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Dear Toma... / NEW MEMBERS! / useful links/ TOMA'S NAME/ WANT 2 MEET HIM?

[above: my new AF signature pic!]

ok, new post!
please don't mind the randomness. =)
(sorry, kinda a boring post.
i'll try 2 make the next update more fun/funny...
i've been behind on toma stuff lately...)

updates for the Dear Toma... blog (so GO CHECK IT OUT!):

i set it up so now u can post pics by posting the image link in the link/url box!

but make sure it's not too long a link, or else it won't show up. u can leave out the http:// part. also, make sure the size of the pic is pretty small, or else it'll look weird after it's resized.

i also turned off the profanity filter so those of u posting in japanese (i.e. aishiteru) will not have the word posted like this: ai****eru. hehe. so keep posting in japanese, it'll show up correctly from now on! of course, please don't curse when posting! though i don't see why u would, when u're writing 2 Toma, right? =P

i also added some rules when posting and added a message 2 toma if he ever comes...he can use the Babelfish translator. haha.

here's a cool pic of toma and a sunset that is 2bai's avatar at the Tomalicious forum!
taken by Pi (yamashita)! =) hope 2bai doesn't mind me posting it here...


(wow, lots of toma fans in the phillipines here and also posting messages at Dear Toma...!! i hope he'll go there some day so his fans can see him!)

hypercube_238, prettywitch028 (Philippines), cecil_cute27, j.zhao_ (Canada) (really love that pic of toma u posted!! thanks!!), vixenrose_j2001 (United Arab Emirates), catsaldz_japisho090 (CUTE toma pic!), franzelle_padilla94 (Philippines), darliemacabugao, mskulet25 (Philippines), strawberry_apol (Philippines), lhyn+_toma, sha_osorio, kristel_1508 (Philippines), michelle_guiveses (Philippines), nathania_29 (Philippines)!!!!

pls go here 2 see new members' pics and messages to toma (just point 2 their pic and u should see their message pop up)

[i'm sorry if u don't show up on the map, i HATE this problem that Frappr has been having for months now. i'm hoping that whenever i finally get the code 2 my new platial version of this map from that lady i talked to at frappr, that by then those of u that don't show up will show up on the map. but then if u still don't by then, u can try 2 join again using a different email? sorry! it's random, seems like it...on which new members can show up, and which don't!]


here's some more useful links for ppl who can't read japanese:

[this is useful if u can SPEAK japanese, but cannot read it!
enter text in japanese and it will tell u what it sounds like,
the romanized version of it.
i use this, but for cantonese, and it really comes in handy!
for the very basic cantonese that i can understand. =P]

[useful eng. to japanese or japanese to eng. online dictionary!
note that for it 2 work, u have 2 write in the romanized japanese word,
such as "kawaii", not the actual japanese text in kanji, hiragana, etc..]



=) here's the thread at the Tomalicious forum about how 2 send toma fan mail:



if u went 2 his wikipedia page, you'll know he was almost named Tamegorou!! thank goodness his mom liked Toma better. i was wondering one day if his name has any special meaning in japanese, so i asked at the Tomalicious forum, and thanks to TripleT for replying with the following:

for Toma's Kanji meaning, I researched about it before
iku = live
ta = (rice) field
to = truth
ma = something like measurement
I'm not really sure about them because I'm distracted by a handsome Indiaman in TV who looks like Ken Hirai a bit too much.

pretty cool, huh? =P
though it's just what each character means, but it's cool that his name has "live" and "truth" in it!!


talk about it here:

so few ppl have actually met him! i guess it's hard cuz he's a JE guy. =(

some1 saw him while he was on break while filming 4 the hana kimi special and wrote about what he was like, u can read about it here:
(THANKS to teacup for translating and wing_goddess for giving me the link!!)
(SMOKING is SOOO NOT cool!! i wonder when he started...i hope he'll quit someday!!
a lot of actors smoke. =/ u don't often hear about them quitting, but hopefully he'll be different. or maybe when he gets a girlfriend, she can convince him. (sigh!) why do so many ppl i know/stars i like smoke?!?!)

[i posted this at the Tomalicious forum]:
i wish i could meet toma in person someday. =)
i had a dream that i met him at an airport and got his autograph!! haha.
it made me wonder if any1 here has met him? or got his autograph/gave him something/took a picture with him??

any1 HERE even seen him out shopping or eating or anything??

and if u have, was he friendly/quiet/trying 2 get away from u as fast as possible?

OR the next best thing, has anyone seen him perform in a stage play or singing or something??
just wonder how toma is when interacting with his fans...but i guess he doesn't get the chance 2 meet fans that much, does he? he doesn't have an official fan club, or else i'd surely join!! no official website just for him either!! =/

anyway, THANKS in advance 4 replying/sharing! ^_^

...of course, i'd love 2 meet him someday (4 SURE, ALL TOMA'S FANS WANT 2 MEET HIM IN PERSON!! ~_~) even if just for a minute, 2 be able 2 say SOMETHING 2 him, or just shake his hand...get his autograph...something like that. that would be a DREAM COME TRUE!

i was able 2 meet hacken lee (my fav asian celebrity/singer!! hacken fan 4 life!) very briefly in 2005 after his concert, and it was an unbelievably awesome, unforgettable experience. i was too happy, it was kinda a blur. i was so nervous/happy. was really really cool.... but though hacken was a little tired (it was late at night)/quiet/not in a good mood, he still stopped and talked a little and posed for group photographs with the small group of fans (i couldn't get in the pics in time!! arrgh!!) before rushing off. i was a little disappointed, but u can't blame him 4 being that way, it was late, and overall, he was already really nice, signing everything every1 handed him and answering our questions. =)

but i think every1 who's got an idol, their nightmare would be if they actually met their idol and she/he turned out to be a real jerk and is totally mean to you when u approach them. i highly believe in the phrase "the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment." i think if u do that when u meet this person, u won't be too upset if they R not as perfect as u thought. haha. that's kinda how i was with hacken, cuz i've heard from other fans that met him, sometimes he is pretty cold to fans... anywayz, remember that STARS are just PEOPLE too, they have their good days and their bad ones. or some just don't like interacting with fans or giving autographs...i think that's fine too, it's just a shame they couldn't try 2 be a little nicer to the ppl that love them (i mean YOU, jerry seinfeld! haha. but i still like u cuz u're funny.) but u know what, JOHNNY DEPP (also a smoker! geez...) is really nice 2 his fans, he's the one 2 try 2 get an autograph from if u get the chance!! just another reason 2 love this awesome, super handsome + cool guy. =P

anyway...i got way off-topic! i hope if i am able 2 meet toma one day, he could at least be as nice as hacken was to me, if not better. =) even if he isn't though, i don't think i'd be mad at him 4 long.... =T haha...

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