirting and kissing scenes!!! wow... i've never really seen toma like this, so it was a little weird, but that scene he was kissing that older lady is still so HOT, right?? lol. and shirtless toma!! kyaa!! well...reading the plot of the book, i was afraid there'd be racier scenes between toma and these women, so i don't really mind what i see so far in the trailer... (yappari, SO JEALOUS of the women who get to be with toma in this movie, though!! totally!!!)

BUT i don't like them calling him a fallen angel seems like such a generic way to describe him, and i don't think it suits this character, cuz it's not like he's EVIL, and he's not angelic either....i seems a bit too much to call him that. but i guess it's a good way to describe him, since he's "not human". and now i understand why they use the song "ave maria".

THIS MOVIE REALLY LOOKS AMAZING, AND I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANNA WATCH IT BADLY!! but i know it's gonna be a long long wait till it's available online, subbed. *sigh* i'm worried about how to avoid spoilers be4 i can watch it too.....IF IT COULD SOMEHOW BE RELEASED IN LIMITED THEATERS HERE IN THE USA, WITH ENG. SUBTITLES, THAT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME, BUT i think there's an almost ZERO chance of that happening. -__-

....actually, yesterday was the last episode of maou. =( i recorded it, but can't bring myself to watch it yet. i think i'll really try to finish typing/posting up my fan fiction before 2010 comes, and THEN i'll finish that last episode of Maou and cry and cry and cry some more. hai~

so here R links to watch the ningen trailer or download it. douzo!!

Watch it here:

[news of the trailer being released + links to watch it]
[download the trailer]

some new toma scans!!!!
thanks a ton to janinamedina!! i usually only post up the small preview pics here, but toma's too cute here, those would not do him justice, so here R kinda big, clear versions of his pics!! i hope it's ok w/janina that i post them here...cuz it'll be friends-locked soon... (well, it's not the full vers., so hope it's ok.)

KYAAA!!! TOO CUTE!!! & I LOVE HIS HAIR!! (now i'm imagining his hair is like this in my story!!) & i love his cozy sweater and his poses w/the ningen book....ah....& i love toma!!

oh, and here are some end of the yr polls relating to dramas....
VOICE did pretty well!! yokatta~ *__*
[Goo's Best Dorama Couples of 2009. toma and manami got 18th place for majosai. ^^ congrats, they made it into the top 20!]
[Oricon Ranking: most interesting dramas of 2009. Voice got 10th place for most interesting drama, and 9th place for most desired to be made into a movie.]
[goo ranking: best dramas for 1st & 2nd part of the year. Voice got 5th place!]

oh, this is not toma-related, but it's news that ARASHI is the top selling artist of the year!!!!!! OMEDETOU!!! ^_^

Thursday, December 24, 2009

may your days be merry and br~ight...and may all your christmases be whi~te!!♪ -toma♥

ah~ it's here.

and the title, it's from when toma sang White Christmas at Shounen Club in 2005, remember??♥♥ u can watch him singing & dancing on that night here:

a very merry, one and all!
(andy said this on According to Jim. i like it!!)

happy xmas eve to those of u where it's still dec.24!!
and merry christmas to TOMA and those of u where it's already dec.25!! ^_^

ah, i don't have anything special prepared for toma this yr. oh well...the fan art i counts as a bday AND xmas present too, i spent so much time on them!! haha...

well, i only have this "xmas card" for toma and everyone!! i like the quiet mood of xmas in a cafe somewhere in japan...

(credit: bulbhead, by petite corneille.
YES, i totally copied toma's message. gomen ne, toma-kun!!)

....just checked at Tomalicious, no tomagoto xmas post yet. or probably toma already posted about xmas, but it hasn't been translated yet.

(for this, as well as all pics below, click on it to see the FULL version, kudasai.)

i already posted up toma's xmas/new yr messages f/the magazines, but here's 1 that u haven't seen yet. it's from POTATO, i forgot...thanks to enshinge for the scan!! i dunno where she posted it up at her LJ, but here's the link to her LJ: i think probably toma said the same thing as his other messages, but if it's different, could someone PLEASE TRANSLATE IT FOR ME??? THANK YOU!!♡

and here's a bunch of xmas/new yr messages from other johnny's boys from the jan. 2010 issue of winkup and duet!!!★★ i like how some of them tried to draw xmas stuff on there, too!! of course, ohno drew the most out of every1 on their message. haha. i think i like B.I. Shadow's the best, though~

oh, and yuma and kento wrote something to everyone/their fans?? i'm not sure. if anyone could possibly translate their messages for me, i would be very happy!!

oh, also, here's yamashita's and toma's xmas messages from 2007, i think. (credit: could someone also tell me what toma wrote??

