Friday, July 15, 2011

my birthday card for toma!! *_* plus some bokura ga ita pics, the new hana kimi, and other toma things...

it's me, kate. ^^
everyone genki?
try to stay cool, ok?
a really cool trick i learned from somewhere
is get the sleeves of your shirt wet and it'll help cool u down a lot. also, spray some water in your hair, cuz your head is where the most heat escapes yr body or something like that.

nothing very exciting to talk about,
but i thought i should update before too much things build up. xD i don't like super long posts either. lol.

i was going 2 use this pic above for the dearToma banner, but i like the blue lighthouse one from last year more... but i still wanna share this dreamy blue hydrangea pic with everyone, so hope you like it! [credit:] ALSO, i want to use these purple hydrangea pics for my banners later in the summer, but i don't think the owners are gonna let me. *sigh* seems like they are both not active at flickr anymore. i'll just use a different pics i found...but i wanted to share the pics with you all. I LOVE THE FIRST ONE SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!♥♥♥ so super pretty!!!!!!! ~________~

(credit: as watermarked, weibo, twitter)

so....first of all...
(thanks to mizza & rae!!^^)

toma looks so kakkoiiiiii!! i like seeing him in a school uniform again. lol. and everyone pretty much looks just like their characters in the manga. yeyyyyyy. *excited* you can see some more pics here:

.............. some random toma news and message. xD
Which actor would you want as your younger brother?
toma got 10th place. hehe. =P

and toma didn't know his eyes were brown??! xD read his recent entry here: i think something must have been lost in translation, cuz i don't get it...of course his eyes are brown!! what color did he think it was?? black?! lol.

............... what i think about the new hana kimi

i don't like it. T____T
(ok, i did not watch episode 1, but i've seen enough from tumblr to know i won't like it!) the first episode aired recently and i checked out the screencaps and comments and video clips on tumblr. a lot of people think it's no good. (u can see for yourself here: omg, i hate how they are using the same music (noo!! i love the music and it should only be for the 1st one!!!) and even the same sets from the first hana kimi!! and so far, people say for this episode, things are almost the same as the 1st episode of the old one. most of the characters are annoying or boring to me, and i really don't think maeda suits the role of mizuki at all. (credit:

i don't much of it seems exagerrated and awkward. even if i did not compare it to the first hana kimi, i still couldn't like it. it's like the 2 main reasons this drama was made is to make money for fuji tv and to promote maeda, so they don't really care and they're gonna copy as much as they can from the first hana kimi. BUT even though it's the top anticipated drama of the summer (according to some polls), it got low ratings for the first episode! despite that there still are a lot of people who say they like this drama and there are a lot of AKB48 fans out there too, so maybe there's a chance the ratings will remain decent or even rise if the story gets better. i just hope that they don't mess things up too much for all the fans out there that are going to keep watching.

(credit: on the watermark, weibo, rikichii)
and this is a weird moment...toma's younger brother (he works for fuji tv), ryuusei,interviewed the cast of the new hana kimi!! ehhh... ironic?! @__@


so, every year i send toma a birthday card. :D
and i already bought this one recently. hehe. i'm just sending it to the official Johnnys fanmail address. hopefully toma will get it. and hopefully he'll actually open it. lol. if anyone wants me to add their name to the card, please comment at the end of this post and i'll add u. usually there's not much people, so there should be enough room. some of you might wanna write him a message too, but i don't know if there's enough space. but just go ahead and comment with a short message if u want (like 1 or 2 sentences) and your name (and what country you're from), and if in the end there's room, i'll write them in for everyone. remember, the DEADLINE to comment is probably mid-september!!!

for example:
happy bday toma! i love your dramas!
-Sarah (from France)

i will send the card probably around mid-september to make sure it gets to japan by october 7, toma's 27th birthday. ~___~ AND if you want to send your own bday card or letter to toma, that's great!! (just remember they don't allow gifts. they WILL send it back to you. =T and for letters, nothing too bulky!!) i posted a few different addresses to send toma fanmail (except you probably shouldn't use the Winkup one anymore, since he does not have a column for the magazine anymore.) here:

