Friday, July 15, 2011

my birthday card for toma!! *_* plus some bokura ga ita pics, the new hana kimi, and other toma things...

it's me, kate. ^^
everyone genki?
try to stay cool, ok?
a really cool trick i learned from somewhere
is get the sleeves of your shirt wet and it'll help cool u down a lot. also, spray some water in your hair, cuz your head is where the most heat escapes yr body or something like that.

nothing very exciting to talk about,
but i thought i should update before too much things build up. xD i don't like super long posts either. lol.

i was going 2 use this pic above for the dearToma banner, but i like the blue lighthouse one from last year more... but i still wanna share this dreamy blue hydrangea pic with everyone, so hope you like it! [credit:] ALSO, i want to use these purple hydrangea pics for my banners later in the summer, but i don't think the owners are gonna let me. *sigh* seems like they are both not active at flickr anymore. i'll just use a different pics i found...but i wanted to share the pics with you all. I LOVE THE FIRST ONE SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!♥♥♥ so super pretty!!!!!!! ~________~

(credit: as watermarked, weibo, twitter)

so....first of all...
(thanks to mizza & rae!!^^)

toma looks so kakkoiiiiii!! i like seeing him in a school uniform again. lol. and everyone pretty much looks just like their characters in the manga. yeyyyyyy. *excited* you can see some more pics here:

.............. some random toma news and message. xD
Which actor would you want as your younger brother?
toma got 10th place. hehe. =P

and toma didn't know his eyes were brown??! xD read his recent entry here: i think something must have been lost in translation, cuz i don't get it...of course his eyes are brown!! what color did he think it was?? black?! lol.

............... what i think about the new hana kimi

i don't like it. T____T
(ok, i did not watch episode 1, but i've seen enough from tumblr to know i won't like it!) the first episode aired recently and i checked out the screencaps and comments and video clips on tumblr. a lot of people think it's no good. (u can see for yourself here: omg, i hate how they are using the same music (noo!! i love the music and it should only be for the 1st one!!!) and even the same sets from the first hana kimi!! and so far, people say for this episode, things are almost the same as the 1st episode of the old one. most of the characters are annoying or boring to me, and i really don't think maeda suits the role of mizuki at all. (credit:

i don't much of it seems exagerrated and awkward. even if i did not compare it to the first hana kimi, i still couldn't like it. it's like the 2 main reasons this drama was made is to make money for fuji tv and to promote maeda, so they don't really care and they're gonna copy as much as they can from the first hana kimi. BUT even though it's the top anticipated drama of the summer (according to some polls), it got low ratings for the first episode! despite that there still are a lot of people who say they like this drama and there are a lot of AKB48 fans out there too, so maybe there's a chance the ratings will remain decent or even rise if the story gets better. i just hope that they don't mess things up too much for all the fans out there that are going to keep watching.

(credit: on the watermark, weibo, rikichii)
and this is a weird moment...toma's younger brother (he works for fuji tv), ryuusei,interviewed the cast of the new hana kimi!! ehhh... ironic?! @__@


so, every year i send toma a birthday card. :D
and i already bought this one recently. hehe. i'm just sending it to the official Johnnys fanmail address. hopefully toma will get it. and hopefully he'll actually open it. lol. if anyone wants me to add their name to the card, please comment at the end of this post and i'll add u. usually there's not much people, so there should be enough room. some of you might wanna write him a message too, but i don't know if there's enough space. but just go ahead and comment with a short message if u want (like 1 or 2 sentences) and your name (and what country you're from), and if in the end there's room, i'll write them in for everyone. remember, the DEADLINE to comment is probably mid-september!!!

for example:
happy bday toma! i love your dramas!
-Sarah (from France)

i will send the card probably around mid-september to make sure it gets to japan by october 7, toma's 27th birthday. ~___~ AND if you want to send your own bday card or letter to toma, that's great!! (just remember they don't allow gifts. they WILL send it back to you. =T and for letters, nothing too bulky!!) i posted a few different addresses to send toma fanmail (except you probably shouldn't use the Winkup one anymore, since he does not have a column for the magazine anymore.) here:

