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delicate beauty + strength / toma, my HERO (mv) / toma's alien fans! / toma Grease photoshoot / some songs

(no time 4 toma-ism today. i'll make up 4 it in the next post! haha.)

good night everybody!! haha.

or should i say very early good morning!
so late again!
i'm really sorry!
it couldn't be helped.
please forgive me!
and after you waited so long,
i've got only random toma stuff and some songs for u!
haha. oh well...i don't have a lot 2 talk about now cuz i'm behind on toma stuff/maou lately.

[taken by danjw96@flickr. *u gotta click on it 2 see the full size!!*]

this amazingly beautiful photo!! it's my desktop bg now. ~_~
i got it from here:
u rarely see cherry blossoms and snow at the same time ne! it was taken in april on a cold morning, probably in the usa. by a young boy?? haha~ didn't expect that!
i found it the other day by accident. it reminds me of toma!!

because the cherry blossom's so delicate, fragile and beautiful, and yet it remains strong and can persevere in the face of adversity (snow).
isn't that a wonderful way to think of toma?? he really has a sensitive/delicate personality (easily gets lonely, easily cries, very emotional, etc.) and he's certainly beautiful in a delicate/soft way. ~_~ but he's still a very strong-willed, determined person who can overcome obstacles (not being able to debut, being seperated from his friend yamapi, no clear direction in his career/life when he was younger, etc.)

[speaking of amazingly beautiful~! some recent magazine pics of toma laaaa~! ~_~
thanks to meonkie2@AF and credits to: baidu. u can see them in full size & more kakkoi toma magazine scans starting here:]

........... remember 2 keep voting 4 toma here! he got 4th place in august. i hope he'll get 3rd for september!

........... TOMA'S OUR HERO!! the toma fanmade HERO mv.

this is still my fav MV about toma EVER. it's just the perfect moments from a ton of different performances by toma, whether singing or in dramas or plays!! from little toma to grown-up toma, too!!! and the song! toma is definitely my hero!!
hustpsu@youtube made it! oh, there's a long tomapi PV there that i think i've watched here... this person's MVs are all so crazy GOOD!!

but like i said be4, the video was deleted f/youtube. u can see it at an imeem toma fan club page, but i uploaded the .flv file of the HERO mv here, so u can dload it!! and watch it (use the newest real player or gom player 2 watch if u don't have flv player) whenever u want!! i could keep watching it over and over!! ah~ *__*

............. toma's got fans on other planets??? lol.

5 Sep 08, 05:34
azzil.....: its me!!!!!! advance happy b-day,,....!!!!!!! i knw u cant read ths... bcause ur too busy but still i knw/hope tht u feel us (all ur fans in the galaxy!!!

i saw azzil's message 4 toma @Dear Toma...
haha! what? u mean toma's got fans on other planets too??!!

lol~ since we already said toma's the cutest boy in the universe, i guess it makes sense that he'd have fans from other planets too, right?! xD even aliens from other planets are cannot help being attracted to our toma?? hahaha!
remember? remember when toma said he thought he saw a UFO and yamapi saw it too? that must be 1 of toma's alien fans coming to earth to see him up-close & follow him around a little!!!

ah-- i've gone too far, right? xD

...................... toma's in Grease mode already!

[;) this pose owns!! credit: teacup79,]

3 Sep 08, 10:43
n-chan: Toma in Grease :)

[saw this at the tomalicious forum's chatbox. it's a short video clip of toma at a Grease photoshoot. :) there's another clip, though, where toma looks quite unnaturally tan?! Ehhhh?? uh, u can see it at the toma LJ site...]
[thanks, teacup79! first post i saw with screencaps of toma f/the grease photoshoot. he looks cool, yeah? =) but toma looks a little tired to me. i hope he gets more sleep now that maou is almost/or has ended!!]

..........................more songs that remind me of Maou
[LISTEN TO IT HERE: the killers' All These Things That I've Done]

this song was used in a Nike commercial that aired a lot during the olympics (at least here in the usa, on NBC). it's a pretty cool song, but only recently did i remember 2 find it online and listen to the whole thing. it's actually a deep song as well! and the band is called The Killers! see how it relates to maou? it seems like it's about a person that has done bad things in his past that he regrets, and he hopes that god can forgive him and give him a second chance, now that things have really gone bad for him. i'm really hooked on this song now!!

check out the song's lyrics & different ppl's explanation of the song lyrics here.
brideonfire's explanation is the best!!
[LISTEN TO IT HERE: devotchka's How it ends]

it's a cool song used in some movies a couple years ago. it's about death/religion? ppl R not sure... but it's definitely that line "and you already know how it will end" that makes me think of Maou...certainly there will be a sad ending for naoto and his enemy, naruse. (sigh!)

Clowns (Can You See Me Now?) - t.A.T.u.

tatu's Clowns!
ppl discuss what they think the lyrics mean:

most ppl think it's nonsense, but in general, it's got this frantic/hyper/scary feel to it. certainly, something's wrong and some1's having some kinda breakdown!! i'm actually a little scared of clowns, so this song is terrifying 4 me if it's the scary clowns that R all around!! lol. but it must be that clowns stand 4 something else...i think it could be ghosts or past sins, but who the hell knows. haha. sometimes tatu songs translated from russian to eng. are just o_0. just enjoy the catchy music and hyper pace of the song!! yeah~

good night~ sweet dreams! ~_~


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