Wednesday, October 29, 2008

no updates 4 a while, cuz i'm sick.

so incredibly unlucky~

i got completely sick and couldn't really do anything these days. ='(
just today i am feeling better enough 2 go online 4 a while.
don't worry, i think i'll fully recover in a couple days...
so there will be no updates 4 a while!
please be patient~

cuz of all that happened,
i couldn't watch the last episode of Maou yet!! *sigh!*

everyone, take care!

ja ne.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine.

(screencap f/miriam's recent MV for I'll Meet You Tomorrow)

just thought of that song by REM...
thought it would make a cool title...

i think i will finish Maou tomorrow.
only episode 11 left!!
anxious! very nervous! and scared!
though i think i know what will happen!
i'm afraid i might cry~
(even though i almost never do f/watching dramas/movies)
no matter what happens~
cuz this is the end.

this is the last post by kate be4 the end.
the next time i post, i'll have finished watching it.

conflicted. i want to finish it, but i'll really miss it when it's over.

thank u 4 reading this post about~ nothing really. hai.

good night.

I LOVE TOMA! I SUPPORT OBAMA! (hey! toma, obama. their names rhyme! haha~)

smilie toma-ism #61:
secret of my heart.
(title/lyrics of the Detective Conan theme)

ah ha!
u didn't think i'd update today right??

cuz i already did yesterday, and i rarely post anything on saturday.

but i did!

surprise! haha.

so~ yesterday was something for your ears (the songs).
today is something for your eyes!

i was inspired by this graphic from conan's late night show (which is based on the I *heart* NY, of course)...i wanted to make a similar one for toma! but then i'm no good at drawing guys in a cartoon-y way, and i don't want to try to squish a pic of his face onto the heart. i wanted to try putting silhouttes of him inside the heart,but it's hard to get a good one where u can still kinda tell it's toma after resizing it so small. so i gave up, i just left it simply like that. a little too plain right?? sa, i tried! i actually like the black ones more! check out all the versions at my gallery below! =)
(also, i don't like how IT or TI looks, so i didn't make those at all. I *heart* TI or IT just doesn't look good!)
(notice the new theme! just got it today!)

u know, by now, i recognize toma's last name in japanese, but not his actual first name, To Ma. haha. probably cuz the first 2 characters are simpler. (btw, did u notice all of toma's name's characters R almost all symmetric? cool!) so maybe using this as an avatar or just as a thumbnail pic in my folders on my desktop will help me remember it! =) if any1 actually wants to, feel free to save them/use them. just give me credit if possible. thanks!

( the I heart LN image, and the stuff i made but can't use. =/ )

(sorry to bother u, but another VOTING REMINDER!)-----> I VOTED FOR BARACK OBAMA! I REALLY HOPE YOU WILL TOO! =)
[top 10 reasons to vote for obama!

[i know the blog title is funny, but trust me, these "cats" know what they're talking about!!]

if you are not in the USA, u can still vote! ^_^ just go here. yappari, obama is winning! GO NOW~ (a phrase repeated in one of 4 Tops' songs. =P)

a lot of states allow you to vote early, if u're worried about waiting in long lines to vote on nov. 4. check if your state allows early voting here. GO NOW~
ALSO, please pledge to vote for candidates/policies that are FOR CLEAN ENERGY and FOR SAVING OUR PLANET!! GO NOW~
and here's another useful website to find out more about ballot measures! GO NOW~

u must~ u absolutely~ must vote!
and please remind others to vote!
if u can't vote because you're too young or whatever other reason, at least remind your family and friends to vote!


"Thanks for protecting the planet by voting this year!"
-Greg Haegele, Conservation Director of Sierra Club



We're at a tipping point. Our environment is in serious danger, and the next few years are going to be absolutely crucial – not only for America's natural heritage, but for our entire planet and its species...Our country's persistent addiction to oil, the rising threats to our water supply, and increasingly bad news about global warming – it all adds up to one thing: this election is one of the most important in history.

-Michael Town
Campaign Director,

Tackling global warming will not only be good for our planet, it also will be good for our economy.