(lol. gomen ne, so many translation requests this time!! ^^;)

merry xmas, everyone~! :D


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

back f/dreamland...toma LJ updates~ :D

kate des.

so, while i've totally been in dreamland♥ to write this new fan fiction,
there have been some new toma news and pics back in this real world. haha.
(i have to keep going back and forth between's tiring ne. xD)

and i shall tell u about them/show u them now...douzo!!

first, the official release date for hanamizuki is August 21, 2010. (thanks to janina for the news! and for confirming the release date of ningen 4 me!) and ningen's is feb. 20, 2010. iya~ i already circled the dates on my calendar. ^0^

[tomaaaaa!! love these pics. toma in the sunshine. btw, toma doesn't like it when it's too bright outside during photoshoots. haha. ...and 1930s-like toma playing a piano, ah!!! *__* credit: hpswf1, suoncom]
Shounen Club Premium: Special Stage Report. u can download the over a minute clip in HQ if u want here, or just watch it at youtube, the link is at the post. KYAA!! toma dancing is LOVE.♥

UWAAA!!!♥ I WISH THEY SOLD THEM HERE IN THE USA, AT THE JAPANESE BOOK STORES, BUT PRETTY SURE THEY WON'T. SIGH....anyone that is able to buy them, please buy a few, support toma!!! ^__^

for the bigger versions, go to the link below. many thanks to strawberry_gemm!
[All 10 book covers are here @ [info]toma_gallery Will be members locked after 3 days. Join the community to see more scans!]
and i saw the ningen advance tickets/flyers, etc. at careline18's LJ!!! i wish i could have 1.... ='( but seeing pics of them is very cool too!! =D

and here's a more detailed news article about him appearing on all 10 books. UNPRECEDENTED!! CONGRATS TO TOMA, AGAIN. ^____^

Actor Ikuta Toma will play the lead role in the upcoming film '人間失格 / No Longer Human (Ningen Shikkaku)', which is based on the famous Dazai Osamu novel with the same title. The book cover of the novel published by Kadokawa was renewed in October, and has since then been featuring a photo of Ikuta. After the cover was revised, the book has so far sold over 100,000 copies. More are being printed to meet the demand. In response to those sales figures, Kadokawa decided that for a limited time period all 10 Dazai novels will have Ikuta appear on the covers; the campaign has started on December 15th, and the new versions are now on sale in bookstores all across Japan. It will be the first time that the lead actor of a film adaptation of a novel appear on the covers of all the works written by the author.

The main character of the film '人間失格 / No Longer Human' is a young man named Yozo (Ikuta), who from when he was young has difficulties socializing with other people. Although anxious and confused, Yozo's exquisite appearance and inborn attractiveness never fails to mesmerize the people around him, regardless of their gender. What will be the ultimate fate of Yozo? Aside from Ikuta, the star-studded cast includes Iseya Yusuke, Terajima Shinobu, Ishihara Satomi, Morita Go and more. Arato Genjiro is the director. Ikuta is also scheduled to star in the film 'ハナミズキ / Hanamizuki' which will premiere in summer next year. Be on the look out for more from Ikuta Toma!


[[translation] Toma - Duet - December 2009]

Monday, December 21, 2009

dec 22, 1 yr later (in JST time). PART II OF MY INTERACTIVE FAN FICTION!!!!!! xD meeting toma again in tokyo...

IT'S TRUE. starryB60.gifstarryB60.gif

i am continuing my story (fan fiction) f/dec. of last year.
(if u haven't read it, read it here:

blackheart.gifblackheart.gifGO HERE to read what i've got up so far:

i have been brainstorming/finding pics/looking for locations, etc. for a month now, but only started writing on dec.7, and then stuff kept getting in the i'm still not DONE!!! i wanted so BADLY to finish it and post it all up by dec. 22, 3.19pm, JST time. (that's the time i or u "met" toma in the first story). but then, actually...i guess it's good to just post it up a little at a time, it feels more suspenseful/exciting this way??? (sorry, i'm totally making up excuses~)

this time, i'm writing it using pen and paper, believe it or not. i was only gonna use the little notebook/pad to write down ideas and notes and whatnot, but then when i started writing, i thought i'd be cool to have this version of the story all on paper and then just type it in later...since i tend to edit it more later anyway....yeah....and it's like a REAL little book this time, this way. lol. i love that!!

i said this story would be shorter, but i keep getting more ideas should still be shorter than last yr's but it's still gonna be quite long! lol. it can't be helped....

