Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer, the moment I fell in love.

[summer! pic taken by: j-n-t,]

♥ toma-ism #41:

~_~ yoroshiku!

♥ toma-ism #42:
I think i know
...what love is after meeting you
In my eyes, only you
On my lips, only laughter,
This feeling
...that fills my heart
This is love, right?
[muzikluvah07's translated lyrics of
Younha's song, A perfect day to confess my love]

These R all great titles that i wanted to use for this post~

♥ summer night fairy tale
(edison song),

♥ it started with a kiss (taiwan drama title),
♥ Kate Falls In Love Tonight at 11-ish! (slightly altered Monk newsletter title. xD),
♥ Love Story~ First Chapter (eric suen song),
♥ Summer, the moment I fell in love (slightly altered Hachikuro ep. 1 title),
♥ The perfect day to say i love u (younha song)
♥ A love to be proud of (Hachikuro's ep.11 -last episode- title)

[this is the surprising kiss that helped lead me to toma!! credit: 16nightsmoon]

yes, this is why i've been acting a little mysteriously. haha~

Ureshii!!!! (I'm so happy!) ~__~

today is the day!
it all started today last year.
the day i discovered toma.
the day i became his fan.

well, u can go here for my long explanation about how i discovered toma!
(and here for why i'm tomaddicted!

[1 of the first times i saw toma, he was running/breathing hard. he wasn't doing anything cute or funny, but right away, i started to like him!]

let's start from the beginning.... probably at 3something pm of aug.30 [cuz i checked on my computer-- i saved the Ikuta Toma Memories MV about him at 3.13pm] i first saw toma in the super short hana kimi scene that sano kisses nakatsu. then i saw him a little more in an MV a fan made about hana kimi (featuring mizuki and sano, very little of nakatsu).
1 of the first times i saw toma, he was running at the end of the marathon, in this mv. =) i remember thinking, this guy really seems genuine and hard-working! and it's still these reasons that makes me like him a lot!! that night...maybe 11-ish pm, i looked for more hana kimi video clips and the more i saw of toma as nakatsu, the more i liked him. =) in fact, i wrote at the hacken forum, at 12:30am on Aug 31 2007, recommending ppl there to watch the japan hana kimi cuz it seems really good and: "i'm gonna try watching it for Toma Ikuta, who REALLY looks cute + cool ---like he belongs in a manga!! haha."
THAT NIGHT...i saw THAT MV still featured at my kate6002 youtube page now, that instantly started my crush on him, i was completely smitten! so at that moment, late that night, that was when i started to love toma, u could say! ma, it wasn't exactly love at first sight, but very close to it ne! =)

on aug. 30 of last year, i had no idea how my life was about to change. all because of him, ikuta toma! all thanks to him... he's lit up my life and made me happier in so many ways. and that time, i was feeling really down, too. but then toma appeared, and he completely brightened up my life and also helped me stay positive & strong!! he really saved me, in a way! TOMA'S MY HERO and the prince charming i've been dreaming of all my life!! ^_^ i really hope i can meet him one day and tell him all he's made a huge difference in my life. u know, i've never felt this way about any of the stars i've had crushes on before...
seriously, there was a moment while watching hana kimi that i just wanted 2 immediately fly to japan and find a way to see him!! it was when nakatsu politely rejected komari and ran to find mizuki. and then he yelled at sano, then ran out and stopped her. and said "i need you!" And i was so touched by his passionate acting!! he is so amazingly talented & awesome!!! i just wanted to go to japan ASAP and tell toma, "you are so amazing in hana kimi!! you're a brilliant actor!! thank you for your hard work!!" ...and "i need you!!" *__* i don't know what'd i'd do without him!! ARIGATOU TOMA-CHAN!! even though u don't know me at all, but i'm happy just supporting you from far away. =) like you said, sometimes unrequited love is also good..."To constantly watch over someone is a form of love." (f/teacup@LJ's translation of his interview: )
Ah~ the invisible red thread of love has linked us together!!

though it's often quite time-consuming to be a toma fan and spread toma love, but i'm extremely happy and proud to be his fan! i'll even shout it from the mountaintops and shout it to the sea if i get the chance (and no1 else is around. haha!): "I LOVE YOU, TOMA-CHAN!!", "toma, daisuki!!", "I'LL ALWAYS BE YOUR FAN AND SUPPORT YOU, TOMA!!" xD
And toma's got this kinda power over me, so i just can't stop...ah~ it's cuz he's so irresistible and charming and incredibly cute!! he's crazy talented, too, of course! he's got this power over me, i can't stop watching him in dramas/shows / reading about him / looking at his pictures,etc. .... it's like he's a svenjolly (svengali). cuz "he's got like a, cheerful mental hold on [me]." lol~! (u'll get this if u're a seinfeld fan. it's what jerry said to elaine in The Wallet episode. find it at!)

