Sunday, August 30, 2009

★today☀♪ was the's been TWO years of toma Love!♥

today, 2 yrs ago, was the day i first saw toma.
when i became a fan...though i really became a fan late night of aug. 30 (aug. 31), so i'll just celebrate both days.♪

i wrote a lot about my feelings, how it all started, my love for toma-kun in my post on aug. 30 last year. but i don't feel like (nor do i have time) writing so much this time. (i'm sure u're relieved. lol.) seems like more than 2 yrs, somehow~

i am really so happy and proud today. ^.^ the 2 yr mark neeee. i feel like my fan ranking has gone up a level. GETS!! *_* haha. no, it's not about that. i'm happy that i've been a toma fan for 2 yrs now, that i've been able to support toma for this long. being a toma fan has made me a lot happier, it's really changed my life! and a lot has happened in toma's life these 2 yrs, too.

yappari, i started to like toma cuz of seeing him as the most awesome and adorable nakatsu. but he's done so much more after that. he's been in the two gentlemen of verona, honey and clover, maou, the hana kimi SP, grease, voice, majosai, ningen shikkaku. it's like toma said in a recent interview (the interview where these pics came from, actually!!), it's like he's been working non-stop since hana kimi. even when he's had time off, he had to spend time preparing for his next project. (i hope he takes at least a month off this time!) but with every new project, toma has new challenges, makes new friends, learns new things, has a lot of happy experiences. ^_^

(these toma pics~ this is how i feel right now. lol. HAPPY, HYPER, SILLY!! credit: hpswf1)

and at the start of this year, so many firsts for him!! he's really gotten so popular and respected!! ~_~ being the first junior interviewed on the shounen club premium show, guesting on a lot of his sempai's tv shows, getting his first real leading role in a drama, getting a leading role in his first movie!! (and recently, 1st solo appearance on the cover of POTATO and now his Lotte ACUO CM too, only his 2nd real CM.) toma's dream is coming true right before our eyes...he really is becoming a big star (like nakai-kun! :P)!!!! though toma's popularity really hit an all time high after hana kimi and then would go up and down at times after that (i was afraid after h&C and at the start of maou that his popularity was dying down...), it's definitely going high high up now!! it makes me excited to think of what the rest of this year might bring for toma...another leading role in a drama?? more CMs?? more singing and dancing on tv shows??

(and it seems almost impossible, but if toma could somehow debut and finally graduate from his johnny's jr. status, that would be...EPIC. what toma and his fans have been waiting for all these years. can't he just debut as a solo artist and only release songs once or twice a year...then after a while, just go back to acting all the time...would that be possible??)

i'm really lucky i became i fan back then, so that i was able to follow along as toma went through all these different's been a pleasure, a true honor, to be a toma fan. to be a member of this huge community of international toma fans that all love and support him, who are all so friendly, generous, cool and awesome people.♡ really~ toma fans must be the most devoted and most enthusiastic and most passionate group of fans i have ever encountered!! and we will always love and support toma, right? TOMA LOVE!! we need more of it in this world~

i really love and respect toma so much. he is just so insanely cute and talented, and sometimes i just stop and stare at him (while watching his drama/seeing him on a tv show/seeing his magazine photoshoot, etc.) and think "kyaa! how can someone be sooo cute?!" or "amazing! he is so talented!!". *_* and at times like that, it's similar to the overwhelming feeling i got when i saw him in that nakatsu MV and his cuteness just blew me away. xD

to celebrate this 2 yr anniversary of being a toma fan, i think i'll watch a ton of toma TFS video clips i haven't been able to watch yet. have a mini-TOMArathon! ^_^ and probably go to mitsuwa. :D can u believe i STILL haven't really watched the maou dvd extras clips?! i've skimmed thru them, but i haven't really watched them. i've gotta watch some 2009 toma clips first though.

bye everybody, bye! ^o^

kate ☂

Friday, August 28, 2009

toma's done filming for ningen... (& toma weekend updates)


kate here.

how is everyone...
it's hot here. dunno why it always gets so hot when i'm trying to draw the toma fan art. o__o so i am melting as i draw...ja, gambarimas!!

oh, sorry, from now if u comment here, u'll need to do a word verification. i've been getting japanese spam comments recently. =/ this should put a stop to it. please don't stop commenting cuz of this little inconvenience. haha. i already get so few comments.

toma's done filming for ningen!! ^_^ he talked about his feelings about filming ending at tomagoto a few days ago. i won't try to summarize his message, cuz i don't think it'd do justice to his original, touching and heartfelt message. yappari, he's just really overwhelmed, so happy and grateful to everyone who worked with him on this movie. and he said he hasn't seen a single cut of the movie!! eh! so toma also has to wait to see the results in spring 2010 with the rest of us.

filming done right before the end of the month, aug. 24th, i think (from info i got at xdustbunnys' LJ)? finally, toma gets a break. :D ...he's really so emotional about the end of filming this time!! i'm happy that the past 2 months have been...tough, but unforgettable and happy times for toma-kun. ~_~ hounto ni. i was worried how playing this dark role would affect toma, but he's fine. i think the happiness of starring in his first movie and the warmth of the cast and crew really superceded the movie's dark world. =) but one of the toughest parts of the filming that i didn't expect is that toma had to wear thick layers of clothing at times, to pretend that it was winter even though it was ridiculously hot out and inside the studio. -__- poor guy...but since the movie staff seems amazing this time, the way toma praises them non-stop, i think the movie will surely be ama~zing too!! *_* i will patiently wait for it~

toma, GET SOME REST. ~_~
i hope toma will get at least a month off before he starts any new project. actually, if he could take 2 months off, he won't have to work on his birthday! but knowing how toma is, i don't think he could stay away for so long, he'll for sure be working on something during his bday and have a nice bday celebration with the cast again.^^

so, this week there's not a lot, but here are some toma LJ links worth checking out. douzo!


ja ne.

[toma sighting: he's too attractive to talk to ne. xD ...Ikita Kotoba Vol 71. translation!!] though he always seems to work w/such wonderful cast & staff, this time it seems the filming, these past 2 months were really really special and amazing!! (FROM NOW ON, THE POSTS AT HER LJ WILL BE LOCKED. SHE HAS POSTED INSTRUCTIONS THERE, ON WHAT TO DO TO BE FRIENDED AND VIEW HER LOCKED ENTRIES.)
[elitejean's cool toma wallpapers~]
[preview of toma's magazine pics. in traditional japanese clothing!! (dunno what that's called) back to serious toma...]

Suddenly too many translations to read!! @___@ suddenly, every1 decided to translate and post all at the same time. EH!! DOUSHITTE?? but really, thanks to all the translators. =D i will be busy reading all your posts, filling my brain with more toma info.
[italian and eng. translation of DUET aug.2009 article]

["translated Toma's article from the 09/2009 issue of Popolo!! In it he talks all about music."]
["Translation of the October Myojo article here (during Ningen filming, at Kyoto, pretty!!) with offshots XD!"]

[though xdustbunnys translated it, this might be a more detailed/thorough trans..."translated Toma's article in the 09/2009 issue of Myojo!! There was a little quiz with him about summery things, how many will you get right?"]

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[credit: subliminalicon]

Thursday, August 27, 2009

which line do u like best?

i have been working on
the next 2 toma drawings (finally!! kinda late, kedo...). haih~
the wink up one, i will write toma's name in japanese
and write in english, Toma is love. ♥


but i am not sure what to write on the potato drawing.
i'll write his name in english, Ikuta Toma, and something else in english underneath.
i looked thru the toma-isms i've posted here, and these are my favs....

so, if some of u could tell me which one u like best,
that would help me choose the right line.

arigatou gozaimas~

the cutest boy on earth~

so heartbreakingly beautiful~

toma...i only love him~

toma...he is my weakness~

ah~ he's seriously cool!

toma is made of awesomeness!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

REMINDER: DEADLINE for participating in the toma birthday card project is....

hi hi~

started counting down toma's birthday from 100 days,
yet now, already only 40-something days left!! ehhh...time is just flying by!!

well, i sent toma's bday cards/letters on sept. 18 last yr, but this year, i wanna send it a little earlier. i figure i'll send it in the middle of sept, so around sept. 14 or 15 would be best, in case it takes 2 or more weeks to get to japan (though i'm pretty sure it'll only take 1 week). and IF it gets to toma early and we're 1 of the first to wish him happy birthday, that would be awesome too, right? ^o^

so~ the deadline for commenting at the post so i can write your name, etc. on a heart will be:
SEPTEMBER 13, 2009. in PST (pacific standard time~ california time).

dakara~ please, more people post comments, it'd be nice if we could get at least 10 people. -__- so far, we have only 5 ppl, including me. i didn't think so few ppl would participate, but then again, i guess it's ok, cuz i can make the hearts bigger if there's less ppl.....

