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love is like the falling snow... (toma's lovely winter pics 2 keep u warm~)

[credit: !!ii~ُtHًeً B؛e$tُ DaٌM؛n ‘T‘h،!n9ّ~,

♥ toma-ism #87:
愛は似る 降りくる雪の 地に落ちて
落つればただに 消えもてゆくに
(Love is like the falling snow
once it comes it has to go)

[just thought this was a nice poem about how love is like snow...
credit: MarieEve K.A.,]

["nyaaa!" =P have a nice weekend, everyone!!
Credit: same toma imeem group as the ferris wheel pics below]

i didn't forget!!
but there's only around 30 min. till friday is over!!
i've gotta hurry!!
(gomen! for those of u who have already seen these pics,
this post must be boring. i'll make it up to you next friday!
probably... haha. no, i'll really try to!!
so that i won't disappoint you~ gambarimas!)

i see we've got 14 votes for VOICE poll. =)
thank u all, for voting!
and no one has said they don't like it. =)
yappari~ most of u think it's awesome.
i haven't voted. i'll vote after i watch ep.!

i bought another LONELY PLANET book recently, this time a small one about tokyo: TOKYO ENCOUNTER. ~_~ i actually wanted to name my "close to 4 hrs" story something like this! and then the 2nd reason i liked the book immediately: the back cover is pink! the first page is also pink! cute! i somehow associate the color pink with toma. lol. i guess cuz it's the color of hearts and cute/girly things...and hana kimi (pink crest on their uniforms) and H&C (pink cherry blossoms!). also, toma wants to some day dye his hair pink like hide f/x japan! ...though i dunno when i can actually go on a trip to tokyo, buying this book & seeing the pics and looking at the fold-out seems like i'm 1 step closer to tokyo...haha. now if i could only be friends with someone who lives in tokyo. s/he could maybe show me around when i'm there. =) (luckily i already have a few friends in hong kong, so if i'm ever there...)

[credit: meoinkie2, this was from POTATO magazine]

got the rest of his pics f/that interview!! ^_^ thanks to meoinkie once again, always posting up scans i requested!!

also, i realized why that blue-ish pic of toma leaning in the snow looks kinda familiar!! cuz toma posed almost exactly the same way in 2 older pics!! ma~ as long as he looks cute, i don't mind that he uses the same pose ne! anyway....i love any pose that involves toma lovingly looking at us. ~_~

here are some more tomadorable winter pics to warm u up!! i love this one on the left!! so kawaiiiii and adorable!!! he looks so warm and cozy, and that smile!!...u just wanna give him a big hug!!
also, including some pics from probably the start of 2008, some where he took at/on the ferris wheel. i never saw anyone post it up...some other ppl didn't know about it too, so i thought i'd post it up. so, hopefully u haven't seen it also...some cute pics of toma (although kinda blurry)!). i really like toma's hair like this (in the ferris wheel pics...and in general how it was while he was filming/promoting H&C too!) he looks so young, like a high school student, ne?

[kakkoiiii...(CLICK ON IT TO SEE THE FULL SIZE!) credit: baidu]


1.30.2009 edit:
ah, forgot there's some more!

[credit: 10tookie24,]

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AN UNEXPECTED MONDAY (VoiceDay/LunarNewYear/Ellen'sBday) POST- where to watch english subbed VOICE

♥ toma-ism #86:
toma love keeps me warm during these cold winter days. ~_~

strangely, i'm posting on a monday.
yes, it's rare.

it's because today
is special for these reasons...

[2 new kawaii ryosuke pics! credit:,ikuta_tomafanclub/]

HAPPY~ monday/VOICE day!
HAPPY~ lunar new year!! (yr of the calm, resolved, hard-working ox)

HAPPY~ ellen's birthday!! (ellen degeneres, that is!) HAPPY~ conan is on Inside the Actor's Studio today- day! =P

whether u celebrate CNY or not,
i wish for you (in cantonese):

wing yuen hoi sum! ngau neen yau hau wan! (hope i got the 2nd wish right)
forever/always be happy! in the yr of the ox, have a lot of fun!

and most importantly:
sun tai geen hong!
good health!

(credit to louis yuen & other tvb artists that came up with these great ny wishes
during the cny eve show i watched last night. ^_^)

here's a cute/super hyper eeg CNY mv! they make these happy MVs every year. but i especially like this one cuz cho lam wrote the song & directed the MV!! he's quite a funny, charming, talented guy!! (1.33 is when the MV starts. be4 that are some funny/cute NG's)

also, just for fun, go here 2 check out your chinese horoscope for the new year! i checked out mine and toma's. =) we both have good things said relating 2 work! ii ne~

i've been waiting for some1 to post a message at the LJ saying VOICE's ep.1, subbed is out. but no1 posted anything yet. really thanks to charlott for telling me that ep.1 has been subbed by ICEFIGHT!! get it at the link below.

but i wanna try watching the HQ version (and see which subs are better), and so i googled it and found several diff places to watch voice w/eng. subs. check out the links below.
happy watching!! i will download both icefight's and timelessub/giri giri's subbed versions to see which subs are better and then watch soon, hopefully...

oh, just added a VOICE poll here.
please vote! shikuyoro~
[ppl posting diff places u can watch it...]
[good 'ol jdramas. =) they've linked to the softsubbed version and will link to the hardsubbed version as soon as its released.] [2.3.09 EDIT: u should go here to read the notes that went with the giri giri subs to better understand some parts of the dialogue:]
[i think timelessub hardsubs version will be released here soon...]