.............. (random) TOMA'S PICS
lolllll. bored, pouty tomaaaaaaa gif. wonder what show this was?

cute pic of chibi toma hugging his sempai in LOVE&PEACE!! ~_~
[credit:, rikichii]

........... cool toma LJ stuff:
WHAT IS TOMA THINKING?? (#4) [just 4 fun. what is sekushi toma thinking in this pic?? lol.]
CONGRATS TO OUR JUNE '11 WINNERS!! (non-toma, but pretty) ICONS 4 EVERYONE!! xD
(any Toma's Room member that posts the most entries/comments or is chosen randomly by me, i'll make icons for them using pics related to their username!! hehe. :D

whoops, i forgot 2 check here 4 a long time. they subbed one of toma's interviews from 2010 i think. ^^

--------- oh, since the start of this month, the ikuta-toma LJ finally has a new moderator, strawberry_gemm!! and a new look and new tags. ^_^
Toma's Volvic CM + Special Interview engsubbed
some toma Volvic icons ^^


Anonymous said...

hye kate :)
genki desu~
yeay- his birthday coming again..

but I didn't prepare anything yet..
~_~ ah.. I wanna join your birthday card project :)

Happy birthday Toma!! May each and every passing year bring you wisdom, peace and cheer.-mashi♥(Malaysia)

Kate? how bout my sentence? too long or okay.. fufufu..

kate♥toma said...

hi mashi-chan! ^^'s like toma's bday is a holiday for me. i always look forward 2 it every year!! lol.

it's alright, maybe u'll think of something 2 do for him later. hehe. i'm glad you can join my bday card project!! hehe. arigato ne~! ^_^

oh, yr sentences are fine and very nice wishes for toma! aww. ~__~

hanamichi0016 said...

kaaate-chaan!!お元気ですか?(o genki desu ka?)=3

its bn ages since i lookd at ur site!!>.< first i was bc w/school stuff then i got grounded-.-'
i really miss ur updates on toma..nd omg he looks really kakkoi. i lv his new hair!! *.*
i thought he was bginning to look quite old,not as in middle age old but like he was losing his innocent boy but still cool kinda look.if u kno wot i

nd im looking 4ward 2 his new movie!! <3 i when u posted a blog about it i immediately got a picture of d manga nd set it as my wallpaper XD

yay!its nearly toma's bday!!totemo koufun shiteiru yo ^-^ can i join ur bday card project again?

i agree bout d new hana kimi being no good btw.i mean its ok but i dnt think its ever gonna beat d original hana kimi.evn d new nakatsu is no way near toma.they dont look as cool as d original actors either.d new nanba-kun is really boring(i think)compared to hiro's comical version. "~ they dnt evn hav hibari nemore..nd i think the first version's episode was really funny nd sort of attention grabbing since d start.i dnt think d new masao wud b funny either...
sori 4 d long rant. honto ni gome ne (_ _)~ its just i havnt really bn 2 this site nd i missd it so much..XD i probably sound quite

neways..hope ur o tsukete(take care)^-^

Noura-chan said...
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Noura-chan said...

Hi Kate :)
O genki desu ka ?

I started to watch Jdrama a couple of years ago and the second was "Hana Kimi" .. since that time I became a fan of Toma ..
He is an amazing actor !

Your blog is so nice, love reading your posts .. Arigato gozaimas :)

I would be happy if you add my name to your Toma's birthday card :)

" Toma .. tanjoobi omedetoo .. wishing you all the happiness in the world .. Noura (Abu Dhabi)

Ja mata=bye :)

Haizah said...

