Saturday, September 20, 2008

my pouty, pretty, precious, perfect, PRINCE tomaaaaaa!

toma-ism #50:

MY P R E C I O U Ssss!

(in creepy voice like Golum in LOTR! lol! kidding!!)

i used some new hearts to fill in the gaps of the LOTS OF LOVE & some other sections...
[EDIT: made some slight changes & added 1 more pic below!! this is kinda like saving the best for last ne! =P]

i heard on conan's late night show last week that keira knightley was voted as having the best pout for a poll (yappari, by Blistex). u can read the news about it here:

keira's pretty and does look great when she pouts, but if male stars from around the world were included, toma should win!! cuz all toma fans know toma likes to pout A LOT, and he looks gooood doing it!! =P actually, i get annoyed sometimes when ppl pout to act cute, but it depends on who is doing it & if it makes them cuter or just more annoying! hahaha~

toma pouts a lot & no wonder, cuz he is HOUNTO kawaii when he pouts!! 1 of the 1st times i saw him, in that nakatsu MV, i remember the scene where he was asking why she worries about sano so much & asking if maki was that scene when he was pouting, is 1 of my fav moments f/the MV!! =D and f/ the drama, actually!! that scene!! so cute!!
also, before (even while picking out the clothes, i noticed!! though he was in the background a little!! lol~)/after the ANN magazine photoshoot!!
he is just completely
ADORABLE in those scenes, ne!!!

also, toma's pic f/the hana kimi poster. he's kinda pouting~ he looks so freakin' cool too. it's his really ultimate cute/cool look that makes him look like he's a manga character come to life!
and yes, i admit it, i often find myself pouting when taking pics now. lol~ i think all of toma's fans must have this habit, too?? xD i've seen some pics of toma fans pouting... but then, when i do it in picures, half of the time, i just look funny/weird. haha~ it's not a good look 4 everyone.

it's funny though, cuz toma has said he doesn't like his lips, cuz it makes him not look serious even when he is. haha~ i know what he means...when watching Maou, i sometimes get distracted during even the most serious/intense scenes cuz toma looks so darn cute when he talks/looks surprised/is upset, cuz of how his lips move...ummm...i think u know what i mean!! but really, he does have such nice soft lips, not too big/small, and remember that he says he never uses lip balm! EHHHH??? hounto?

ma, here's a bunch of toma pics i found of toma pouting! kyaaaa!!! kawaii naaaaa.
enjoy! ^_^ of course there's a ton more pouting toma pics/screencaps, but i've just included some of the best. ( AS ALWAYS, just click on them to see them in the original size. also, sorry if u've seen most of these pics already...but even when seeing them again, u just gotta go KYAAAA! RIGHT??)

(maybe some other time, i'll picspam about smirking toma. lol~ or really acting PRETTY toma...haha~ but i'll have trouble choosing & crediting, so many pics!! -__- )

[credits: 1st pic is scanned f/the lovely photograph collection that came w/the Johnny's Jr. 2008-2009 school calendar! MY calendar! ^_^ he's so completely, utterly CUTE. ....some credits on the pics, Tomalious Fan Subs, Tomalover@flickr, baidu toma forum, baidu search, ini's imeem page, TBS, Fuji TV, JE, found by googling or captured f/various fanmade MVs or videos]

[kakkoiiiii. AWESOMENESS. toma is da cutest!! ]

[cuuuuute. =) ]

[toma!! u're always playing for the camera, aren't u! =P YOU FLIRT!! haha~ ]

[KAWAIIIII. ^____^]

[ *nosebleed!* ]

[aw, what's wrong toma?? =T]

[such a sunshine boy!!!]

[ahhhhh~ still 1 of my fav toma pics!! he looks just amazing here!!! though very feminine, but i don't care!! PRETTY IS PRETTY!! *__* and SEXY IS SEXY!!]

[ *nnyah!* xD ]

[ANOTHER PIC! just saw it today, thanks to meoinkie2 @AF for posting it up 4 me!! it's from Bidan Magazine. so cute!! and i love his outfit. =) i've been wanting 2 find that 2nd pic 4 such a long time, since seeing some fans use it for their avatars!! now i finally get 2 see the scan!! *__* it's from the start of 2008, but i wasn't at the toma LJ much then, so i probably missed the post about these scans.]


angelou said...

hi, ikuta addict! well, i would like to cogratulate you for loving ikuta. hehehe! actually i was happy reading your blogs and all i can say is good job.

I am making a news-magazine for ikuta toma entitled "TOMALICIOUS" and i am abuot to launch my 2nd and 3rd issue. And because you are more knowledgeable on Ikuta, i would like to ask you some articles/topics for my issues!

Hope you can support me!

savvy kate said...

hey angelou!
haha. thank u, thank u! leave me a comment sometimes, that is enough! =)

souka? haha~ without realizing it, i've gone f/being a new, clueless fan to becoming the kinda fan that others can come 2 ask 4 help! wow....
umm... well, i often write about toma's dramas or anything really, that reminds me of him... u can write about stuff he likes, like backstreet boys or hamburgers. or talk about toma's life or JE...there's a lot of things...hope that gives u some ideas!