(carly, u said u wanted to participate, but u haven't commented there. i know your name, age, and country already, but would u want to write a short message (in english) to toma too? comment there or here is ok too...)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


good night!

how was your day?
...souka. mine was ok.
the weather was strangely cloudy yet warm though. it feels kinda eerie when it's like this. nothing important happened today. nande monai.

sumimasen! i don't have time to post what i wanted to post. so i'll just start it off today. TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW. (shoot, i missed my friday deadline by about 15 minutes!! but i started writing this be4 midnight, so i'm still counting it as a friday post. lol. aiyaaaa. gomenasai, i guess i have broken the streak. posting every friday for 2009. masaka!!! :( oh well...some things happened that made me late. it couldn't be helped. :( hounto ni~ suminai! it was cool while it lasted...over half a year. pretty good la.... =/ )

this week, we suddenly got 2 great toma news!! 1st, that satomi is playing the role of his wife in his movie, and 2nd, he's in a new Lotte CM. ^_^ I'M SUPER EXCITED AND HYPER ABOUT THE CM (I WANT THAT GUM!!!*_*) BUT I'LL TALK ABOUT SATOMI+TOMA FIRST.

(credit for the 1st pic above: march2009 myojo article, dunno who upL the scan, sorry! and the other 2, i really don't know. gomenasai!)

i'm really so happy about satomi being in his movie!!! i was wondering all along, who's gonna play the roles of his different girlfriends and wife in the movie...and hearing it's satomi, that's just awesome!! she is my current fav toma co-star, both pretty and a great actress, a real natural~ both good at dramatic and comedic acting. she's got character! i thought satomi and toma and eita might be in some sorta love triangle in Voice, or at least toma's character would flirt with her, but nothing like that happened. haha. i was a little disappointed, cuz i think toma and satomi look cute together. look at the magazine pics of them together i posted here, don't u think so? =)

[funny, the 1st screencap i saw f/Voice was the one he's sniffing her hair. and every1 thought he was flirting with her. but in his movie, they really will be together!! sugeh.]

even though toma and satomi only had, really, TWO scenes together (not as a group, just 2 of them), but they seem to get along fine and there are some scenes where toma is joking with her or sitting next to her or something, and they seem quite comfortable with each other.^^ u know, ryosuke actually had more physical contact with aki-chan than daiki ever did with her. lol. i notice details like this too much. but of course, ryosuke and daiki probably touched more than any pair in the drama!!

BUT i think inoue mao would be a really really good choice to play this wife role too...and i'd love to see them paired up after they were already kinda paired up in HYD2!! heehee~ wouldn't it be cool if she could play the role of 1 of his other girlfriends in the movie!?

(toma cuteness/silliness/freshiness!!!! wish i could see all his funny faces better! credit for the Lotte ad:

ohayo gozaimasu~~
i'm back to continue this post. haih...

hey, i like how his hair is in this CM!! it looks cooler, definitely! it's 1 of the first things i noticed. he should style his hair more like this 4 his photoshoots. ^_^ toma is so cute and adorable in this CM. and funny too. xD love it!! it's a little weird, but
it's the weird/quirky CMs like this that are most effective/memorable, right? (laughs). I HOPE LOTS OF PPL WILL BUY THIS GUM. :P i like the part that toma just grabs his sensei's arm and pulls him along, so excited and cute. ~_~ and when he breaths out "AHHH!" in that funny, exagerrated (but kinda sexy?!) way!! :D ahh~ i can just re-play this CM many times without getting tired of it. haha. it's too bad i probably can't find this gum anywhere here in the states, or else 4 sure, i'd buy it to support toma-kun (and to get a super-fresh breath and go breathing on some ppl i know. lol.)!! ^_^

those of u that CAN buy it, please do!! (and please tell me how it tastes!) really~ it's so great to see toma silliness/cuteness like this after so long ne. especially now that he's almost done filming for the's like a sign that toma can go back to being his cheerful, happy self soon. yey!! :D

(credit for the "ahh!" gif on the left: strawberrygemm!)
watch toma's CM for Lotte here!! xD thanks to xdustbunnys 4 the info and link.