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FRIDAY RANDOMNESS! toma fan art ...self-conscious toma ...toma facts ...some VOICE things

♥ toma-ism #85:

i want to fall asleep in your arms~
(sitting close~ together on a park bench)
in the glow of the moonlight~
on a cold winter's night~~


kate des. =)

and~ i'm writing this
as the rain is falling outside.
it has also been raining in tokyo recently...very cold.

yappari~ no eng. subs for VOICE ep.1 yet!
but i'll patiently wait for it~
oh, ep.2's ratings was 17.4! yey!! can't be helped.

it's becoming one of those times where i'm running out of things to post here.
yappe na. (that's bad) especially now when i'm getting more hits than i used to. either some new ppl R coming here, or some of you are coming here more often than usual. either way, I'M HAPPY TO SEE I'M OFTEN GETTING 80+ HITS A DAY. MINNA~ ARIGATOU!! i don't want to disappoint you all by not updating a lot. but it's cuz i don't wanna just post links to toma LJ stuff all the time. of course i also wanna come up w/some original things to say here....but recently...i haven't been able to think up anything very interesting to say about toma-kun. haha. (if u are ever really bored here, u can browse thru the old posts in the archive! =P)

so, gomen in advance if the posts these days R not very interesting ne~
and, please know that i am still trying my best, here~!
hai~ gambarimas!!

well then~
here's a lot of random toma things for you. douzo!
have a good weekend and

until next time~

kore! (here!)

[credit: wendy,]

sugeh!!! love the colorful, blurry city lights in the background & toma's determined expression! i think this is f/a recent magazine article.

surprisingly self-conscious??!

it's funny...u wouldn't expect such a good-looking, charming and outgoing guy like toma to be self-conscious (, but the more interviews u watch/read, the more you'll see that he is more of a thoughtful/serious/sensitive/self-conscious guy than the outgoing/hyper/funny/fun guy that he often plays in dramas. at least that's the feeling i get from watching his interviews & reading his blog...and after all, toma has said before that he's actually quite a boring/gloomy guy in real life! but i'm sure he's being modest, if he really was like that, he wouldn't have so many friends! haha...but, who says actors can't also be shy/quiet, right? like johnny depp or tony leung in real life. =)

it makes me think of something chris rock said: "i don't have confidence in real life; something happens to me on stage that kinda disappears as soon as i get off stage." haha...

but i think it's so cool that toma's got another side to him that is quite different from the characters he often plays...yet he is convincing in any kinda role, whether he's a funny/cute or serious/cool or a geeky/outsider guy!! well, there's many different sides to toma, right? =] though i really do think toma has a lot in common with nakatsu...he's also straightforward, cheerful, a really good friend u can depend on, but also quick-tempered.

and when toma sometimes messes up, or does something clumsy, or finds it hard to answer certain questions during his appearances on various tv shows...those are some of my favorite moments! =) cuz he is still so cute when he messes up/can't think of what to say! and it goes to show, toma is also just a regular person like the rest of us, who will get nervous and make mistakes in certain situations. though i swear, most of the time, he just seems PERFECT.

and do u notice how toma often fixes his hair (his bangs)? ~_~ but i guess if there were a lot of girls screaming at you all the time when u appear and people saying you're so cute/good-looking all the time, YOU would also be fixing your hair often and be somewhat self-conscious too!! point is, i like him just the way he is!!
he is always so GENUINE and NATURAL, whether onscreen or during interviews. u get the feeling that he is always honest with's really refreshing and 1 of the main reasons i like him so

the screencap above is from 1 of my favorite toma interviews. u can download it from the Tomalicious Fansubs link below, if u haven't seen it! though it's quite a short interview, with only toma (looking a little tired. =T) and the interviewer/camera man and some other ppl in a small empty room... but i really liked seeing toma's calm, simple answers and how mature and (as always) very polite he is. (and seeing him kinda show us a soccer trick he can do is pretty cool!!) though he's not doing anything special or making cute faces, but he is still so charming, right??
ahhh~ tomaaaaa~
[20070918 chichin puipui]

EH? did you know...

- since 1997, toma's acted in 21 dramas & 19 theatrical plays!! he's really got a ton of acting experience ne!! it's nice that the number is almost equal, he's done both kinds of acting. really impressive! this info is from the above chichin puipui interview. in 2007, toma also got the most votes from AN AN readers for the actor who will get a break (be the next break out star)!! sugoi!! =)

- He and his younger brother Ryuusei [no wonder his name in VOICE sounded a little familiar to me! ryosuke kinda sounds like his brother's name! =) wait, his brother's name kinda sounds like "shut up/be quiet" in japanese!! XD] are fans of GLAY and they attend every single concert during his spare time. got this info f/toma's wikipedia page. somehow, i don't remember reading this before...i looked them up:

VOICE things...

