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hey~ hey~ hey~! xD toma's WWII drama, genji, hanamiz , UnuDeka updates, etc....

it's coming soon!!!
that special day at the end of october!
noooo. not that day....
TODAY. OCTOBER 30. 12-3pm EST. so less than 7 hours left.

though i can't be there, but i'm there in spirit. and whoever can't be there, i've heard u can watch it "live on Comedy Central (no commercials) and C-Span. Also being streamed live on CC's [comedy central's] website." i'll try 2 watch it LIVE. yey!!

okie....sorry 4 being off-topic....
below are some pics i'll include in my post, the toma stuff i'll be talking about. =D
oh, and sorry for not posting in so long! =T i've been waiting for toma news n pics to build up....

i ran out of time.....

i'm going to sleep. *tired*
good night, everyone~!

the font at the end is super small and i can't fix it. gomen ne!! -____-
it's important though, so please read it! AT LEAST THE BED BUGS PART....)

hi there!
i watched it LIVE!! ^_^
(nice try though, team fear. haha.)

the rally was so AWE-SOME...
funny, relaxed, silly, and meaningful.

loved it loved it loved it!

150,000 people came. also, peter pan, R2D2, sheryl crow, tony bennett, kareem abdul-jabbar, etc. showed up!! #rally4sanity was the top twitter trending topic, too.

"these are hard times, not end times."
-jon stewart

JON STEWART AND STEPHEN COLBERT ARE MY HEROS.♥ i love these guys so much!! and of course, all the happy, reasonable people that showed up/performed...thank you, everyone!!

(this awesome gif was made by mizza. hehe. it really goes with the holiday coming soon, doesn't it? xD)

WOW....i didn't think yamashita would get so many votes for my poll!! and "you" might jump to 2nd place fast! much competition. but i'm still hoping for TOGAKKY!! heehee....

oh, rae_el asked me to help promote her new toma blog:
please check it out! it's a nice blog about toma ne! =)

oh.....guess what!
u can now sign up for the official johnnys international email list!!
really!! at the link above. it's in english!! WOW!! it's like they're finally trying to reach out to intl fans and they know how important we are? yeyy!!! thanks to misa for telling me! and they also talked about setting up something so that overseas fans can buy tickets to johnnys events!
THIS IS REALLY COOL. i got so excited when i got the confirmation email from them!! heehee....though i'm not sure what kinda stuff they'll email us about, but i'm so psyched about this!! OFFICIAL EMAILS FROM JOHNNYS!!! xD
the official website! I LIKE THE POSTER AND THE BLUE-ISH GREY COLORS. ~__~

i bet u probably forgot about this? haha. toma's special WWII drama. be4 the news appeared at japan_now, misa-chan told me the date it's airing (which she saw at toma's official website). arigatou!! xD it's nov. 26 and 27.

here's some news about it. nanka, i think it's cool that toma was too busy to attend the press conference. hahaha....=P oh, btw, besides good-looking, he did say toma was a good actor too!
Toma Ikuta gobsmacked by actor Masakazu Tamura’s charm, but so was Tamura

Actor Masakazu Tamura (67) spoke highly of Toma Ikuta (25) at a press conference in Tokyo today for their upcoming drama, reports

Both actors are starring in “球形の荒野 (Kyukei no Koya)”, a story set in 1960s Japan. Tamura plays a diplomat who was supposed to have died in Switzerland during the war, while Ikuta plays a detective.

During the press conference, Tamura has been reported to have said he was impressed with Ikuta.

“He’s very good looking and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next,” he said.

Ikuta, who could not make it to the event because of other filming commitments, had sent a message about how he found working with Tamura.

“When I first met him, he was so charming my heart started thumping really loudly.”

Other cast members at today’s event included Yosuke Eguchi (42), Ikuta’s character’s detective partner, and Manami Higa (24), Tamura’s character’s daughter.

“球形の荒野 (Kyukei no Koya)” will go on air in Japan on November 26 and 27.


..............hanamizuki news:

Hanamizuki will be shown in Thailand on December 23, 2010.
thanks to for the info!
[short video clip some1 took while at the actual lighthouse in hokkaido, used in the hanamiz movie!! it's so pretty!!]
(1st fan report of some1 who watched the movie outside of japan, at the intl film festival in vietnam!! OMGGGGG.....I WAS HOPING THERE WOULD BE A FANCAM!! yey! some pics + vid clip!! kyaaaaaa!! that kiss....~__~)

oh, this is not related to hanamiz, but about gakky.
Yui Aragaki gives fans a chance to stargaze with her

WOW. a 2-day overnight fan club event.
they get to look at daytime stars (???) and have other fun activities. it sounds SO COOL!!! and i've never heard of some1 doing something so unique with her fans. sugoi ne!! ~___~

............summary of toma's room entries:

(OH, TOMA'S GENJI PICS ARE SOOOOO HANDSOME AND COOL. i think i imagined he'd look exactly like this....^////^ wonder all the women want him. hehe. and his costumes look so nice!! and heavy... i just don't like his super high hat though. haha.)

after a long while of posting nothing, toma decides to post 2 super long messages, oct. 20 and 21. haha.

he's sorry for not updating and people have been asking him to update it! he's been reading a lot of manga all of a sudden. Uchu Kyodai made him cry and wanna go to outer space. he loves listening to AJIKAN songs over and over. the movie filming is going smoothly. it takes him 1.5 hrs to get his make up done and change into his costume. he's doing research on hitler to prepare for his stage play. very few actors have acted as hitler, so this is a very special role. he'll "take it very seriously and carefully. please look forward to's time for me to go to bed.
good night."

toma's friend from secondary school is acting as his friend in the movie, as the General! matsuya and him thought it would be nice if they could one day work together (though his friend was a Kabuki actor). now it's come true! they only were in the same stage play Stand by Me when they were little, but did not have scenes together. so this is the first real time. toma is reallyyyy happy about it and says "i am very thankful and i will treasure the chance." and yappari, he'll try his best and make this a good movie.


(credit: jessica, mizza. u can go to the toma LJ or mizza's blog to read the whole messages.)

............TOMA'S PICS.♥

(pics credits: mizza, shatteredtenshi@LJ, haimimi, xq, Troom,, tomatoloves, tanaka-kj)
[remember, u can go to mizza's blog
or the toma LJ to get all these pics in full size. ^_^]

toma's got so many photoshoots with hats and glasses lately! hehe. especially hats though....sugoi!! mature, stylish toma. ~__~

oh, i included the pics from POTATO again, cuz i LOVE them sooooooooo MUCH. but i just realized while making icons out of them...that pic of toma looking to the left (his right). OMG!!! what's that twisted, scary-looking thing near the shelf!!! I THINK THAT IS TOMA'S VEINY HAND. O___O i guess they didn't notice how changing the colors of the pic made toma's hand look so scary. KOWAI. gahhhhhhh......!!

oh, i'm including 1 older pic, cuz i didn't post a big enough pic. toma + nagase!! ^__^ and toma wearing a HAT again! hehe. oh, and i always love toma + rain/umbrella pics!! though they're mostly kinda moody, grey-ish pics....

I LOVE THE LIBRARY PICS. reminds me of my 2nd fic....aww....even though toma looks so annoyed/bored in the pics. haha!! and his outfit is so similar to the one he wore in a photoshoot at a toy store in 2008!! did u notice that too?? and of course, TOMA + GLASSES = LOVE!! (but those glasses look too fake. hmm...)

...................... COOL TOMA LJ STUFF:

[toma wearing glasses.....from earlier this yr, but i'm not sure if i posted it up. credit:]
(thanks to mizza! it's old songs toma sang and songs he likes.)
In search of Toma's elusive backflip
(the recent video clip where yamashita mentions toma. toma sang for 3 hrs straight, not letting any1 else sing, and all johnnys songs?? LOL. thanks to mizza!)
(HQ, upclose pics of toma from Grease, in case u haven't seen it. toma is tooooo HOT! thanks to mizza!)

.................. random toma stuff

(screencaps from toma's two gentlemen of verona play. i just watched this video while looking for old video clips of toma....awww!!♥♥ so heroic and loving....)