Hi Kate,

Toma's bday card wishes:
Happy Birthday Toma! Wishing you the best for the coming years ahead.~ Haizah(Singapore)

Kate,thanks for having this effort & letting me to join it :)

kate♥toma said...

oh wow!!
thanks for the comments everyone! i don't have time to properly reply right now, but i just wanted to quickly thank you all for taking part in this!! arigatoooo!! ~__~

AND since everyone's messages 4 toma is so nice, i've decided that even if there's not enough room on the card, i'll write down yr messages on a seperate piece of paper and put it inside the card 4 him. Yeeeeeeeey!! so no worries, keep writing messages for him (but DO STILL KEEP THEM SHORT! LOL. xD).
hehehehe... :D :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate chan ^_^ wow its been a while since I havent comment in here! But please Kate can you put my name again ^_^??
message for toma on his birthday card:
Toma I wish you the best on your day, hope you enjoy your b-day! Keep being that hard working guy with that lovely and sweet smile that you have. tanjoobi omedetoo! Happy Birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños! I♥U
from Liz USA-MEX
tell me if its to long kate san lol =)

kate♥toma said...

hanamichi-chan!! ~___~

genki des. *-*
arigato. hehe.

ohhh...i see, i see.
i'm glad you're finally back!!
during summertime, i often see some ppl come back here. yeyyy!! ^^

oh, i know what u mean! haha
toma still looks like a high school student, right?? :P
ohhh...hai. i'm excited about the bokura movie too!!

of course u can join the bday card project! :D
go ahead and comment with yr name and country and if u want, a message for toma! xD

yeah ne!!
soooo many things i don't like about the new hana kimi. *sighhhh* i hate the girls' uniforms btw, they look so plain and cosplay-ish. i miss hibari-chan!!

nooo, it's okie. i rarely get comments anymore, so i'm glad to see long comments like this. heehee.



hi there! ~_~
genki des~

yep!! you and me and soooooo many ppl like toma starting from hana kimi. it was my 1st jdrama. lol. toma is a super amazing actor!!! ^_^

aww. thank u thank u!!
i'm happy to share toma news n stuff with everyone!! =D

ok! i'll add you to the card!
what a sweet wish for toma!! <3

ja ne~



hehe. ur the 1st person that said u wanted 2 be on the card in my cbox. thanks for taking part in this! no problem, i just want 2 do something special for toma's bday each yr and i think it'd be nice for a bunch of us toma fans to send him our wishes together in 1 bday card. <3



(you're akemi18 at LJ, right? hehe)

of course i'll include you! ~_~
wahhh. it's kinda long, but i think that's still ok. hehehe.
it's a really nice message for toma. awww. <3

and your message made me remember something...xD

YOU CAN ADD SOMETHING IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE if you want, but it has to be something i can write. lol. cuz i'd rather not have to copy the messages and print it out, cuz i'm probably gonna use a cute rilakkuma stationary to write the messages on. if u wanna write something in japanese, in katakana or hirigana or something that's really short, MAYBE i can try to copy it, but it might come out looking kinda messy. xD

Anonymous said...

First I'd like to know if you have a tumblr kate-chan ^^ mine is so please add me :D

And second I would like to leave a short message on your birthdaycard too :D I'll writ ein in romanji though, I guess he will be able to read it even though ne?

"Ikuta-san otanjoubi Omedetou! Watashi wa itsumo dorama to eiga wo miteimasu. Kore kara mo ganbattekudasai. Carina (Doitsu kara)"

Arigatou ne. kate-chan :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, kate
I'm toma fan from Indonesia, I often open your blog without introduce my self. Please forgive for that...

Toma as Yano...I know his hair is cool now, but that remind me of Honjo Sadame's hair almost looks like Sadame in serious mode XDXD
but I also love Sadame he is such a idiot cutey..LOL

Keep work on your blog. I love it :) and sorry for my bad english

hanamichi0016 said...

yep.i really like toma in high scul uniform.he looks so kakkoi nd young >,< it doesnt cm like hes going 2 b 27 soon...=3
when is d bokura movie comin out btw?nd do u kno where i can watch it?

