Saturday, September 29, 2007


of old toma
video clips i found on youtube.
mostly of him & the other guys singing at various concerts/shows!
got a headache, almost.....
the MV about him & yamapi since they were lil sad but
also nice 2 see how close they were since they were kids!!
reminds me of the relationship TWINS must have....
except x 1000000 cuz they worked together
since they were 11 or something!!

toma is really so charismatic and a really good performer/entertainer.
he's so natural in front of the camera and always so hyper/cheery!!! =D
how do all of them remember the tons of diff dances they do 4 each song?!?!

there's so much still that i
HAVEN'T watched, but 4 now, i gotta limit myself
to the bunch i watched today
(haha, each time finish 1, there's like 3
more (related videos) that appear that i end up watching a lot
more than i planned!!
CAN'T... STOP....MUST....
cuz i really really gotta finish the hana kimi series....
only about 1 week left till toma's 23rd b-day!!!!
so fast!!

ANYWAY, above R some cute screencaps of toma singing.
and there's A LOT more, but i'm just not gonna be able 2 post them all here.
way too much...

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