---most of it has been removed by youtube, but i still found toma's FF CM online at these places!! shhhh.....xD [I'LL POST IT AS A COMMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.]
26 歳の誕生日おめでとう
(another BDAY mv, screencaps from the ningen movie!)
Ikuta Toma playful
(cute and funny moments from lots of toma's dramas!! hehe.)

--oh, mizza-chan's awesome happy bday mv for toma has been removed from youtube. =( but u can still watch it at the toma facebook page! yey!!!

........................some highlights and comments from EPISODES #6-8 of UnuDeka. =D


episode 6 was about sadame!!

^_^ my fav quotes from that episode:

--it finally happened to me too! my destined girl, u know?

--ah let me just tell u now. i'm super stupid, see?
though if i keep my mouth shut i'm good-looking, so...

it was a nice episode, but as expected, the love story didn't really go anywhere. but it was sweet that they did hold hands and kinda shared an apartment. ~___~ though i don't think she matches with him that much, but she does look attractive, in a subtle way, i guess. and kind and sweet. hmm...and there were some super hot/cute/touching toma moments!! i loved the part where he yelled "it doesn't matter!" like the way nakatsu would, with that accent too!! heehee!! xD

ep.s 7 and 8 were ok....
seems like the cases keep making less and less sense, and the ladies that unubore falls for keep getting less and less pretty too. LOL. but it was cool to see unubore as the bartendar in ep.7 and the ending was so funny (and i love how the colorful ferris wheel is featured)!! episode was fun to see unubore and his dad interact more and argue and fight over the same woman (who was 1 of the women toma was with for ningen!! ehhhh!!). hehe. it's reallyyy hard to believe that unubore would fall in love with her so quick though (and why???)!! oh well. xD looking forward to watching the last 3 episodes....

u can see the screencaps below (and some others) full size here:

episode 7....

episode 8...

...............OFF-TOPIC. some reasons to KEEP (some) FEAR ALIVE.
(lol...if u dunno what i'm talking about, go here.

seriously though.......T____T
Foreigners victims, perpetrators of sekuhara

*sigh* THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY. THIS IS WHY SOMETIMES I WISH I WAS A GUY. of course, guys are also sexually harassed, but it's certainly a much much bigger and dangerous problem for women all over the world. like i said before, i love japan, but i really can't stand certain things about it...u can read my comment there, so i won't repeat myself here.

while we're on the subject,
something else that is really scary are BED BUGS. their numbers are increasing worldwide. i don't want to say it's a pandemic, but....good grief. i guess it might be going that way. please be especially careful when u're at a hotel or dorm. that's where they're often found. they're sneaky little pests (about the size of a grain of rice?) and they are SUPER hard to get rid of. O___O

oh, i read somewhere that lavender oil can prevent them from getting near u. hmm.
(a long article about bed bugs in NYC, how horrible they are if u get them. very long, but worth reading!)
(short article about bed bugs and how to check for them/get rid of them.)
(super short...TIPS ON PREVENTION.)

sorry, it's a downer,
but i felt like everyone should know.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


(gakky!!! aragaki-chan!! toma, please please please be her boyfriend!! ~____~
TOGAKKY NEEDS TO HAPPEN! or tokky...or something...hehe)

WHO WILL WIN (toma)???

THANKS! ~____~
i hope lots of ppl will vote,
and that's why the poll lasts so long.

i was supposed to edit the last part of my fic + post it up & my comments too (will do this tomorrow...hmm), but i thought of making this TOMA'S GIRLFRIEND poll and then wasted a bunch of time looking for that tomaki kiss, finally FOUND IT, but it was too grainy, and so i'll just have to use the smaller version i found online. LOL. (but at least i found some CUTE old toma pics. hehe....)