-maybe just
tanjoubi omadetou toma-kun!hope u hav an awesome time.also omedetou for all ur achievements.take care!
hanamichi(no 1 fan in uk)XD...or sumthin tht goes like tht -,-

honto ni arigatou!!^O^

haha.yh.they dnt look like uniform at all.nd the way they act is really weird.. -.-'

hows ur love btw?d one other than toma.. <3

kate♥toma said...

carry-chan!! ~_~

i only go to other ppl's tumblrs for toma stuff or look for pretty pics. xD i don't have my own. but i've been to yours (saw yr post at LJ) and it's great!! more ouran stuff there. lol.

ohhh. that's a good idea! i guess he'll be able 2 understand it. =D
no problem! and thanks for taking part in the bday card for toma!! ~___~



hi there! ^^
ohhh. it's alright. at least you finally did comment here. hehe.

ohhh. you're right, his hair is kinda similar to sadame's hair!! "idiot cutey". awwww. yeah he is and i love sadame too. <3

i will! thanks! ^_^
no, yr english is fine~!



yep. toma always looks so young!! xD
the 2-part movie is coming out in spring 2012.
the 2nd part of the movie will come out a month after the 1st i think. and i guess you'll have to wait till after the movie is released on dvd and someone uploads and subs it to watch it....unless you're somewhere in japan. xD OH AND UNLESS BOKURA WILL BE RELEASED IN OTHER, i hope it will!!

ohhh...okie. xD that's great.
thanks for taking part in this bday project for toma!! ^^

yeahhh. i read somewhere ppl saying the girls are so annoying/weird in here. this drama just seems super annoying to me. >____<

ehh?? xD
u surprised me with this question. lol.
we are fine. still very much in love and i can't imagine anyone else i'd rather be with.♥ to me, there is no one sweeter, cuter...>////<

kate☂ said...

i got a spam comment here, but i just got rid of it. >_< arrggh!!

but i'm glad that already, 6 people wanna take part in this!! ~_~ plus mizza and me and that's 8 people. i think there was around 10 ppl total last year, so... lol. i hope there will be more ppl this year. :D

Paige said...

Hi kate,
Gosh, it's another year ! where does time go? Just whizzing by, so busy busy.
I would like to add a little message for Toma in your card too. Thanks!

Happy Birthday Toma!
May you have a great year and have more of your dreams come true! Ganbatte!
Paige (Australia)

I haven't watched the new Hana Kimi yet. I may wait till abit more episodes come out...I dunno, not in the right mood yet. But I'm curious still.

When you mentioned about the Wink Up reminded me:
I thought Toma was going to have a column at the ACT+ magzine but no-one's mentioned it at all, so I guess it didn't eventuate?? I missed his WU columns, that was great to have a long monthly update.

Keep cool during your summer ~

kate♥toma said...

hi paige! ~_~
i know!! it's already more than halfway through 2011. o_O
wish i could slow time down/speed it up at certain times. haha.

awesome! i was hoping i would hear from you cuz you've always taken part in this. hehe. and your message is so nice too!! ^^ thank you!!

ohh...yeah. maybe it will get better later? when you do watch it, remember to share your thoughts about it with me or at your LJ ok? i'm curious about how your take on it will be.

ohhh...about ACT+, i think it's just cuz that magazine isn't sold everywhere like winkup (and it's more expensive), so maybe toma fans just aren't buying them and scanning his column. BUT i did hear about how chinese fans have scanned his columns from ACT, but i've never seen anyone post it up cuz u have to have a certain ranking to access them. but at least we've seen some of toma's handwritten messages included in toma's ACT pics...

stay cool too, paige. ^_^

Mama said...

He's so old now..hehe :o) But reall, dont you think? And I'm old too ToT, but I have 4 years to 27 so I'm luckier :O)

This isnt what I want to send him:O)
Truly, I dont wanna send him anything, cause he wont reply...and because I want him to reply to me, and I know he wont I dont send him anything :o)

And have to say that stars are so cruel ToT If I were a celebrity, idol or something like that, and I have time...I wanna always reply to my fans...not to the silly ones who say I love you, marry me etc..but the the normal questions...