The upcoming elections are more critical than any other in recent memory: The next Congress will have to reverse eight years of inaction on global warming as well as deal with the economic crisis we're facing. Luckily, by passing effective, science-based global warming legislation, the new Congress can deal with both crises at the same time. Regulations that cap emissions of greenhouse gases, drastically improve fuel efficiency, and provide vital funding to the renewable energy industry will kick-start a green economy and create millions of jobs at a time when America sorely needs them.

-GREENPEACE newsletter

Friday, October 24, 2008

all the sweet love songs are about toma~

♥ toma-ism #60:


He's everything you want
He's everything you need
He's everything inside of you
That you wish you could be.
(lyrics f/Vertical Horizon's Everything you want)

[COOL PIC OF TOMA & SHUN AS NAKATSU & SANO! it's new 4 me. i've never seen it be4. found it while looking for nakatsu (manga) pics! credit: on the pic, and]

i used to listen to love songs and doubt that i could find someone that i would feel THAT WAY about and really love THAT MUCH. but after i became toma's fan, i see that it is possible. haha~ in a way~ you know what i mean!
i realize, now, that all these love songs that i started to like since i was a teenager are about toma. even though i didn't know him then. they are all describing how i would eventually feel about him, you see! ah~ now whenever i listen to certain love songs, i will think of toma. he's my fantasy boyfriend, after all. hahaha~

so here's some SWEET SWEET love songs i want to share with you, and all of them contain some lyrics that expresses my (and surely all toma fans'!) feelings for toma!! enjoy daydreaming about being toma's girlfriend!! ~_~

have a nice weekend, everyone! =)
[such a lovely song and almost perfectly describes my crush on toma!! there's a typo in the lyrics posted there, though, it should be: to LIFT me up.]

i love love this part of the song:
In a thousand ways
In a thousand hidden places
You have touched my heart
And the feeling never changes...

(of course, one of those ultimate sappy love songs that makes u wish u were in love if u aren't. still my fav savage garden song!)
(toma's definitely got angel eyes ne!)
(this is 1 of my fav songs from recent years about crushes/unrequited love.)
(it's really too mushy and some it doesn't sound right, but still a really sweet song if u don't pay too much attention to the lyrics.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

that cool dark pic of toma!


just posting up the pic that salome and ultraviolet asked for.
here u go! you're welcome! =)

it must be toma, right?? it's really dark, but i'm 95% sure it's him.
it really is such a cool & sexy pic of toma, eh?
i wonder when it was taken...must be from at least a couple years ago...
btw, i just remembered that his musical, Grease, has started since 2 days ago (japan time), on oct. 20! i hope everything's going smoothly for toma. =)

oh, for those in the usa who'll be voting soon, remember if you're not sure who or what to vote for, you can always leave some categories blank, you don't have to vote for everything! thanks again for voting!



Monday, October 20, 2008

v^_^v CONGRATULATIONS, MAOU!!! they won 4 out of 5 Nikkan summer drama awards! toma-ism #59:
I'm falling--
In and out-- of love-- with you
I never-- loved someone--
The way that I-- love you!
(*that's a red butterfly above. like the one in Maou's opening!*
i love alicia key's Fallin', but i have not yet
fallen OUT of love with toma.
and i even if i ever do, i'm sure i will fall back in again. ~_~)

[if u watch Maou, u know how the lily symbolizes truth/purity, right? =) this lily is in a garden of a church in New York city. credit: dorothy lee,]

just saw this news! salome, i said that i would post up the news as soon as i see it, so here it is!! =) though i'm not surprised ohno beat out toma for the award cuz he's got a lot more fans = a lot more votes, but i'm surprised toma didn't get more!! toma lost by so much ne! =( he's a far far third place. NOTICE THAT ALMOST EVERY1 ELSE FROM MAOU GOT MORE VOTES THAN TOMA DID!! oh well...what can you do... ohno was a great "maou" and he's a great actor. i'm happy for him.

this news really made my day! ^_^

to Toma-kun, Ohno & the rest of the cast and crew of MAOU!
i'm sure they're all happy Maou got BEST DRAMA!
& of course, congrats everyone that won!

