Wednesday, October 7, 2015

(this is around a month late, but...) MY 8TH TOMA FANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!

omg, i totally forgot to link to my post about my 8th anniversary at my LJ!!! sorry!! lol. thanks to azzil for saying it's been 7 years since you've been his fan. it made me realize i didn't share my post here!!
MY 8TH TOMA FANniversary!!!!! toma picspam/fan memes!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

HAPPY (31st) BIRTHDAY, TOMAAAA!!!!! ^__^

hey everyone!! it's toma's 31st birthday!! i'm kinda sad that it seems like a lot less fans are celebrating toma's bday (at least online). =T but anyway, i hope toma has an awesome birthday and many unique, unforgettable bday celebrations with his friends, family, co-stars, etc.!! 

i made 2 toma bday posts. one at my own LJ and one at Toma's Room. the toma's room one is a halloween costumes poll. lol. what matching costumes would you like to dress up in with toma?? 

also, i had a ton of views for my toma bday post last year, so i hope i get a lot again this year. though i'm not sure why. my bento post wasn't that interesting. lol. maybe a lot of people searched for "ikuta toma birthday" or something. hmm...