Friday, August 15, 2008

tomapi love~ GUY LOVE~! (pics/videos/song)

[pics above & below: some of the cutest tomapi pics i've seen...sorry, i don't remember where i got these pics! it's from searching at Google or from the fans that posted it at the toma LJ. especially this collage, if it's yours, u can comment here so i can credit u! actually, i'll look 4 this @ the toma LJ...maybe i can find the person's post...
(edit: i think it came from a post at,
a post to encourage fans 2 vote 4 toma in the winter pretty boy thing or something...]

heart with wings toma-ism #35:
You a star, baby you a star
You a sta-ah-ah-ar, you a sta-ah-ah-ar
Cause when you shine, baby when you shi-ih-ine
When you shi-ih-ih-ine, when you shi-ih-ih-ine
You be lightin up my life (OHH!) Light up my life (OHH!)
Light up my life (OHH!) Light up my li-ih-ife.
[lyrics f/Will.I.Am - She's a Star]

[arrgh. dunno if it's just me, but sometimes the heart flying emoticon shows up, and sometimes it doesn't. if u can't see it, go here: I had 2 get rid of some of the other emoticons at the toma b-day poll post at Dear Toma... cuz of this. gomen!]

[ i wonder if tomagoto's fluttering heart is kinda like the emoticon above?? hmmm... gomen, today's post is really late! this is a long post, so i'm breaking from the rule i made up
of posting all in red text on fridays. i'm sure u don't mind, right? =) ]

hi hi!
did u check out the b-day poll results yet?
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sa sa it's friday, Maou day again!
*fingers crossed* Maou's ep. 7 ratings must go up!!

today's post is about tomapi (toma + yamapi [yamashita's nickname, AKA yamapink] love!)

if u're toma's fan, no doubt u know how toma and yamashita tomohisa R very very very good friends. they have been since they were little kids! of course u also know that they're so close, lots of fans think of them as/want them 2 be a couple! it's funny to me, cuz here in the USA, girl-girl love is more acceptable/appealing (remember the madonna/britney/christina kiss?), and guy-guy love is pretty much considered repulsive/effeminate. though in recent years, it has become more acceptable and guys in sitcoms even sometimes joke about liking each other/being gay.
now, i'm a very open-minded person, and i don't mind whether a person is gay, bi, straight, fact, my fav american female celebrity is ellen degeneres. =) i've heard she's getting married to portia this weekend! CONGRATS!! xD i've even been to see an episode of her talk show a couple years back!

but still, i've gotta admit, i felt a little weird about it when i found out this "Pi" that the fans all wanna see toma date is actually a guy. hahaha~ not that there's anything wrong with that, if they are secretly a couple, but, i would be upset cuz this means that 1) i would go from having a miniscule chance to having zero chance of being toma's girlfriend, and 2) i don't feel like toma and yamashita match (looks-wise. sorry, yamapink fans, this is just what i think, cuz toma is just too cute, i find it hard to think of any girl or guy that really match him, actually!!).

it's not just yamapi, of course, being the loveable and flirty guy that he is... who loves to hang out with other guys... toma's also been linked with shun and yusuke.
toma even encouraged the rumors by calling shun his "husband" after shun started calling him his "wife". lol~ they spent a lot of time together while filming hana kimi and also, toma often slept on the same bed as shun at shun's apartment! but toma pointed out in an interview that they're just joking and that it's only a guys friendship, nothing more. recently, shun has lovingly announced he has a girlfriend on the air, on ANN, and so toma's off the hook. hehe~ about yusuke...toma said in one of his tomagoto entries that he was very cute 4 being so happy that toma mentioned him in a previous entry. toma said something like "what, do i have a pink aura right now?" in this entry. hahaha~ yusuke has said in his own blog that toma is like a cool big brother that he looks up to and wants to be like.
ano... toma is a really friendly, caring guy, he gets along well with so many guys and he's always hugging/got his arms around all the guys he hangs out with, whether while singing onstage or during photoshoots. so i can understand why ppl would think he likes guys. but i've heard toma have to clarify several times that HE LIKES GIRLS (lol~, he's just like Nakatsu, right? xD). to me, i think of tomapi of just really really close friends. ppl can say/want to think they're brokeback, but i think they've got a platonic bromance (complicated love and affection shared by two straight males).

a better way to describe it is...