.............. (random) TOMA'S PICS
lolllll. bored, pouty tomaaaaaaa gif. wonder what show this was?

cute pic of chibi toma hugging his sempai in LOVE&PEACE!! ~_~
[credit:, rikichii]

........... cool toma LJ stuff:
WHAT IS TOMA THINKING?? (#4) [just 4 fun. what is sekushi toma thinking in this pic?? lol.]
CONGRATS TO OUR JUNE '11 WINNERS!! (non-toma, but pretty) ICONS 4 EVERYONE!! xD
(any Toma's Room member that posts the most entries/comments or is chosen randomly by me, i'll make icons for them using pics related to their username!! hehe. :D

whoops, i forgot 2 check here 4 a long time. they subbed one of toma's interviews from 2010 i think. ^^

--------- oh, since the start of this month, the ikuta-toma LJ finally has a new moderator, strawberry_gemm!! and a new look and new tags. ^_^
Toma's Volvic CM + Special Interview engsubbed
some toma Volvic icons ^^

Sunday, July 3, 2011

*UPDATED* pics of toma filming for Bokura ga ita!!! ^^ his new CM, nostalgic for hana kimi, & toma asked pi a question about his undies!!??

hi everyone!
how are you?
me? i'm sick. lol.
but i'm feeling a lot better, don't worry.
i hope everyone has a super fun summer
and i hope it's sweet (summer love!!) and relaxing too. ~_~
and remember to still come here and also to toma's room at LJ
and leave me a message/comment sometime!! xD arigatoooooo. ^_~


happy 4th of july to ppl in the usa!
(or "too much scary booming sounds of exploding fireworks at nighttime", for me. lol. anyone else NOT like the booming exploding fireworks sounds?? i guess i just have sensitive ears. i love LOOKING at them though, from afarrrr. xD)

ano...i want to apologize in advance
if it takes me even longer than usual
to update during the summer, because
sometimes it gets so hot, i just
can't spend much time online. T_T
(sometimes i'll try 2 keep u updated
by using my cbox. hehehehe....
so remember to take a look at it often. =P)

but toma's 27th birthday is coming up in 94 days!!
i somehow always remember that i need to buy him a birthday card around this time of year. lol. and i'll add toma fans' names to it before i send it and post pics n stuff, just like last year.
v(^_^)v hope more people can participate.

is anyone gonna be in japan around the time his genji movie is released??
if so, could you get some flyers for us toma fans??? ~___~
or maybe just one for me??? hehehe.
i would really really be so happy if someone could
get some genji flyers for us!!!

so...i just checked at the toma LJ and saw this news!! :D
toma got a brand new CM!!! yeyyyy!! ^^ new product, too! a brand of bottled water. cool!! (but it was before he got his new cute haircut. awwww. xD) you can watch the CM teaser here (or DL it here: thanks to strawberry_gemm and credit of these screencaps: strawberry_gemm.)

toma hasn't been doing much else except filming for the bokura ga ita 2-part movie, i guess. at least there's finally some blurry pics from the filming!! YEY!! ^_^ and there are some more here: toma looks awesome and young but SHE HAS NO BANGS! NANAMI IN THE MANGA HAS BANGS!! =T awwwwwwww. why no bangs??? [credit:, suuji@weibo]

but seems like toma and her are getting along very well. someone was an extra for the movie and she posted a short fan report here (i think from the same day these paparazzi pics were taken!!):

^_~ toma asked yamashita what color underwear he likes to wear??!! :D:D yep. recently he sent pi that question and his reply is.....??? go here to read it. xD
"Toma Will Be Awful in Yellow Brief..."

news that makes me wish toma sang more!!!
thanks to mizza for telling me! toma got 15th place for this poll!! ^____^
Goo Ranking: Young Johnny’s with great singing skill!

............ 1st HANA KIMI & 2nd HANA KIMI =T
i think everyone knows about how there's a new version of hana kimi in japan that will air soon. it's tricky to talk about it in a way that won't offend the people that are looking to forward to it, so i don't wanna talk about it. =T but just wanna share this post i made where i DID talk about it a little (and a bunch of ppl quickly defended it and bashed me T_T) and hope that everyone will remember how awesome the first hana kimi was and enjoy some classic ikemen paradise and Nakatsu LOVE videos n music!! (icon credit: gabenut@LJ)
there is only one IKEMEN PARADISE for me!!

also, mizza made a poll asking people what they think about the new hana kimi, will they watch, etc. check it out!! ^^

HANA KIMI (the 2007 one) WAS ON THE TRENDING TOPIC WORLD WIDE OF TWITTER ON JUNE 18!!!!!! it was thanks to indonesian fans who tweeted about the drama while it was airing for the first day in their country!!!!!!! they didn't even plan it ahead or anything. awesomenesssss!!!! thanks to rae-chan for telling me about this epic moment!!!!! *____*

.................. TOMA'S PICTUREzzz ♥♥
[all pics credits: l.y chii,, mizza, rae_el,, as watermarked, tomassuko, kashikuta@tumblr, baidu probably, magicbroom]
[the genji actresses credits:,, wikipedia,,, found using yahoo image search...]

kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! *____*
i love these pics so much!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
and i love the one that he's walking around in the street...
outdoors pics are niceeeee. ~____~ and i like his pink (or purple?) shirt. hehehe. his hair looks so cool from the back too!!!! *reach out to touch it. xD*
(oh, u can DL the HQ pics of the pink shirt photoshoot at mizza's blog, i just didn't get a chance to yet...huhuhu.)

(more preview pics from this and the photoshoot that he's outdoors in a pink/purple shirt here:

NEW TOMA PICS!!!!! so cool and cute!!!!!! :D :D :D
(credit: as watermarked. @ai??inc i hope it's ok 2 re-post these pics. if the owner does not want me to re-post here, please tell me.)

(this is toma's message for the people most affected by the japan earthquake/tsunami/radiation crisis. =T
u can read the translation here:

(these pics of prince genji toma are kakkoiiiiiiii!!! *wantssss* the
books and prince toma. xD
-there was a genji movie where
a woman
played the role of prince genji!! o_O

-genji might be bisexual, cuz there was a part in the novel
where he slept next to the brother of his lover. (it was kind of vague,
but seemed like he was attracted to him!! wow...)

i got curious about them, so looked up the actresses who will be toma's lovers in the genji movie. i think they look better in real life than in the trailer, mostly. xD i guess maki and misako are the prettiest...i only have seen 2 of them cuz they were in toma's movies and dunno much about the others. some of the them seem to have a sexy image...i hope they're good actresses. =T

Maki Yoko
Tanaka Rena
Tabe Mikako
Ashina Sei
Renbutsu Misako [liked him in hanamiz!!]
Muroi Shigeru [the lady he passionately kissed in ningen!!]

............ cool toma LJ stuff

--toma's room stuff:
toma's preview pics. kyaaaaaa!!!! ^^
[the one he's lying on the bed of ivy + the pink/purple shirt, since i didn't include all of them in this post. xD]


(toma's 3rd birthday party pic!!!!! i've only ever seen the small version which i used in the toma MV i made 4 toma's 23rd birthday in 2007!! lol. thanks to mizza 4 showing me it! *hugs* credit is on the watermark *click to see the full size*)

(yamapi piggybacks toma when they were little. awwwwww!!!



i've talked about tumblrs i like at my LJ, but this is a new one i found (and i should have gone there sooner cuz i've seen a lot of cute pics from there at weheartit and it's always watermarked. LOL.) and there's TONS of super cute drawings and gifs there!!!! ~___~ and she updates often!


this is a cool site with pics and info about japan's latest cute, unique fashion!!
" is an online magazine devoted to clothing, accessories, and style in Tokyo, Japan."