(THIS IS NOT TOMA & MAKI, just cosplayers who look like them.
geez, this freaked everyone out for a short while back then!!)


so toma's latest dating rumor with what's-her-name made me think of making this poll to keep things interesting here. (cuz there's NOTHING going on in the toma fandom right now while toma's filming Genji!!) toma hasn't had a lot of dating rumors with girls. i guess maki, satomi, and what's-her-face very recently. but he's been linked with a lot of guys! (by the media or by fans. =P) of course, yamashita. but also jun, shun (his "husband"! lol.), yusuke (he played nakatsu's friend kayashima), ohno, the guy that played kasai in Maou, eita. there's probably more from johnnys (nino, jin...), but i can't remember right now. i was gonna just include the girls and yamashita, but i guess i should be fair and include the other main guys toma has been paired up with. hehe.

i think it's soooo cute how toma and gakky seem so close and kinda flirty while promoting hanamizuki. besides maki, i don't remember toma being so comfortable/close with any girl he's acted with before! gakky's just super cute and sweet and seems like such a nice person...they would be such a perfect couple!!

higa...i included her cuz...they were teased about being together by tokio a little (while promoting majosai). and after all, toma gave her his 1st drama kiss and she was his 1st girlf in a drama...and she's his love interest again in the SP that has not aired yet. (luckyyy!!)


(tomapi love!! a rare pic from 2008 when toma was a guest at NEWS concert, i think)

(cutest hug everrr!! *^-^* f/yamashita's concert last yr)

(maki, toma, and his "husband". lol. i think cuz toma often slept over at shun's apartment cuz it was close to the studio, and he kinda nagged shun about having such a messy room, so maybe that's why shun started calling him "wife" and toma called him "husband", back then. i think.... xD)

(these pics have more to do with the previous post. yey for GIRLY TOMA!!!! xD
love love those adorable girly toma gifs so much, had to re-upload to share with u all. haha.)

[pic credits: togakky pic - mizza. 4 the fake tomaki kiss - toma's nakatsu in a bra pic: The others, i don't remember. sorry!]

please check them out! hehe.....^o^

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

toma's play next yr, rumored girlf, birthday, etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(just felt like posting this screencap up. hehe. f/ep.7 of Unubore deka. cuz it's been mostly quiet in toma's fandom lately, except for his birthday and next yr play news lately...)

wow....106 followers now! thanks to my new followers!! *-*

i'll try to post up something new SOON.
sorry for the delay....i got distracted by some things and i have not been feeling well.

please wait for me...
a NEW post is coming soon. really~

this is the latest toma news (thanks to misa!), 6 actresses added to the cast of the genji movie:

i just read similar news at AF, saying that genji's 1st lover is his step-mother, who resembled his mother (who died when he was young? i think i read that somewhere). EHHH.... O__o genji's love life is all messed up. u don't wanna know about how he and murasaki get together. T___T i hope they kinda tone things down a little for the movie though.

AND....i don't do this often, but i just wanna plug non-toma stuff, real quick. hehe. i love these guys!! xD
Big Time Rush - Til I Forget About You
(listened to this song a lot today~ i know their songs R kinda cheesy, but they're catchy too. haha. these guys are cute and their tv show is so wacky and cute. hehe. THEY JUST RELEASED THEIR 1ST CD TODAY! YEY!! ^o^)
(I MISS CONAN! can't wait until his new late night show starts. he's so witty and funny. xD)
(something meaningful, important and i guess it'll be fun, too. if u're near washington D.C., please come or spread the word! i love the daily show and the colbert report!! LOL.)


toma updates!!!
thanks for waiting!!
by now, most of this is old news though. lol.
(SORRY, THIS POST IS RIDICULOUSLY LONG AGAIN!! u can skip over the things u already know...hehe. sorry about the small text. i dunno why it's like that. maybe i'll fix it tomorrow....=T) (TOMA WAS~ A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR, ONCE! LOL. in hachikuro. cuz his FF CM makes him kinda look like a knight!)

an excerpt from the genji news i linked to above:

"Genji Monogatari" is a very intriguing tale and with so many great actresses it's definitely going to be fun to watch. Starring actor Ikuta seems to enjoy being surrounded by so many women as well. "I think we will be able to make a Genji Monogatari very true to the original with such a group of gorgeous actresses. It's a rare experience to be able to work together with so many actresses for a single movie. I'm going to be very nervous from now on, but it also will be a lot of fun," he said.
The filming already began 3 weeks ago and as previously announced, the film will be released some time in 2011.
(news/pic source: kawaii-joyuu)

some genji things:
[a GENJI MONOGATARI NOVEL has been released!, thanks misa!]

[FIRST PIC from the filming of genji!! yeyy. toma riding a horse in a heian period japanese town. thanks misa!]

what toma said in that news. haha. reminds me of ningen all over again. umm....toma looks a little pale and fem in this pic ne. i dunno....he still looks handsome, but i'm not used to seeing him in NOT-modern clothes and his hair all pulled back. LOL. hmm...guess i'll get used to it.

OMGGGGGGG. THIS news!!!!!! @____@
toma will play the role of a woman AND hitler in a double stage play next year!!!!!!!!!!!
Toma as a woman and as Hitler next year, 2011 (2 Butais) [pics of what he'll look like for the role...]

so shocking!!!

i've always thought toma is girly and soooo pretty. i've thought of how it might be interesting to see toma act as a girl in some kinda drama. (i mean, seriously, and not just cosplay, like in hana kimi. lol. but i still remember how cute he looked in the nurse outfit! and how he was twirling and jumping around in his pink dress & singing too, in the behind the scenes video clip from hana kimi. lol. though he looks cuter in the nurse outfit. hehe.)

sugoi!!! i'm kinda afraid of seeing him as hitler, but I WANNA SEE TOMA ACT LIKE A GIRL!!! hehehe. xDDD he's already got the pretty face and feminine mannerisms.

i'd LOVE to see him all dressed up as a girl!!!

and toma's so pretty and girly, i'm sure he will do fine for this role. xD but toma as HITLER???? ehhhhhhhh. that's too weird and difficult. (except if it's in a funny way, like for The Producers. lol. but i don't think it is.)

hmm...about the part of a girl. toma's got such a manly/sexier image in 2010, cuz of his roles, CMs and an an. but next year, he'll be a girl in a butai. LOL....i guess this helps balance things out. xDDDD

..........................TOMA PICTURESSS!!! ♥♥♥♥
(kakkoii~ ~ ~!!!! credit 4 all the pics in this post: hpswf1, fatoom-chan, baidu, xq, king-kun,
tomalover@flickr, mizza.
RIGHT BELOW IS POTATO'S TOMA + TOMATO PICS!!!! LOL. goodness, he looks so misa, said, kinda like a hot magician. hehe....xD so cool and hot at the same time. toma + sunglasses!!! i love toma + rain pics too!! ~___~ and toma + suit + glasses!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!

..................summary of toma's messages.♥

hmm....toma didn't say anything very interesting recently, except when he talked about the play next year and his birthday. =P he took some pics of the pretty sky... =D he's waited a long time (2 yrs) for finally be in a play. it will be Madame de Sade and Adolf Hitler. one in the morning, the other at night, or one for one day, and the next day the other one. it's gonna be tough. "That might give me a huge headache, but I'll try my best. Everyone, please come and watch it in the theater."

and for his birthday....xD
LOL. 25 years old toma. otsukaresama deshita!!

Toma's Room
10/6 vol. 400

I'm turning 26 soon!

Thank you, 25 years old me.

From Hanamizuki to Kyuukei no Arano, then Unubore Deka…

Hello, 26 years old me.

From tomorrow onwards, please support me.

Everyone, Thank you.

Mom, dad, Thank you.

............... 10/7 vol. 401

Will be in thirties soon.

Will be in thirties soon.

(credit: jessica, mizza, troom. YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT SOME PICS TOMA TOOK OF THE SKY AND TALKED ABOUT AT HIS BLOG, that jessica posted up at the toma LJ. HERE'S ONE OF THEM: ***OH, U CAN SEE TOMA'S BDAY CAKE THAT THE MOVIE STAFF GAVE HIM AT THE LJ LINK BELOW, in the cool LJ stuff section on the bottom of this post.*** xD)