Scrubs is such a funny show, and i love how they describe turk and J.D.'s special bond in this way. hahaha~ when i saw this rerun on tv recently, i immediatedly thought of tomapi! it's a pretty good song, no? haha~

also, this is a pretty good song and it also reminds me of tomapi's relationship (if they R indeed boyf-boyf!) and how they were broken up, they couldn't sing together anymore:

more cute tomapi moments here:
[toma blows on pi's ear]

[toma rubs his head against yamapi's]


i saved the best for last. =)

charlo03 made them, but they've been deleted from youtube and her/his account has been suspended. luckily i was able to watch them last year and i also saved them to my computer!! i've re-uploaded them here to share with everyone. IT'S GOT ALL THE SWEETEST TOMAPI MOMENTS FROM WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG UNTIL INTO THEIR LATE TEENS, PROBABLY... u see how close they R when u read about their relationship, read their interviews, read their blog entries, or see their pics together, but u can only TRULY see how much they love each other when you WATCH them having fun/singing/working together laa!!! especially, definitely, toma. he really shows how much he cares for yamapi more than yamapi does for toma...well, yamapi seems like just that kinda guy who is more quiet/hidden than toma ne? he doesn't show his feelings much or as freely as toma. i'm actually similar to yamapi in this respect......
[toma_yamap_grow.flv (14.21 MB) ]
[He_and_he_--TOMA_YAMAP-1.flv (8.74 MB)]

[He_and_he_--TOMA_YAMAP-2.flv (12.22 MB)]
[He_and_he_--TOMA_YAMAP.flv (8.61 MB)]

(u need to download the FLV player or GOM player to watch these MVs. maybe the newest realplayer also plays them.)

P.S. MY APOLOGIES if i got anything wrong about tomapi...i only became a fan of toma's last summer, and i still don't know much about yamapi. i'm still kinda neutral about him. but any friend of toma's, especially his best friend, must be just as AWESOME as he is ne! haha~ i just haven't got room in my heart to like anymore ppl, i guess, cuz toma's already taken up 90% of my heart. ~_~ it's all your fault toma!! kidding! =P


UV said...

Ha..I think I feel same way as you.

I think Yamapi and Toma are great friends, and have a strong friendship. But it was weird when I see how many fans like to see them together together.LOL.

It's a strange coincidence, but it was Yamapi who probably lead me to the way of Toma. So I was surprised when I found out they were good friends.

savvy kate said...

yes yes. i hope we're right about them. haha. i'm pretty sure we are!
right! i feel a little weird when i read some. ehem. quite imaginative/romantic/dirty comments about toma & yamapi. haha~ but they R mostly put in a funny way.

souka? i've heard both ways--some fans say they became toma's fan thru yamapi, or they started liking yamapi after they liked toma. =)

Anonymous said...,'s not like that 'normal' routine..that I liked Yamapi and then by association, like Toma. Not that way.

It was pure coincidence, that I came across this fanmade trailer and saw this guy with great looking hair. Ha..I found out it was Yamapi's Danite Senorita MV. And just thought - was that from a drama.Got led into the Kurosagi drama. and then Nobuta one. And then that was it (J-dramas) for a while.

B/c Maki was in both the above drama - I decided to watch Hana Kimi (in 2007)...and *bang* *smack* *tripped over* Nakastu -and I was hooked. So when I read more - I go..really he is best friends with Yamapi.

It's okay with Yamapi (I call him that b/c I can't be bothered writing his full name, and Pi seems to informal since I can't call myself a fan.), and know him more due to Toma-association. He is good-looking and is entertaining in his projects (well, don't like his current hair) - but the feelings are not the same with Toma.

savvy kate said...

wow, anonymous!! what a very unique/indirect/roundabout way of discovering toma-chan ne!! hahaha! thanks 4 sharing!!

that's right, i also call him yamapi cuz it's shorter...but then i also call him yamashita so it feels more right, since i'm not actually a fan.

Anonymous said...

hi there~ This link already died, would you mind reuploading it?
[toma_yamap_grow.flv (14.21 MB) ]

Thanks in advance

kate☂ said...

ehhhh. after 3 yrs, a comment on this post!! xDDD lucky i still have it in my computer. hehe. i've re-uploaded it. ~_~ it's really 1 of the best tomapi MVs about when they were young, so i'm glad i could share it with you.

here u go:

hmm...maybe i should link 2 this post on my tumblr, in case any new fans of toma R interested. ^^