oh, i wanna say a SHOUT-OUT to all toma fans: YOU ROCK!!
i'm proud of u! and u should be proud of yourselves, give yourself a pat on the back now! better yet, give yourself a hug and clap enthusiastically! xD especially the Tomalicious staff, THEY ARE ALL EXTRA AWESOME & SO HELPFUL AND GENEROUS AND HARD-WORKING AND JUST MADE OF AWESOMENESS!!!! ^_^ ***AND ALL THE TOMA FANS THAT TRANSLATE/ SHARE SCANS/ GO SEE TOMA'S PLAYS/ BUY TOMA STUFF, u are all SUPER COOL and AWESOME! *** really, being an overseas fan, i wouldn't be able 2 watch toma's dramas or see his pictures or read his news or do much of anything without the help of other toma fans, especially those at Tomalicious and the Ikuta Toma LJ! really, toma fans are all so great, cute, funny/witty, passionate, devoted/loyal, hard-working, friendly, and COOL.
i'm so happy to be a member of this international team of girls (ok, mostly girls/women. haha~ toma's guy fans, i'm proud of u too!!) that love and support toma, 24/7.

ah-hh, it's so perfect, how 1 of the first times i saw toma, he was running! cuz he's always saying he's trying his best and he'll keep fighting. =) and when i think of him running, i think of him continuing to fight, to dream. i think of all the obstacles he's been able to overcome...all his hard work, determination and courage! and all the things he says or does that inspires me and gives me energy!! ma, TOMA LOVE gives me a lot of energy!!! and i'm sure many of his fans feel the
same way i do! he really is our hero ne!
If life is a journey, i'm happy that, in a way, toma is walking beside me on this long road ahead. in a way, he supports me just as much as i support him.
Life is also like a marathon~ a long and difficult race. toma helps me hang on, stay strong, and have the courage to continue running! toma, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! let's keep running!! we definitely won't lose!

ja, till next time!

so, i'm signing off.
feeling happily chaotic!


♥ toma-ism #43:
Have you ever been in love
You could touch the moonlight
When your heart's shooting stars
You're holding heaven in your arms
Have you ever been so in love

Have you ever walked on air
Ever felt like you were dreamin'
When you never thought it could
But it really feels that good
Have you ever been so in love

...have you ever been so in love, so in love
You could touch the moonlight
You can even reach the stars
Doesn't matter near or far
Have you ever been so in love
[lyrics f/Celine Dion's Have you ever been in love]


here R some songs that kinda express how i'm feeling/how i feel about toma-chan!!

[yappari, Ikenai Taiyou!! ah~ the red thread of love has tied us together!! ;)
after all, this is the MV that made me a toma fan!!! and i love this song & the lyrics!!!]


Have u ever been in love -celine dion

[the lyrics so accurately describes how we all feel about toma ne! it's as if u're in a dream...]


the perfect day to say i love u -younha
[not an actual MV, but it's got a slideshow w/the song & translated lyrics!]
[i also posted the lyricss here!! THIS IS SO CLOSE TO HOW I'M FEELING!!!!]


tong but lut (sweet and sticky / like candy)- fiona sit
[not sure what this song is about, but it's certainly a sweeeeet love song.]
[Fi robot! haha. a little weird, but kawaiiiii. i'd love 2 have a fi robot friend! heehee~]
[Fiona Sit - Sweet And Sticky - MV , Karaoke version. it's a little weird... there's 2 versions of her... innocent and dark(?). but she still looks cute either way!!]

L-O-V-E -nat king cole

she's a star -

the reason - hoobastank

everywhere - michelle branch


Anonymous said...

Happy Fall-For-Toma Day, Kate!

(Sorry, I'm a bit belated)

I feel your excitement. Wow, you remember the time as well! The moment! Toma is one special kind.

Ha, there is always a story to the road of your idols, and I too like to remember when it sorta 'happens', and all the tidbits. That indirect way to Toma (that was me, anonymous on the Guy's Love post last time..keep getting mixed up in pressing the right buttons)..maybe I could shorten it to Hana Kimi..the moment leading up to when I started to like him...but I still think the story started little with Yamapi - cos it links back to me ever watching J-dramas, cos I rarely do at all (I guess I could attribute back to Maki more, as I'm so grateful she starred in Hana Kimi!).

So hope you had a toast yesterday as well. Keep up the good work on your blog.

And Ikenai Taiyou song is perfect. The intro started blaring when I was halfway through your post, and it was that awesome feeling of Hana Kimi mood. Yah for the upcoming SP.


savvy kate said...

heeeey!! ultra violet!! so nice 2 see u here! ~_~ wah, long comment!

thank u, thank u!! haha~ i've calmed down by now, but the last few days, i've been feeling quite high f/it! and each day, i've been eating some of my fav foods/snacks 2 celebrate. haha! how very toma-like, right?

i'm glad u also felt the excitement!! actually, almost immediately after i posted this, i felt quite embarrassed and was afraid other fans might think i'm going overboard with all this gushing about how i found out about him, etc. hahaha~ but i'm glad at least i know u liked it!! xD

oh, i see! hahaha. that's right. it did all start with yamapi...but if i go back also, then it would start with the taiwan hana kimi. lol. well, wu chun really was hyped up and i thought he was cute, so he was the main reason i looked up hana kimi videos at youtube, which led me to the shun-toma kiss and toma. so.... thanks, taiwan hana kimi/wu chun! lol~

thank u! i'll continue gambaring 2 keep this blog interesting!! *__*

isn't it? ~_~ i was gonna use younha's 'perfect day...' song, but then i thought of the red thread and immediately knew the ikenai taiyou would be perfect cuz of how it's about the red thread/hana kimi!!

ah, i've still haven't gone back to the AF thread lately! sorry! preparing for aug.30 and tomalicious' b-day project has got me behind on everything...but i'll be back at the AF thread 4 sure sometime this week. ^_^

see u later! =) (here or there)