...............TOMA'S 26th BIRTHDAY STUFF. ^o^

some nice msgs for toma from his fans!!
(from twitter, facebook, and the tomalicious forum cbox. screencap on the left of misa's countdown till his bday....aww...~__~)

appy_yellow ☆・。・。★・°・。・°☆ミ\HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 斗真!/彡☆°・。・°★・。・。☆ 斗真お誕生日おめでとう!!いつもたくさんの幸せや喜びをありがとう!!大切な人と素敵に過ごせる日になりますように☆ #ikutatoma 23 minutes ago via ついっぷる/twipple

dniconkyzt RT @tomanii: HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY TOMA IKUTA!! MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE :D ♥ #ikutatoma 13 minutes ago via web

LovEusebio Otanjyoubi omedetou!! #ikutatoma !! You've grown up! More handsome and sexy!! Hope u more success in JE! I love u...I love u...I love u... 11 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

tomanii RT @arashianis: #ikutatoma was born 26 years ago in Noburibetsu, Hokkaido 3 minutes ago via web

agnesjjs RT @arashianis: Now, ready for tweeting all about my hubby in his special day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY #ikutatoma !! always be special :) 5 minutes ago via

Tiokun HAPPY BIRTHDAY to #ikutatoma !!!! I wish him all the happiness one can have in their life! ^A^ 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Eilaf_ #ikutatoma is one of the BEST actors in Japan!! his performance is always awesome!!! 22 minutes ago via web

arashianis Today, all my tweets are for you #ikutatoma !! about 1 hour ago via ÜberTwitter

andarinieka Happy Birthday!! #ikutatoma #ikutatoma #ikutatoma #ikutatoma #ikutatoma #ikutatoma #ikutatoma #ikutatoma #ikutatoma #ikutatoma #ikutatoma about 1 hour ago via web

Lynde Akileb Clover adVance happy b-day to ikuta toma...
from the whole philippines...
you're the best
31 minutes ago · Comment · Like · Flag

7 Oct 10, 15:08
neyhershey: Happy Birthday Toma! i love youuuuuu!

(misa worked reallyyy hard on this MV dedicated to toma's hotness!! hehe. PLEASE WATCH IT!! IT'S SO AWESOME!! I REALLY LOVE IT! ♥__♥)
Happy Birthday [ 生田 斗真 ] (by Matusasha. all her videos are so good!! =D)
[translation of toma's winkup from 2006 while he was in Cat in the Red Boots. =) nostalgic! a funny food-related incident. lol.]

-------awesome toma's bday videosss (last year)
Toma - Time of my Life
(a lot of toma @press conferences....his butais...and some video from the ningen press conference!)
Otanjoubi Omedetou TOMA !!!
(a lot of cute toma moments from 2009....his appearances on tv shows, clips from his dramas,
press conference for ningen.... ^___^)

.................HANAMIZUKI IN HAWAII,

hanamizuki will be shown:

-at the hawaii internationa film festival, screening dates are oct. 23 and 24.

sugoi! u can watch the hanamiz trailer w/eng. subtitles here! and it's 4 minutes long!!! HAWAII TOMA FANS ARE SOOOOOO LUCKY. his family and toma went there for vacation last year, and now they get to watch hanamizuki!!

-at the Japanese Film Festival in Sydney, AUSTRALIA, November 22-28!!!!
(thanks to nekonekorocket for the news!)

-at (the first!) Vietnam International Film Festival, October 17 - 21

part of the reason i love hanamizuki so much is that the movie is filmed in so many different scenic places. and it has a really fresh and feel to it. ~__~ i'm so glad that it's being shown in so many countries, cuz it really goes with the long distance love~ theme of the movie and the song ne...

hmm...according to, it has been confirmed that it will be shown in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand. i dunno when though. hmm....i wonder if it's really confirmed?? can't find any info online about it (well, i've only been searching in eng. though).

the above 3 film festivals are taking place in october or november...check out the links for more info. i'm sooooooo jealous!! soon, toma fans in those countries can watch hanamizuki!!!
so...i've been keeping track. according to news at, it will be shown in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, and 4 foreign countries. the other countries are usa, australia, vietnam. what's the 4th? hmm.....malaysia i hope? hehe...

oh, i found this info that might be helpful to HK fans.
[it's gonna be released in HK soon? with chinese AND eng. subtitles! haha. it doesn't say when though. hmm...not enough info!!]