oh, i used the toma screencap f/LOTTE cuz it's a pretty night street scene of toma and a girl, and in my story, u meet him in the street at night so....just imagine that girl is u, instead. lol.

but for various reasons (mainly cuz "me" and toma r friends now!), i LOVE LOVE my story even more this time, and i hope u will too!!!

i am very close to finishing the story, but so far i've only posted up the start of it. SUMIMASEN!! i will really try to type it up soon and post it up little by little....

flashingHEART_icon_s309.gif MERRY XMAS!!!!!!! :D

please look forward to my updates ne!!!
yoroshiku onegaishimas!!

gotta go to sleep now.
only got 5 hrs of sleep last night cuz i wanted to make time to keep writing!! but it's worth it if i can at least finish writing it on paper by tomorrow, the day i "met" toma!! gambarimas!! and i'm have so much fun writing this too. lol. ah, toma-kun!!! i love this new fantasy about me (you) and toma!!!

(if u don't really understand what i'm saying,
just go to the links, i've explained more
at the top of my old story and my new story too!)

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new xmas banners! :D and 1 of my fav toma gestures...scratching behind his ear~

doumo!! kate desu.
new xmas banners! hai~

the pic above is actually from osaka, xmas lights in a residential area. =) i've seen tons of xmas pics in tokyo and around japan, but this is the 1st time i see how some ppl decorate their homes w/xmas lights. pretty!! i like how they mostly use BLUE lights there (any1 know why??). it just looks a lot cooler, blue lights ne! and the dear toma... pic is from somewhere in tokyo. =)

here are links to some more nice residential area xmas lights, by the way.

-- yokohama residential area XMAS LIGHTS

-- OSAKA XMAS LIGHTS residential

(credit: zoe, i think...)

today i watched an old video clip of toma, jun, nino, aiba in stand by me, on stage, being interviewed, etc. (don't remember where i got it, but i still got way too many video clips i downloaded but haven't watched yet. aiyaaaa.) THEY ARE ALL SOOOOO ADORABLE at that age!!!♥ and toma was the youngest, only 12, while the others were 13 or 14. anyway...besides being impressed by toma's and the other guys' performance despite that they were just little kids then, i noticed that since BACK THEN, toma already had the habit of scratching behind his ear when he was nervous/thinking/embarassed!!

i think i noticed this habit of his since hana kimi...during interviews or even as nakatsu (i think?), he would do that sometimes...he does it mostly during interviews. i guess some habits/gestures just stay with u for life. xD but i think it's cute when he does that, usually when he's nervous or confused or in a thoughtful mood. i'm sure other fans have noticed it besides me?? haha. well, like that "airplane" gesture that toma often did...he also did it when he was little too, right? he hasn't done it since after H&C, though...

also, f/a fan sighting i read at xdustbunnys' LJ,
during majosai filming, he has a habit of playing with
the curls at the nape of his neck!! ah...kawaii na!! *__*

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

some movie updates f/the websites /cool things from LJ....

i'm back~
another late night post.
a long one, too...

so, i checked out the official websites of toma's movies (i just posted the links up on the right), and there are some updates!!
*__* i saw at the bottom of the ningen site, the date 2010.2.20. i think this must be the movie's release date?? chigao ka? (is that right?) it's a saturday. hmm. american movies r usually released on friday, but i dunno about japanese movies.

can someone tell me, is it the release date?? if it's true, i'll go circle the date on my calendar right away!!♥ heehee~ even if i can't watch it until probably many months later... and this must be where to buy the advance tickets toma was asking everyone to go buy!! and these tickets come with special "stroke of the pen" tags, which i dunno what they are, but they look nice. :)

and i saw these pics of gakky posted up at hanamizuki's site.
she looks cute here. ~_~ (no pics of toma, of course. =/)


I DIDN'T CHECK THE SEASIDE MOTEL WEBSITE, CUZ THEY NEVER GAVE US A LINK. -__- WHY DON'T THEY TELL US THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR SEASIDE MOTEL?? there must be a website. i think of the 3 movies, there's most secrecy surrounding this movie. not much filming pics and no tv interviews/video clips about it at all. toma barely even talked about it... doushitte?? o_o whatever, i don't get it.


(credit: Yoon-Mi/Mika)

HAI~ this is the official ningen movie flyer!!♥ KYAA!! kakkoii!!
i thought they'd try to make toma look less handsome/more seriously depressed, but this could be a typical cute pic in Winkup or something. lol. but i'm glad, toma looks so awesome in the movie flyer.♥♥ but is this the official movie poster as well, or will that look different... toma was saying if u get some flyers, pls also give some to yr friends. :D and i agree with what he said, the flyers are cool and deep red...

and here's the toma ningen book cover pic! thanks to Yoon-Mi/Mika for the link to buy it at amazon. i've linked to the eng. version here, though:

Toma will appear on the cover of all of Dazai Osamu's books!!!
go to the link below to read about this.

WHOA!! THAT'S AWESOME. i hope some1 will post up the pics...or will it all be the same pic used for the ningen cover??? surely, they can sell more books if toma's on the cover. heehee! and they sold a record number of ningen books, over 100,000 and are printing more!!! wah!! i'm sure it's partly cuz toma kept asking everyone to buy more on tomagoto!! xD

and it's been a LONG toma stuff f/LJ!!!
(got sidetracked by working on the toma ts page and other things...gomenasai!!)

somehow, i got in the habit of posting many toma LJ links here...even the unimportant ones. (and maybe a lot of u already go to the toma LJ often, then me posting those links would be redundant.) so from now on, to save time and not take up too much space, i'll ONLY POST THE MOST INTERESTING/IMPORTANT LINKS.

[translates tomagoto, but sometimes stops for a very long while]
[just started translating tomagoto recently]

[translation of jun's message about going drinking with toma on nov.28, i guess. wait, he didn't say anything specific about mao being there?? but he was the only one out of 3 of them to say 3 of them were there.]

[forgot to come to TFS in so the December WINK UP, toma talks about his birthday in his ikita kotoba column. ^___^ yappari, he had a good bday, but he has trouble expressing his feelings about growing older...]
Celebrities Who Would Probably Look Better Than Women /strawberry_gemm
( koike definitely looks like a girl. chinen, YES!! lol. and of course, toma would make a very cute girl!! ♪ )
[This is a fancam with Toma from Yamashita's solo con)]
[HQ toma @yamashita's concert pics]
[translations] 0912 Duet + 0912 WU (dengonban)]
[translation of toma x yamashita's PINKY interview!]
[[Translation] GYAO 2010 January - Pi's Short But Sweet Concert Report]

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

soon, the toma fan map will disappear, too. =(

even though it's got a lot of problems showing up correctly and no one new has joined since may 2009, i'll be sad to see it go. but i'm not gonna pay to keep it up. (good grief, i hope this means i can still keep all the pics i've uploaded to frappr, though!!) i started the toma fans map in 2007, soon after i became his 2 years, it's gotten 11,878 views and many members (for some reason, it says 4,840 members?!). it's one of the 1st toma gathering places i made, before this blog, even...

well, at least there's an option of archiving it, but i don't know, how does it work, cuz i don't have Google Earth and i don't wanna get it either...for more info, go to the link below. -__- if anyone wants to though, make sure you go to the link before 2010, so u can archive it.

or just come and check out the map and fan's messages and toma pics there one last time.... *sigh* it's been good while it lasted....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

2010 magazine goodies...





(credit: suoncom, hpswf1)

(edit: thanks to charlotte for the translation!! ^.^ 13 Dec 09, 20:56 charlott: the second msg reads "Happy New Year. Pls take care of me this year too." bascially its the same msg. can also transate to "pls support me this year too." smth along that line? 13 Dec 09, 20:53 charlott: for duet's message, the japanese part says, "pls take care of me in 2010 too." it's a japanese greeting that's kinda hard to translate. bascially it's just "yoroshiku onegaisimasu")

this has been kate...

DAMN IT, i keep posting way too late. i shouldn't be up so late. still not totally over this cold yet. oh couldn't be helped. so here's more pics!!! douzo! *_*

(dunno why they wait till now to give toma a bday cake?! maybe cuz these pics were taken on his bday?? but why'd it take so long 4 us to see it...i don't get it... if someone could translate what they said here, i'd really really appreciate it!! thanks in advance!! xD oh, credit: janinamedina)

(12/15 EDIT: many thanks to charlott for translating it! please check out her comment below for the translation!! ^_^)

(these pics were in POTATO, which i almost bought too, but then decided not to. ah...sorry, arashi. but i really love these xmas themed pics!! i love how the magazines have a lot of lovely xmas themed pics this time...)

(jun carries ohno!! xD jun's hair is quite weird lately, right....?! also, ohno lied on the 4 other guys for some pics (on their laps)...cute, but somehow they had unnatural looks on their faces except for laughing ohno, so...)

(the ningen book and a book about dazai.)

(the ningen book is so small and thin!! unexpectedly...)

(just a pretty + cool pic of yuma, kento, and others f/B.I. Shadow)

(dunno who he is, but i've seen him in magazines every month...forgot his name though. not yarachi that was in grease w/toma, right?? eh...wakanai... such a pretty bg, and he's holding an umbrella. cool!!)