Thursday, July 31, 2014

Miracle Debikuro's Love and Magic teaser and poster!!

the movie will be released november 22. the teaser is only 30 seconds, but so far, i like it! haha. well, everyone looks cute, at least. xD

oh, if this video is taken down later, you can watch the trailer at the movie's official website,

i think the poster is kind of cheesy, with them making hearts, but at least it's nice and colorful. lol. aiba and eikura look weird and too photoshopped though. but toma and the korean actress look nice. =) 

i don't understand why there's an animated santa-like mascot for the movie, but i guess we'll find out. maybe he's a character aiba creates or some kinda xmas fairy who helps these couples get together. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

1ST EVER OPEN POST AT Toma's Room on July 20!!!! yeyyyy!!! ^__^

since things have been really dead at Toma's Room and livejournal and even the Toma fandom as a whole, i thought i would try making weekly open posts at Toma's Room!! =) i hope a lot of fans will gather there and talk about toma and ANYTHING ELSE. it will be fun to just have random discussions, right? 

also, you DO NOT have to be a member of Toma's Room to comment on the post. you don't even have to login to livejournal, because i've turned on anonymous posting there! =)

for more info and to vote on the poll to show you're interested, go here:

July 20 (Japan time)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

(new post: toma's filming an action movie called Grasshopper!)

(just posting this so that anyone who signed up for email updates will know. cuz the post might go into their spam folder...)

Toma is filming an action movie with his kouhai,Yamada Ryosuke, called Grasshopper!!

(wow. been a longgg time since i posted here so late. a little after midnight. lol. i've decided to stay up later so i can do more stuff that i wanna/need to do. sigh. i wish there were more hours in the day!!! =T ANYWAY, NEW POST!! YEY!! ENJOY. LOL. xD)

(spent too much time looking for this pic of toma with glasses! lol. 99% of his glasses pics are with trendy thick-rimmed glasses. haha. TOMA LOOKS SO SMART AND COOL WITH GLASSES ON!!!! yeyyyyyyy.)

 (glasses pic from Maou days. smexy! =P)

yey!! toma is filming a new movie!! and it's an action movie! and BEST OF ALL, TOMA WILL WEAR GLASSES for this role!!!! lol. i don't think he's ever had a role where he had to wear glasses most of the time, right? the story sounds pretty cool and exciting. i think jane said that toma's character is supposed to start out as being very quiet and timid, but he'll have to go into this dark and violent world. so it'll be interesting to see how his character evolves. 

i guess "Grasshopper" will be toma's character's nickname? i don't know much about yamada, but he seems cute. and really popular. i like chinen the most from HSJ. lol. i just can't imagine yamada as a ruthless assasin, but even if he doesn't pull it off, i think a ton of his fans will go see the movie, so that's good!! haha.

so, here's the news about the movie:

       (the novel's cover)

It was announced that Ikuta Toma will be starring in the upcoming movie, “Grasshopper“. The movie is based from bestselling novel of Isaka Kotaro that tells the story of once law-abiding teacher named Suzuki who joined a criminal organization, Reijou, to avenge his lover. Suzuki will meet to different assassins, Cicada and Whale, and the story will show how their lives will interlaced.

Ikuta will play the role of Suzuki, a junior high teacher who will infiltrate the underworld to avenge his lover. Actor Asano Tadanobou plays the role of Whale/Kujira, an assassin whose business is to drive someone to suicide ; and Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryosuke will play the role of knife-wielding murderer called Cicada/Semi.

Yamada has served as a voice-actor for the movie, “The Smurfs”, but this will the first time that he will be doing a live-action movie.

Ikuta expresses his excitement about working for the first time with Asano and he wants to learn a lot from the actor since Asano has made movies in and out of the country. In co-starring with Yamada, Ikuta says that he’s excited to see how [Yamada] pretty looks will transform into someone who nobody has ever seen before. High level of physical strength will be used in this movie that Ikuta wants to go wild as desired.

The movie is slated for release in 2015 and will be directed by Takimoto Tomoyuki who also directed Ikuta for “Nou Otoko”.