i made a new simple banner to promote VOICE at AF. =)

btw, "voice" in japanese is "koi"!
oh, remember be4, when i was talking about how toma was asking his "lovers" to help him promote this drama? well, after reading the translated version of it at the tomalicious forum, i found out that it can also be understood as him asking everyone reading his message to ask THEIR family, friends, lovers, relatives, etc. to promote VOICE! haha...that would make more sense, but i still would like to think of him asking his many "lovers" (his fans) to help him promote it. =P

toma & the others have been appearing on lots of different talk shows to promote their drama. u can download them all at the toma LJ community! IS IT JUST ME, or doesn't the only girl in the main cast, SATOMI (kanoko), look a lot prettier in real life than in the drama?? in the drama, she her upper lip is too full! but during the interviews, her lips look fine and she looks a lot prettier! mm...i guess it's cuz of her more different hairstyle & lipstick in the drama...

anyway, here's one show that i liked cuz of what toma did at the might be nothing much, but i thought it was really sweet/thoughtful of him to do that!! you see, at the end of the interview, the 3 of them were bowing/thanking the hosts for having them on the show. they bowed to the left and bowed to the right (the direction of the hosts). but ONLY toma, ONLY he, bowed one more time straight at the camera! and i think it's a bow/thank you for us, the viewer right? ^_^ i know it's not a big deal and toma has always interacted w/the camera/the viewer more than others, but i still thought it was a nice gesture that shows toma always remembers and is grateful to the viewer/his fans. *__* sugoi!

[HQ version:]

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thoughts about the hana kimi -Graduation & Ep 7.5 SPECIAL- (but pls think of it as: -A WHOLE LOTTA ~NAKATSU LOVE~ SPECIAL!!-)

[MINNA DAISKIIDA! i love everyone at osaka gakuen!! ]

♥ toma-ism #84:
BABY~!! xD

kate des.
(proudly listening to our new president obama's
very inspiring inaugural address right now!)


*raises hand*

hai~ that's me.
i wonder if any1 else has, impossibly, still not seen the SP by now.
probably no one, right? eto...i guess i've been saving it (also, only finished Maou in nov. i needed some time to leave naoto & the Maou world behind be4 i could see toma as nakatsu again!), don't want to watch it too fast and then have to leave this ikemen paradise again...but now i'm really glad i watched it during the end of 2008/start of 2009!! (dec.31-jan.2, i couldn't watch it all at once, wanted to lengthen it in this way...) a really awesome way to end/start the year ne~~

before i continue, i need to say a BIG, BIG

to the SARS STAFF & kai200x,
for subbing the special for all of us hana kimi fans!


[credit: audreyfrill @]

also, i got way too many screencaps, 300something!! i told myself to not get so many, but damn, toma/nakatsu is just so freaking cute!! i couldn't help it, had 2 capture all his expressions/faces/gestures!! u can check them out here:



but nakatsu the most!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

ja~ please forgive kate for writing so much again.
(a lot of **SPOILERS**) has been so long, i didn't think the feeling would be the same, when returning to this ikemen world...especially after seeing toma as takemoto and especially naoto!

but as soon as i saw them in their uniforms, at that school, so enthusiastic and cute, i was really really happy!! i was afraid i'd be disappointed, but only after a couple of minutes, i was totally back in hana kimi mode and loving all of them! like seeing old friends, "i really missed you all!! so good to see every1 again!!" ESPECIALLY NAKATSU!!! toma completely became nakatsu again, it was almost as if he was exactly the same awesome & cute nakatsu, except for his hair and this time, he really was a little more silly/exagerrated. haha...

YAPPARI~ NAKATSU GOT ALL THE CUTEST/FUNNIEST SCENES, AND APPEARED SO MUCH, I FELT LIKE THIS IS A SPECIAL ESPECIALLY FOR NAKATSU/TOMA!!! LOL. HE EVEN GOT TO "PRESENT" THE SP. TO US, AT THE START! REALLY, HE DESERVES IT, HE WAS THE BEST IN THE DRAMA, AFTER ALL, AND THE REASON I (and many other ppl) WATCHED IT!!! though of course, it was EVERYONE having fun, acting silly, falling in (and out) of love and overcoming their problems together that made hana kimi an unforgettable drama about how wonderful youth can be. =)

awww...i love these ikemen!!! haha...they are totally crazy/silly....even (of course!) more than before, completely manga-like!! nakatsu/toma is so darn cute, though he's making faces so much, especially that "wanna fight?! let's go now!" face. haha...he and the others do exagerrate a bit in here...but it's all copacetic my babies!! (1 of conan's catchphrases, copacetic = fine; completely satisfactory; OK.)

SO MANY LOVELY CLOSE-UPS, he is really so cute!! i didn't like his light brown hair color when seeing pics of him before, but while watching, i found myself thinking "his hairstyle is so cool!! he is super kawaii!!" maybe they made it a lighter color to better look like nakatsu's blond hair in the manga??

and it's SO funny how they make fun of the ideas that nakatsu is more like the lead than sano, nakatsu & kayashima's "more than friends" vibe, all these inside jokes...and adding the girl-girl relationship!! instead of the guy-guy thing they've done so much. haha. cool. and it moved along so fast! but it's good that they squeeze as much silliness/awesomeness out of nakatsu, oscar, tennoji, nakao, sekime, namba, kayashima (HE DIDN'T APPEAR/SAY MUCH THOUGH...!) etc., the whole gang...they're all so funny and excellent actors!! ^__^

it's a big coincidence, but i ended up finishing the SP, then that night, i watched ep.s 7 & 8 with my sister, who is watching hana kimi 4 the first time right now (almost done...but she's already sad about it, knowing the end is coming soon. so toma-like of her ne? haha~)!! so i could see what happened before and after the SP happened...and think about it if it made sense that these things happened in between ep.s 7 & 8. they really tried to make it make sense, but of course there were some things that didn't, some of the things that happened AFTER what happened in the SP....but that's ok. there's bound to be some inconsistencies when they do something like this, a "flashback" kinda episode.

[i want to give u chocolates too, nakatsu!! ^_^ *puts one in his box*]
ok, so from now, i'll just write the random thoughts i had while watching it:

- ahhh~ it's awesome to see nakatsu interacting w/so many of his fans. it feels like toma being w/his fans na! i especially like it that he's looking straight at the camera while saying "arigatouuuu!". it's like toma can thank his fans too, in this way!! sugoi!!

-it's really nice to see them all with the pretty cherry blossom trees in the background!! it makes everything prettier...though it's supposed to be the end of summer. haha.

-detective nakatsu!! after seeing him as the serious detective serizawa in maou, it's funny to see him as a detective once again. but when they were filming the SP in march, he probably did not know yet, that he would get the chance to be a real detective in Maou?? they only announced he'll be in maou in may, but dunno from when he was actually offered that role?? but i'm glad he was able to be nakatsu again be4 he was naoto!! cuz he was the happier, more carefree toma who has never had to carry naoto's burden & sadness, yet!

- ma~ to me, i always thought sano liked mizuki way earlier! but i guess if it's when he LOVED her, then i'm not sure...but wouldn't it probably be ep.6, when he hugged her??!

- i was annoyed that they cut out nakatsu's touching "i need you!" part f/the flashback!! but it was cool to see nakatsu almost fight w/sano again...but there were more flashbacks then i expected, that was also annoying. haha.

- it was cool to see what happened after his breakup w/komari. and i just realized he never told mizuki or any1 that he broke up w/komari! but then again, any1 that made it up to the rooftop that night was cursed, so probably every1 knew they broke up anyway cuz of that.

- i really didn't like sano/shun's hairstyle this time!! it's kinda weird, though i wasn't crazy about his old hairstyle either. haha. also, i thought sano was out of character a lot this time. he just was a little too happy sometimes, especially after "kissing" mizuki. i'm used to and i like the serious/cool sano more.

actually....i really got annoyed/bored with the sano and sano/mizuki parts in this special...tell me i'm not alone on this! i dunno, it just was not that interesting, especially cuz we already know he likes her and that they'll end up together!!

- JULIA. i had a big big problem with her!! 0____o
not just that "how DARE she, creep up on nakatsu like that, scaring him to death!" though scared nakatsu hugging kayashima (EVEN TURNING HIS HEAD TOWARDS KAYASHIMA'S....!) & the others also scared and in PJs is cute!

but i just didn't like how she looked so strange (her hair & clothes were...)/caused so much trouble. i'm sorry, but to me, she almost looked like a guy pretending to be a girl, somehow!! though she is kinda pretty, but i hate it when every1 keeps saying she is cute, when she's not that cute! and she said she was trying to help mizuki, but she screwed up things more than actually help! arrggh!! i also hate it that she took up quite a lot of screentime, precious time that could have gone to more hilarious nakatsu scenes!! so i really liked how nakatsu completely hated her, calling her a "nightwalker". lol!! AND I LOVE THE PART HE WAS ALL IN HER FACE, SAYING INSULTS IN HIS HEAD. xD

[lol, i loved this scene!! nakatsu & namba~ stalkers!!]

-namba liking julia?? he was quite annoying cuz of this!! namba was a little too silly in this SP... but i liked him when he got serious. when he stood up for nakatsu with his mom, tried to explain to her that they are all good friends and nakatsu really is serious about soccer...and also warned julia against trying to hurt his classmates. he is really a good dorm head, protecting/looking after everyone. =) and it goes with the feeling we get from ep. 8, when we found out namba already had a plan, all of them would be able to meet and work together at THE HOME OF THE SEA if the school is closed. =)

i was kinda confused too, cuz namba's so close with nakai, i thought they were dating? which would be nice to see, but then he has a huge crush on julia, so... then they're not together. poor nakai. =/

-it's nice that besides the weak main storyline of when sano started to love mizuki [which didn't really tie all the parts together very well...], the 2nd storyline was about nakatsu not getting along w/his mother/maybe not being able to continue playing soccer!! so glad the focus is on him, and we finally get to see him be the soccer star that he is...kinda. haha. no wonder toma wrote about his muscles hurting, it was f/all the running around in these soccer scenes, probably!

-actually, i was not that impressed with the whole competition at the pool was kinda too silly, some parts...but it was still fun to see them messing around there, all in black swim shorts only, too! haha. oh, the toma x2 fake talk show talking about dorm 2 was WEIRD/FUNNY!! haha. and i liked the little dance they did, of course led by nakatsuuuu! always cool to see toma dancing!! and his wink at the end!! =)
and toma looked totally fit & awesome shirtless, not like in a photo of him i saw, where he looked a little chubby at the tummy! hmmm...must have been the angle of that pic or something.

and it was funny/expected that nakatsu brought a tiny speedo for her to wear, but WHY IN THE WORLD DIDN'T SHE HAVE A PLAN, AN EXCUSE, OF WHY SHE COULDN'T TAKE PART IN THE COMPETITION?! sano had to come to her rescue again. that was really stupid!! probably that was just to let julia know that he knows she's a girl...

and though i usually love any nakatsu/mizuki closeness scenes, it made no sense that he'd try to kiss her in front of all the guys like that, to check her temperature?? even if he's already ok with the idea of liking a guy, it's too soon to be so open about it!! but i love his "homo jenai ii!" as he was unconscious. lol!

it also is so ridiculous that mizuki almost drowns just cuz she's afraid of the guys seeing thru her shirt??!! i mean, why didn't any of the guys, especially nakatsu, wonder why she's been in the pool so long??! and she's crazy for being in there so long, couldn't she have somehow gotten out while they weren't paying attention?? aiya.... and the guy-saving-girl-from-the-pool/ocean-by-giving-her-mouth-to-mouth resuscitation has been done to DEATH!! just another not so special sano/mizuki moment...

- it was also weird to see Kagurazaka suddenly in love w/sano after their kiss! it's hilarious,'s better if they left it at just the hinting that he likes sano, in the later episodes!! it's WEIRD to see Kagurazaka so girly like that. but still, that was very funny. hahaha!

- it's nice to see sano saying he'd like to see nakatsu become a famous soccer star someday....can see some parts where sano cares about/helps nakatsu. i'm still not sure how their friendship ended in the past, but i guess it was after sano's injury and he stopped being friends with everyone...

- I LOVED SEEING THEM ALL ON THE SOCCER FIELD, PROBABLY MY FAV PART OF THE SP!! (and finally get to hear that catchy and inspiring IKEMEN BOOGIE music!! YEY!!) suddenly it becomes a crazy kinda soccer!! lol. actually, it made me a little nostalgic. at my school, we used to play "crazy soccer" at the end of the year, where several teams would play against each other at once, with like...was it 4 soccer balls?? it was really crazy, but really fun!! haha...

and toma is SOOOOO cute when they first told him what's going on. that expression on his face... that "i'm so touched that u guys would do this for me!" face!! toma at his CUTEST!!! ahhhh~ i love these "minna~~" moments, the they're-such-good-friends moments!! (they are also my "why-can't-i-have-such-good-friends-like-this?!" moments! haha)

though nakatsu and all the others didn't really play super good, but still, it was cool to see them help him out like that and seeing nakatsu score a goal was AWESOME!! *__*


it's nice to see sano get to be a part of the team with everyone else, too. =) even though for only a little while.

also, toma's hair is still so cool even w/ the headband!! really~ toma's always got the coolest hairstyle....and he's got such nice, full, soft hair!! ~__~

and it's cute/ridiculous when they all start singing. i love it when sekime yells out "MINNA DAISKIIDA!" haha. cuz that's how i feel too!!! :D

finally, nakatsu's mom believes in him and he is happy again. yey!! that was a nice moment..."YOU CAN TRUST ME!!" ^_^ toma does such a nice job in those so stressed out-then-relieved scenes!

- it's cool to see the guys during winter all gathered & cozy like that!! =P hearing about their crazy trip to CA to meet mizuki...then about how even after graduation, they'll be ok and still all be together somehow...

- i's only the 3 dorm heads and hibari who are graduating. the others still have 1 more yr left? it's touching and sad to see them saying their goodbyes...but also funny!! (oscar!)'s sad to have to say goodbye to them again, but at least its a happy goodbye, and i know they're all gonna still be happy together after graduation. makes me think of my own h.s. graduation!! though of course it was nowhere as funny/happy or sad....

BUT when mizuki gets weird. why in the world is she STILL feeling so sad/guilty and awkward around them??! after everything that has happened!! they already forgave her be4 she left, then even visited her in CA! why make it so dramatic now?? geez!! THAT WAS SO UNNECESSARY. i would have liked it a lot more if everyone just ran out and gave her a group hug or something (of course, nakatsu would hug her FIRST!!)...just her and them all happy that she came!! and then wouldn't have to waste time with her whole speech or apology or whatever that was!!!

(but it was funny how her family discovered that she was missing! again, i don't understand why they made her family seem rich, and the house is clearly not the same one from the first time we saw her house. actually, she lives in a mansion now!! did her family suddenly get rich during the time she was gone??! weird.)

but i really liked how toma was always in the background as she was talking. he's looking at her the whole time and smiled a lot too. ~__~ even when just in the background, toma still stands out!! =P ***whenever he's onscreen, his presence is felt strongly!!***

-THE LAST SCENE: mm...yappari, not a very romantic sano-mizuki moment, though what she wrote in the letter was touching! but i already guessed that he already read her letter! but it seems kinda too doesn't make sense to me that she would confess to loving him (and bake cookies for him?? not mizuki-like at all!! and quite corny/it's been done so many times in dramas. but i guess most japanese girls bake cookies for guys they like then??) in a letter right before she leaves. i mean, in the conflicted/sad state of mind that she was in... especially since during that time, sano barely seemed to like her (except for hugging her) and was busy practicing jumping all the time. was quite weird to actually see them as a couple, since sano still acts all cool even when saying something like "i love you" to her!! it's all very anticlimactic again, just like sano & mizuki's first real kiss in the airport was!!

**** the best love confession & the best goodbye still belongs to nakatsu!!!! actually, what he said to her when she left, as he cried... ='( so sweet and touching and sad!! it will always be one of the best goodbyes ever, to me!!! of course, his love confession to her too!! truly unforgettable!!!! ♥ ******

LUCKILY, nakatsu saves the day (saves the ending!) and runs up to interrupt their love moment!! hahaha! YES, THANK YOU FOR STOPPING THIS COUPLE WITH SO LITTLE CHEMISTRY FROM KISSING, NAKATSU!!! xD ah, nakatsu cuteness/awesomeness!!!! being jealous, stealing sano's cookie. haha! "IT'S SWEET!!!" but yes, of course there's no hard feelings, they're good friends despite what happened w/mizuki... nakatsu's smiling face is of course cute, but sano looks funny when he smiles! haha. but I REALLY LOVE THE PRETTY LOCATION, THE EVENING SUNLIGHT SHINING ON THEM (on nakatsu's blonde-ish hair! kakkoii!)!! ^__^

it's confirmed again that he loved her after he got the cookies. but how does nakatsu know about the cookies?? i guess he saw it in their room later or something...a lot of things don't really make sense in this SP. lol...but it's good that detective nakatsu guessed right!

but i would've liked it ending just at nakatsu & sano smiling in the afternoon sunlight!! instead of it ending with mizuki's forced/awkward smile back in the usa! o__0 and that cherry blossom petal in her hair. that was kinda corny!

AND I WISH NAKATSU COULD'VE KISSED MIZUKI or been more close to her throughout the SP!! argggh!!! at least he stopped them f/ kissing at the end!! LOL.


though we might not have a chance to watch them all together as students of ohsaka gakuen again,
it's really good to know they still sometimes see each other while working or go out to eat right now, in the studios across f/ the one that toma films in for VOICE, there are some guys f/the hana kimi cast that are filming their dramas there! some of them are Mizobata Junpei (Kazuma, 1 of the dorm 2 guys), Kimura Ryo (Nakao), hiro (namba), and i think Kyo Nobuo (oscar)!! toma said it's fun at lunch, when they get together (10 of them). he says it's like a mini Ikemen Paradise (reunion)! ahh~ sweet~~ *_*

P.S. almost forgot~ i was wondering what was written on nakatsu's arms in the pool scene & also what was the message that showed up at the very end of the SP?? if any1 could tell me, i'd be really really appreciate it! =)

Friday, January 16, 2009

some screencaps of toma, eita and satomi promoting VOICE

hi there!
this is my 241st post!

24 is my fav number, actually.
speaking of favorites, today, Paul Blart: Mall Cop is now playing in a theatre near you (in the usa)!!
kevin james was in one of my fav tv series, The King of Queens! he is just hilarious!! please go watch his movie! i think it will be funny! i will probably go watch it sometime this weekend. =P

mm...i just thought of this.
i'm gonna try to post every friday~
for the en~tire year, every friday of 2009!!

i wonder if i can do it...
well, they probably won't all be good ones, though. haha.
and here's the 1st of those not so good ones! =P
cuz i ran out of time today, couldn't finish writing the post i meant to post up today.
gomen! (and yes, i'm skipping the toma-ism again today. haha.)

so here's some high quality screencaps of toma as ryosuke. =)
i really love his current hairstyle, so cool!!
although his hair was already like this last year ne.
i've been watching these interviews and seeing clips f/ep. 1. =]
it keeps reminding me of hachikuro, still...
these screencaps are from the video u can download here. [credit: hpswf1]

[i love how toma can be sooooo cute without trying. effortlessly cute, the ultimate kind of cuteness!!! just a simple smile, a simple look, yet so kawaiiiii~ i just wanna give him a hug, he's so adorable!! ♥]

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

banner i'm gonna use at AF to help promote VOICE. =)

just made it really quick... gomen, there were cuter screencaps of toma, but i had to pick one where he wasn't smiling so it better expresses the theme of the drama! it is about people dying, after all...feel free to use it if u want, and no need to credit me. just don't say u made it. haha. i only linked to the dramawiki cuz i figure that's where they can get the most info about the series...and if they wanna watch it after reading about it, they can ask me or google it.

HURRAY!! the ratings for the 1st ep. was 17.7%, that's really good!! H&C and maou never got that high, and hana kimi's highest rating was 17.8 (though the SP got 18.8!)
. off to a terrific start!!


by making/using VOICE banners/icons! yeah~!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i need someone to cure me. please call DR.IKUTA:) --ameonna10

[toma as the really really cute forensics medical student, Ryosuke. ~_~ kawaiiii~]

♥ toma-ism #83:
can i~ depend on you?

hi there!
good morning!

it's me.

actually~ i'm in no hurry to watch VOICE, cuz i am still watching akihabara@deep (love Box & all the otaku geekiness/craziness!!) xD) right now. and also re-watching hana kimi w/neesan (feels really nostalgic ne! nakatsu=love!!). but seeing the screencaps of VOICE today got me really excited...really wanna watch it soon!! haha. u can already download ep.1 at the toma LJ community. but i gotta wait 4 the subbed vers. let's see if my prediction was right, that we'll have to wait at least 1 week for its release! ...well then~ here R some VOICE updates! i wonder if ep.1 got good ratings...

oh, right! yesterday, saw toma's latest message from jan.7, where he asked everyone, and i mean everyone~~ to help him promote VOICE. =P he listed these ppl and asked that they all help him promote his new drama: "Family, friends, lovers, nieces and nephews, long distance relatives etc..." [credit: lia,]
LOVERS?! he must mean his fans/all who love him, of course, but his word makes it sound like he's got a lot of girlfriends, right? lol!! when i'm sure he doesn't have any right now. maybe he's including his past significant others too, though...anyway~ i love it when toma writes ambiguous things like this...kinda confusing, can mean THIS~ or THAT~ ...^_~

ma~ a lot of things about toma-kun is ambiguous! he can be/look both boyish and girly...i'm not sure if he likes girls or guys more...he is so outgoing & happy when on-screen/on-stage, but he's also so modest & serious during interviews...toma, he's full of contradictions, kind of? flirty yet sincere, masculine yet delicate, popular yet down-to-earth, and considerate yet straightforward!

but, that's why i like him~!

sorry, i got off-topic! i just love his ambiquity...
so.... if he means all who love him, then i count as 1 of those toma lovers! and i will definitely try to help promote VOICE for you, toma! i think i'll try making a small VOICE banner soon that i can use for my signature at AF...and you all can use it to help promote VOICE too! yeah~!

[speaking of lovers....kyaaa!! flirty tomaaaaaa!!! THANKS TO PAIGE FOR THE LINK! all screencaps credit:]

oh, the title of my post.
i was looking for VOICE stuff when this came up in the search results. i love what she said, though technically, he's not a doctor yet, and not the kinda doctor that treats ppl that are still alive, but 4 that goes to!

i know who toma's got a crush on!
ah, i mean, who Ryosuke's got a crush on! just saw the characters' relationships map here. couldnt they find a prettier actress 2 be his crush, though?? =T

[Oi !! minna-chan, remember to watch my drama, VOICE!! =P arigatouuuu!]
here's a great interview enshinge translated, where toma talks about his character in VOICE and how he researched forensics to prepare for his role! toma bought the medical books right be4 they gave him some! haha. and i'm sure i'll be touched by this drama, just like toma says... but i hope toma's character will not just be the popular/flirty guy with a serious side, but also a pretty smart [LITERALLY, in toma's case! pretty + smart. heehee~] student...never seen him as a smart/studious guy before. =)

i hope u like the new bg song, fiona's new song, "sweet honey". i know, i know. it's a little TOO sweet and corny, but...i like it. ~_~ and it really expresses how i feel about toma, though i only have a general idea of what the lyrics mean. check out fi's sweet MV for it, where she floats up whenever he says he loves her! cute!!:

*__* just had to pass on this very inspiring quote to everyone! it also goes with the theme of VOICE, ne! thanks to FBL ( for this quote!! AND i will think it over...

Friday, January 9, 2009

jan. 2009 toma LJ stuff... / TOMA~ CUTENESS~ OVERLOAD~! ♥

so pretty, wanted to share it with you. :) ah~ i love winter!

♥ toma-ism #82:
Isn't he lovely
Isn't he wonderful
Isn't he precious...
...isn't he lovely, made from love. [slightly altered lyrics f/Stevie Wonder's Isn’t She Lovely]

so, i'm posting on friday again.

i finally checked out the latest posts at LJ...i haven't really been there since around october!! i've been missing out on all the things toma's done after he finished maou, but i'll catch up on those stuff little by little...i feel like i've been living in a cave for the longest time (well, actually, i was in Maou world!)!! haven't watched/read/seen any toma stuff f/that time, cuz i only finished Maou in november and i didn't go to LJ the whole time to avoid Maou or the hana kimi SP spoilers...BUT IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK THERE NOW!! =) all the latest toma tv appearances/news/pics! i really do love the toma LJ community so much!! ♥

so here's some cool recent toma stuff i saw there
that i think u should check out!!
[E's Billboard Collections in Shibuya/ the VOICE poster at shibuya station! THANKS TO nutty_lee!!]
[Toma on Nakai Bowling SP/ toma jumping rope & holding onto goro!! kawaiiiii! THANKS TO teacup79!]
[paige's WHY DON'T YOU LIKE ME nakatsu MV! :)]
[thanks to teacup79: So I'm pretty sure everyone's already heard that Toma was special guest at the News concert :D :D :D Here's a compilation of their lovey dovey moments as told by concert reports =)]

i just thought of a tough new year's resolution for myself! to not be jealous of toma & yamashita's closeness!!