The 35th HKIFF will be held from 20 March to 5 April 2011.
(i dunno if it will be released in theatres in HK or only at the HK intl film festival. i know that seaside motel will be shown at the film festival. go here in the future to check for them...)

-------------THIS IS A CUTE PART FROM Toma & Gakky's CROSSTALK IN MYOJO....

Myojo September 2010

Yui: I thank him for everything he did during the filming.He created time for us to communicate and this might be done unconsciously but he gives out this feeling that you don’t have to be conscious of yourself around him. Thank you very much.

Toma: (replies in a monotone purposely) do not mention it. (pouts) Well, it’s the same for me too.

Yui: What’s up with this elementary 4 student’s act?

Toma: For me… I’m thankful for such tsukkomi and going along with my act. Thank you!

...................=) toma's new UFO yakisoba CM:
u can watch it here.
[u can DL it here]

................I'M SURE THIS IS NOT TRUE, BUT IT DID KINDA MAKE UPSET ME A LITTLE BIT... T_________T toma dating that actress for 5 years already??? NO WAY!!!!!! O____O

it's a rumor based on nothing again!! i'll believe it when there are pics of them holding hands or something. but no pics, no fans saw them together or anything. nothingggggg.
Toma Ikuta and Yui Ichikawa dating or not????

...............RANDOM TOMA STUFF xD

[Ranking of male celebs who ladies want to be proposed to by]
toma is 4th. mukai osamu (mayama in hachikuro, & was in hanamiz too) is 2nd!!

old news about hanamiz filming at univ
[the funny nagase dancing parts from UNUBORE!!! xD
*SPOILER* the first video, where all 5 of them dance together (from the last episode) has some other scenes from that last episode!!!!]
[Ikuta Toma CHoiCe (from Os"Ka)]
who do u like best,
toru, takemoto, ryosuke, nakatsu? xD LJ stuff
TOKIO Na Na Na (animated icons)
[memo-toma's hanamiz icons. ~__~]
[memo-toma's unubore gifs. hehe.]
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i think most of us toma fans wanna visit japan sometime ne. and then there's some of us that actually want to live there!! wow. i'm from the 1st group of ppl. maybe it's cuz i'm used to life being a certain way...but i just can't imagine spending the rest of my life in japan. i love the food and cute/pretty/cool stuff and lovely scenary, etc. etc., but there's also a lot of things about japan that i cannot stand in the long run, i guess. LOL. like how ppl smoke like crazy, the pressure to fit in, follow the rules and be super polite is suffocating, the insane heat/humidity in the summer, certain WEIRD WEIRD (offensive, demeaning to women) stuff that i don't wanna talk about here.

but i guess i still like learning about all the different sides to japan. even when it's something kowai/shocking/depressing.

I OFTEN GO TO THESE BLOGS (except chochajin's, that i just started going to today) TO READ ABOUT LIFE IN JAPAN. and they're all caucasians (from america, germany, UK) who live in japan. but i wish i could find an asian person blogging about japan...hmm.

jamie is also a mangaka, so she shares/sells her cute drawings sometimes. heehee. chochajin uses a lot of cute emoticons just like most japanese bloggers. hehe.

and this one is just full of pics of random, everyday life in japan and comments about japan's culture/people.

this is really off-topic, but i just wanted to share with everyone. i recently read news about some jerk who used a certain camera (that can see thru clothes) to take pictures of a swimmer's body (her private parts).
WHAT THE HELL??!!! seriously??
i had no idea this kinda camera/filter existed!!!
this is too creepy...and just wrong!

at least it's not easy for it to see thru 100% cotton clothes...but still!

i'm so mad that this kinda thing exists, and many people already got taken advantage of cuz of it. i guess...probably not much people actually have these cameras, but who knows....from now on, be careful when someone tries to take your picture. o___O whether u're a girl or guy...BUT ESPECIALLY IF U ARE A CUTE GIRL!!

*THIS* is the news about it
*THIS* is an explanation of a hoax from 2006 about this issue. and info about what the real camera can do.