oh, also, just wanted to say that Atsuhime is actually airing here on tv, with eng. subs! i was so surprised to see maki! haha~ almost couldn't recognize her in that hairstyle & costume. i remember toma saying he'd really like to be in a historical drama...but i hope he won't be in anything like this one, cuz though i've only watch a tiny bit of Atsuhime, it seems HOUNTO~ extremely~ boring and depressing! every1's hair is pulled back...the guys especially look funny!! haha. here's a pic from the drama, so u'll know what i mean:

Drama Grand Prix: "Maou" takes 4 out of 5,
Sunday October 19, 2008, Japan

Last week, Nikkan Sports announced the results of its summer survey for the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix. A total of 24,757 votes were collected between September 25 and October 4. The big winner this time was the TBS series "Maou," winning in all four categories that it was nominated for.

The show received about 12,600 votes for Best Drama, handily beating "Code Blue" by close to 5,000 votes. At #3 was "33-pun Tantei," far behind at only 1,300 votes, followed by "Atsuhime" and "Shibatora" with less than 800 votes apiece.

Satoshi Ohno beat Tomohisa Yamashita in the Best Actor category by roughly 2,500 votes. "Maou" co-star Toma Ikuta also made the list at #3.

For Best Supporting Actor, Kei Tanaka edged out the competition, and the top 5 were all either from "Maou" or "Code Blue." Ryoko Kobayashi gave "Maou" its fourth award as Best Supporting Actress, while the rest of the votes were split among the three female leads from "Code Blue" and Mikako Tabe.

The only category that "Maou" didn't win was the Best Actress award, due to its lack of a starring female role. Aoi Miyazaki received about 8,200 votes for her role in "Atsuhime," with young star Mirai Shida ("Seigi no Mikata") trailing by 3,500 votes to land in second.


Best Drama

Maou - 12567 (OF COURSE!! wow, they won by a lot!! awesome!)
Code Blue - 7719
33pun Tantei - 1322
Atsuhime - 723
Shibatora - 454

Best Actor
Satoshi Ohno - 10355
Tomohisa Yamashita - 7857
Toma Ikuta - 2706 (ehhhh!!! we did vote for you toma!!! wish you'd at least got 2nd place!)
Tsuyoshi Domoto - 1403
Teppei Koike - 465

Best Actress
Aoi Miyazaki - 8226
Mirai Shida - 4747
Ryoko Yonekura - 2078
Hiromi Nagasaku - 1879
Nana Eikura - 1862

Best Supporting Actor
Kei Tanaka - 3889 (naoto's buddy, Kasai. mmmm...he was pretty good! but i voted for naoto's boss. ah, he didn't make it into the top 5!)
Toshiro Yanagiba - 3227
Yosuke Asari - 2275
Hitori Gekidan - 1788 (naoto's brother, Noriyoshi. he's a good actor too.)
Koji Ishizaka - 1669 (naoto's dad. good actor, too. wow, he's a multi-talented guy!! Actor, writer, interpreter and lyricist, too!)

Best Supporting Actress
Ryoko Kobayashi - 6038 (the girl psychic, shiori! she's a good actress too. really~ they're all good ne! haha~ wow, she got a ton of votes!!)
Manami Higa - 2126
Erika Toda - 2062
Mikako Tabe - 1860
Yui Aragaki - 1743


P.S. (audition 411)
read news saying there R weekly auditions to be SM's new superstar in the USA (L.A.)
THEY SAY ANYONE CAN APPLY FOR AN AUDITION, REGARDLESS OF NATIONALITY, GENDER, AGE! GOOD LUCK TO THOSE AUDITIONING!! though sometimes i wish i could be famous, i can't do this kinda thing, though. i'd be a real long shot. haha.

uh oh, seems like SM has a reputation for treating their artists horribly... think carefully before auditioning! read this: Are the SM Ent. Rumours True?

Friday, October 17, 2008

completely devoted/ h.k. SP rating/ dreams/ toma is the 4th most blogged about guy! / VOTE!


smilietoma-ism #58:
i'm hopelessly devoted to~ you~

[taken from Farrah's Hopelessly Devoted.

what a coincidence, there's a song in Grease called
Hopelesssly Devoted to You. =P]

[just wanted to a nice pic's maki! kawaii ne!

“Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do it well; whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself completely; in great aims and in small I have always thoroughly been in earnest.”
—Charles Dickens (1812-70), novelist

THIS QUOTE REALLY REMINDS ME OF TOMA!! Truly~ he really does completely give 110% in all his performances! he really puts his heart and soul into each role, u can see it in his eyes. and that's why we love him. ~_~

...good news! i checked at wikipedia and saw that the hana kimi SP got 18.8%! pretty high ratings la! =) congrats, congrats! i really hope TFS can sub it soon, then I/we can watch it!!

......recently, i had some dreams about toma! you'd think that, me being such a huge fan, that i'd have dreams about him a lot, right? but it's actually really rare for me. anyway, i thought it was really cool, cuz in 1, he talked to me in the mall during christmas time, and in another, we were actually a couple!! *heart* well, it got me thinking about lucid dreaming, which i've been able to do a couple times a long long time ago. but it's harder than u think, and it can be scary, suddenly realizing you're in an imaginary world inside your mind!! but if u wanna try practicing it so u can literally meet toma in your dreams, go ahead! =) this could help:

...........yappari~ lots of japanese ppl blog about toma! i'm sure all of us fans do, right? cuz he's such an extremely important part of all our lives! hahaha~ i wonder what's his ranking for the most searched male celebrity, though. actually, for all of these kinda lists-- when i see the headline at AF, i would immediately think "i hope toma's on the list! i hope toma's on the list!" and sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't. i'm really happy this time he is, and #4, too!! sugoi!

[some screencaps of ppl blogging about toma in japanese. credits:

Oricon Ranking - Male Most Written About In Blogs,
Thursday October 9, 2008, Japan

No.1 Male Most Written About In Blogs is Oguri Shun

Yahoo has already revealed the Most Searched For Male (No.1 Ichihara Hayato). The site's search also revealed another component in the popularity index. So, what is popular right now as entries in many peoples' blogs ? From the blogs, the subject of the entries, keywords and such are extracted and the result is Oguri Shun shines at No.1 as the Male Most Written About In Blogs.

Working actively in movies, dramas and commercials, it safe to say that not a day goes by without seeing his face on television. To call him the number one actor currently is not an exaggeration. With many interested as well to where his romance with actress Yamada Yuu is heading, he has taken the No.1 spot in Male Most Written About In Blogs.

Male Most Written About In Blogs Ranking:

1. Oguri Shun
2. Ichihara Hayato
3. Akanishi Jin
4. Ikuta Toma
5. Tamaki Hiroshi
6. Sakurai Sho
7. Matsumoto Jun
8. Miura Haruma
9. Kimura Takuya
10. Eita

source: oricon
translations: unleashthegeek

.................. a friendly reminder: everyone in the USA, PLEASE VOTE!

whoever you pick, PLEASE DO VOTE! BUT ESPECIALLY REMEMBER TO VOTE IF YOU'RE FOR OBAMA! =D AND THANKS VERY MUCH, IN ADVANCE FOR VOTING FOR HIM! besides voting for the next PRESIDENT OF THE USA, there are important ballot measures you need to vote for. you can go to some of the websites below to learn more about the candidates/propositions, etc. that you're voting for. *SOME PROPOSITIONS/MEASURES ARE TRICKY, THEY DESCRIBE IT IN A GOOD WAY, BUT IT'S ACTUALLY A BAD ONE. YOU SHOULD GOOGLE "yes on proposition 1" and "no on proposition 1", for example, to make sure you get info from both sides and know exactly what you're voting for!*

also, notice i added the FREE RICE widget on the right.
[forgot this one! it's the best one to find info be4 u vote!!]
[register to vote, info about candidates, state officials, ballot measures...]
[register to vote, info about candidates, voting day in your state...]

today's post is quite short~
(it's post #201, btw! maybe i should do something special for post #300??)
still, i hope u enjoyed reading ne.
minna, gambatte kudasai! i will too! gambarimas!
take care, too~

until next time~

(sorry if this blog has been laggy today.
blogger's acting up again.
just come back later if u have problems now.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

reminisce...about takemoto-kun
toma-ism #57 :

Love should be real
Love should be bold...