so, here are some toma LJ links u should look at. some of these LJ links are a little older, but please still check them out!! ...i really love reading about all the toma sightings. *__*
Popolo 0901 translation: toma's RELATIONSHIP ADVICE for his fans!
[toma sightings = more praise for how awesome toma is.♥ and a little translation about toma f/wink up 9.2009] kyaa!! *_* how come whenever ppl describe seeing toma in person, it's always like this. he's just too perfect neeeeee. ^-^ really such an amazing guy. lol, he really smells so good?? :P
[Excerpt from Potato 0909 , summer quiz about toma]
it's fine to me that toma doesn't update that much these days. i'm not worried. =) he needs a break from blogging when he's working so hard, filming 4 the movie. i do wish he could blog online like most other j artists though. and post up pics of himself. =/ well, at least we still have the ikita kotaba in wink up each month. =]
i love this toma sighting account!! *_* and how she saved his tea cup until the end of the day!! lol. and the movie director approves of toma (of course!!), saying he's a very fine young man. :)
[news & pic of satomi joining the cast of ningen as toma's wife.]
[enshinge's translations of winkup sept. 2009 toma intv and stuff!! ^_^]

[DL his Lotte ACUO CM, and some promotional pics/screencaps too!]
[toma's Lotte ACUO CM wallpapers, gifs, siggies!!!]
[toma's Lotte ACUO CM "ahh!" icon!! :P]
[thanks to hpswf1!! the myojo photoshoot this time is awesome!! i've gotta get this magazine!! popolo is also nice. also outdoors in kyoto, i think. ~_~]

o__o anoooooo....
this is weird, but i think i just got spam, japanese spam, posted as a comment here! at least there's no link. something related to a hotel?? weird. the comment is posted at my last majosai post:

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 JE boys that i like...nakayama and chinen!! :D

hi hi~

it's me.

toma's new CM!! lol.
but i'll wait till friday to talk about it.
until then...

hope u don't mind that i'm talking about non-toma stuff again.
but these guys are really cute, and this song so catchy, so i just HAVE to spend one post talking about them. (laughs)

(sorry, be4 this edit, i called them johnny's jr.s, but both of them have officially debuted and graduated from the junior status. (though for yuma, that was only since this june, 2 months ago!!) and i still mix up "junior" and "kouhai", though you'd think with toma's situation of being stuck as a junior still, i'd remember the difference!! but still, i think u knew what i mean, right?)

this is a little embarassing, but i have to admit, there are 2 JE guys that i like that are only 15 and 16 years old. (but u already know this if u looked at the text on top of my current bg song here! :P) yappari, not LIKE LIKE, like the way i like toma, but i just think they're very cute. i think you will (you do??) too!!

nakayama yuma and chinen yuri are my 2 fav young boys from Johnny's!! i first saw yuma in the JE 2008-2009 calendar, and chinen in the wink up 3.2009 issue. i just think they're so cute and it was nice to recognize at least 2 of them, in the bunch of other JE boys, toma's kouhai's, that always show up in the wink up and other magazines i'd buy sometimes. =) just recently, been seeing some news about yuma, so i got curious enough to finally look 4 their singing video clips at youtube. and found out these 2 guys i like just recently got grouped together, as part of the NYC boys!! sugeh! ^^ and NYC Boys is such a cute/catchy song!! ^.^

news about the very recent (and temporary) formation of NYC boys in june 2009:
[NYC boys' wiki page. it links to these 2 guys' wiki pages too, if u wanna know more about them.]

fans are already shipping yuma and yuri?? lol. they really are the 2 cutest young Jr.s, IMO, and they would make a very very cute couple, indeed. :P it's funny how yuri kinda looks like toma when he was young (when he smiles widely and squints his eyes). he also is that kinda super cute, confident and cheery JE guy like toma. they even took a picture together when he was young!! (but i only know that yuri idolizes ohno.)

and yuma is like yamashita, the kinda cool, quiet JE guy that seems a little more dark and self-conscious. and yuri is also yuma's senior (like toma is yamashita's) by a couple years (he entered johnny's in 2003, while yuma in 2006) though both of them...they seem just ok at acting and singing, but they're still really kawaii, and both are great performers, really awesome in front of the camera, they're great dancers too. i think both have a really bright future ahead. gambatte, yuma and yuri!!

at first, i liked yuri more. somehow, yuma always has such an unnatural smile/or a moody/angry look in most of the magazine pics i've seen of him. lol. yuri is much more photogenic. (and now i finally understand his group's name, HEY! SAY! JUMP. ^.^) but after seeing the video clips and new magazine pics of yuma, i think it's a tie. ~_~ i like yuri's girly cuteness and bright personality, but i also like yuma's coolness and how he seems more quiet, natural, and subtle. and yuri is kinda short and he's got this baby face that makes him look TOO little sometimes. but yuma sometimes looks way older than his age, which is a little strange (actually, toma's like this too!). so i guess i like both of them equally ne.

really~ these guys are just too cute, right?? *_* watch the video clips below and you'll see. (yamada is cute too, of course! yappari, they're all cute, really.) AND if they're this cute NOW, think of how much cuter they'll get when they're 20-something!! really~ i think these guys have a lot of potential of becoming big stars when they get older. they're already so successful and popular now, actually...

yuma LOVE! yuri LOVE!
and even better, yuma+yuri Love. :D
please take a look at these video clips. douzo!
[^_^ very cute fanmade MV with clips of them together, behind the scenes of the filming of the MV and photoshoot, and the actual MV. can't help smiling when i watch this. :D]
[fanmade MV(slideshow+some video clips) for yuri.
a pic of toma huggin yuri @ .27!! kawaii!! i'm guessing this is from around 2003, the yr chinen joined JE. cuz toma looks around 17 or 18, and chinen probably 7 or 8.]
[yuma, having fun, messing around w/the other boys behind the scenes of the photoshoot/MV filming. lol, he laid on the yamada's shoulder, and he still didn't wake up. kawaii neee.]

[nyc boys MV w/eng. subtitles]
[nyc boys MV]
[the MV, plus romaji lyrics (and eng lyrics) in the INFO section, in case u wanna sing along!]


[nyc boys lyrics' translation]

[more behind the scenes of NYC mv filming, with eng. subs!]

[[DVD] Making of NYC PV Part 1 (English Subs). THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED. o__o hopefully someone will re-upload. =( maybe the unsubbed version is still at youtube though...]

Saturday, August 15, 2009

toma weekend updates/ riko, satomi, etc. PICS

[ka~waii!! ^.^ some pics from the sept. issues of the duet/winkup magazines i bought a few days ago. i especially love the pics of satomi. *__* soooo pretty~ and her yukata is beautiful ne. ohno's cute expression while lying in bed! ^_^ and yuma is cute too! but i was surprised to see the bday fanart and messages section of wup looks different now! they are now both printed in black and white instead of pale orange/red paper. =( ]

hi there!
(whew, made it in time, the friday post. though it was barely related to toma and was quite sad to read right? sorry if my previous post got you down, i hope this one will cheer you up again. haha. and wow, the time of this post!! EXACTLY AT 00:00. sugoi~)
the weekend is here. =) i hope you'll have a cool one (both literally and figuratively)!

gomen ne, haven't had time to gather more toma links from LJ and stuff, but if u can't wait a few more days, just go to xdustbunnys' LJ now and read up on toma sightings and some toma magazine article translations!! ~_~

this is kinda a long post.
but at least there's a lot of pretty pictures, right? (laughs)

[a CUTE CUTE small majosai banner i saw cutie0o0opie using
at the tomalicious forum. credit: Bu]

can't believe it took me a year to see this. lol. well, better late than never!
Ohno Is Ninomiya’s Girlfriend!?, Saturday July 25, 2009 Japan
[this is old news unrelated 2 toma, but it's cute arashi news!! but i didn't get to post up till now. hehe.
ohno and nino is 1 of my fav JE "couples".]

AND of course, some TOMA LJ STUFF:
[forgot to include this in friday's post. a subbed old video clip of toma as a defense attorney in a litle skit?! =D]
[bunch of scans -- many not shared at LJ yet. FINALLY SEE SOME PICS I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR/NEVER SAW THE SCAN FOR THEM YET!!!!!! YEY!!!!!! *__* strawberry_gemm is my hero!! :D]

[ALL THE DUET AND WINKUP 2008 SCANS!! some i haven't got in HQ yet. yeeeeey!] toma's recent tomagoto post #273 he talked about how he really liked this movie, called THE MURDERER OF YOUTH. o__o AKA, Youth Killer. it's a sad/depressing patricide movie based on a real life story?! from 1976?! maybe the director recommended this movie cuz the main character's also depressed and a very disturbed guy, similar to toma's character in his movie. or toma is just watching these kinda movies right now to get in a dark mood for the movie filming...toma also said he really likes/respects Arato, who is a producer of some abstract and horror movies. (?) here's some info about the Youth Killer movie: [movie poster]

i found some really revealing pics of riko by accident!! (was looking for H&C stuff) she's only 16 now!! these pics of her, maybe taken when she was 14 or 15!! what the!? i know lots of japanese actresses start out as mild-themed gravure models and take these kinda pics, wearing bikinis or skimpy clothing...even so, so surprised to see these pics. yes, i've seen maki in these kinda pics. but riko is the only one of toma's female co-stars that i've seen that's worn so little in her pics and had more provocative poses. i don't get it, why there's this fascination/obsession with super young girls (boys too, actually, but at least i don't see pics of little boys LIKE THIS). it's just SO WRONG and CREEPY. =/ she's still so young. WAS SURPRISED ESPECIALLY CUZ I STILL KINDA SEE HER AS HAGUMI. @__@ i got worried so i looked for pics of his other co-stars. whew, at least i didn't find any of THOSE kinda pics for ryoko and natsuki. i saw some of satomi, but she really didn't look good in them...