...geez, this is gonna be hard!! @__@

~~~~~this is from oct., but if u haven't seen it, U GOTTA WATCH IT!! TOMA~ CUTENESS~ OVERLOAD~!
[Download] 15/10/2008 Toma on Gutannupo
He looks so adorable. ;p All the four ladies poking his cheek. haha. ; ) / thanks to lingzy!]

[EDIT: u can dload TFS's subbed version of this clip here! thanks to salome 4 telling me TFS translated it. =) i wish i could try touching his soft cheek!! all love-related questions, too....yappari~ work is more important to him than love!]

[couldn't resist writing too cute on there. HE IS SO UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE & CUTE HERE!!!!
credit: original screencap by lingzy, and the "so adorable" toma .gif at the top also made by her! :)]

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Happy New Year! Don’t Die." xD/ toma's happy new year message!/ news @AF

♥ toma-ism #81:

in 2009~
i'm wishing that you'll be loved!
hai~ even more than usual. ;)

doumoooo!! :D
savvy kate des.

can u tell??
i'm really happy right now!
cuz i just got to read
toma's happy new year message for everyone.
ahhh~ it gave me a warm~, sweet~ feel~ing, ne~.....!

i got/saw some nice happy new yr messages, so i'm re-wishing it to u all! =)

in 2009~
i'm wishing you a new year filled with
all the joy that the love of toma-kun can give!!!♥

and i'm especially~
wishing you to be loved!!♥

seriously though~
even if 2009 turns out to be a just ok year for us,
i hope it's at least better than 2008. =)
(and don't ever let anything get you down too much,
remember you can always live vicariously through toma! hahaha.)

also, here's a nice new year quote i got from the Sierra Club's Daily Ray of Hope email. it's cool cuz it makes me think of toma's drama, VOICE, starting soon!
For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. -- T.S. Eliot

[lots of LOVE & PEACE for everyone in 2009, onegaishimas!! credit:]

enough from me though, go here to read Lia's translation of
toma's 1st tomagoto post of 2009!!

his happy new year message for us!
i was especially happy to read it,
cuz there have been no new tomagoto translations at tomalicious since mid-december. i really missed reading toma's messages!! toma-kun, sabishii desu! (i miss u!)

(~_~ just found out today, you can go here to read translations of
NEW and RECENT tomagoto entries!! ureshiiiiiii!!!

such a short, but sweet message!!
in 2009, 2010, 2011...all the years from now, I'LL DEFINITELY TAKE CARE OF YOU, TOMA-KUN!♥ toma-kun, i'm also depending on you~!
i'm sure in japanese, he means "take care" as in "support", but i love how it sounds more personal in english, this way! ...oh, i looked up japanese new yr cakes...i think he must mean the mochi, the glutinous rice cakes? haha. wouldn't you like to try some now? some info about these rice cakes here: this is where i got the "Happy New Year! Don’t Die"! @__@ gotta be careful when eating these sticky cakes...

oh, u've gotta read his last entry from 2008, he wrote about how 2008 was a great year for him and he wrote some mushy things about being at the NEWS concert w/yamashita!! haha. this message is just too cute/sweet!!

[or maybe he means these kinda pretty new yr cakes?? sa~

now~ for some recent/not so recent toma-related news
f/my favorite source for asian entertainment news, ASIANFANATICS!!! ^_^

(gomen~ still quite hyper
from reading toma's messages.
haha...i'll calm down now.)

.......the AF GOLDEN GLOBES 2008 is coming soon! yappari, toma won some awards there last year!
pls vote for toma in any categories he's nominated in, if you are able to vote! more info here:

i read there, that
GReeeeN is gonna sing the themesong for VOICE. i dunno anything about them, but listened to some of their songs on imeem, they sound good! hopefully the song will be great, cuz if it's would be when i didn't like the H&C themesong...i got quite annoyed listening to it at the end of each episode or in the series. =/

they won some awards from Popolo TV Grand Prix 2008!! :D
(December 25, 2008)

i'll just list the ones they won, but u can see the whole list at the link above.

-Maou was got the 6th most votes for BEST DRAMA
-Ohno got the 4th most votes for BEST ACTOR
★-TOMA got the 4th most votes for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for H&C. WHAT?? this is like the 2nd time that he won a supporting role award for that drama! toma was the LEAD!
★-TOMA and Ohno got the MOST VOTES for BEST RIVALS in Maou!! BONZAI!! V^_^V
-TRUTH/Arashi won BEST THEME SONG!! yay!! love this song, still! V^_^V

-the hana kimi didn't make it into the top 5 BEST DRAMA SP!! =[

...........toma didn't make it on to the Oricon: Face of 2008 poll! =(
but arashi and maki did. for the full list, go here: (January 2, 2009)

...........BUT TOMA DID MAKE IT ON TO THE MOST BLOGGED ABOUT MALE CELEBRITIES IN JAPAN!! ^_^ if it was a worldwide thing, i'm sure he'd get a higher rank!! and he already made it onto a similar most blogged about guys poll a while back, too. it's fun to blog about him ne~~
Male Most Written About In Japanese Blogs Ranking,
Monday January 5, 2009 Japan

1. Oguri Shun
2. Ichihara Hayato
3. Akanishi Jin
4. Ikuta Toma
5. Tamaki Hiroshi
6. Sakurai Sho
7. Matsumoto Jun
8. Miura Haruma
9. Kimura Takuya
10. Eita

credits: oricon + kaminari_tsk @ jpopsuki + martypedia