Love makes you beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
...Love never fails.

[lyrics f/terrence howard's Love Makes You Beautiful,

pic credit: aussigal,]

some random LOVE quotes~

- Lisa: my 1st crush made me to terrible things and made me sad. in the end, it made me feel horrible and broke my heart.
Marge: welcome to love, Lisa. it's full of doubt, pain, and uncertainty. then 1 day, you'll find a man that you love so much, it hurts.

[from The Simpsons, *not an exact quote!*]

- love is a sweet torment. -?

- never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love. -?

hi there!
it's about time for an update, right? =) usually, i try to have at least 3 new posts a week... but i need to finish Maou, then after that i can catch up with toma stuff, then i can have more material/ideas of what to write here. so i'm sorry if i don't update as often these days, ok? during the times when u come and there's no new post, please feel free to read some old posts from the archive!
minna, gomen! (everyone, sorry!)

[i made this. sorry, it's a little jumpy! i love how the wind was blowing his hair so gently & beautifully in this scene. & i just love his hairstyle & color in this drama!]

...i'll never forget takemoto-kun! the Shorts Prince!
he was really really cute, kind, and sweet! ~_~ ok, so he was also too shy/not confident enough/a pushover, but still, he was a really GOOD GUY!
I STILL HOPE THAT ANYONE THAT GAVE UP ON HACHIKURO AFTER A COUPLE EPISODES WILL TRY WATCHING THE WHOLE SERIES SOMETIME, CUZ THOUGH IT CAN BE QUITE SLOW-MOVING OR FRUSTRATING TO SEE ALL THE UNREQUITED LOVE STORIES, TOMA REALLY DID A REMARKABLE JOB IN PORTRAYING TAKEMOTO. AND HE MANAGED TO DO THIS WHILE HAVING TO WEAR SHORTS DURING THE REALLY COLD WINTER WEATHER, TOO! SUGOI! ...because of toma and takemoto, i started wear knee-length shorts a lot. haha~ ever since i was watching hachikuro from the start of the year till's gonna be tough to still wear them in the winter, though!! recently there was a few days of really cold weather (around 15 degrees C/ 60 degrees F), and already my legs were freezing. it's amazing toma didn't get sick, it was SNOWING at some point during filming and he was in shorts! of course, he had heat packs 2 keep help him keep warm, but's amazingly he didn't get sick!

anyway, here are some songs that made me think of takemoto! the first song makes me think of what he must have felt when he took off on his long bicycle trip!
(listen to it here)
(lyrics here)

but this 2nd song really really describes takemoto's unrequited love well!! it sounds so nice, and i love it when song lyrics paint beautiful pictures in your mind...but it's actually a sad song ne. i used to listen to this song over and over and i loved it even be4 knowing what it meant. =) i hope you'll like it too!

(listen here):

[lyrics below translated by the webmaster of TheCreativeCircle,]

A Taste of Love
's sub-themesong by Miriam Yeung

(the song title translates to Delicacy sentiment reason. i've got no idea what it's supposed to mean! -kate)

[a lovely HK sunset! credit: Jon Bower,]

All is quiet when the sun sets
As the sky grows dark
Losing all of its bright sunlight
Reading the letter you wrote
I’m reading it once more with care
But my thoughts cannot escape

My memories contain some good ones
Most of them would cause people to dance in joy
Where once I held them dear in my hands
Romance in a dream is like a fleeting dance

# Let’s find the reason for my heart’s happiness
Who can actually lock themselves behind close doors
Happiness and sorrow will chase after your shadow
But if they never catch you, what will the ending be?