narumi riko (hagumi in Honey and Clover)'s revealing pics:

maki horikita's (yappari, mizuki in hana kimi) kinda revealing pics:

AND just some regular, pretty pics of some of toma's past female co-stars. all so pretty ne. =)

Ishihara Satomi (aki-chan in Voice):

Kobayashi Ryoko (shiori in Maou; found mostly pics she took herself.^^):

Harada Natsuki (yamada in H&C):

higa manami (kaori in Majo Saiban):

Friday, August 14, 2009

remembering what happened on august 6 and 9,1945.

[credit: War Memorial Peace Park,]


"The atomic bomb does not discriminate. It kills everyone from little babies to old people. And it's not an easy death. It's a very cruel and very painful way to die. I think that this cannot be allowed to happen again anywhere in the world. I don't say this just because I'm a Japanese atomic bomb survivor. I feel that people all over the world must speak out."
-Isao Kita (credit:

tens of thousands of people were killed by each of the bombs, not counting those seriously injured or that died a while afterwards from radiation or whatever. it's estimated that around 70,000 people died in hiroshima and 64,000 in nagasaki immediately. but counting people who died from serious injuries, cancer caused by radiation, etc., later, the number can go all the way to 200,000 for hiroshima. (credit:

i usually try to avoid talking about depressing things here, but i thought i'd make an exception this time (anytime i feel the topic is important enough that the more ppl that know/think about it, the better!). recently, august 6 and 9, was the 64th anniversary of the days that the atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki. i saw the news on BBC and in the newspaper. most of you already learned about this in school-- the usa did it in order to force japan to surrender during WWII. but of course, it is definitely a controversial topic-- whether or not ending the war justified using these bombs, killing all that people.

reading about the events and the information of the destruction and number of people that died is one thing....but to actually read personal eye witness accounts of the chaos, of people's pain and suffering that immediately followed the explosion of these bombs's very very disturbing and sad and shocking....but it really makes you realize anew that war is hell. (of course, even without atomic bombs, it always has been, though...full of painful, horrible deaths.) and it makes me scared that at least 9 countries now have nuclear weapons. i hope that in my lifetime at least (and hopefully i'll live a loooooong time! :P), no nuclear bomb will be able to destroy/kill cities/people. this is the reason i always sign those anti-nuclear weapons petitions from Greenpeace or whatever. i will post the link here next time there's any petition like this, so everyone here can sign it too.

READ about people's eye witness accounts of what happened when the bomb dropped! (**WARNING** A LOT OF THEM ARE VERY UPSETTING TO READ. PEOPLE REALLY GOT BURNED AND INJURED VERY BADLY...but really, they are all people with loved ones, with their own hopes and dreams, that died that day. some of the accounts made me cry rather than sick (cuz of the terrible ways ppl died):

actually, this kinda relates to toma, in that No Longer Human was published in 1948 (and dazai also died that year), 3 yrs after the war ended, but occupation of japan by the allied powers continued until 1952. those were tough times, dark times...'s some interesting info about japan post-war, and info about the bombings and nuclear weapons in general, too. please do take a look. onegaishimas! =T

[how life was in japan, post-war. wow. kyoto was only large city not devastated by the war!]

[japan had to promise never to start a war again. literally FOREVER. can't wage war. why didn't they make germany promise that too, though?! but there are some loopholes...]

-"An unknown number of survivors from the Hiroshima bombing had made their way to Nagasaki, where they were bombed again." [JESUS!! SO UNLUCKY!!]
[Tsutomu Yamaguchi!! Double survivor of the bombings!!!!! AMAZING!]

[info about the peace park & museum in hiroshima and also a short video clip of the area, with the burnt items recovered from the destruction]
[detailed article about the peace memorial park. oh, they have a statue of Sadako
(have u read the book Sadako and the Thousand Cranes?) there! the girl that died from leukemia because of the radiation. i think the first time i ever heard about the atomic bomb was when i read a book about her life when i was in elementary school...=(

"Needless to say, visiting Peace Memorial Park is a sobering and depressing experience, but it's perhaps a necessary one. Every concerned individual should be informed of the effects of an atomic bomb. We should be aware that what was dropped on Hiroshima is small compared to the bombs of today (in 1961, the Soviet Union tested a hydrogen bomb 3,300 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima)."
[good grief!! 0__0 well, the good news is that this might mean more people will die INSTANTLY when it goes off, instead of having to suffer a slow, painful death.]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NEW midSUMMER BANNERsss!! ^_^V bonzai!!

[credit: some1 was/is using this for their LJ page theme, but i can't remember who. sorry. if u made this and u come here, comment below so i can give u proper credit here. this is 1 of my fav summer toma pics f/last yr. and i love the "come home to me" text added in by that fan!]

at last, new banners!! :D
i hope u'll like them.
it's a summer theme. (though summer is half over by now.)
i'm using a summer festival and beach pic cuz those are 2 things toma mentioned in 1 of his messages from last month, about what u should remember to do during summer...go have fun at these places. =)

i know i always say this, but this time also, it took quite a while to find the right pics! partly cuz i wanted the pics to both be taken IN JAPAN only. even if there's lots of nice beaches in and a lot of summer festivals in japan, somehow i had a hard time finding the right one...not too dark (lots of nighttime festival pics) and not too crowded or too boring (lots of empty beach pics). i think these 2 pics are pretty (love the sparkling water and silhouttes; the cute girls in yukata and boys too, at a pretty location right next to a pool of water in a crowded/fun-looking shopping area), and i like how both have groups of friends in them. cuz summer is a great time to hang out with friends, right?

i really love how japanese ppl have tons of matsuri (festivals) so often in the year!! ^_^ and they have a lot during the summer. the obon (day of the dead, AKA bon odori, is the biggest summer festival, i think. and is mostly celebrated starting on august 15, so i'm a little early for it, that i'm changing banners now! the banner above, the pic is of some teenagers at a bon festival (in Setagaya (世田谷区), Tokyo's most populous city, according to the photographer). I LOVE HOW PRETTY ALL THE GIRLS LOOK IN THEIR COLORFUL YUKATA!! *__* the boys look nice cute in them too, but mostly only see girls and women wear them. i'd like to try wearing one too!! ~_~

i found lots of nice pics of japan beaches (mostly) and festivals and fireworks too.
though i couldn't use them, i thought it'd be nice to share them with you here.
take a look, kudasai!

[6 pics credit: these 6 links are somewhere below!]

matsuri or festival fireworks pics:

people (mostly girls & women) in yukata:

at the beach pics:

mood: hyper
[credit: subliminalicon]

Monday, August 10, 2009

2 strong earthquakes in japan! =[ Perseids meteor shower! =]

this is off-topic, but i thought you'd want to know...

saw it on the tv news just now (but it actually happened on the night of august 9). they didn't say where. i got worried, turned to an asia stock market news channel. luckily, they had a few sentences about the japan earthquake news. still didn't say WHERE in japan (pls, not kyoto!!), only that 43 ppl died (i think? or injured?) and there's still a typhoon coming there!! (>__<) just tried to find info about it. so the earthquake was actually centered at sea, but it shook tokyo (shook enough to make the furniture and walls rattle) and surrounding prefectures!! they stopped the bullet trains and a major baseball game for a little while cuz of it.

got the info from these sites:

whew, thank goodness. kyoto not affected. but toma must have been worried 4 his family and friends back in tokyo...but a BIG ONE predicted within the next 50 yrs in tokyo!! better than us in southern california, THE BIG ONE will probably occur in the next almost 30 yrs. i hate/am scared of earthquakes. -__-

[8/11 update]:
eh!! so 2 earthquakes hit japan! 1 on sunday (6.9), 1 on monday(6.4)!! =0 (also a big one in india.) the one i heard about on tv was the 2nd one. but the info i posted up was about the 1st one. i'm glad the 2nd one only caused some injuries and no deaths. but still, earthquakes in the middle of the night are scary!! o__0 i wonder if toma felt the 2nd's the news about the 2nd earthquake (also centered at sea). watch the video clip! it really shook hard!

the peak of the perseids meteor shower is coming!
it's on the night of august 11 through to the dawn of august 12. pretty much the best of meteor shower of the year, the one where u can see the most. but they say it's a lot more visible to ppl in the northern hemisphere than the southern, so not all of u can see it. i probably can't see it this yr, too, cuz of the mist/clouds. =/ but for those of u that can, try going outside after 9:30pm and look at the sky. go to the links below for more info and directions, with a map of the night sky too, so u know where to look. =)

happy watching!! i hope i'll see a few...