F.e: theres Maria, Shiota Yuu's sister...shes very kind and I'm really admire her,,,she's always reply to my questions..of course not about Yuu...I never asked her about them...

Unknown said...

hi kate

my name is jessica and i from philippines

can you please send my message for toma ....please

i just want to say that he is my inspiration . i made him become a part of my whole life . and i promise after i graduet to college
im gonna follow him in japan . i want to see him in personal .

kate i want you to be instrument to reach my dream

you know what kate im so very worried when i heard happend to japan ..

i thought im gonna loose my dream .. and i thought im gonna die if theres happen to toma

please introduce me to him by your letter

tell him that someday ..
he will know me.
my name is jessica funtanares
toma i love you so much .. and i wil love you untill i die

hope you appreciate my undying love
thank you

Unknown said...

.. i really really love ikuta toma..

... toma ....

i will love you untill i die

thank you God

Unknown said...

..... toma ....

im your no.1 FAN in a whole world

kate♥toma said...


eh? i don't think 27 is old! and anyway, toma still looks so young, so it's ok!! xD oh, i see....well, i understand how you feel, but i think a lot of stars are just super busy or they aren't allowed to reply to fans for whatever reasons (johnnys is super strict and i think they probably have this rule). at least in the usa, if u ask certain stars for an autographed pic, they will send you one, cuz they have staff helping them sort out their fanmail.

u sent shirota yuu's sister fanmail?? or talked to her at facebook or something? wow...!!


unknown, really are a super devoted toma fan!! me too, thank goodness toma was not directly affected by the earthquake!! o__O umm...ok. i will include this part in the card, ok? and of course also i'll say ur from the philippines.

" will know me. my name is jessica funtanares. toma i love you so much .. and i will love you until i die."

yana0901 said...

hi hi kate :)
hope u still remember me..
I would love to give toma a birthday message..hope still enough space for me..hehe..

my simple message:
Happy birthday toma!Hope you will be happy, safe & healthy always..i wish i can meet u one day :)
From Yana with love (from malaysia)

thanks ever so much for your kind effort katy..:))

kate☂ said...

hi yana! =D

of course i remember you! ~__~
yep, there's still room 4 u. don't worry. ^^

aww...ii ne! i gotta think of something good 2 write 2 him since everyone has such sweet messages for him!!

aw, i'm so happy to share my toma bday card with everyone neeee!! :D

Anonymous said...

Can I join this too please ? Please Senpai dont tell me Im late *___*

Happy B'day Ikuta Toma Nii-Chan.
You are my INSPIRATION !
Rae, Indonesia.

Is it too long ? If it's so just tell me kay Senpai lol

kate♥toma said...

rae-chan~ ^^
of course u can still join!! thanks!
no, yr message is fine. it's a very sweet message too!! awwww. ~__~

Anonymous said...

Hhahaa.. Sankyuuu :DD *giving U cookies

мëмό-тόмâ said...

Hi sweety
How are you ?
that's so sweet from you
thank you sweety
Can you put my name on the card , please ?

Ganbatte Toma - Sama =)
Memo from [ Saudi Arabia ]

kate♥toma said...

hi, memo! ^^

ok, i'll add what you wrote to the card! ^_^

yohana lestari said...

hi kate, genki desu :)
my wishes for toma :
Happy bornday toma, best wishes for you, love you :* Gbu (Yohana-Indonesia)

kate♥toma said...

hi, yohana! ^^

you might be the last person to be added cuz i'll probably send the card this coming week...sure, i'll add your message to the card! thanks for your nice message for toma! ~_~

kate♥toma said...

OH, I HAVE SEALED THE TOMA BDAY CARD YESTERDAY, SO SORRY, NO MORE PPL CAN BE ADDED. i forgot to say that on the top of the cake pic linking to this post, but i'll change it soon!! =[ hopefully no1 else comes here wanting 2 be added...

thank you everyone for taking part in this!! 13 people in all!! ^_^ i'll send it soon...sometime this week...