The stars are like diamonds in the sky
Like fireworks exploding, creating intricate patterns
What exactly is romance (love)?
Is it like the legendary dragon high in the mountain?
That only appears every so often
Whose story contains both joy and sadness

I don’t know how to pass each day
When much of them are spent in sorrow
But it also holds some sweet times too
I guess experiencing happiness before is enough
For who can go through life without experiencing pain

Repeat ##

Let’s find the reason for clear skies turning cloudy
Who can actually explain why rain turns into rainbow?
I was touched deeply once so if the world is to drown
I would’ve learned that happiness and pain differs by only one kiss

Friday, October 10, 2008

to be continued ... / the hana kimi special!! / Toma: moody model~ posh poser~

[LOVE THIS PIC!! they all look so good & cool, especially toma!! in the shade of a tree, too. kakkoi~ credit:]

happy friday.
i will update more later, but 4 now, just wanna remind everyone that
the HANA KIMI SPECIAL is airing
this sunday, oct. 12!!!
ikemen paradise, ne~

[toma's wink = coolness!! ;) ]

toma-ism #56:
The shape of an upside-down heart
It's a little shaky with one point
So I'll flip it around
And return it to you

[the Great X's translated lyrics of Ai Otsuka's Peach]

i'm back!

so~ this is kate's random song recommendation! =)
just watched jay chou's new MV for "fragrant rice" today. it's really awesome and inspiring!! please check it out, and remember to click the "more info" on the right to see the translated 2 eng. lyrics! it's really a very good & meaningful song that makes you feel better & wish u grew up in a village with rice paddies & fireflies, like jay. ~_~

oh, i want to say to subtle hints, THANK YOU for "following" my blog! u are my only follower right now. =)
4 those who don't know what i'm talking about, go here:

while looking for toma's cool pose pics, i found these great pics of toma & yamashita!! look thru RayCA's album 4 more great tomapi photos!

[CREDIT: RayCa-Album:,

also, found screencaps of a show from nov. 2007 where toma visited his old high school (at the link below)!! I WANT TO WATCH

.............................Toma: moody model~ posh poser~

there was a fashion expert guy on conan's LN show, and i remember he says that people can look fashionable if they're tall, lean, and have a good silhouette. and it made me think of toma right away! no wonder he looks so stylish and cool all the time and it's like he was born to be a model!! of course, being amazingly handsome and very photogenic is really important, too! yappari, toma's got all the necessary traits to be an excellent model!

of course, when i say he's a poser, i mean a person who poses, not that he's a phony! and moody, like he looks moody in a cool way in the pics, not that he's moody in real wait, i think toma IS kinda moody in real life. haha~ ok, i mean it both ways then.

ok, so maybe he's just at an average height for a guy, but cuz he's thin and got long legs & arms/hands, he does look tall and have a good silhoutte ne!

JE guys take so many pictures! JE pics, TONS of magazine pics, fun pics with each other, pics for their blogs, pics for posters...if toma's parents keep all his photos and magazines he's been in...!!! surely there would be many huge, tall stacks of albums/magazines/newspapers in their house somewhere. really!! but i do hope they are keeping it all, cuz he looks so cute in 99% of his pics. haha~

TOMA'S ALWAYS GOT SUCH COOL POSES/LOOKS IN HIS PHOTOS!!!!!! maybe sometimes it's thanks to a good photographer that tells him to pose/look a certain way, but it can't be just that, cuz he's got this certain confidence & cool way of standing/posing/making cute faces when he's singing/acting in dramas, too! it's the attitude...or the looking-so-completely-cool, calm, and collected! he's always leaning to 1 side or resting his head on his hand in such a relaxed/confident way!! and often when he's taking a group picture, he will definitely stand out!! he'll be the most eye-catching! cuz he often does something funny/cute/has a cute expression OR confident, super cool/smooth look! AND I NOTICED that most of the time, it's all about what he does with his hands that makes the pose cool ne!! just look carefully at what he's doing with his hands in the photos below, you'll see. =) i even remember him saying he's glad he's got long hands. =)

(sorry, 40-something pics, so i gotta keep it small. but u can click on them to see the bigger size)

TOMA~ moeeeee~ ♥

[CREDIT: tomalover at, johnny's entertainment, (some pics have the link they came from on the picture),,, yamapink's blog at, ieiyn at, ichigolyn at,, pics found at Baidu or Google, and many others, i don't remember where i got them! sorry. if you see a pic that is yours, please tell me, and i'll give you credit!]