Friday, August 7, 2009

kate's toma 8.7 weekend updates/ about kyoto...

doumo! kate desu.

minna genki?

i caught up with the toma LJ stuff!! ureshii~~ ^-^

also~ my fan art should have arrived at potato and wink up's buildings a day or 2 ago (aug. 6 japan time). probably...i'm gonna start drawing 2 more soon...!

and~ toma said last week in tomagoto: it's the halfway point already! of filming for ningen shikkaku. they had a bbq to celebrate. :D he had a good time, talking to ppl he didn't get a chance to talk to usually. and he asked everyone to pray that this will result in a good production. (kito!! it will be a good movie, no worries, toma-kun!^^ but i'll help u pray for it.)

toma's gonna be in kyoto till the end of august at least, filming for this movie. i got curious about kyoto, since i don't really know anything about the city, except that it makes me think of when i learned about the kyoto protocol, the international agreement created under the UNFCCC in 1997, that asks nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. by the way, did u notice?? i just noticed recently, kyo-to, reversed is to-kyo! is it cause kyoto was the capital and so they just changed the name slightly when they made tokyo the new capital? eh... anyway, i here's some info/pics about kyoto. it seems boring compared with tokyo. but i guess it's good that toma gets to spend time in a different, quieter place for a change.

kyoto pics:

about kyoto:;_ylc=X3oDMTFka28zOGNuBF9TAzI3NjY2NzkEX3MDOTY5NTUzMjUEc2VjA3NzcC1kZXN0BHNsawN0aXRsZQ--

before i get to the LJ stuff, just wanna share a nakatsu MV with u all. there aren't a lot of really good new nakatsu+mizuki MVs out there, but this is pretty good.
[Hana Kimi - Apologize (Nakatsu/Ashiya)]

[credit: strawberry_geem & hpswf1]

There's some new toma magazine scans posted up at the LJ!! but toma's hair, even though it's styled differently for the photoshoots, still looks so...blah. i'm trying hard to like it! but with that kinda haircut, i guess that's the best they could do to make it look good/cool. still, it's nice to see new toma pics, finally!! and the pics of toma lying on the bed in wink up!! kyaa!! *_* (jumping on the bed too! lol. ahhh~ toma, a perfect combination of sexy and cute!!♥) and didn't i tell u he kinda looks like charlie chaplin w/that haircut?? even more so with a hat on! fans have also said he looks like johnny depp in some movies. i'm a johnny fan and i've compared toma to him before, so i like the comparisons ppl are making now!! and this kinda strange guy in ningen shikkaku, it sounds like the kinda role johnny would like to play. haha. it would be awesome if toma could become as highly respected and successful as johnny in the future!!

so~ here's some cool toma LJ stuff.
zehi, take a look.
that's all for now. ja ne.
[toma sightings. a male fan blogged about meeting him, got to shake his hand! *_*]
[brief translation of the 1st toma interview about ningen. =)]

i didn't notice at first (too distracted by his hair), but though toma is happy and smiling during the interview, he really does seem more skinny, pale, and more serious than usual. and seeing those clips of him from the movie...looking so quiet, serious, or sad. =/ there seems to be a dark aura around him in a way, even though he's just talking with the cast or answering questions during the interview. or maybe it's just the dark lighting. haha. seriously though, toma must really be in oba yozo mode, dark mode, most of the time these days. i'm with xdustbunnys-- i want to see his cheerful self again after the filming finishes!
[translation of the old video clip: guess who is toma's mom!!]
[translation of a long excerpt f/a chinese magazine that talks about toma's friendship with yamashita, jun, etc.♥ but some of it is just rumors.]
[some really cute toma+arashi member gifs from the arashi V6 show, and 2 toma/ohno walk out on the stage/catwalk at the maou press conference. KAKKOII!! i loved that moment, and love that now i can re-watch it over and over thru these gifs!!!♥]
[pics of a place called Ikuta Road in japan!! ^-^]
[toma got #5 for best actor for the 13th Nikkan Sports Drama GP. ^^]

mood: rejuvenated [credit: subliminalicon]
music: majosai OST (this is eerie: just as track 1, "majo saiban" started, some clouds outside covered the sun and it got darker suddenly!! is the majo nearby?! xD)

TL 2oo9 BIRTHDAY PROJECT: the 8/6/2009 updates

i bought this cute cake eraser~
at mitsuwa, the last time i went. :P

posted updates to the birthday post! please come take a look. =)

bigger, clearer pics i took while drawing the fan art.

and pics of the 2 bday cards.

and addresses for potato and wink up in japanese,
so u can print it out to use if you wanna send fan art....