Monday, October 8, 2007

really happy!

i'm really happy so many ppl watched the MV i made 2 celebrate toma's b-day!!
over 1000 views already! must be many toma fans online!!!!! don't think i've ever had that many views in such a short time 4 ANYTHING i've uploaded! WAAAAAAH!!!!! *___* really cool.

as promised, i posted all the info i know about toma. haha. now i realize how maybe this blog is not so important....suddenly found these other toma sites i didn't know about before!! well, from here, u can reach those sites, and i figure blogspot sites show up more on search engines....hopefully i can help direct traffic 2 those sites in some way....

like i said, i started this blog 2 help fans find toma stuff more easily.
i hope i'll be able 2 accomplish that.
if any fans that come here add comments, i'd appreciate it!
so i know i'm able 2 help spread the toma love!!! :)

but i'm still a new fan,
i feel very behind and clueless about toma still....
partly cuz i'm not japanese too, that really makes things tougher 4 me. haha....
i'm not even done watching hana kimi yet!
but i hope 2 finish soon.

anyway, thanks 4 visiting. hope i'm not just talking 2 myself!! =P


mhuyheN said...

yeah millions of toma fans worldwide!!! live on!!! i love ikuta toma!

savvy kate said...

mhuyhen, thx 4 commenting!!
yes, he has so many fans in so many countries!! there is a lot of toma love all over this planet la!!! <3

btw, u can still see my MV here: